Basilica Ch. 06

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Year 10,009

Age of Man

Azina watched as Faelor returned. Appearing like a shadow in the dark. It startled her as he made an alien sound and suddenly the cottage was aglow. She strained against her clothes, looking at him with need.

“Faelor, I know that you know little of me but I know what I am doing. I understand Blhys, I’ve dealt with it before. I know that I need your thick cock to fill me.”

Faelor stepped back, aghast at her boldness. It was not unwanted, no, just unexpected. That this human woman? From some species so foreign wanted his inhuman cock inside of her? How strange indeed.

Azina cried with the deep aching her pussy. Her thighs were covered in her juices. Unashamed was she of her naked body splayed out for him to see. How unbefitting of a princess. ‘Oh how wonderful this place just might turn out to be’, she thought happily.

Without a moment’s hesitation Faelor grabbed her up into his arms. Roughly shoving her down on the large makeshift bed framed with pine and ash. She sighed as she softly bounced off of the bedsheets. Spreading her legs unashamedly for the strange man. The man who despite his beastly appearance only threatened her with the utmost kindness and respect.

Who never desired her as a vessel of power, who knew nothing of her. How comforting she found it.

“Aaahhh!” She cried out sweetly. Faelor had finally listened to her plea. Shoving his massive cock halfway way inside of her. Tears welling up in her eyes at the intense spike of pleasure. Her walls bore down on him, almanbahis spurning his hips to move in rapid succession. She felt every wince and throb of his precious cock.

Faelor knew, as he gazed down upon her that no human cock could ever compare to the might of an elf. With his oversized dick digging deep within her. All of the build up had left her so soft, wet and open that she was more than ready for him.

A deep whining sound wound its way from the back of her throat as Faelor wrapped his large hands around her neck. Not like a choke, but like a collar. She screamed at this, her eyes rolling back into her head as his cock continued to pound at her gates.

“If only my seed could be buried within you.”

At that Azina whined as her hot snatch clenched around him. His cock so big it was putting pressure on her clit. That soft low whine pitched to a scream as she spasmed around his dick. Like a tidal wave her orgasm took hold.

No second later did Faelor speed up the pace, pounding the living shit out of her as his balls clenched and he began releasing turrets of his cum inside of her waiting pussy. His hands gripped her tightly as he buried himself deep within her.

Azina wrapped her shaking legs around him, begging him to keep his cock inside of her. Pleading gently with the giant man. Soft moans overtaking his hearing as he continued to pound the beautiful woman in a lust fueled haze. There was nothing better than this moment. Seeing her like this, begging for his cock.

Without a moment’s notice his cock almanbahis giriş was hard again. Her soft walls felt like velvet against his skin. Oh fuck, not again. Not so soon. “F-Fuck!” He groaned as he shot another hot load inside of her.

Azina clenched down on him, biting on her bottom lips as she came again and again and again on his throbbing hard dick. Faelor’s hips slowly ground to a halt. His breath hitching in his throat. “I best not stay inside ya'”

With a sigh he slid his softening cock out from her messy hole. As he did so a flood of his semen spilled from inside of her fertile pussy. Azina smiled in contentment. Her legs splayed wide, ready to be used again at a moment’s notice.

“More! Please I beg of you!” She cried, feeling her walls begin to constrict and expand again. Throbbing with need. Wet and ready for the taking. Faelor couldn’t resist. He was instantly hard again and shoved his cock deep inside of her without hesitation. Her pussy had gotten used to the size of his cock, and instead of barging in it felt like he was being sucked inside. This increased the depth of his pleasure ten-fold.

With a teasing laugh she looked at Faelor, before squeezing her walls around him. Again he was coming inside of her. The thought of impregnating her was too intense to resist. If only she were of elven blood. Then he could see that round belly with his offspring in it. Another jet of cum shot from his obnoxiously hard dick.

Faelor withdrew his cock from her pussy and in one swift motion shoved it down her canlı bahis siteleri pretty throat. She looked up at him, with those big doe eyes. He grabbed a tuft of her soft cloudy hair and began to face fuck her. Her saliva coating his dick, making a mess. As he looked down, he saw how much of the shiny spit had dripped down to her bouncing breasts.

Faelor grabbed her hair, pulling her face flush against his pelvis. Driving her to swallow the entirety of his cock. With a mighty roar Faelor’s thick elven cock throbbed like crazy as it unleashed his biggest load yet. Spraying her esophagus with his warm, thick cum. Azina made an audible gulp as she swallowed every last drop, causing Faelor to let out one more spurt.

Like animals they fucked all night, until the sun came up and they lay there in the soft bed made by Faelor’s own hands. Faelor opened his arms to her, unsure at first Azina made her way to him. Falling asleep the moment her head touched down to his chest.


When she awoke they were no longer in bed. In fact, her arms felt stiff. So did her entire body. The strong light burned her eyes. Making her blink back the tears that were rapidly growing. As she gained awareness, she realized her situation.

They seemed to be on some kind of hill. Going downwards toward something. What that something was she did not know. All that she knew was the restraints were making her feel things she had never felt before.

She had the sense not to alert her captures of her consciousness. Better to give her the upper hand later. An upper hand that was rapidly disappearing. Fighting hard, she tried to stay awake but ultimately her lids flutters shut.

Soon her consciousness faded as she fell back into a deep slumber.

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