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Close Up

‘Well, choose! ‘ said Pramila, laughing. ‘You are rubbing it between the two holes. Choose one — above or below.’

That was what I was waiting to hear. I pushed my cock up, sliding between her ass-cheeks, and held the tip against her butt hole. ‘You ready for this?’

‘Well no,’ she said. ‘It’s a first for me. But okay, let’s see how it goes.’

It was a first for me too, but I couldn’t tell her that, of course. I braced myself and pushed forward, trying to pry open that tight hole of hers with my cock, but soon found that that wouldn’t work. Pram started giggling as my cock slid about awkwardly in her crack.

‘Well, that’s the end of the nice guy,’ I said, and dropped to my knees behind her. I pulled her cheeks apart and saw her tiny rosebud — it looked delicious. ‘Let’s see how stubborn this bitch is now,’ I said, and moved forward, tongue first.

Ten minutes later, Pram was moaning and shaking but I held her tightly, her asshole jammed against my mouth. I was also fingering her bursa escort clit, and I found that when I slowed down my tongue and speeded up my fingers, her asshole relaxed more. Finally I stopped licking altogether and simply concentrated on pushing my tongue inside her butthole. Slowly I found that it was opening up, as she relaxed more and more. Finally when half my tongue was inside, I felt sure she was ready for me.

I stood back up, and without any preliminaries, pushed my cock straight into her ass. There was a moan from Pram when my cockhead paused just inside the hole, as her sphincter instinctively contracted — and then it relaxed and my cock slid inside. It felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.

I stood absolutely still, cock buried entirely in her bum, and told her to stay still too. ‘I’m just a hair’s breadth from coming,’ I told her. ‘So be a good girl and don’t move at all.’

She laughed. ‘I can feel you in my belly. I can’t wait to see how it looks when it comes out.’

I bursa escort bayan was feeling bold, so I said, ‘However it looks, you’re going to clean it up with your mouth.’ Then I waited for her reaction.

It came after a few moments, and I was glad it was a naughty laugh. ‘You bully!’ she said, ‘You’ll make me do that? I’ll show you!’ And she began moving back and forth, fucking my rod with her ass.

‘Hey! Stay still!’ I shouted. She didn’t listen, and speeded up her movement, until I could hold out no longer. I grabbed her waist and pushed my cock in all the way, and felt my balls exploding. It seemed like I’d never stop coming.

Five minutes later, when I came to my senses, I was lying back, with Pram licking my cock slowly. She looked into my eyes and said, ‘See? It’s clean. Happy?’ I checked — it was. So I pulled her up and kissed her. This was a wonderful woman, and she was mine now.

She looked up at me again and smiled. ‘It was a first for you, right?’

‘Yeah, how’d escort bursa you know?’ I asked. She just smiled.

‘I’m glad we started off together on this,’ I ventured. Her smile became wider.

‘Well, what?’ I asked.

‘Now don’t take offense, but I’ve done it before, a few times.’

The little liar! ‘But I don’t mind at all,’ I told her. ‘I’d like to know who the lucky guy was, though.’

‘The lucky guy has been dead for a few years, as you well know. So don’t worry about him. Let’s talk about us.’

I couldn’t believe my ears. Uncle Dev had fucked her in the ass? He was the most pious person I ever knew. Anyway, I thought, religion didn’t have much to do with ass fucking.

‘Okay, let’s talk about us;’ I told her. ‘What did you like most?’

‘No one had licked my butt till today,’ she replied.

‘You liked it?’

‘I loved it, it made me come, and you’re welcome to do it anytime,’ she said. ‘In fact, I liked it so much that I’m going to return the favor.’


‘Now turn over, like a good boy, and shut up.’

I did, with a pillow under my chin, and waited. I felt my cheeks spread apart. The first flick sent chills up my spine.

It was going to be a good vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32