Becca’s New Experience Pt. 03

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Becca & Joni Get Intimate – Fourth in the series after

1)Becca’s First Adventure

2)Becca’s New Experience

3)Becca’s New Experience Pt.02 – Becca & Joni

When Becca woke up a couple of hours later, she was still naked. Joni was naked, too, but still asleep. As the fog cleared out of her still-sleeping brain she remembered masturbating next to her best friend, who was also masturbating, while listening to her older sister moaning in pleasure as she was getting fucked in the room next to them. It had been a crazy afternoon and evening.

Somehow she had made it well past her 18th birthday without having sex or even learning the intimate joys of masturbation. Two months after that birthday she still didn’t know what pleasure that magic spot between her legs could bring her. But now a naughty smile spread across her face as she remembered everything she had learned the past two days.

Yesterday she was trapped in her sister’s closet while ‘borrowing’ an outfit but got to watch while her college-aged sister had sex. Later that afternoon she discovered how pleasurable it was to touch herself. Her parent were out of town so she got to try it again, and again, and again, each time learning new techniques that made each orgasm unique. Then a few hours ago she got to see her best friend, Joni, naked while they came together while watching each other.

Now, with Joni asleep she could study her best friend’s sexy, naked body without being obvious. Joni looked older than Becca – her face was gorgeous (in Becca’s opinion) and more mature looking. Her hair was shoulder length and brunette, and her dark eyes had a mysterious, almost exotic, appearance. Her lips were full and red from the lipstick she wore to the drill team captain’s dinner the night before, and after sharing the most intimate moments with her a few hours earlier, Becca (who had never kissed anyone passionately) secretly wanted to kiss her. Her skin was perfectly smooth and had a hint of light tan everywhere except the very small white area below her waist. Her boobs were not huge but definitely bigger than her own and very noticeable. Even laying on her back they stood proudly up away from her chest. Her waist was not as small as Becca’s, but her curvy hips made it appear small. Even though they were the same height, Joni’s legs were not as long or thin as Becca’s so she appeared shorter and more voluptuous. Her toenails were perfectly painted and seemed to be the exact shade as her lipstick – was this planned or a coincidence?

“Oh my god, am I gay?” Becca wondered as she studied every inch of her bestie’s naked body.

“I masturbated with her last night, and I’m lusting after her now. I was thinking how sexy Jenn was when I watched her have sex with DJ.”

Her hand had again found its way between her legs as she looked at the naked girl next to her. But the concern about her sexual orientation brought her crashing back to reality.

“My mom will kill me if I’m gay. They’ll kick me out and I won’t have a place to live.”

Panic was setting in as she noticed Joni moving beside her. She tried to look less terrified as she saw her friend’s eyes open.

“Hey,” Joni tiredly said as her eyes opened and then closed again. She rolled on her side facing Becca and was close to being asleep again.

“Is it time to get up?”

Becca had already forgotten about her concerns from just a few seconds ago.

“No, it’s still dark out. Sorry if I woke you up.”

“You didn’t wake me up – I was just a little cool. Where’s my shirt?”

As Joni tiredly looked around for the t-shirt she had ripped off in a fit of passion earlier that night, Becca pulled the blanket up over them where Joni turned to face her friend.

“That was fun last night,” Joni said as she settled back in to the pillow next to Becca.

“Yeah, it was…” Becca replied. “I’ve never done anything like that before…”.

She was starting to slur her words as she fought sleep and struggled to talk to her naked friend.

“Me neither,” Joni answered. “But it was so hot. I hope you were OK with us doing it.”

“Yeah, it was great. We need to do it again sometime…”

“Yeah, we do,” Becca replied.

As soon as her friend was breathing the rhythmic, soft breaths of a contently sleeping person, Becca softly put one hand on Joni’s smooth leg and the other between her own legs where there seemed to be a perpetual itch. After all the times the past day learning about what her body liked, this was a quick, but quietly stifled, orgasm that helped her fall back to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning Joni and Becca called Jenn’s college roommate, Aimee, and asked if they could come layout by her pool later that afternoon. As a drill team alum she had always nice and helpful to Becca. They needed to work on their tans before the Captain’s sleepover Friday and also had some intimate questions they were hoping she would be willing to help them with. Aimee was excited beylikdüzü escort to hear from them and couldn’t wait for them to come over. They arranged to meet at 11:00.

“Does your mom let you do your nails and wear makeup?” Joni casually asked as they lounged around waiting for the day to begin.

“She’s never said I can’t, but she never bothered to show me how. Jenn wears some now.”

“And Jenn never showed you?” Joni asked.

“No, that would require her being nice. Never gonna happen…” Becca said sarcastically.

“Do you want to try some? I have some in my purse that would look hot on you with the bikini I brought for you. I wore it last year but I think it’s a little small now. You’re more petite so I think it will be perfect.”

“You brought me a bikini? I’ve never worn one before.”

“I know,” Joni responded. “We can’t have you going to the officer sleepover in a one-piece.”

Becca was excited about trying a new look that would be more like the girls she would spend her senior year with. Joni found a pink color that that would look great with Becca’s suit. Miraculously, she had matching lipstick and put that on her BFF as well. She finished with a hint of eye makeup that really made Becca’s blue eyes stand out.

“Wow, you look amazing,” she told Becca as she spun her around to face the mirror.

“Oh my gosh I look older…” Becca said as she studied her reflection.

“…and hotter,” Joni added. After a short pause she continued with “…if that’s even possible!”

Becca smiled at the subtle changes Joni had made to her appearance. As they were putting on their suits, Joni remember Becca asking about her shaved pussy the night before.

“Do you still want me to shave you?” She asked her not-quite-as-innocent best friend. “With this white bikini, people will notice if you’re not.

“If you wouldn’t mind…” Becca meekly replied.

“No, why would I mind?” Joni answered without a hint of shyness. “After last night, it’s not like we haven’t already seen each other naked.”

Joni was was all smiles as she motioned Becca to take off her panties and t-shirt. As her naive best friend grabbed a bar of soap and razor, Joni looked at her friend’s nakedness for the first time with a hint of lust. Becca had somewhat-curly blonde hair that went halfway down her back, Even though she turned 18 at the beginning of the summer, she looked younger. Her eyes were blue and bright and sparkled with innocence that came from an overly-sheltered life. She wore no lipstick or makeup, and didn’t need any to make her desirable.

They were the same height, but Becca’s thin, leggy body made her look taller. Like makeup, no one had ever taught her about nail polish so unpainted nails added to her youthful look. The only part of her that made her look as old as Joni was the soft, curly tuft of blonde hair between her legs. When Becca offered Joni the bar of soap and razor, Joni broke in to a somewhat naughty grin.

“Uh, one of us needs to put soap down there for this razor to work. I will happily do it if you want me too, but…”

Embarrassed, Becca took the soap from Joni and ran it under the vanity faucet. Her youthful face was blushed with embarrassment.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” Joni answered stifling a naughty grin. “I just didn’t know if you wanted me touching you down there.”

“I’m not embarrassed,” Becca answered as she sat on the vanity. She put one leg on the closed toilet seat and the other on the floor, opening her legs to Joni. She actually was somewhat embarrassed wondering how wet she would be if Joni soaped up her pussy and if Joni would be able to tell how horny she was. She had masturbated many times the past 24 hours and was wondering if an orgasm given by someone else was better than the ones she gave herself.

She rubbed the soap all over her soon-to-be-gone blonde curls. Joni sat between her legs so close to Becca’s pussy that Becca was afraid her friend could tell how wet she was. Joni started at the top of the triangular patch and worked quickly from the top down. When she got closer to the more sensitive areas she went slower.

“Put some more soap there,” Joni commanded as she worked diligently between Becca’s legs.

Becca did as she was told but Joni didn’t seem happy. Joni got up from her perch, grabbed a hand towel and bottle of baby lotion from the cabinet and sat back down between Becca’s legs. This time she didn’t wait for Becca but instead made the changes herself. She wiped the soap off of Becca’s partially-shaved pussy then applied the lotion directly to where the soap had been. Becca almost jumped when her best friend rubbed lotion on her most sensitive area, but when Joni didn’t say anything so neither did she. With a few more meticulous strokes, Becca was as clean shaven as Joni.

“Better?” Joni asked proudly as she studied her work.

“Yeah, I like it!” Becca responded.

Becca turned to face the mirror. For the first time she saw a very desirable woman looking avcılar escort back. She studied her pink-painted toe nails, her slender legs, her shaved pussy, her slender waist, and her perky boobs with their pink, round nipples.

Joni saw her admiring herself in the mirror.

“Wow, you are so sexy. I can’t believe that a girl this hot has never had sex before. Whoever gets to be with you is so lucky.”

She swatted Becca on her bare butt.

Joni took a small white bikini with pink trim out of her purse and handed it to Becca.

“Now get dressed before I jump you!”

She handed the very small mound of material to Becca. She then put on her suit, and after studying her curves on the mirror she added a pair of shorts. She had grown since last summer and was proud of the way her still-growing boobs looked in the bikini. She wasn’t about to cover them for the 10 minute walk to Aimee’s.

Becca slid the bikini bottoms up her long legs then covered her boobs with the smallish top. Not wanting to be different Becca found a pair of shorts similar to Jonis and put them on over her bottoms but left her bikini top uncovered. She grabbed two beach towels, threw one around her neck and tossed the other to Joni. Joni caught it but immediately took Beccas off her shoulders and handed it to her.

“Don’t cover the girls up,” she playfully chastised. We want the boys to look while we’re walking to Aimee’s.”

Becca did as she was told, and they headed to Aimee’s. During the walk, four different cars slowed down to whistle or make suggestive comments to the two friends. Becca, who was new to exhibitionism, was all smiles when they arrived.

Aimee greeted the girls with a genuine smile and hugs like best friends who hadn’t seen each other in many years. She led the them to the back yard and set up three chaise lounges for optimum sun bathing, then everyone stripped down to their suits and got in the water just enough to cool off but not enough to mess up their hair or make up. They talked about school, and drill team, and which colleges they wanted to apply to, and even brought up Aimee’s room mate (and Becca’s sister) Jenn. Even though they lived just a few blocks apart, Aimee had only seen Jenn a couple of times all summer and wanted all the scoop.

“Can I ask you something very personal, and maybe a little embarrassing?” Becca said looking at Aimee?

“Embarrassing AND personal? Sure, those are two of my favorite topics,” she said with a smile equally as big as when she first saw them. She had an outgoing, infectious personality that put everyone around her at ease. This was the exact reason Joni and Becca wanted to get advice from her and not risk Jenn’s scorn.

“Just a second…” she added as she got up and disappeared into the house. She returned quickly with three wine coolers and sat them on the table between their seats. “Sometimes ’embarrassing’ and ‘personal’ is easier with a couple of these.”

Becca took a drink then started in to the long version of her story. By the time she finished the part of being chosen as a drill team captain, she had drank enough to reduce her inhibitions enough that she told Aimee about being trapped in the closet and watching Jenn and DJ have sex. Powered by the wine cooler Becca continued with wondering how could DJ’s huge dick fit in Jenn when her own finger barely fit in her. She finally got to the part about it looked like Jenn really enjoyed what DJ was doing but it wasn’t pleasurable when Joni did it with Jason.

Aimee seemed surprised but wasn’t judgemental.

“So I take it you’re a virgin?” She said looking at Becca. “And you were one when you were with Jason?” She continued looking at Joni.

They both shook their heads ‘yes’.

Aimee did her best to help both of them without making them feel ignorant for asking for guidance. She told them that intercourse could be painful, especially the first time. But even if it was painful to start, if your partner wanted to make it good for you the pleasure would quickly be greater than the pain. Unfortunately, too many young guys just want to get off and really don’t care if it is good for her or not. She suggested they be with someone they are in love with or even consider someone older. Older guys also don’t want you to get the girl pregnant where some younger guys think it’s the girl’s problem.

Aimee got everyone a second wine cooler but told them they had to stay for awhile so that they weren’t acting weird when they went home. After they started the second drink their inhibitions were really reduced, and the topics got even more personal.

“So has anyone ever gone blind from masturbating?” Becca blurted out?

Aimee was surprised and did laugh at this surprising question.

“No, I’m pretty sure no one’s ever gone blind from it,” she answered. “I’ve heard rumors that some families tell kids that to scare them away from trying, but I’ve been doing it since I was your age, and I can still see great. My mom still does it, and even esenyurt escort though she wears glasses she’s far from blind.”

“Your mom told you she does it?” Joni asked, very surprised someone’s mom could discuss that with them. Her parents weren’t as uptight as Becca’s, but she still learned about masturbation from friends. There was never any info from her family.

“She walked in on me, and I was so embarrassed, and scared, that she told me. She said her mother told her she would go blind so she vowed she would never do that. She said she had been doing it for over 30 years and can still see fine.”

“I bet Jenn doesn’t do it – she has DJ to make her orgasm…”.

“Even Jenn does it – I can PROMISE you that,” Aimee said. “There are no secrets between roommates.”

Aimee finished her second wine cooler and was enjoying a very peaceful buzz. She wanted a third but didn’t want to encourage her companions. She rolled on her stomach so she could get sun on her back. Once settled, she continued her discussion.

“It isn’t about having a partner or not. It can relieve stress, help you sleep, reduce cramps, make you feel sexy. Sometimes you just want to feel good so you do it. As long as it’s a private thing, it isn’t bad to do it.”

“Private?” Becca said with a hint of concern. “Like you should be totally alone?”

“No, ‘private’ like ‘never do it where someone who could be offended might walk in, like a dressing room at the mall or a restaurant. It’s fine to do it with someone else who wants to be part of the intimacy. Some couples enjoy doing it as foreplay, or even in place of intercourse. It’s impossible to get pregnant or get an STD from masturbating, so it’s very safe sex.”

Both girls looked relieved with Aimee’s description of private.

Joni hadn’t been home in almost 2 days so wasn’t shocked when the got the dreaded Mom-call. “Mom says I either have to come home now for lunch or later for dinner. I think I’ll go now and meet you back at your place tonight. Is that OK?” she asked looking at Becca.

Becca shook her head ‘yes’ and helped Joni pack up her stuff. When her BFF was gone, Becca had another question for Aimee.

“If I like to look at girls, am I gay?” she asked with more than a hint of seriousness in her voice.

Aimee, still face down on her chaise, raised up to look at Becca while she answered her question.

“I don’t think so. What do you mean ‘like looking at girls’?”

“When I was in Jenn’s closet watching them have sex, I thought she was so beautiful and so sexy. And then later that night, Joni and I masturbated together, and I thought she was beautiful and sexy as well. When she fell asleep, I was looking at her body and thinking how bad I wanted to touch her…”

Becca’s voice trailed off, so Aimee assumed she’d shared all the details.

“Thinking women are sexy doesn’t make you gay. Wanting to touch your very hot friend also doesn’t make you gay. Having sex with other women doesn’t make you gay, either – I hope this doesn’t shock you, but I’ve had sex with women, and it was amazing. I’ve had sex with more men, and I like that even more. If you had sex with both, and then you didn’t want to have sex with men, then maybe think about being gay or not. Did you like looking at DJ, too?”

“Oh yeah, I loved looking at…” she was wondering if ‘penis’ or ‘dick’ or some other word was appropriate here. Instead she went with something different.

“…his body, and how Jenn was acting when he was inside her.”

Aimee smiled as she answered.

“Don’t worry about that now. Once you’ve been with a few men, we can talk again if you want to. Wanting to have sex is natural, and once you’ve started having those feelings, even more questions come up. Having sex with other women, as long as it’s consensual, is an amazing way to learn. You can’t get pregnant from having sex with women. It can be safer, too. If I was going to hook up with a stranger and never see the person again, a woman is safer than a man. PLUS, women know what makes other women feel good.”

Becca couldn’t help but think how badly she wanted to touch Joni’s body while they masturbated together. She was relieved that there was nothing unnatural about her desire, but she was also unsure how to bring it up with Joni, or even what she would do if Joni agreed.

“I wouldn’t even know what to do…” Becca sighed as she continued to imagine receiving pleasure from her BFF. “I’ve never even kissed anyone much less had sex.”

“You know what feels good for you,” Aimee replied. “Just do the same things to Joni… or whoever is your partner. If it feels good for you, they will probably like it too. Then talk to them. Ask, ‘do you like that?’, or ‘does this feel good?’, or even better, ‘what do you want me to do?’ Talking can be very hot!”

“But what about kissing?” Becca asked.

“You don’t have to kiss to have sex,” Aimee replied. “But kissing is soooo hot! It is soft, and wet – It is so intimate, and you feel so close to someone when you are doing it. You do it with your mouth, but you feel it EVERYWHERE. You can give pleasure with a hand and it feels really good. But you can kiss the same place, and it will rock her world.”

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