Becoming Bi

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This is my first post and all events are true. Hope you enjoy.

It started off like any other Friday night. I was 18 and had been straight all my life but for some reason when I would watch porn I stopped thinking of being the Guy and wanting to be the woman. Being on my knees and sucking dick.

I had messed around online numerous times before checking out the chat rooms and having roleplay cyber with men just to tame myself from time to time. Until one night I figured I needed to really try this.

Now I was still in high school at the time so I had to make sure the Guy I met was older than me so I wouldn’t be recognized by my address or face. So I posted in the chat my age/location and I got a hit. His name was Chris and was 26 from a city over.

“So whatchu here for?” He said.

“Same as most of the other men on here.”

“Have you been with a Guy before?”

“No. I was wanting to possibly try sucking dick.”

“I’ll give you one boy”

Intrigued by his pushiness somehow my mind said to obey and just take his offer.

“Ok. But I don’t want to swallow if that’s ok?”

“Sure thing. What’s the addy?”

So I gave him the address and said I’ll be on the side of the house.

“Wear nothing but gym shorts boy”

My mind was all confused so I said “yes sir”. Wondering why I said sir was puzzling me. Then he signed off. There was no turning back now. He had the address and I still lived with my parents so I had to go through with this. I made bahis siteleri my way outside and stripped off my shirt and shoes and socks. Standing in the dark my heart racing my mind going every which way. The I saw the headlights coming down the street and I watched closely as he parked next door.

I stood there like a deer in headlights listening to his footsteps making there way through the grass as he entered the dark corner.

“Glad your a good listener.”

As he rubbed along my chest and stomach he then pushed down on my shoulders moving me to my knees.

“Lets see how that mouth does?” As I sat there face at his crotch I was in a stare.

“Go ahead boy get that cock you’ve been wanting.”

“Yes sir” I pleaded as I reached for his shorts I undid his button and zipper to the khaki shorts he was wearing with no underwear his shorts fell to the ground. His cock sat there 4″ soft as I took it in my hand and began to slowly grasp it. So soft and smooth with a nice sized head to it. I began to stroke it as it became semi hard.

He let out a slight moan as he pressed his hips forward and I was stroking his cock withing half an inch from my face. “Open boy”.

Obeying his order I opened my mouth taking in the head tasting his precum I began to slowly suck on it. He moaned a little louder as I began to take in more I could feel his cock hardening In my mouth til it was fully erect at 6.5″.

He then began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth as I held my hands on his thighs for canlı bahis siteleri leverage he attempted to push his cock all the way in making me gag on it. Hearing his moans and feeling the texture of his cock in my mouth I didn’t pay attention to the rock hard cock I had myself.

He then popped his cock from my mouth and laid it on my face. “Lick those balls boy.” I proceeded to take one in my mouth at a time massaging them with swirls of my tongue. He then shoved his cock back in my mouth pumping in and out.

As he pulled it out again he had me stand up and slid his fingers in the waistband of my shorts and let them fall around my feet he then began to grab my ass kneading it like a stress ball giving it a light slap.

“Nice ass boy now get all the way down on the ground on your stomach.”

Knowing what is probably going to happen we had no discussion of anal in our chat. But my mind had decided that your a mans bitch and you do as told. So I laid down on my stomach with my cock in the grass and face down in dirt I felt him position over me and I hear the condom wrapper being torn. As he slid it on his cock he was rubbing his finger up and down my crack.

“Mmmm I’m going to enjoy breaking in that sweet ass.” I lay there in fear of how much this is going to hurt as I feel his hands spread my ass apart and the tip press against my virgin hole. He pressed the head in and like a bolt of lightning through my body in pain as he moaned.

“Mmm yeah that’s tight. Just let it relax it’ll canlı bahis feel good in a second.”

I feel him pressing into me further and further til I could feel his pelvis on my ass cheeks and his balls against my taint. I lay there in pain as he slowly pulled back and slid in again.

Now that my ass was to his liking he got into a better position and started to make his movements faster. I hear him panting and breathing hard in my ear as my cock is being pressed into the ground from my stomach. His balls beginning to slap my taint with each thrust.

All of a sudden he pulls out and I figured he’d came “Roll over bitch”. Acknowledging his command I roll over to him stroking his cock in front of my face and before I could even adjust he let out a hard moan as he began to cum. “Ohhhhhhh yyyyyeeeaaaahhhh”

Stream after stream hitting me in the face. First hit me on my forbear. Second to my right cheek. Third on my lips. Fourth and fifth on my chest as I lay there in shock to what just happened. The warmth of his sticky thick load all over me as he began to get up he pulled up his shorts buttoning them back up.

“Now what do you say boy?”

Afraid to speak because of the streams of cum around my mouth I didn’t say a peep.

“Shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

Still not wanting to speak I nod my head yes.

“Then say it bitch?”

I buckled down and gave into him. “Thank you for letting me suck your cock and taking my virgin ass sir”

“Good boy” as he walked away to his car he pulled away. From there on out I knew I was always meant to be a bitch when it came to men. Laying there devirginized covered in cum with my cock aching in pain from being hard so long and my ass sore as could be.

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