Bbysitting Steven part 2

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Blonde Teen

Introduction: Babysitting Steven part 2

(The night had past extremely fast, it still felt like night time but it was early in the morning, instantly i dragged myself out of bed)

As i didn’t bring my clothes upstairs i didn’t have much choice. Rather put on what i wore yesterday or just go down in my boxers, i chose to wear my boxers as i wasn’t really worried about Steven seeing me in them as i seen him in his the night before.

I began to make some breakfast which was going really slow as i didn’t know where anything in the house was kept, in addition i didn’t know how to use anything. I totally forgot about the fact im wearing my underwear but i soon got used to the idea that i was walking round someone else s house almost nude, I loved wearing just my boxers as i felt free and i was able to just move around freely whilst feeling cool and aired out.

As i was getting into making breakfast the sound of doors opening and shutting and the use of the bathroom took me by surprise, i knew now that Steven was awake and as he seen me wanking the night before i was anxious to see how he would react toward me when he came downstairs.

I let this go to the back of my mind as i shouted Steven to come down stairs to eat his breakfast as it was now cooked and nice and hot. He shouted back down to me and told me hes just washing his face and he will be down in a moment.

I decided to eat at the table as we would have to make some sort of conversation whilst eating. I placed both plates down opposite, as i did this Steven joined me at the table.

“Morning Aaron, how was your night sleep?” Steven asked quite bluntly.

“It was good, how was yours? I didn’t disturb you when i came to bed did i?” I managed to spit the two lines out hoping he would reply that he heard me and seen me.

I got none of the sort of conversation as it died really quick and turned into the conversation of Steven wanting to go swimming. He invited me to join him and i decided i would as i wanted to spend some time with him plus i really didn’t want to sit in all day as this was not what i enjoyed.

As we now had plans, we quickly finished eating and began to get ready. It felt weird that i was going to be having a shower in someone else s home but this didn’t stop me, I grabbed my clean clothes and made my way upstairs. I left them on Stevens bed as his room was the closest to the bathroom. I jumped in and was out just as quick, i walked into Stevens room and began to get dry. I was startled as my towel fell down and Steven was stood at the door. My dick began to pulsate as i looked at Stevens startled body, the smoothness of his young body and the small but sure bulge in his tight purple boxer briefs. The slim tender body of an 11 year old boy was stood before me, i knew i was beginning to get hard but i didn’t care as Steven was staring right down at me.

He slowly walked towards me as i was grasping my towel back around my waist, as i did so he was stood so close to me i could smell his little pre-teen body i stepped closer so did he as i put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him towards he greatly accepted me, i felt his soft hand once again but this time on my hard dick. I loosened the towel and accepted his hand down under the towel, as he did so i slowly caressed his back moving my hand closer and closer to him little butt. My dick began to throb in pure pleasure for what i was about to do, i slipped my hand down on his arse, i felt his young soft arse i could kocaeli escort feel he was tensing up, his body was so soft.

I accidentally slipped my thumb into the waist band of his underwear, I could feel the soft sweaty and smooth arse that was covered by his underwear, Steven didn’t seam to care so i delivered one finger after another down his underwear as he carefully rubbed my hard dick, he un tied my towel, dropped it to the ground. Out flopped my dick, 8 inch of virgin cock was standing up to meet Stevens hand, i felt the first touch as i did i closed my hand and drew him closer. My hand was now firmly planted down Stevens boxers, my middle finger was twitching to go down his soft hairless bum crack. I slipped my hand lower, as i did this Steven started to stop tensing up as this was now becoming dangerous, my finger slipped down his arse crack without warning he grasped my dick drew my ear towards his mouth and whispered.

“This isn’t the first time ive seen this big dick, i saw you smelling my underwear last night and made a lot of noise hoping you would come into my room and let me help you finish off.” Steven gently and intimately whispered into my ear.

I didn’t know what to say, all i could grasp was his arse as i picked him up off the floor and down on to my lap as i sat on his un made bed. My dick slipped into his tight boxer briefs and my pre cum slipped my dick between his butt cheeks as his little body accepted my hard dick, i was so tempted to slip it into his butt. As i thought this he lifted up and kissed me on my lips, i kissed back. I felt his soft steamy tongue slip between my lips, i accepted his tongue into my mouth as i let my tongue loose. He began to rock back and forth on my rock hard dick, my pre cum and lubed between his cheeks as my dick easily slipped down between his bum. He stood up as my dick slipped out from his underwear, he stood up and asked me to slip his underwear down i did so extremely slowly as i wanted to savoir every moment.

Ive never seen any other boys dick before other than on porn. His boxers were now just below his dick, he had no pubes and his dick was hard, my adventurous side began to show, i took his underwear all the way off and lowered my head close to his dick as i slipped his foreskin back and began to lick like i had seen on porn. my dick was throbbing more than ever before. I didn’t know what was going to happen i carried on pleasuring his little body as i took in the entire 4 inches of his dick, he was overwhelmed with pleasure as he closed his eyes and grabbed my head and began to thrust his hips pushing his rock hard, smooth, virgin dick into my awaiting mouth.

He began to moan, quietly at first but then he moaned faster and louder as his thrusts became faster and synced up with moans. He was loving the entire pleasure off having his first blow job, in the wake of this i took my time and made my way up to his tight little bum hole, slipped it over and over and began my way into his slightly moist hole.

The pain of his first penetration was moments away, as my middle finger made its last lap around his tight hole before the deep penetration and loud moans, he came. I was totally took of guard as his thin un developed come seeped into my mouth, covering the entire of my mouth and my taste buds, the taste of a young boys come was in my mouth waiting to be swallowed. The sweetness of un developed young boys balls was swirling around waiting to be swallowed, one gulp and it was gone. Steven was mesmerized darıca escort by what he had just experienced, as was i as it was my first experience with a boy. I kept his just erupted dick in my mouth until he was to soft to keep a hold.

His dick slipped out of my mouth dropping a small drizzle of his young come onto the tip of my hard dick. As this happened, i was overwhelmed. I was about to slip my finger into his awaiting virgin hole when the phone rang, his parents wanted to know if he was okay as did mine. The moment was lost. I was so shocked and scared at the fact we was both naked and he was answering the phone i lost all of my pleasure as though someone had just pulled the plug out.

I looked at the time on the phone and we was going to be late for our session in the pool as we hung the phone up and made our way to get ready for swimming. I was gutted, all the build up i was going to violate his little hole and then ‘bang’ no more violation.

We got ready and made our way to the pool, i got another chance to look at him whilst he was getting changed.

We entered the changing rooms as i wanted to enter him, slow and cautiously. We noticed no one was in here, we must be late. We quickly got changed, giving me plenty of time to gaze upon his little body. He was facing me for the most part, i seen the softness off his chest, the ripples in his belly as his small but noticeable six pack shown. He dropped his pants and i was able to gaze on his new fresh underwear in which i never got to see him put on, the lightest colour of pink band with a pearly white colour as the covering, boxer briefs as he always wore. He turned around as he slipped his underwear down bending over slightly to show the hairless tight little pink hole in which i wanted to violate. He knew i was looking and made a sligh comment.

“Unlooky, you didn’t get to feel the tightness. It was waiting for you!” Steven said as he slipped up his tight swimming shorts which shown of his little butt and his little bulge, almost inviting people to enter and explore the depths of his young developing body.

Swimming went fast, as we were late the pool was already full leaving us no time to fool around. We jumped in and barely never made eye contact throughout the entire hour of the swim. It was so fast, the bell went which indicated the time to get out of the pool. Everyone made their way to the closest side and jumped out. Steven didn’t, he made his way to me where he grabbed my bulge and looked into my eyes as though to say, soon is the second installment.

We rushed to get out and ready to make our way home, it was now well past mid-day and Steven got in, made a snack and went to his friends to go play some football.

I began to make some food and was getting wound up as i was struggling to make anything as i didn’t know where anything was. I decided we would stay at my house for the remaining 2 night as our parents were getting home late Monday night as well as i knew where everything was in my house and i would be much more comfortable. As i finally finished making me dinner, i quickly ate it to ensure i wasn’t disturbed from enjoying this. As i finished Steven was back, he was filthily and was hungry. it was now getting on as it took me forever to make something to eat. Plus i had wasted some time to just sit and relax.

Steven walked through the door and smiled at me, he said he was going to get a shower and get changed. I seconded his motion as he was filthily gölcük escort and was just dirtying anywhere he walked. Before he mover he took off his jumper, his t-shirt and his trainers. Following was his pants as he made his way to the laundry basket to place his dirty clothes in. He had to make his way past me to get top the basket, he did so quickly as he began to sway his hips to show off his cocky little arse. He didn’t ignore me, he stood beside me and whispered into my ear.

“Come get a shower with me, i will be able to help you finish off and you can clean me up.” he quietly whispered into my ear as though he didn’t want anyone else to here.

He took me by the hand and pulled me upstairs with him. As soon as we made it to the bathroom, he began to strip me of my clothes as though he knew it would tease me. He left me in my underwear and said your still big even when your soft. He turned round bent over right in front of me rubbing his little arse off my crotch, as he turned on the shower he stood up straight as i grabbed him and pulled him towards me where our lips touched, i could smell the sweet aroma of his young body as well as his slightly scented sweet. I was mesmerized, he now owned me. I was sure he knew this as he slipped his underwear down and stepped into the tub.

He told me to pull my underwear down and join him in the shower, it felt weird as it was not my house. I was wondering when to tell him he was staying at mine tonight. As i lent over rubbing my body against his soft young skin, my dick slipped between his arse cheeks, he didn’t mind this. I pulled his head towards me and told him hes staying at mine tonight, he didn’t seem to mind. Instead he just looked at me and pulled me closer. Softly he replied.

“Looks like im sleeping in your bed, i don’t like being in a different house on my own.” he said this as though he knew i was going to get him to stay.

I just left his mind to wander, he suddenly turned round and dropped to his knees. He slowly began to draw my still soft dick into his mouth and began to suck. I froze, i didn’t know how to react. I was so taken by surprise as he took all of me into his little mouth.

He sucked so ferociously i was about to come within moments. He looked up and spoke.

“I think we should save the rest for the bedroom, don’t you.”

“Errmm i guess so.” i was so taken by surprise, he was telling me what to do and i liked it.

He stood up and grabbed my hand, he placed my hand on his little wet arse and squirted a little big of shower gel down between his arse. He told me to get busy and do what i was intending to do the first time. I rubbed the gel into his arse leaving just enough to lube his tight young virgin hole and as i slipped my finger down i gathered the slippery gel and rubbed it into his tight awaiting bum hole. Without warning i slipped my middle finger into his tight hole and began to finger his young virgin pipe. His moans were so loud, i could tell they were mostly pain and little pleasure so i slipped my finger out and stopped as i didn’t want to hurt him.

He stopped moaning, grabbed my hand and my two biggest fingers. He told me he would tell me when to stop and until then he wanted me to finger him deep. I was so surprised, he grabbed my fingers and slipped them back into his hole. No longer was it one finger now it was two. His moans were so intense they made me hard as a rock, he told me to keep it under control otherwise he would make me wait longer.

I kind of thought it would be a good idea to leave you wanting more so i will leave this on a bit of a cliff hanger. the next installment will be very soon. I promise!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32