Beach House Fun

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I believe that as long as people all agree on the sexual acts committed they should do so with the people they want. I do not see gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners as doing anything wrong. Therefore one should be warned before reading any of my stories that gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners can occur. If you are offended by any of this? Stop reading now.


“Damm it Jake,” I spoke to no one in particular as I picked up the boxer short. My young 19 year old nephew was staying with me in my beach house. The place was a mess when ever he came over. Still, I thought, it’s nice to have so company as I walked to the bathroom and dropped it in the wJames basket.

As I walked back to the front window over looking the lake, I took a look into the hallway mirror. 42 years old but still looking good. Sure I was getting balder each year, but I kept it short and I work out regularly. I dare say I have a Bruce Wiles thing going on. Women often compliment me on my smile and gentle features. Live long bachelor and loving it. Sure I got lonely sometimes, but a warm body besides me in bed was only a call away. Across the lake was a young widow, Jenny that often came by when ever I needed a good home cooked meal.

And of course the two kids from my sister always came by.

More often then not uninvited.

Like this weekend.

Started great, Jenny a blond bimbo I had met during a trip for work would come over on Saturday while Suze, my sister’s girl had promised to cook for me on Sunday. But I had forgotten that spring break had started and sure enough I got a call from my nephew asking if he could come over.

I liked the kid, that wasn’t the problem but I had been busy enough the last few weeks that I really needed this, what would surely be, a sex filled weekend. But I guess with me being his godfather I had no choice but to give in. God knows I never could deny them anything. Him or his sister. If only he could clean up after himself.

“Hey Uncle James! You should come join me, the water is great!”

I snapped out of my little daydream as I heard Jake yell from the water.

Man the tits on her, I thought as I reached into my boxer’s waistband and adjusted my dick.

Walking towards the patio I saw the 19 year old wave from the dock. I opened the glass window and walked outside putting down my fresh cup of coffee. “Wait until I get some coffee in me will you?” I yelled back smiling.

Jake was a good looking kid, he played basket ball in school and like me had a muscular built. He looked a lot like his farther, towering a few inches above me. As he walked towards the house he drew his hand through his blond curls. Why the hell he wanted to stay the weekend with me was anyone’s guess… a guy like Jake could have his share of whatever he wanted back in my day.

I sat myself down and grabbed the morning paper lying on the table. Bad stuff happening in the world, what else was new?

“What cha reading?” I heard as a few drops of water fell down on the page. Looking up Jake was standing next to me with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Young guy gets killed for disturbing his uncle’s weekend.” I said as I smiled and looked up at him.

“Oh come on, you know you love it when ever I come around.” He replied as he let himself drop down in a chair across from me, swiping the towel from under him and drying his hair.

“Thought maybe I could get to see some of those “skanky”girls mom always tells us about.”

“Not this weekend buddy, don’t want them seeing a young stud like you around. Might give em ideas as to why they came to me in the first place. God knows what your mom would do to me if she found out that I hooked you up with one of my girls. Besides… I’m not that sure your equipped enough to handle em, not when their used to this.” I spoke as I stood up and took a hold of my dick through my boxers, paper dangling in the other. The young men smiled at that as he looked at my crotch.

Not realizing my words were like a challenge to the young kid, I sat back down and took a sip of coffee.

“Think so huh?” He said smiling as he stood up and dropped his swimsuit. What came out was a 9 inch long cock. I looked at the semi erect dick dangling in front of me and felt my mouth drop open. Now I’m no slouch when it comes to cocks, with my 8 inches I can keep up with the best of em but this thing had me flabbergasted.

“Haha like that do you?” He laughed as he took a hold of it and gently stroked it. Minutes seemed to pass and I only came back to reality as he moved closer and playfully slapped it on the top of the paper I was holding.

“It’s… very… impressive.” I spoke as I felt my mouth go dry. My eyes travelled up, over his abs, his smooth chest, impressive pecks and felt something I had never felt. Slowly I could feel my own cock stir.

“Well how about it then?” He said, still stroking it, making it even bigger. A few drops of pre cum were at the tip of bursa escort his dick now.

“Wha.. what about it?” I spoke, unable to hide the tremble in my voice.

“I showed you mine…time to step up old man.” He spoke as he playfully grabbed the papers from me. I knew I had to break this off. Confusion and … things were racing through my head. Then fate stepped in.

“Hey Suze!” I said as I looked past his frame and greeted my niece. Saved by the other one, what a joy!

Seems like both my sister’s children had decided to greet me with a visit. And she couldn’t have arrived at a better time! She herself was surprised by the little scene in front of her when she rounded the corner by the look on her face.

Her long black hair was bundled in a knot on her head, and she was wearing a short t-shirt with low riding jeans. Her 2 bags gave away that this would be one of her “short” visits.

“SUZE?!” Her brother cried out as he tried covering his dick with both hands. His face turned bright red and apparently he was so shocked he froze on the spot.

Overcoming the nakedness of her brother surprisingly fast she dropped her bags and walked over to me. Bending down, giving me a good view of her breasts, she planted 2 kisses on my cheeks.

“Hello Uncle James. And hello… ” She let the words hang as she looked down.

“Big,” She smiled as she approvingly took in the half covered dick. “brother”. Seeing the humour in the situation she was smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh man…” Her brother finally spoke. He was shuffling around like he had to pee real badly. “Damm sis I didn’t know you were coming!” He was walking backwards to the dock, forgetting his swimsuit. “This better not mean I have to sleep on the couch!” He yelled as he turned and jumped from the docks into the water.

Me and Suze were laughing out loud now. In the back of my head I could still see his cock dangling inches from my face. It would be hard to get that out of my mind anytime soon. When the laugher stopped Suze planted her tight little behind in the stool in front of me and spoke up.

“Care to tell me what that was about?” She still had a big grin on her face and her big brown eyes were sparkling like diamonds.

“You know guys stuff…” I shrugged.

“Well… guess I can’t call him “little” brother anymore can I?” She said as she looked at her brother in the water, who was already back to splashing around.

“I guess you can’t, so how have you been? And whatever happened to the good old day’s when you’d call before dropping in like this?” I spoke as I refolded the paper and took another sip.

Suddenly Suze got up and sat down in my lap. “Oh come on! You’re not turning into a grumpy old man on your old age are you?” Her one arm around my neck and her other resting against my curly haired chest. Her face beaming, she knew how I hated to be called an old man.

“Old man huh?” I said as I put down the cup and lifted her up. She cried out as I walked out on the deck and towards the water. “Ill show you old man!”

“No.. no please Uncle I don’t wanna become wet!!” As the last few words were coming out of her mouth she was already in.

“Jake take care of your sisters bags, I’m gonna shower!” I yelled as I was already walking back to the house.

“Take care?” Suze spoke up laughing, “I think we need someone to take care of Jake first!”

Splashing of water was all that I could hear of Jake’s reply as I stepped inside the house and drew the glass door shut.

It was good to have those kids around again I thought as I walked upstairs and towards the shower. Sliding down my boxers and turning on the water I realized that my dick was still hard. Was I really turned on by the sight of my nephew’s cock? Letting the water flow over me I tried steering my mind to images of one of my past conquests but that big flesh thing kept creeping back into my mind.

I heard the glass door slide open downstairs. Mumbling voices. They got along most of the time but every now and then they had fights that could make the walls shake. I was trying shoot my load so I could get dressed and on with the day when suddenly the noise stopped.

Suddenly the door flew open and my nephew came barging in, as naked as he had been on the patio, his cock dangling in front of him. He drew back the curtain and laughed. I should have yelled, gotten angry anything but I didn’t I was perplexed by my nephews actions.

“Hey Suze, I was right! My dick is bigger then Uncle’s,” he yelled as he softly spoke “Yours is slightly curved though…” he was staring at my crotch. My mind was racing. Standing in my shower, dick in hand, displaying myself to my 19 year old nephew. The party wasn’t done though, because within seconds his sister was standing next to him, smiling as her wet cloths were dripping on the bathroom floor. Her t-shirt clung to her breasts, her nipples sticking out.

“My my my Uncle…I gotta say I’m impressed… I guess all men in my family are well hung.”

All bursa escort bayan I could bring out was “Wha… what… what are you kids doing?”

“Well,” Suze said as she made no intention of looking away “Jake told me about your little talk earlier and I didn’t believe him. But I guess he’s right… but still, nice dick uncle.”

“Can I hold it?” Jake spoke as he was stroking his own. What could I say? I was close to catatonic… I felt myself let go of my dick. And ever so slowly his hand came towards my dick and I felt his strong hand encircle it. “Yeah yours is fatter.” His expression was sad.

“That’s it!” I felt myself comeback to reality and I had to take charge. “Everyone out! NOW!” I yelled, faking my anger. Suze just smiled and as she rounded the corner took one look back and winked at me.

“Well I can’t.” Jake said as he shrugged. “Gotta take a leak Uncle.” As he turned towards the toilet.

“Well… well at least close the door.” I guess it was ok for us guy’s to see each other naked.

I tried to look away but with him standing practically next to me I was having a damm hard time. The warm water was sliding over my body and I felt my erection rise again. Would I have touched it with even a finger I could have sprayed the wall with my cum.

“Man don’t you just hate that? I can’t piss when I’m hard. What to do, what to do?” He smirked. “Well if you’re embarrassed just look away Uncle. But if I wanna piss anytime soon I gotta take care of this big boy first.” He pulled down the toilet seat and sat down. His cock standing up in front of him. “Shame I don’t have some lube…” He said as he looked around.

“This will have to do I guess,” he brought his finger to his mouth and made it wet, looking at me, as he put his foot against the cloth dryer and ever so slowly brought his finger down towards his ass crack. With a soft moan he inserted his finger into his ass while jerking off with his other. “This feels sooo gooood.” He mumbled as he closed his eyes and put his head back against the wall.

Without realising what I was doing I felt my own hand creep around my cock and I started to jack off. The warm water flowing down my chest and over my abs towards my dick. I felt my knees get weak as I kept jerking and watching my nephew please himself.

“You should try this Uncle,” He said as he looked up at me. “It feels amazing with some pressure on your rectum.” His eyes returned to look at my cock.

“Tha… That’s oke.” I felt myself getting close. His cockhead was foaming with pre cum now. I wanted to step out of the shower and bend down so I could lick it off. Small beads of transpiration were forming on the young men’s head.

“Oh god, I think I’m getting close now Uncle. I’m gonna cum. Oh god!” His hand was a blur around his dick now. The entire thing slick with pre cum and his finger going in and out of his ass. I felt my own balls tighten and from the tips of my toes I could feel my own orgasm approaching.

“Oh god, oh god!” I heard from my left, and as I looked down I saw my nephew cum. Thick strings of sperm were shooting from his dickhead on my shower carpet. The sight was too much for me and I almost buckled over as I felt myself cum. Hitting the shower wall it mingled with the water and ran down the drain. I looked over and saw that my nephew was milking the last few drops from his dick. He was using both hands to contain all the white cream. Some hitting his hairless legs and dropping on the toilet seat, his hands wet with cum. “Oh man, wasn’t that something?” He said as he looked up with a smirk on his face. “Great way to start the day though.” He winked at me. “Man my entire hand is covered in cum.” He shrugged and brought it to his mouth. “Mmm tasty!” He smiled and winked at me. “Well all done and now I don’t even have to pee anymore!” He laughed. “See you later Uncle James.”

My jaw hung open as I tried grasping what had happened. Had I just jerked off while watching my nephew masturbate? As I tried calming myself I let the water run over my head and back. I put some soap on my washing cloth and started to soap myself up. As much as I tried I could not put the image of his cock out of my mind. So thick and hard, and so big! His muscular arm flexing every time he stroked it.

God! What was wrong with me?! This was my nephew! This was a man!! I blamed it on the 2 weeks of non stop working. Yeah that was it. The damn job had me stressed beyond believe and anything could turn me on.

Turning the cold water knob open a little more, trying to stop the blood from flooding to my dick I let the soap slide from my body. Stepping out I picked up a towel lying on the sink. As I stepped into a comfy jogging pants and a t-shirt I thought of maybe driving over to Jenny’s maybe get a quick fix in but then decided against it, she had said something about her daughter and son coming over. I wasn’t really ready for that yet.

Man this weekend was gonna last forever.

As I descended the stairs escort bursa the smell of eggs and toast greeted me, as well as my 21 year old niece. Still a little shaken from the situation upstairs I tried a light weight “Hey Peach” a nick name I always gave her when she was a child.

“And a hello to you Uncle” She spoke as she tilted her head and gave me a smile. I wasn’t sure what to say but thankfully I didn’t have to.

“Look,” She said as she put down the plate she was holding. “I just want you to know you don’t have to be embarrassed. I guess it was my fault for walking in on you. It’s just that I thought Jake was boasting and I don’t know… I don’t like seeing him be right.” She smiled. “But…” She let the words hang for a second. “I just want you to know that you certainly don’t have anything to be embarrassed about neither. I often walked in on my Dad when I was younger and your coc… dick… I mean penis is certainly bigger then his.” She focused her eyes on my groin and I felt myself get harder again. “Anyhow I just wanted you to know that, seeing as I’m gonna be staying for awhile and I might run into you again… accidents do happen.” She looked up at my face again with a small grin.

“Goo… good. I guess.” I mumbled still at un ease with all of this. Might happen again?! As she turned toward the stove I found myself staring at her petite ass. The jeans seemed to be melted around it as if it were her second skin. I never really looked at my niece like this. She really was turning into a fine women.

“Hope you like you’re eggs over easy.” She said as she gently slided a cooked egg on my plate.

“So… so how are things at school?” I asked trying to get my mind off things.

“Good. I guess.” She said as she brought her fork to those full lips of hers. “I… I um kinda got suspended. Now don’t get mad! But I got caught…” She didn’t look up at me, her mouth was pouting. She always had a habit of ignoring authority. “You see me and Max got caught fucki… making love in the library.” Her face was bright red at admitting this to me.

“Well a library isn’t really the right place for that hun.” I smiled. Heck I had been young, I knew what it was to be in the heat of the moment. “But it does make me wonder what sort of boy’s your attracted to… when I was in college” “It wasn’t a boy…” She interrupted me. “Max is short for Maxine…I’m bisexual Uncle. I like girls too.” I could only stare at her flabbergasted.

“Well… uhm… well…” I felt my own face get red now. I tried finding words to say but somehow I just couldn’t find them. She was smiling a bit though. I was happy with that. It can’t be a small thing admitting as much to someone close.

“Yeah that was pretty much mom’s reaction too.” She shrugged. “I guess I never really thought about it to be perfectly honest. When I first kissed a girl it felt really good, so soft you know. I like rough too but soft can be nice sometimes too. And things just kept going I guess…”

Silence filled the air.

“Oh come on Uncle,” She said as she drew back her chair and walked over to me, she put her arm around me. “I’m in college! It’s normal to experiment right?” She kissed my bald head. “Or do you wanna tell me you never sucked a cock back in college?” I felt like I was on fire.

“Well I haven’t!” I almost yelled. “Well maybe you should…” She answered as she took my head in both her hands. As I saw the smile on her face I couldn’t help but laugh. Soon she too was cracking up.

“Well I guess if you’re happy why not. You’re a young adult now. It’s the new millennium… why not? How does your mom feel about all of this?”

She returned back to her seat and started to finish her meal. “She’s great about it! She was freaked out I guess at first… but I can understand that. Dad really messed her up I think. Sex wise. But she’s getting better every day now, since she started dating again. You should have seen the hunk she went out with last week! He models for us in art class, his eyes are…”

Her words trailed off. It would seem things were changing… My sis dating again? I felt my temper rise at the mention of that jerk of an ex of hers. Something snapped me back though.

“cause he’s also dated him for a bit.” He, him? What?

“I’m sorry I didn’t fully understand that last part…”

“Jake? Yeah he dated Mark too for a brief while. But Mom really had a thing for him so Jake took a step back…. And I guess you didn’t know Jake was gay…” She squinted her eyes at me. “He didn’t mention it?” Hell no he didn’t!

“Not a word.” I said, surprisingly keeping my cool.

“Well its awesome if you ask me. A lot of guys in his team are gay. I guess he figured it out while eyeballing all those cocks in the locker room. I can’t say I’m surprised though. But its great! Me and Mom can finally leave the bathroom door open when we shower… well I guess we always could but now we know he’s cool with it. I even helped him shave his legs! Ha ha isn’t that awesome! He likes to stay smooth, he says.”

My mind flashed back to his cock. He was gay? And why didn’t he say anything… So much information came to me this morning. I was exhausted. Apparently I looked it too cause Suze called me on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32