Barn Buddies Ch. 01

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Joshua was jogging down a dirt road, pretty far from his cottage when he saw rain clouds roll in. Seeing the big black clouds he decided to turn around and jog back to his cottage. But before long the clouds swept the sky and rain started falling heavily. The air was already cold today, and the rain just made it worse. Joshua ran through the rain for a minute or so until he saw the old abandoned barn in the field. He made a b-line for it and ran in through the broken door. When he got in an other boy came rushing in with a few yells. When he saw Joshua he was surprised

“Oh! Oh. Hi there.” he said running his hands through his hair vigorously to get the water out. He was soaked, just like Joshua.

“Hey.” Joshua said.

“I didn’t know there were other teens around here.” the guy said “I’m Nelson” he said holding out his wet hand.

Joshua shook it “Joshua” he said, retracting his hand. The two boys stood around on the cold concrete floor, among the old horse stalls for a bit, awkwardly waiting. “You wanna go to the loft?” Joshua finally asked “This floor is pretty cold and it’s just making it worse.” he said. Nelson was starting to shiver a little bit.

“Yeah, I think so.” he said. Joshua climbed the ladder to the loft, followed by Nelson.

The loft was a wide open space with a few hay bails left, it had some door on either side to throw out the hay and an old couch that Joshua had brought up years ago. Joshua didn’t want to sit on the couch with his wet clothes so he stood and simply pointed it out to Nelson. “I brought that couch up a few years back.” he said proudly.

“Cool.” Nelson said admiring it. Joshua got a hay bail and sat on it.

“Don’t want to wet the sofa.” he said. Nelson nodded in agreement and pulled up a hay bail himself

“Yeah, makes sense.” he said. The 18-year-olds were beginning to shiver now in the cold air. To keep the warmth in they decided to close the hay door in the loft, but it wasn’t enough. Even with the doors closed they were still shivering and getting worse off. “We should take off our wet clothes.” Nelson said “We’d be warmer like that.” he explained. Joshua wasn’t sure. But Nelson got up and took off his shirt and put on a rafter to dry. He took off his shorts too and his socks leaving them on rafters güvenilir bahis as well. Then he sat back down in his wet, skin hugging white boxers. Nelson was a handsome guy, he had a nice face that made Joshua think he was some kind of jock, with short cropped brown hair and blue eyes. He had broad shoulders, a nice six pack, but no pecs, as teenagers didn’t really. But he was pretty hot, he even had nice arms. Joshua also saw that he could make out the outline of Nelson’s penis in his white boxers which were semi transparent in their soaked state. Joshua was getting colder and colder and he saw that Nelson was doing pretty well.

Joshua got up “I guess your trick is working.” he said taking his shirt off. Joshua took off all his clothes exempt his boxers and laid them on rafters like Nelson had done, hoping they would dry a bit. Then he sat back down in his boxers which had awkwardly stuck to his body putting the waist band extremely low and one leg hole so high his balls might fall out. It did feel better to be semi-naked. “I think your trick is working already.” Joshua said.

“Normally I get full on naked, cause it works best like that. But I’m not alone this time.” Nelson explained. Joshua was bi-curious and would like to see Nelson get naked.

“You can get naked man. I don’t mind. If you want.” Joshua said, hoping Nelson would get naked.

“Really? You don’t mind?” Nelson asked.

“Nah man.” Joshua said.

“Okay.” Nelson said getting up and taking his boxers off. He sat back down, naked. He was hot. He was glorious, his circumcised cock was bit wrinkled and shrunken by the wet cold, but it was still about four or five inches long. Joshua sat silently, trying not to look at Nelson. Finally he got up and took his boxers off and sat back down.

“So where you from?” Joshua asked.

“A small town, it’s called Russellville. It’s not too far from here. I’m a senior in high school there. I play on the football team.” Nelson answered

“You?” Joshua asked. “Russellville? That’s the town just a few miles down, we go shopping there!” he said. “You got your cottage awful close to home.” Joshua said.

“I’m staying with my grandparents.” Nelson answered. Where are you from?” he asked again.

“Birmingham.” Joshua said “I’m a senior güvenilir bahis siteleri too, 18 years-old.” he said. Then they went silent. It was a bit awkward. “You wanna go sit on the couch?” Joshua asked looking down at Nelson’s crotch with straw pocking at him.

“Yeah man!” Nelson answered “That straw’s killin’ my balls.” so the boys got up and went to sit on the small two seater couch. The two seniors were pretty tall, and Nelson was a pretty big guy, so they were tight on the couch, with their shoulders and legs touching. Nelson put his hand on Joshua’s thigh. “Oh sorry!” he said pulling it away and putting it back down on his thigh. “No worries.” Joshua said. He enjoyed the heat he felt from the naked contact with Nelson. Then Nelson started playing with his dick. “What are you doing?” Joshua asked looking straight at Nelson’s cock which was being shifted with his fingers.

“Trying to get my balls out of this vise grip.” Nelson answered pulling on his scrotum.

“Here.” Joshua said as he reached over and shifted Nelson’s penis and pulled his scrotum out. “There.” he said. Nelson looked at Joshua with desire.

“Um.. Thanks.” he said awkwardly. He was still looking at Joshua. The boys had their gazes locked. Then, Nelson reached out and put his hand on Joshua’s penis. Joshua let Nelson do it, he wanted some action. Nelson started paying with Joshua’s cock, and began to jack him off. Joshua reached over and did the same to Nelson. But it wasn’t long till Nelson dropped his head and started sucking Joshua’s penis. Joshua was perfectly happy and let Nelson do it, and even let out a few moans of pleasure whilst putting his hand around Nelson’s strong muscular body and holding his penis to jack it off a bit. Nelson’s penis was fleshy and long, sticking to his stomach because of the boner he had. And it was dripping pre-cum like water out of a tap.

“Let me suck you!” Joshua finally said, unable to resist the allure of Nelson’s perfect penis. So Nelson sat up and let Joshua go down on his cock. Joshua sucked Nelson for a long time before stopping. He liked the feeling of Nelson’s clean smooth cock going in and out of his mouth. He liked the feeling of penis in general. Joshua kept sucking Nelson’s dick until Nelson said he was going to cum. So Joshua iddaa siteleri took his mouth away and jacked off Nelson. He was letting out moans and groans as Joshua pleasured him and soon Nelson’s hot teen cock spit out a jet of white cum that flew up into the air and landed back down on his stomach and his cock. When he cumed Nelson screamed his pleasure and his body was thrown back against the sofa. When he had collected himself, he looked at Joshua.

“Now let me suck you.” he said getting on his knees on the floor. Joshua sat straight on the couch and spread his legs, his penis sticking up at a 45 degree angle. Nelson looked at his new friend’s cock, observing it, taking it in it’s construction or something. Finally he put his hand on the base of Joshua’s cock and put his head down, eating Joshua’s penis. As soon as Nelson put his inexperienced mouth over Joshua’s cock, it felt amazing. Because he was bi-curious, Joshua had never had sex, but he’d gotten blow job from girls before. He knew Nelson was bad at it, but just the fact a guy, and a hot one was giving him the blow job made it good. He liked it. Joshua just laid back and let Nelson suck him until he would cum. Finally, Joshua did feel his body getting ready. But he held off telling Nelson. He could feel it. “I’m gonna cum!” he finally told Nelson. And Nelson took his mouth away. “Don’t stop!” Joshua said. But Nelson kept his mouth away and jacked Joshua off. The pause was unpleasant but short and Joshua was just glad not to have his orgasm stifled. Nelson pumped his hand over Joshua’s penis, then it got harder then it already was and pointed up. Joshua groaned and yelled and his back arched in ecstasy as his cock spat out a stream of cum that flew right onto Nelson’s hot 18-year-old chest. Joshua slid down the couch as his orgasm slowly ended, allowing his cock to straighten and spit cum onto him until it was just a flow, drowning his balls in cum. Nelson sat down beside Joshua and the two boys sat together.

Finally the boys got up. The rain was slowing down. “We should probably go back home.” Nelson said looking out the crack in the hay doors. The rain was slowing down and the clouds were much less black and menacing.

“I guess so.” Joshua answered “But we’ll probably see each other again.” he said. Nelson nodded

“Defiantly.” he said putting his hand on Joshua’s cock. The teens got dressed in their semi-wet clothes and left the barn. They gave each other their phone numbers and said they would warn the other of the next time they’d be in town.

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