Bathroom Black Adventure

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This is, as they say, based loosely on a true experience.

I was 18 and was a couple of months from graduation, the year was 1984. My HS had a magnet program to attract kids from other schools and I had a 30 minute bus ride to and from my school. I had to change busses downtown and often left a little early so I could walk around downtown before school.

One of the older department stores was an art deco monster and I loved exploring it. Over the years I had roamed all over the interior offices and even the areas not normally open to the public. Those morning I went walking about and then had to take a leak before getting on the bus for school, I often found myself in a partially abandoned bathroom on the 17th floor. The urinals still worked, but only two of the five stalls were still in working order. The rest were overflow storage with the other bathrooms. I loved it, it was all black and white tiles accented by bronze and marble.

It was also a place I jerked off in. That morning I hadn’t been able to get off before I left the house and I’d been too busy yesterday so my balls were full of cum.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m about 6ft tall, dirty blond hair, nose lips and teeth a little to large for my face, and at the time I had a little more acne than I’d care to mention. I was on the football team, but not a starter. I was athletic, but not overly so. I got dates, but nothing spectacular. I lost my cherry after a sophomore game to one of the cheerleaders, but it was one time only. I had also been sucked off by the gym queer a number of times, and once been assfucked by the quarterback as part of an initiation ritual for the football team.

I got in the stall and pulled off my jeans, leaving me wearing only escort bayan a jock. I loved the feel of rubbing myself off on the slightly harsh fabric. I had my hand in my crotch and I’d been reliving my night with Cindy and that afternoon with Chad when I realized I heard heavy breathing. I opened my eyes and saw that there was someone standing outside my stall looking through the crack beside the door.

I shuddered and I could feel myself squirt pre-cum into my jock. That someone was watching my only make me hotter. My asshole itched and I knew what I wanted.

“Don’t go,” I whispered and unlocked the stall. I got up and turned around and placed my hands on the tank of the toilet. “Like what you see?”

I could hear a moan and the stall door opening up. I shivered as the bathroom was a little cold, and not because I was a little afraid about what I was about to do. A large warm hand cupped my ass and ran over my legs, coming up and finally stroking the length of my dick through my jock.

Looking between my legs, I could see the hand that was rubbing my junk was very black. I moaned as my knees became wobbly.

I felt his hand opening up my ass cheeks and a warm puff of air on my bud. Then warm and wet assailed my pucker and I realized he was rimming me. I lowered my head and closed my eyes, lost in the sensation of this black man’s tongue snaking up into my ass. When he stopped after a new minutes I groaned and pushed my ass back at him.

“You like that stud? Yo gonna like this even better.” Hands gripped my hips and I could feel his invader. It was hot and moist from my recent rimming as it pushed its way into me.

He leaned over my back and whispered in my ear. “Relax, you gonna love this.”

He reached down and pulled kocaeli escort bayan the shirt off over my head and began kissing up and down my back as his dick eased slowly into me. As he bottomed out in me and I could feel his pubes tickling my butt, he kissed his way up my neck and stuck his tongue in my ear.

“You’ve done this before,” he hissed. I nodded.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Again, I could trust myself to speak and nodded.

“Wait till we get going.” He grabbed my hips and ground himself further into me. I couldn’t believe he could get more in but it did. Then he pulled out a few inches and rammed back in. His hips colliding with my ass sounded like a gunshot. My cock jerked again in my jock as I could feel myself spitting more precum.

“Fuck! You are tight white boy. You got a sweet tight ass,” he yelled as he started pounding in and out of me. I was hard as a rock but couldn’t touch myself as I braced myself with both arms to keep from being knocked over from the vigorous fucking he was throwing in my ass.

His grunts were getting louder and I could feel spittle on my back as his fucking became more animalistic and brutal. I was thrusting back to meet his fucks as hard as I could. I had never felt this high without chemicals. At that moment I wished I was a bitch and he was breeding me. I could feel him swelling getting ready to release his seed into my ass womb.

One of his hands left my hip and mercilessly grabbed my balls through my jock and rubbed his arm up and down my crotch. That warm wet whisper was back in my ear. “Cum for me you little white whore. Come on your black daddy’s cock. I want to feel you cum on my cock as I shoot my seed up your boycunt.”

It was too much kocaeli escort for me and I grunted hard as he groped my nuts and I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum into my jock.

When he felt me cum he grabbed my hips and fucked himself into me one last time and stayed there. “FUUUUUUCCKKKKKKK!!!!!” he screamed in my ear.

I could feel him pulsing up my ass as a warm creamy wetness spread though me. After a bit he pulled out and I had to sit down on the toilet as my legs were too weak to support me. I looked up at him as his cock still pulsed in front of my face. “Clean it,” he said as he gently but firmly pulled my head to his crotch.

I had never sucked a cock before, but I’d had mine sucked. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. It felt strangely both incredibly hard and soft at the same time. I could taste shit and little blood at first but that quickly was replaced by the warm taste of cock. I gagged as he pressed harder making me take him further. I could taste spurts of precum and wanted more. Then he grabbed my hair and shoved himself to the roots as I felt him spewing cum right down my throat and into my stomach. My nose was pressed into pubes and I couldn’t breath. He held me firm and I couldn’t breathe. I started to struggle, but I was so weak from the ass fucking, I couldn’t get loose. My sight started to darken around the edges and I could feel my hard cock pulsing as I spit more cum into my jock and I could feel his earlier sperm slither out of my gaping ass as I had another massive orgasm. I started crying as I didn’t want my mother to find my cum covered corpse in an old bathroom downtown. I blacked out while I was still cumming.

I woke up with a sore ass and a headache. My fucker was finishing up at the sink. “If you want more of that, just have them page a code 18 to the strockroom.” Then he left the bathroom.

When I think back on that day, it was an amazing fuck, but it scared the shit out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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