Beach Day Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

This is a work of fiction. It contains descriptions of graphic sex between men. The disclaimers apply: if you are too young or a repressive government does not permit you to read it, stop. You have been sternly admonished.

All rights reserved

I would like to thank all the people who responded to my first story and gave me suggestions to this story. I hope you enjoy this one as well.

P.S. A special thanks to Hex ElfWitch for helping me edit this story.

After my little escapade with Stewart and “Cargo” shorts, I looked forward to relaxing in the water for a little while. I swam up and down the shoreline enjoying the whole beach to myself. After about a half hour, I hadn’t realized that I was near the end of the one mile strip of beach. Knowing that I was a 1/2 mile away from my belongings, I decided to get out of the water and walk.

I felt like I was in my own little Utopia….. Walking down the beach by myself in my suit without my ring or beads left me with an empty feeling though. I needed to get fucked. And hard. If I associated this feeling with music, I didn’t want any exquisite classical stuff, I wanted raw heavy metal.

I could see that the tide was moving out into the water more. I laid down on my back in a sit up position at the edge of the shore. The hot sun glared down on me as small droplets of water trickled off my body and cooled me off. I was really starting to get dark. I started thinking of nasty things as I drifted in and out of a light sleep. My cock throbbed as I pictured having sex on the beach right here in the water and sand. I decided to roll over on my stomach, so if anyone did see me, they would see my hard tan ass sticking up waiting to get fucked.

I drifted back off to sleep for a little while, when I heard the sound of jet ski in the background. I didn’t look up. I heard the sound getting closer then the motor get turned off. After a few seconds I could hear water splashing as someone approached. I acted like I had just woke up and turned and looked over my shoulder.

It was a guy a little taller than me. He had short dark hair and a semi-furry chest. He looked like he was in his mid to late 40’s. He seemed like he spent time in the sun by the shade of his skin. A nice looking guy. Looking pass him, it wasn’t a jet ski I had heard, but a dinghy.

“You look comfortable” He smiled, looking at me from behind which looked like a pair of wrapped around Oakley sunglasses.

“I can’t complain” I said, thinking I knew what would make me feel better. “Sunny day without work. No one around. It’s perfect”

“Yea, it’s perfect” He said pushing his sunglasses up to his forehead glancing down at me. He looked up and down the beach. “Except I don’t think your going to be alone much longer”

I glanced down at the other end of the beach and could see more people moving closer in my direction. I wasn’t really looking to have a huge crowd coming near, especially with kids. I turned around on my back sat up and spread my legs a little.

“Well it’s getting late anyway and I have a long walk back. I should be on my way.” I stood up. Looking at his dinghy I asked “I take it you have a boat since you’re riding in that thing, huh?”

“Yes it’s a few miles out. Listen if you want, you could come and check it out. You could get some water, it’s look like your low.” I looked at the bottle. It was low, I also knew the water was warm. “I’ll take you back to your car. I have to pass through here anyway because of a meeting. By the way I’m Bob.” He said, extending his hand. Normally I wouldn’t do this. I would be out in the open sea. I mean, where would I run if I needed to? But for some reason, he didn’t put that much fear in me. He seemed nice, not to mention nice looking. Maybe I was thinking for all the wrong reasons. Still…

“I’m Andrew.” I said, shaking his hand “OK. Let me get my things.” I walked over to my seating area to pick up my things. I made sure to shake a little and bend over to pick up my towel. My dick was starting to rise as I walked back toward him. As I got close to the shore, I started to put on my shorts.

“You don’t need to do that.” he said “Don’t want to get your shorts all wet, plus you’ll be wanting to lay in the sun anyway, right?”

“Uh, huh”

I jumped in the dinghy and we set out toward his boat. After 15 minutes, I could see his boat in the distance. Take that back, it wasn’t a boat. It was a yacht.

“Jesus” I said “How big?”

“65 ft.”

“How many people do you have helping you?” I asked

“Three usually. But today only one.”

We pulled up in the back and climbed up the ladder. I made sure I went first so he could see my ass. I grabbed both sides and started climbing. I glanced down to see him looking up. If he looked real close, he could probably see my asshole twitching. No worry though, he would. As soon as I got to the top, there was someone else standing there waiting for us. He looked to be the same age as Bob. He glanced at me up and down.

“David, Andrew. Andrew, David” said Bob as he came up behind me. We said our hellos and David bahis siteleri took care of the dinghy as Bob escorted me to the inside of the cruiser boat.

The 65 foot cruiser was 3 levels and powered by twin diesel engines. It had two state rooms, two complete bathrooms and a fully furnished galley. As we walked pass the galley, it opened into a big room. Bob went behind the bar to get a bottle of water and tossed it toward me.

“Thanks. This boat is gorgeous. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do?

“I’m an attorney. Corporate law.” he replied

“Well, I take it you’re doing well.” I said glancing around.

“As you said earlier, I can’t complain.”

There were 2 sofas made of leather in the room. I made my way over to one and sat down leaning back on the arm chugging the water. The cool leather felt wonderful on my heated body as I put my empty bottle on the table. Bob sat on the other sofa taking off his glasses. He had light blue eyes, the kind of eyes that seemed gentle but could become icy. I guess they need to be in the corporate world of litigation.

“So Andrew tell me a little about yourself” Bob asked.

“Well, not a lot to say.” I said, “I’m 27. I work at this company where we sell software to people to stamp out viruses on their PCs. It’s not bad”

“Work there long?” he asked

“No. Only about a year.” I replied

“What about before that?”

“Believe it or not, I use to dance at a club.” Bob raised his eyebrows to this. “Yes” I said “I was a male stripper”

Bob glanced down at my suit. “I can believe it with the suit you’re wearing.” he smiled, “Did you do it long?”

“For a few years” I replied. “It was easy money and it was fun. Plus I like to show off a little bit. It’s good exercise and it kept me in good shape after college when I was done competing.”

“Competing in what?”


“You were a gymnast?” Bob asked, as he adjusted his posture on the couch.

“Yep” I said, spreading my legs a little bit wider, my dick getting a little harder. “I tried out for the Olympics in 96, but didn’t make the team, came in 12th. It was a good experience though. Most of the guys were just better, plus bigger and stronger.” “What was your event?”

“The floor exercise.” I said, “I was an alternate on the vault. It was just fun moving to the music on the floor, maybe that’s why I decided to become a dancer. I could always apply some of moves I learned at college to dancing.”

“Such as?” asked Bob

“I don’t know.” I answered getting up walking over to the bar to get another bottle of water to drink. “Certain moves like the splits.”

“So you’re still very flexible?” he asked

“Very” I replied, winking at him. I leaned up against the bar pulling my side strings up higher making eye contact.

Bob shook a head a little and said, “Man I love your suit. It barely covers your dick and it looks nice with your tan.”

I smiled and put the bottle back down. I walked over to him.

“I actually like the back better.” I said as I stopped and turned around. I heard an in take of air as I leaned over and spread my legs. “See how the string comes out of my crack?”

“Man, it looks like your naked.” he said as I looked back between my legs.

I shook my ass and said, “I love being naked.” As I said this, I noticed his hand was massaging the front of his swim trunks. I decided to go for broke and bent over further, touching the floor and heard a “Damn,” behind me. I turned and then walked over toward him, letting him see my state of arousal and stood right in front of him. I pulled the side strings tighter and put my hand on my hips and said, “Yeah, I love to get naked and play around. How about you Bob?”

“Yea. I do. Before we do, how about showing me how you danced when you were a stripper.” I thought about it. I’ve always danced for women in the club. This was a little different, but definitely a bigger turn on. He reached over to the end table and picked up the remote control and pressed a button. Some dance music came on from all around and I moved to the center of the room. I bumped and ground to the music for about 10 minutes, shaking, spanking my ass and running my hands over it pulling my cheeks apart. I turned around to look at him. Bob couldn’t take his eyes of my body. I touched my chest and moved my hands to my crotch. I grabbed my dick and balls through my suit, closed my eyes and threw my heads backward with a moan.

“MMMMMMM…….I forgot how much I missed this. Should I continue?” I teased.

“Yes. Go all the way.”

I saw a small wooden box next to the bar. I picked it up and put it in the middle of the room. Climbing up on it, I turned my back to him and slowly, ever so slowly started pulling my V-string down over my hips, revealing my tan-lined, smooth, naked bubble-butt. I kept inching the stretched V-string, lower and lower, turning sideways until the pouch broke free of my rock hard cock, which slapped up against my abs.

“Nice tan lines.” said Bob

I smile and slowly walked over to him, my dick waving in front of me as I moved closer toward him. He reached canlı bahis siteleri up and took it in his hand. I felt him start squeezing it and some precum dripped out. He was slowly massaging my dick. I groaned as it began to stimulate me even more. He stood up and told me to turn around. Hands come from behind, slide up my flat stomach, and fondle my erect nipples. A hard thinly clothed cock slides between my cheeks. I throw my head back in a fit of passion and I feel his hot breath on my neck. One hand continues to softly pinch my pierced nipple as the other reaches for my hard cock. His fingers run up and down my shaft. I am getting turned on and am in the need for some action.

He let go and I walk over to the bar and pull out the stool in the middle of the room. Turning my back to him, I straddled it, feeling the cool leather on my stomach. I wrapped my legs around the seat and put feet on the bars. I tilt my ass back so my hard cock is rubbling against the side of the chair. I reach behind me opening my cheeks, spreading my ass as far apart as possible.

I glance back at him. “Look at that Bob. Don’t you just want to slip your hard cock deep inside me? Huh? Do you?” I asked

Bob smiles and stands up. He picks up some baby oil off the end table and rubs it on his palms. He starts at my calves and works his way up the back of my legs. He reached my butt and oiled the globes first before attending my hairless crack. He ran his oiled up finger along my crack, all the way to my balls. I felt one of his fingers sliding inside me, as his other hand started to rub my balls from behind.

“Sweet fuck hole you’ve got, Andrew. Want me to play with it?” Bob said.

“Oh yes, please! Loosen it up for your hard cock!” I moaned.

He sucks on his finger and massages it on my hole. He grabs the oil and works it around my hole while adding another finger to the fun. Two fingers in my ass now and it has me moaning and wanting more, finally he adds another finger and now I’m in heaven wishing that he would just take me now.

He pulls out his fingers leaving me open, the cool air rushes in giving me some chills. I feel the head of his dick pushing it’s way to my chute. He slipped his head into my ass. I winced in pain as he pushes all the way until I can feel his public hair. He held himself there, letting me get accustomed to his size.

“Ready to get fucked?” Bob whispered in my ear

“Oh yea,” I breathed. “Give it to me”

He started picking up the pace driving in and out slowly.

“Is that all you got?” Pushing my ass back “Come on. Fuck me!”

“OK, you little slut.”

With that he spanks my ass. The sting radiates and tingles through my body. The tingles fade and are replace with a warm feeling where his hand slapped my cheek. He grabs my hips and begins his assault. He grabs my waist and fucks me violently. He pounds my ass like a pile driver. Our bodies slap together. His cock as control of my body. I feel like his slave. His thrusts blur in to a humming sensation in my ass. My body vibrates. My dick was drooling down the metal side of the stool chair as it rubbed and bounced against it.

“Fuck me harder, Bob, ram your cock inside me.”

Bob grabbed my hair and pulled hard making me arch my back. He smacked my ass picking up speed to the point where I thought I’d pass out. He then pulled his cock out.

I was ordered to lie on my back and display myself. I spread my legs as wide as they could go and thrust my pelvis forward, causing my hard cock to bounce off my stomach. I grasped my butt and pulled the cheeks open to show my pink anus.

“Come on. Put it back in here. Fuck me like it’s your job! Fuck all the cum out me!” I begged.

He lifted my legs over my shoulders putting me into a “V” position. I hold onto my ankles as I watched his huge cock push against my ass. He dropped onto me, sinking his cock all the way to his balls, forcing a short gasp out of me.

“Oh god, yea, fuck me hard”, I blurted.

Bob kept pounding me hard. Beads of his sweat from him was dripping on my body. I just closed my eyes feeling his cock rub against my prostate. After ever pause he would curl my body more toward my shoulder. When I finally opened my eyes I could see my dick was getting closer to my face. Waves of pleasure lifted me up as my awareness narrowed to focus on his hard, raw cock pounding in and out of my ass.

“Yea” I snarled up at him, “Fuck my cum onto my face.”

Bob grabbed my rock hard cock and bent back to him. It was a little painful, but the pounding of his cock against my prostate offset the pain. After a few times, I could my balls churning.

“Oh God, baby! I’m gonna cum!” I starting stroking my cock.

“Yea shoot that cum you slut.” yelled Bob.

That caused me to shoot a thick cum over my face. I try to lick some of it as it saturates every single inch of my upper body. I squeezed my cock hard to get every drop from my dick as I reveled in the cum rain that had washed over me.

“God Damn! Don’t stop! Just keep fucking me!”

Bob was breathing hard. I could feel the swelling of dick growing.

“I wanna canlı bahis come all over your face or in your mouth” he said pulling out of me.

I move up to my knees. I sucked his balls into my mouth, sucking greedily. I left his balls and began to lick his sack and around his dick. Relentlessly, I kept teasing him by keeping my tongue and mouth off of his dick but around it. Finally, when I saw he was getting very agitated, I took his entire 7 inch cock down my throat. As I bobbed my head up and down, I developed a rhythm to follow. I sucked feverishly, stroking his cock in time with the motions of my starving mouth, craving his cum. I could tell he was getting near, because he had started to ram into my mouth trying to fuck my face. I pulled off and laid down on the floor running my hands up and down my body.

“Come on Bob. Shoot your cum all over me. Let me rub it on my skin. It will be my suntan lotion the rest of the day.”

Bob walked over and began quickly stroking his cock as he stood over my body. He let a low guttural moan escaped him.

“Here you go” He said as his cock erupted. His hot cum splashed on my face. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but several gobs of it landed on my chest, my pelvis and on my legs. Before his dick is released from his hand, I jump up on all fours and take him in my mouth again in time to feel the last pulses of his load fill my mouth with the rest of his hot cum.

“There is more Andrew, don’t stop until the last drop’s out”.

I suck him dry and fell back onto the floor. I rub the cum all into my skin. I could feel my cock beginning to harden again as I slithered on the floor, my body rubbing onto the cum that had dripped off my body. Involuntarily, I began a humping motion with my hips that brought a reply from the man that just got done fucking my ass and shooting his load.

“Damn Andrew. You still ready to go again? I don’t think I can get it up right now. You have to let me rest a little bit.” said Bob

“That’s OK.” I replied “I know what I can do.”

I got up and opened my backpack to pull out my dildo. He watched as I wordlessly spread lube over it. I turned around picked up the wooden box and went through the back. The sunshine blinded me for a short sec but the heat felt good as I swayed toward the front, my hard dick swaying hoping someone would watch my show. I put the wooden box down on the middle of the deck. Lustfully, I placed the base on the top of the box and squatted over it. I pushed down slowly, my hole gripping the ridges as I went down all the way to the bottom. A loud moan escaped me as I felt my ass cheeks touch the box. I leaned myself back slowly to move up and down, moaning louder with each fuck of the big dildo into my ass. As I moved down faster on the dildo, my rock hard cock would go straight out from my body and then hit my stomach on my way up. The sound and the thought of me out in the open seas was enough to make me shoot when I heard feet coming toward me.

I looked up to see Bob had followed me out. With a wicked grin on his face, he pulls out a camera and starts to take a few pictures of me riding the dildo. I don’t care! I’m on the urge of cumming. Looking at the camera with a dazed look in my eye, I reach up to grab my throbbing dick.

“Stop!” Bob yells, “Don’t touch your dick.”

“What? I’m almost there. I’m just about to cum” I moaned.

Bob pulls me up and takes the dildo out of my ass leaving me with that empty feeling. He motions me to the front of the boat where the rails meet at the end. From where I’m standing the rail is about 4 feet high and 3 feet wide.

“Show me how flexible you are. Get up and spread yourself and let me fuck the shit out of you with this toy. I’ll make you cum good!”

I leaned forward on the front and hoisted my legs up on the side rails. With my weight leaning forward, I slid my body down until I could feel my ankles touching the rails. Damn, I haven’t felt this open in a long time. Even though I’m not tied up, I know if I move my hands or feet to much, I will fall off.

I was open and spread for his pleasure, my hands holding on the front rail, my legs split out to the widest point. My body is in a position of a upside down “T”. I arched my back exposing my cock and very vulnerable ass, my cock was harder than I have ever known it and begging for attention.

“God Damn! Look at you! It’s looks like your hanging in mid air. I’m going to enjoy this a lot.” says Bob.

“I don’t care if you enjoy it! Just make sure I enjoy it. Come on Bob. Fuck me with that toy!”


“Oh God!” I moaned.


“Yes. Smack my ass!” I screamed.

He smacked me a couple more times before he took the dildo and moved it up and down my crack. I was losing it!

“Please” I begged. “Rip me apart. Make me cum again, you fucker!” With a powerful thrust he thrusts the dildo way past my sphincter with a single move making me scream my lungs out. My butt gave way like melted butter and he started pounding away while spanking the cheeks of my ass. With my legs spread apart, I twisted and moved wildly in pain and delight trying not to fall off the rail. I look out into the distance and I can see boats in the distance. I guarantee there is nothing like this going on into the distance. Bob reaches under to grab my rock hard cock and starts to gently stroke it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32