Beach Girls

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It was a beautiful sunny day. Jasmine and Lilly sat on their beach chairs soaking up the rays of sunshine as the salty mist cooled their bodies with the spray of each crashing wave. No one wandered the private beach allowing them to enjoy the sun with out their suits. It had been a daily ritual for them since the beach side cabin they were renting had become available the first part of summer. Jasmine glanced over at Lilly admiring her tanned, toned body and the soft roundness of her full breasts. Her own breasts were small and she had always envied her friends curves. She closed her eyes and let out a content sigh.

She heard a giggle escape Lilly’s lips. She opened her eyes and saw her friend wipe a small bead of sweat from between her beautiful breasts. She felt a stirring from deep within her belly as she imagined her own hands on Lilly’s soft, dark skin. She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to kiss Lilly’s full lips. She shook her head, such foolish thoughts she was having! The sun must be going to her head. Needing a distraction, she asked Lilly if she would like another margarita to quench her thirst from the hot day. Lilly nodded and Jasmine headed back to the cabin to freshen their drinks.

Once inside, the smooth wood floors on her bare feet seemed to instantly cool her. Pouring a liberal amount of tequila into the blender, she turned the blender on to make their drinks. Over the whirl of the blender she had not heard the door close. She jumped as she felt soft hands on her hips. Turning quickly, she found herself face to face with the woman she had been fantasizing about all morning.

Lilly’s dark brown eyes had a twinkle of mischief in them. She was frozen where she stood, enjoying the feel of izmit escort her friends hands on her bare body. She let out a nervous laugh not sure what she should do next. She longed to reach out and trace Lilly’s lips with her finger tips.

Lilly smiled and brushed her mouth against her cheek, barely touching her warm skin. She felt her body come alive as her pink buds tightened. Lilly leaned back and stared intently into her eyes. Jasmine blushed as she was sure her friend could read her thoughts. She didn’t dare move, unable to pull her gaze away from Lilly’s eyes. She felt her friends hands move from her hips along each side of her ribcage. Her touch was slow and sensual and she could feel the moisture starting between her thighs. She closed her eyes not knowing what was happening.

She startled as she felt her friends hands gently cup her breast and gasped when she felt her soft lips take a hardened nipple into her mouth. Her body was quivering as her friend traced her soft pink bud with her delicate tongue. She put her hands on Lilly’s shoulders. With out glancing up, Lilly’s lips moved to her other breast and continued her light teasing with her mouth and tongue. Her body was tingling with anticipation and desire. She could barely breathe.

Lilly’s hands slid back down her sides and back to her hips to her back side. She lightly squeezed the round flesh in her hands pulling her body in closer. Lilly’s lips started a light trail down her flat belly, leaving delicate kisses each spot they touched. She felt her hands reach down from behind to her inner thighs, giving a gentle push to open her legs. Her lips grazed her hairless mound while her hands traveled back to her ass as she continued her gentle teasing.

Jasmine felt izmit kendi evi olan escort goose bumps spread over her body as her desire continued to build. Lilly’s lips moved to the soft skin on the inside of her thigh. Jasmine was so moist now there was no hiding her desire. Lightly sucking the skin on her inner thigh, Lilly’s cheek brushed against her moist wet folds. Smiling she looked up before her mouth circled her center of desire letting the smooth tip of her tongue part her soft folds and dart to the tip of her love button. She let out a moan feeling the wet mouth against her lips and clit making light circular motions with her soft tongue. Lilly’s tongue darted dipped lower spreading her lips before barely dipping the tip of her tongue inside her.

Her legs were shaking now and she wasn’t sure she could continue to stand! She leaned her back against the counter top looking for something stable to hold her up. She felt Lilly’s hands continuing to knead and rub her backside as her mouth continued to tease and taunt her soft folds, darting in and out of her parted lips. Her fingers reached from behind and slowly found the tip inside her smooth folds while her tongue continued to make little circles against her clit. She felt her fingers pressing against the walls of her insides giving light little presses before plunging further inside. She moaned with pleasure. She couldn’t believe this was happening after all the hours she had spent fantasizing about this very moment.

She looked down at her friend on her knees giving her pleasure. She reached down and took a small handful of hair in her hands and began to tug softly at the long strands. Lilly’s eyes were closed, her face buried in her soft, wet spot. She pulled Lilly in closer still lightly pulling her long hair. Lilly took her moist finger from her love button and began to caress the skin between her butt cheeks. Jasmine had never been touched there and was surprised at the enjoyable sensations it stirred. She found her self silently hoping Lilly would explore just a little further…. The thought made her blush. Her hips began to rock lightly as her friend teased her body with her skilled tongue and fingers. Her fingers continued to press against her ass and her tongue continued to plunge inside her throbbing folds. Then the moment came, she felt the tip of Lilly’s finger slide just inside her backside as she plunged her tongue deep inside her love spot. The sensation nearly sent her over the edge! She could feel waves of pleasure starting from her breasts and moving downward through her belly and spread to her quivering legs. Her breathing was becoming ragged as she knew she was getting close. Sensing her need, Lilly’s tongue began to lick and suck her love button more intently, her finger sliding in just a little further as she continued to tantalize her body in ways she had only dreamed of. The waves of pleasure continued to grow, coming faster now. She could feel her juices escape her, Lilly sucking and licking each last drop. Her hips began to thrust in need searching for the climax she craved. Lilly plunged her finger and tongue into her as her pleasure mounted and she rode each delicious wave that spread through her body. She could feel her love juices spread onto Lilly’s expert tongue as she let go. Lilly was savoring each drop that escaped her, drinking her fully. Lilly looked up at her and smiled before standing up and kissing her fully. She could taste her sweetness on Lilly’s tongue as she reached her hands around to pull her friends soft body into her. Giving a content sigh, she melted into Lilly’s arms and enjoyed the kiss she had been longing for….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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