Barefoot Ellie Pt. 02: No Way Back

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Barefoot Ellie Pt. 2, No Turning Back

After her first successful rehearsal, Ellie could not wait for the weekend to finally arrive. Recently she had learned about John’s passion for barefoot women. John was a good friend and a fellow student she was dating, and she wanted to make their next date very special.

She had carefully planned all the details, and yet it would be a challenge for the reserved girl to overcome her fear.

As Saturday night finally arrived, she switched into the outfit she had selected. She had been thinking for a long time whether to wear a dress or a long skirt. In the end, she chose an elegant, grey top and a wide, but cropped dark pants that lightly floated around her legs and ended about 20 cm above her feet. It made the contrast between the fabric and the skin of her feet stick out, and happily she looked at the result in the mirror. She shivered as she pictured walking down the street with John like that, without any shoes in reach, and her bare feet on display for everyone to see. To complete the look, she took a round woven Bali bag, that was large enough to fit all her valuables, but clearly too small for any kind of shoes. This time, there would be no safety net.

After she had waited for what felt like an eternity, the doorbell rang, and she let John in. When he arrived, he glanced downwards, and she could already see the happiness in his face.

Since he was a child, John was strangely attracted to women’s feet. As he grew older, his passion intensified further and he found delight in seeing women walking barefoot in unusual places, such as the street. He found it particularly interesting to see the dirt of the city leaving its imprint on the soles of the women, like a statement of their freedom, naturalness and boldness visible to the whole world.

He liked Ellie immediately when they met a year ago, and they had a lot of fun together. He was looking forward to meeting her tonight again, and even happier when he climbed up the stairs and her beautiful bare feet welcomed him. Since they met, he took every opportunity to marvel her perfect feet, with long and well-shaped toes, the second toe almost as long as big one. Her toes were painted in a dark red, and completed the neat appereance. He tried not kaçak iddaa to stare too conspicuously, and greeted her with a hug. Most of the time she would wear sneakers or boots, so he enjoyed every possibility to soak in the view of her naked feet.

“You look great tonight”, he complimented her.

With a smile she replied, “Thanks! So let’s go!”

Ellie’s heart beat fast as the crucial moment arrived. She took her bag from the wardrobe and turned to John. He looked at her, obviously waiting for her to put on shoes. She gathered all her courage and walked past the shoe rack, stepped outside her appartment, and locked the door from the outside. John’s jaw dropped, as Ellie turned around and started to descend the stairs. Now there was no turning back.

When Ellie left her flat barefoot, John was completely baffled. He did not realize what was happening in that moment, it was just too good to be true. She could not know what she did to him – or did she? He noticed her small handbag, too small for any shoes. Was this really happening? He could not believe she was going to spend the whole evening barefoot. Watching her feet padding on the stairs as she went down, he could see her still clean soles, something that would definitely change soon, he was sure – just the thought of that drove him crazy immediately.

Ellie, on the other side, could too not believe she was really doing it. Her heart pounded like mad, and a strange sensation spread in her body. She felt the edge of each step down the stairs intensely on her soles. With every step she moved further away from her shoes, and she surrendered to the feeling that she no longer had a choice.

They had planned to walk down the street towards a small tapas bar a few minutes away. John was still overwhelmed with the situation, but tried to casually start a conversion. He did not dare to ask about her bare feet, although he would have loved to, so they talked about university and their friends. They had left the main street and took a route through some small paths with very old, spiky cobble stones. The uneven ground forced Ellie to slow down. It was demanding, and John enjoyed seeing her at the mercy of the dirty, rough city soil, without any chance to escape whatever was waiting for her soles. He felt kaçak bahis a bulge in his pants and almost went crazy at the idea that she would continue to show off her beautiful, dirty feet for the rest of the evening.

Ellie was surprised how despite the challenge she enjoyed walking barefoot. She did not miss her shoes that much, and even the slight pain from the sharp stones was not too bad compared to walking the same streets in high heels. They immersed in the conversation, and for a moment, she even forgot she was barefoot.

John was really euphoric now. The evening went better then he would have ever dreamed. Ellie looked really hot in her outfit, without any shoes, and as he managed to get glimpse of her soles, he could see the dry and dusty Spanish streets had already darkened her soles after just a few minutes.

Soon, they arrived at the bar. As they entered, a waitress approached them and Ellie became suddenly very aware of her missing shoes when she was examined from head to toe. Without dropping a remark, they were seated at a quiet table secluded in the rear of the room. John followed her slowly and enjoyed the view. This beautiful woman walking barefoot through the crowded bar, completely barefoot, her black soles flashing as her perfect feet gently treaded across the dirty floor to their table – the stuff dreams are made of.

Ellie and John sat down opposite to each other, and ordered some Tapas as well as a bottle of wine. After a few glasses the tension loosened, and Ellie’s excitement faded.

“Those aubergines are delicious, would you like to try them?” she asked, and handed him one on her fork.

They continued to share their food and a relaxed conversation evolved. By now, Ellie felt quite natural in her bare feet. They felt warm and sensitive, and she enjoyed the connection to the tiled floor as well as curling her toes around the chair legs from time to time. They started to share childhood stories, and Ellie cleverly dropped that she never wanted to wear shoes as a child, and even sometimes went to high school barefoot – not exactly the truth, but maybe it would break the ice. She pulled her right leg up onto the chair so that the bottom of her foot was pointing upwards and, although out of sight for John, could not be missed illegal bahis from the neighbouring table. The resulting, surprised looks from some girls sitting there were not only noticed by Ellie, but also by John, who knew exactly what they were looking at.

Finally, John dared to ask directly, “So, do you like being barefoot?”

Ellie tried not to turn red when she said, “Oh yes, just since I moved here it kind of stopped. Tonight I somehow felt like it again – I hope you don’t mind I went without any shoes?”

“Not at all, I think it’s even quite sexy.” Now it was John’s turn to blush.

“Well, I don’t mind – this way I prefer it much more than wearing 10cm high heels.”, Ellie smirked at him. “Only the streets here seem to be very dirty”, glancing down at her black sole resting on the chair.

“That, I don’t mind either”, John replied quickly. They smiled at each other meaningfully, and Ellie casually brushed John’s leg with her other foot. John flinched, and enjoyed the intimate moment.

Ellie noticed that the wine had an effect and she would have to relieve herself soon. She had not considered her natural needs when she had left her shoes in her apartment, but now she probably had no choice but to visit the restaurant toilet barefoot. Even though the toilet was very clean by Spanish standards, it was still somehow embarrassing, unusual, but somehow arousing for Ellie as she stood up and approached the toilet without shoes. She felt John’s desiring stare at her bare feet, which made her determined to go on.

After she vanished, John still had to cope with the situation, all his dreams were coming true. He noticed a message popping up on his phone. It was Mary, who was also studying together with Ellie and John, informing their group of friends about a spontaneous party she was hosting at her place. John got excited, and when Ellie returned, she had also received the message.

“So, have you read about Mary’s party?” John asked.

“Yes, just read it”, Ellie replied. Mary lived in a flat share just a few minutes away, in the opposite direction from where they had come. Ellie hesitated – many of her friends would be there. Her shoes were out of reach. On the other hand, this was what she wanted, and John looked at her in anticipation. She remember how Mary’s apartment was not exactly clean, so usually everyone kept their shoes on. She would definitely stick out, but what the hell.

“Shall we go?” she asked him with a smile.

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