Beautiful Dreamers Ch. 03

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To describe the events of the past week in the lives of Tammy and her son Ben, one would have to have the most open mind to understand. Once upon a time they seemed like the most ordinary mother and son to the unassuming outside world. But Tammy bore a certain wicked secret long before things changed for the both of them; and so did Ben!

They both hid the same secret from each other, a mother and son with a love for sexual incest fantasies, and little did either one know until Tammy discovered that her only son Ben was Literotica writer Erotikinesis, one of the most provocative writers of mother and son sex stories.

Gradually they talked it out and came to terms with it. Being that Tammy was all for consanguinamory and consensual incestual sex affairs in the private lives of others, and since she had kept this secret for much longer than Ben, she not only condoned his fantasy, she encouraged it and soon she would come to fuel it.

Pushing back the boundaries as they went, Ben and his mother’s shared fantasy resulted in her asking him to write a story based around what would happen if that fantasy led to tem having sex in reality. And the result of that was Tammy teasing her son before they engaged in phone sex.

Later that night they shared another unique experience, cuddling naked in bed together, which led to them kissing. That weekend was not long gone enough to be forgotten and especially since they continued to sext by phone and email…


The Next Thursday Night

His stiff, thick meat sensitive and thrumming with desire, Ben filled his hand and slowly pumped himself with restrained, gentle strokes, relishing every exquisite tingle of pleasure as his mind rushed with every erotic scene he could picture himself in with Tammy. Masturbating his impressive pole with one masterful hand, he withdrew his hand to spit in before coating his glans and shaft with thick saliva so that he could slide in and out of his palm and imagine the two of them together.

His breathing was deep, his concentration intense, as he serviced himself with that one hand and his mother with the other. And in the room next to his she lay naked on top of her own bed. This moment called for her toys. Now able to use them at her preferred setting, she no longer had to worry about her son hearing the loud buzzing of her 9″ pink vibrating dildo. She was loving every moment, hot with the thrill of that sense of voyeurism, knowing that he could hear her through the wall.

‘Imagine your cock sliding in and out of me, slick and slippery with my wetness,’ she sent with hearts and kisses.

‘Your legs spread wide and your hips rolled back so you can watch all eight inches of me disappear inside you.’

‘Deep inside your place of birth, to your place of conception, to unload your seed in my womb?’

‘Fuck, mom, we’re going to end up doing that,’ Ben frantically typed back.

‘What a picture, being bred by my own pride and joy,’ she replied with hearts and hearts and a LOL. ‘How are you doing with that beautiful cock? Are you enjoying mind-fucking with your mother?’

Ben acted before he thought. He’d teach her to tease, and again to avoid the very real confession that he wanted to have sex with her. Taking a close-up of his proud stiff cock, he was happy with the result, it was bound to make her mouth water, because all her fantasies lacked come this point was a very real visual of what she could be faced with right now.

Ben hit send and rather than wait, wrote out another message to beat her to the punch. ‘See for yourself, mom. I’m treating myself, taking my time, in case you decide you want to cross that line right now.’

‘Holy shit, that’s fucking beautiful,’ Tammy replied. ‘I have just the thing for you. Imagine putting those two together. I’d love to introduce them. Looks like they could be the best of friends.’

Suddenly the conversation page on Ben’s screen went dark before another image appeared. And suddenly struck dumb, completely speechless, his mouth went bone dry at the then Holy Grail of photo selfies.

There lay his mother’s smoothly bald soaking pussy, fleshy thick labia and clitoral hood beneath a finely trimmed pubic lawn, split in two by the invasion of a thick pink dildo. It was the most erotic sight he’d seen, knowing who it belonged to and where it was happening at that moment.

‘Cat got your tongue?’

‘I want you!’

‘Imagine yourself replacing my dildo, deep inside me, plunging me seductively with multiple orgasms,’ Tammy suggested. ‘My handsome son, making me come, taking me all the way until he explodes into my womb…’

That was all Ben could take. Once again his mother had taken him over the edge and he squirted rope after rope of thick white sperm into his rapidly pumping fist.

But Tammy couldn’t stop, fucking herself steadily in a suspended state of bliss, ogling her son’s beautiful hard cock by the large screen of her iPad. He was absolutely right about one thing. Whether they wanted to or not, he was going to end bursa escort up inside her, doing everything they fantasised about.

‘BEN, I FUCKING LOVE YOUR BIG COCK!!’ she screamed shamelessly at the top of her lungs. The boy was already spent and completely mind-fucked, still wondering – when?


The very next day in work, Tammy was feeling restless again, but the hours were speeding by to the point where she could get nothing done, not unlike the effect her playful hormones were having. Three times by noon she had slipped away to the bathroom with her phone in her hand and masturbated vigorously to the images between herself and her son.

Back and forth, the absurdly erotic graphics played sweet havoc with her from her imagination to her heart and straight down to where it truly counted at that moment in time. And before those very real images had come into play, the mental images remained of their scorching hot fantasies.

His thick long hard cock sliding deep into her smooth hot wet pussy, and the sensations that would bring them, in bed, making love – Jesus she was going insane with lust for him. And again it came to mind that he was right. They were going to go all the way sooner or later, because they were too excited to stop, and too good at what they did to even want to consider not going there.

On her 3PM break Tammy finally deleted the conversation, for safety’s sake above all else, but also so that she wouldn’t fuck herself into a coma in the workplace bathroom.

‘Are you home tonight? I thought we might call in a pizza and have a few drinks if you are…’

‘That sounds great to me, mom. Cannot wait to get out of this place. I love you,’ he wrote with kisses.

‘My baby,’ she typed. ‘I love you too,’ and ended with more hearts and kisses. Mercifully the end of the work week came swiftly and the both of them made their individual journeys back to the warmth and comfort of their home.


Ben was in digestion mode nearing 7PM after wolfing down four slices of Italian sausage, mushroom and onion. He had practically inhaled it straight off the crust, Tammy watching in a curious mixture of amusement and distaste. ‘Hungry?’ she had scoffed, then cautioned, ‘slow down before you choke.’ He didn’t, but he did wind up with the hiccups!

And it nearly put him in a food coma, as usual. No other pizza had the same effect on him. So he went to his room for a quick lie down. While he did, Tammy picked out a pair of cute pink pyjamas to finish the day in and headed to the bathroom to shower. Ben awoke to her singing, a chilled but chirpy rendition of Cindi Lauper.

‘Where the hell is this coming from?’ he thought, amused and uplifted by her choice of song and her soft, wavering but accurate tone. When was the last time he’d heard his mother sing at all? These days it was kept to the confines of her car on the way to and from work. Still, she didn’t likely crank them out like she was right now.

‘Ben, honey,’ she then called aloud. ‘Ben?’

Ben flipped his feet over the side of the bed and sprang upright, relaying to her. ‘Yeah, mom…’

‘I’ve left my pyjamas on my bed, would you get them for me please?’

The bathroom door was ajar, the bright spotlight pouring out through the steam like clouds of gold. Carefully handling her pink cotton PJs, held against his chest exactly the way she had ironed and folded them, he held them out in front of them to pass through the door. She wasn’t on hand to take them from him.


‘They’re here,’ he said, shaking them back and forth, his arm extended through the crack in the door.

‘Come in,’ Tammy directed, only now getting out of the shower. It shouldn’t really have bothered him, being that Ben had slept naked with her only less than a week ago. Though he supposed that seemed another time, another place; maybe even another world now.

Stiffly he opened the door and stepped into the misty, brightly lit sauna that the bathroom now resembled. There was his mother dabbing down her wet, naked body with a thick white towel, one foot up on the bath’s edge.

‘Sit down a second,’ she directed to the polished wooden toilet seat as though this was nothing different to any other day between them. No, this was something entirely new, but Tammy simply saw no point in pretending to be shy anymore.

Ben did as he was told, still holding onto her pyjamas. And taking a note out of his mother’s book, he too ditched the facade of shyness, because what hadn’t they done together after the past week? There seemed no reason to avert his gaze either, and so his eyes soaked all of her in, from her thick, toned thighs and pear shaped butt, to her narrowing, curvy hips, lean waist and slender shoulders.

And beaded with tiny drops of water all across her back and down her delicate spine, he noted how smooth and radiant her skin appeared. He had felt her against him nights before. Now to see her in all her naked glory he couldn’t imagine that she was almost twice his age. Tammy might have carried more bursa escort bayan weight on her legs, but she didn’t ever let pregnancy or age take its toll.

Ben was in the middle of appreciating how naturally beautiful and well shaped she really was when she caught him off guard, turning to face him directly and threw down the towel so that there was nothing left to the imagination. Tearing his eyes away from hers, where he could also not help but to ogle her pert little breasts, he looked down to avoid her look and instead rested his eyes on her neatly trimmed pubic strip. He darted away in another direction, not so surprised by that, but by how prominent her clitoral hood and labia seemed. They stood out and proud where most vaginas he had seen appeared like a peach – a fruit with a single neat cleft running along its underside.

Rather than speak, Tammy stood there with her hands on her hips studying her son’s blushing face and stifled a soft giggle. ‘Now that you’re done getting a good eyeful,’ she said, extending a hand for her pyjamas. Ben handed Tammy her bottoms first. ‘Like what you see?’

‘You’re a terrible tease lately,’ Ben noted and went to scratching the back of his head, still looking away.

‘You haven’t complained…’

‘No, I haven’t,’ he agreed. ‘You want the truth?’

‘I didn’t ask for nothing,’ Tammy said quickly, giving him another eyeful as she lifted her thigh and bent her knee to climb into the first pant leg, exposing her pussy to him flat out.

‘I think you’re hot, mom – very, very attractive!’

Tammy took her turn to blush, grinning from ear to ear briefly as she slid into the other leg and drew the waistband of her pyjama bottoms up to her navel and let the elastic snap against her hips. Then she snatched her top from him and waltzed out of the bathroom, swaying her butt as she went.

‘Let’s have a little fire outside on the stove,’ she suggested. ‘I’ll just dry my hair…’


There was no better way to welcome in the darker, cooler nights than with fire and alcohol. Hence the black cast iron wood stove that stood on the patio, which now raged invitingly with a mellow roar and crackle. They had an outdoor woven bamboo double-seater which they placed under the dining room window with the stove facing it from six feet away. Even with the early night chill the fire reddened their faces like a solid wall of heat, the orange glow lighting them and causing their shadows to wave and flicker from behind.

Tammy sat curled up against Ben, the both of them insulated further beneath a soft, thick tartan wool blanket and while she drank her chilled white wine, he guzzled from a six pack of Millers.

‘This is perfect,’ she purred and he felt her hand press lightly against the strong muscle of his outer thigh. ‘I couldn’t care less about anything else right now.’

‘It is nice,’ Ben agreed.

‘Mmmm,’ she hummed, ‘cold wine, cold weather, hot fire…’

Ben bit his tongue. ‘Hot company,’ she said anyway. He laughed it off.

‘What’s with the compliments, are you buttering me up for something, mom?’

‘Hmm, you’re just my muffin,’ Tammy offered and sniggered. ‘Just buttering my muffin…’

Ben laughed harder, feeling her hand slide further up his thigh. ‘Mom, I don’t think that means what you think it means.’

‘Why, what did I miss?’

‘Well, when a woman talks about buttering her muffin-

‘Oh,’ Tammy intervened. ‘Oh my…’


‘God it’s been so long since anybody buttered my muffin,’ she corrected. Ben’s eyes bulged from their sockets.

‘Are you one of those people who get soberer the more you drink?’ Ben asked, causing Tammy to spit out her wine hysterically.

‘Just let’s shut up and enjoy this,’ she suggested, dabbing her chin dry with the wrist cuff of her pyjama top and leaned into his chest, her hand a little higher on his thigh. She stole a kiss from his cheek. Ben turned to look at his mother and found her doting on him. Surprising her, he stole a kiss back, such a soft intimate smooch right from her lips. And with that he stole her breath.


An hour later all the booze was gone and the fire had died down to nothing but glowing coals, like cooling lava and rock. They went back inside, hanging around the kitchen where Tammy was soon picking at a bar of dark chocolate.

‘Ben…’ Tammy was looking at him already when he turned to face her. He was walking out of the kitchen, moping off simply to find a purposeful direction. ‘What are you gonna do tonight?’

‘I don’t know,’ he shrugged, although he was wondering if they would soon be driving each other up the opposite sides of the same wall as they had the night before, and many nights before that. ‘What about you?’

‘I might do some reading,’ she hinted in such a subdued manner. ‘Written anything new?’


‘Why not?’

‘We were too busy fantasising… about having actual… sex,’ Ben stammered. That final and all-important word came out like a hiss.


His escort bursa mother blinked and then smiled devilishly, then subdued herself again. ‘Yes we were, weren’t we?!’ It was Ben’s turn to smile, but he did so both wearily and warily. She repeated that last word just as he had said it then. Sssssex. She emitted an involuntary sigh. ‘We’ve yet to talk about that face to face…’

‘What about it?’ Ben asked and then promptly blushed.

‘About wanting it,’ Tammy recollected. ‘About the lines we’ve crossed.’

‘Seriously?’ Tammy held her hands out, approaching Ben from across the kitchen. Naturally he held out his own to be taken, but they passed the living room and went straight for the stairs, turning off the lights as they went.

‘I won’t keep you against your will,’ she said, leading the way up the stairs. Then they entered her bedroom, turning on the overhead light before Tammy sat Ben down on the edge of the bed. She sat next to him and flipped off her slippers, looking down at her wiggling toes as she thought of how she would word what she wanted to say.

‘I love you,’ she began carefully. ‘You’re my world and I don’t know what I’ll do if and when you decide to move out and start a life of your own. You don’t ever have to. I’ll never push you. We’ve always had a great mother-son relationship. Then all of this happened and somehow our relationship actually got better, closer…’

‘I love you too, mom,’ Ben said when he saw the chance. ‘I’ve honestly never thought about leaving.’

‘All of this fantasy sex-play,’ Tammy furthered, ‘the stories, the messaging, the sexting and the sex talk – you’re okay with it going as far as it has?’ she yearned to know. ‘I’m going to be frank and open and I want you to be just as honest with me.’

‘Yes,’ was all he said, looking deeply into her eyes. Tammy was caught like a deer in the headlights when she thought of something that made her laugh.

‘I had to delete your photo this afternoon. Not even because I was worried I’d be caught with it, but because I was constantly touching myself. And I keep thinking of the last weekend, about the way you wrote your story…’

‘Our story,’ Ben corrected.

‘Yes, our story,’ Tammy said, beginning to fluster. ‘Then you took me out and we had such a good time. And then there was the resulting phone call when we began to fantasise about what we’d do if we were to make all of that a reality. We’ve already kissed in this bed, slept naked together.’

‘I loved all of it,’ Ben admitted openly.

‘So did I,’ Tammy seconded. ‘So you don’t want to stop?’

‘No, mom,’ Ben assured, looking back down to her wiggling toes with her. ‘So what about sex did you want to talk about exactly?’

Fear washed over Tammy as those words hit her. Adrenaline was quick to flush into her bloodstream, intensifying that fear and causing her breathing to quicken. She held her breath before asking. ‘When we fantasise about incest, about you and me having actual sex as you put it, you’re not making it up, are you? Do you really want to have sex with me?’

It was all on Ben now, or so he thought. Frank and open, he thought and chose to bite the bullet. “May I begin with an open statement?” he imagined asking the judge.

‘I really do…’

‘Thank you for being honest with me,’ Tammy whispered and kissed his hand. She looked into his eyes briefly and saw somebody who had instantly grown a few years older. It could have been that she projected her fears onto him, that he was suddenly no longer her son but a handsome mature stranger. Her son was handsome and mature beyond his years. He had grown up without a father figure, learning to be self-reliant by being the outsider, growing up without that bond. But by his mother he had grown into a loving young man, and for his mother he had unlimited and unconditional love. ‘I want to take a minute, if you’ll leave me here just now,’ she said.



‘I hope I didn’t hurt you. I’d die inside if I have,’ read Ben’s text.

‘I love you more and more,’ Tammy replied. ‘Come back to my room when you’re done doing what you’re doing.’

Ben wasn’t doing anything. He suspected she might have thought that he was masturbating again, not that he had done lately without her knowing about it. But maybe that was the mother’s intuition. Only a short while ago he heard her padding around in her bare feet, switching off the main light and turning on the bedside lamp before the mattress on her bed depressed as she climbed in. He thought that was it, unless she was going to drop him another raunchy message which, surprisingly, she hadn’t either.

Maybe she wanted to talk again, he supposed, which was fine, seeing as she was clearly wrestling with what they were doing with each other, trying to come to terms. Maybe it was over and he was about to be dumped as her sex fantasy. Maybe it would be for the best. With a heavy heart, Ben snuck out of his room and into his mother’s.

Tammy lay on her side, one arm over the duvet that hid everything but the top of her shoulder and collarbone. She wasn’t wearing anything from what he could see and her hair was down and splayed across the pillow. She wore an innocent look and smiled sweetly when he asked her if she wanted anything.

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