Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 38

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Thinking back, it has been at least a quarter year, quite likely more, since visiting the bathhouse on a Tuesday afternoon. The mainly Sunday afternoon visits have been enjoyable, though quite crowded after a couple of hours.

Today there really were only a handful of men around after finishing my beer. Upstairs was basically empty, and a bit cool. Going back down, in the mid-level shower room I put some lube over my ass, something which has not led anywhere – and part of me still hopes it won’t. Downstairs after that first pass, I put the black bag bag in the locker, keeping the brown bottle and two condoms.

At the lowest level, there were a couple of men in the whirlpool section, leading me to go into the steamroom, that was still warming up. It was restful to sit and simply enjoy being in the warm dampness. After a quiet interval, I left, then showered, cleaning the lube off.

Going into the bubbling whirlpool, soon deciding to stay until the seat jets stopped. The water was nicely heated, allowing me to get warmed up before going back upstairs. As time stretched, nothing happened except the water being occasionally irritating. With a man to each side of me doing absolutely nothing, it became a bit of a chore to wait for the pump to turn off.

Finally deciding to leave, missing that internal deadline by only a few seconds, since after standing up and reaching the steps, the pump stopped. But instead of deciding to sit back down in the clear water with two strangers non-moving strangers, I left.

Seeing a towel in a cubbyhole, I returned to the dimness of the steam bath, noticing that about 25 minutes had passed so far. Keeping this just like a normal mixed sauna visit till now, not one to the baths, where sex between men is so easy to enjoy.

It did not take long to find the other man, easily starting to mutually approach the other, my hand finding his thigh first, running over his skin lightly before he made me gasp in pleasure with the first touch of his fingers on my cock.

This was a direct encounter, one I was thoroughly prepared to indulge, having enjoyed a bowl and a beer before finding a willing stranger. We took a luxurious amount of time becoming intimate, exploring, then starting to play with each other’s hard rods. We continued becoming more obviously turned on caressing each other, meaning it was no surprise when he went down on my waiting cock.

Men in the baths know that getting sucked is irresistible, one of the reasons to keep coming back. I was sliding past his lips, still playing with his hard length, entering paradise, receiving enthralling head from a stranger. He took me to the edge several times, especially when he played with my nipples as my cock filled his willing mouth, riding the almost waves of orgasm as he blew me.

I pulled his head up from my between my legs, hungrily guiding his cock sucking mouth to kiss me. I was greedy, taking full advantage of his slutty mouth, utterly turned on knowing what it had just been doing. Kissing men has become another one of my distinct interests, with the baths offering so many opportunities to indulge in oral pleasures, Though the first time I kissed a man was in a porn theater,

Getting sucked in the steamroom meant that this trip was already worth it, in a minimal way. A bit of a depressing thought, of the sort that had also arisen early in the last couple of visits. Though we continued to pleasure each other, he was gradually withdrawing, moving past me, likely because of the heat.

He left, but went to the shower instead of directly exiting the steamroom. After the water had been turned on a few times – this shower has a very short cycle – I approached the shower entrance, then entered. He was leaving, but we enjoyed just a bit more fun, savoring a rare encounter, kissing and sucking nipples, teasing him a bit more.

Something that continued for a while, without going beyond slippery body contact and passionate kissing. After he left, I tried the water – too cold for my taste, as is pretty much the normal case over the years.

Going upstairs a second time, walking closer to the first porn cabin I saw a cock being stroked, but kept walking to check the other cabin and the theater area – where a start screen filled the wall.

Returning to the door of the occupied cabin, the porn was interesting, showing a threesome, making me grow more than half hard. However, there was no interest from the other man – at all. Which is his privilege of course, but it tends to be a turn off. Especially after having first thought what a sexy cock it would have been just to go down on, walking in and then kneeling, pleasuring on a turned on stranger.

He remained the only person upstairs after a period wandering around, so I went back to the basement level. Soon ending up enjoying even more fun in the sauna’s steamy dimness. Seeing a single towel bahis şirketleri in the cubbyhole created a certain anticipation when going in. I needed to explore, eventually realizing he must be in the truly dark area. Carefully moving into the blackness, I felt his leg brushingly close, as he was sitting on the bench.

My hands took several moments to determine precisely where he was, sliding over his nipples, then along his neck after stepping in front of him, moving closer. It took little time to have him go down on my stiff length, tongue then lips making my rigid cock feel so good before starting to face fuck him in total bliss. The pleasure was almost overwhelming, meaning that the poppers remained closed.

Trying to keep from cumming, reluctantly taking my slippery cock away from his face, shifting position, putting my balls next to his mouth. Getting teabagged while jacking off is exquisite, one hand stretched up against the wall. Pulling back to let his mouth go down on my cock again, I played with his hard cock, the desire to go down on it growing. A fundamental reality of the baths is just how addictive it can be to go down on men as it is to have your own cock sucked.

Especially when poppers are involved. Kneeling straight on the floor in front of his cock, I opened the brown bottle to do a deep hit. In the heat of the sauna, the scent is more intense, and I held my breath as long as possible, while he brought me near his mouth. My hand found his stiff cock as I breathed out slowly during our sloppy open mouthed kissing.

After finishing letting him enjoy inhaling the hit too, I went down to my heels, guiding his sexy smooth length straight into my mouth. His cock felt fantastic, especially after beginning jacking off with my right hand. Taking him ever deeper, his hands on my head, lips soon pressing against the base of his bushy cock, in cock sucking heaven.

Having become totally slutty, simply giving in to pure lust, deep throating a sexy cock, playing with myself. Helpless to resist him when he stood up, bringing me up on my knees as he rose, still worshipping his horny jutting rod, a total slave. Now, he was the one doing the face fucking, and I loved it, just like he undoubtedly had. These poppers are extraordinary, with effects that go on for a long time, particularly how they provide an amazingly addictive sense of pure abandon that seems to stretch on and on.

Up to the point that his stiff cock began to spurt into my mouth, a couple of small jets of salty pre-cum as he held my head rigid, not wanting to give into orgasm so early in the afternoon. The baths are a playground where the games can continue for hours, involving a number of men, whether in sequence or together, something experienced visitors are aware of.

We continued to enjoy ourselves for quite a while, exchanging positions a couple of times. While face fucking him again, a third man approached us from the light, before going to my right, into the darkness, though not really joining in. Until the sitting man rose and left, that is, at which point the new man’s attention to my cock was obvious. And honestly expected, considering his previous flirting touches, which included feeling his hardness on my skin. Of course, such attention was welcome, continuing to play with my slippery length.

Soon, I was fingering his soft ass, cock to cock, kissing passionately as each found a new man to enjoy. It took little time to make obvious what he wanted, turning against my erect rod, guiding my swelled cock head against his welcoming smooth hole. I couldn’t resist at least beginning to enjoy such inviting intimate contact, though remaining determined to stay within a certain boundary. One that has already shifted from my first bathhouse visits, now often finding myself unable to stop from having a man’s soft anal ring surround my naked cock head after starting to play this way.

Repeatedly, as time stretched, moaning about condoms and how good my naked cock felt. This game continued for a while, fingering him and letting him guide my cock back between his legs. When it is happening, thinking becomes impossible – though I realize this is the same process that has led to me never using condoms when getting sucked. Nonetheless, there is a real difference, one that still remains relevant in a way that giving in to cock suckers isn’t. On the other hand, it is now becoming normal to indulge my naked cock, and let it slide past the soft ring of a man’s ready hot hole.

Realizing that my fingering would not really satisfy him, even though it was a real pleasure to do it with two fingers deep inside his soft tunnel, was no reason to stop. This is another reality of the baths – it is fantastic when things click effortlessly, but everyone has different limits and tastes. He kept teasing me, wonderfully, but my basic caution had returned. If he had sucked me, coating my shaft in bahis firmaları slippery wetness, then probably it would have been impossible to stop myself from fucking his naked ass, though I made no indication of how he could lead me on.

These days, whenever opportunity arises, I eagerly play right to the edge each time, seduced by how fantastic it feels to have my cock head inside a man’s yielding fuck hole. Something that is rationally a bad idea, yet my cock does not care – just like the man wanting to be fucked. However, by this point, the heat had built up enough that leaving was a good idea on its own.

Meandering around upstairs, I saved the dark room as the last destination to explore. A man was sitting at edge of platform near the wall, leading to a similar approach like earlier in the steam room. Including soon enjoying him taking me into his soft mouth, my hands on his head, sinking into paradise. As he kept taking me wonderfully deeper, my hands began playing with his nipples. Leading to discovering that his right arm was outstretched. I followed it to the gloryhole, where he was jerking a stranger’s available stiff length. Prompting me to reach out with my left arm, fingers stretching out to play with this new man’s balls.

The cock at the glory hole withdrew, the new stranger’s fingers meeting mine in invitation. I turned, removing my cock from one man’s mouth, then feeling another man’s lips surround it, the first man playing with my balls as I jacked off his hard cock. Submerging into the seductive sensations, becoming lost in the sort of kinky threesome that makes sex with other men so fantastic.

The man on the other side of the wall withdrew, then stood, taking my erect length coated in his spit, beginning to rub our cocks together. Then he turned, bent, and offered his ass. In the time it took him to do that, my cock had returned to the first man’s mouth, and the offer was simply not as interesting as the actual blow job I was getting.

Drifting onto the platform, one knee, then the other to the side of head, stretching out on the platform, head towards his feet. It was delightful to just lay there as he went down on me, reaching a stable plateau of excitement, preparing the poppers and positioning myself to go down on the gorgeous stiff cock I had been playing with.

I did a deep hit just before going down on him, getting lost in ecstasy, grasping his shaft, licking along its sexy length, teasing both of us before my lips went over his tempting velvet cock head. The effects of the poppers grew wonderfully more intense as his cock kept growing magnificently in my mouth, dominating my mind, going ever deeper.

Deep throating him before breathing out, moaning around his shaft, feeling him start to stroke my turned on shaft, lost in cock sucker heaven, a total slut playing with another slut. At some point I straddled his head while sucking him, a finger now playing between his ass cheeks as he took my cock deep. Feeling just how much he enjoyed my finger sliding over his moist hole by the way his sucking became distracted, the same happening to me in turn as he touched my ass with a wettened finger.

We continued like this for a while, with a couple of other men in the area, none of whom got involved. Finally, we drifted apart, each having almost cum several times. Gathering up my things, then leaving to wander around again, with little result. Nothing was playing in the porn room, and though upstairs did have more people and a couple of closed doors, the feeling was still very low key.

Downstairs was not better, even if the whirlpool was completely filled with men. The steam room was essentially empty, in contrast, a somewhat unusual occurrence.

Going back up the spiral stair case, the owner went right by me. Following, I saw he had opened a door under the porn room platform. Pretty obviously, he was turning the porn back on. It was interesting to see inside this smallish and unexpected space, including three poppers bottles on the shelf at head height, probably left by visitors.

After he closed the door and left, I walked into the space, where a new movie was starting. Wandering around a bit, by the time I re-entered the porn area, a hot scene involving a threesome had started. Settling on the top row, legs spread, jacking off as three men had sex on the screen. A bit after this, a man entered, sat down briefly below, then moved up near me.

It is so remarkably easy to start playing with a stranger at the baths, in this case with the added benefit of watching male porn. An erect rod reliably shows how turned on a man is, and there are several things that always turn my cock on to watch – like the rimming on the screen. Having another person play with my nipple or run fingers over my balls and pubic hair while stroking and watching is fantastic fun.

Doing the same to him as he did to me, both of kaçak bahis siteleri us turned on, taking our time to get even hornier using the skills that develop over years of getting off with other men. Soon enough, as I kept watching the sex displayed on the wall, his mouth began to slide over my cock – delightful as always, wonderfully intense, making me decide to wait to open the rush bottle. The sensations of getting blown and watching porn had me fully enthralled, like so many times in the past.

He moved up, straddling my outstretched leg, starting to slide along over it, my hand going down to fondle his cock and balls as my tongue played with a hard nipple. Something I love doing to men or women, but men seem to enjoy it more, creating glorious opportunities. That was something discovered on my own, long before becoming aware of just why men love nipple play, knowledge that is commonplace at a male only sauna.

Really beginning to pleasure his nipples, listening to how he moaned and begged for me to use more force, his nipples extended and sexy. He seemed to be able to fully enjoy my increasingly more forceful actions. Treating him like this was a real turn on, listening to his guttural begging for more, feeling almost as if using those nipples was the same as abusing them, taking advantage of his begging sluttiness. Making my cock feel so hot as he kept pumping the rigid shaft, touching right under the flare of the cock head with each delightful stroke.

Our games had become enticingly distracting, leading me to ignore the porn as we played together. But when he went down on me, I looked up towards the screen after feeling his mouth surround my waiting cock head. The porn was showing one of my first true male sex fantasies – a threesome, with the man in the middle fucking and being fucked at the same time.

As he went down on me, I did a hit watching the porn, three men having what I have always considered irresistible gay sex, the one in the middle being fucked as his cock filled a stranger’s ass, whose own jutting shaft showed how much he was loving a cock in his ass. Breathing out when his mouth was almost deep throating me, I began moaning about how hot watching gay porn is, talking about my fantasy to be in the middle, cock growing immense in a stranger’s mouth, being taken ever deeper as my cock grew ever larger.

The waves keep rising as I felt his fingers lightly touching the curly hair of my sack, opening my legs as a finger slid between my cheeks, his mouth filled by a gigantic feeling cock, my ass pulsing in pleasure with the sucking, and wanting to be touched. Moaning words in a barely coherent string, “Oh god .. oh god yes .. fuck yes .. finger .. touch me .. my asshole .. oh god.” Utterly lost in sucking and watching the sort of gay sex that had made me cum so hard the first time I had seen it, more than 3 decades ago.

Still an unfulfilled fantasy, but this was a great way to enjoy thinking about it, in a place where it could still happen. Floating in pure bliss, not too close to cumming, his mouth left my cock as he rose, putting a leg between mine. I bent my head a bit to take a nipple into my mouth.

This blocked my sight, leading to fully concentrating on him, playing with his nipples as if I owned them completely, sucking hard and biting their extended length. He was sliding along my leg, left hand pressing his cock, both of us getting off on how he kept humping. I kept biting his nipples, and feeling how his cock was becoming slippery as it moved over my lower thigh, my knee touching his ass.

After a long seeming interval, the humping stopped, and he returned to sucking my cock. The porn was still playing the same scene, apparently. Using poppers while watching such porn is fantastic, ending up with me getting head as I did three hits, the most in a row using this powerful leathershop recommended brand, the waves building so well over time, just letting my cock lead.

When he rose again, I had become utterly mindless, feeling his fingers drift lightly over my upper body’s skin. Sinking into the sensations, fingertips sliding over the hairs on my arms. Exquisitely teasing, making me gasp when they touched my nipples after having come ever closer.

He tantalized me this way several times, then did the same thing along my thighs and between my legs, making me gasp each time he brushed his fingers along my rigid shaft. The projector had returned to the start screen, a detail that didn’t matter. I kept playing with his nipples, aware that a probing finger pressing into my soft ring as he started to suck me again. Leading to a fourth hit, knowing that this would turn me into a sex animal. Breathing out led to more dirty talking – “Fuck yes .. suck me .. finger me .. fucking .. fill you.”

This time, I let the waves carry me along, orgasm overwhelming me, flooding his waiting mouth with hot cum, getting finger fucked at the same time, a slut lost in bathhouse heaven.

Leaving, I saw this had been another 3 hour visit, much spent in pure sexual bliss. Along with being reminded of what still has not happened yet, over the last years.

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