Bar Pickup

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Shelley sipped a cocktail at the hotel bar while waiting for an open table in the dining room. It was the first time that she had been in a bar on her own since her marriage almost twenty years previous. The bartender had asked her if she had a room in the hotel. It took a few minutes for the significance of the question to penetrate her thoughts. ‘My God, he thought that I was a hooker!’

Jim entered the dining room but was also directed to the bar to wait for a table. Sleeping and eating alone in a strange city was one part of travel that he did not enjoy. There was only one empty seat at the bar, between an older man and a lady who he estimated to be about his age. A brief nod and grunt of hello each way went for introductions. He ordered a bottle of red wine to take to his table when it became available.

He was not comfortable hibernating on the bar stool, hunched over his drink and watching the bartender do his thing. He noticed in the bar mirror that the lady kept glancing towards him, probably waiting for him to say something friendly. She was an attractive gal but she looked out of place in this setting. She wore little makeup and seemed uneasy.

He turned to her and said, “Hi, I’m Jim, are you visiting from out of town?”

“I’m Shelley and no,” she smiled immediately, “I live in the suburbs and am just in the city for some shopping and a change of scenery. I’m staying in the hotel for the night.” This last comment was to assure him that she was not a lady of the night.

They continued their chat, both of them ignoring mention of their marital status while exchanging banalities about the charms and shortcomings of the city. She finished her cocktail and Jim invited her to have some wine. She accepted gracefully. He asked her if she was planning to dine and she indicated that indeed she was, and like him, was waiting for a table.

“Will you dine with me?” Jim asked, “I hate dining alone.” She looked away from him for a brief interval and he expected to be both rejected and a little embarrassed at her answer.

“Are you trying to pick me up?” she murmured, looking directly into his eyes. She could not believe that she had said that. But this was the culmination of several years of fantasy. She had enjoyed an active sex life before her marriage to an older man. Sex with him had been great for a number of years, but his desire for her waned as he grew older until it had reached the point that he now slept alone in another room. She had not sought out other men to satisfy her needs, not wanting to involve others from within her narrow circle of acquaintances.

‘What the hell’ Jim thought. Was she insulted at his invitation or hopeful that he was trying to bed her? He garnered a smile before responding, their eyes still locked as they attempted to discern the thoughts of the other. It was quite obvious that neither of them were comfortable in a ‘pick up’ scenario.

“Well yes, I guess I am, but only if you want to be picked up,” he grinned as he tried to keep it light.

She seemed to relax, her posture softening and answered, “I would love to join you for dinner.”

What a careful answer, basically acceding to the next step without promising anything more. Jim was suddenly excited at the possibility that he would not dine or sleep alone this night. He called the dining room Maître d’ over and asked if he could find a table for two.

The sudden shift from awkward conversation to the expectation of a more intimate evening eased the tensions. They turned towards the other, knees almost touching, and checked each other out more closely.

Shelley was a strawberry blonde, lightly freckled with pale blue eyes. On close inspection she looked quite striking dressed in black. Her breasts were full and nicely displayed in a sheer blouse covering a lace trimmed bra. A flared skirt reached just below her knees, sheer stockings and high heels completed the picture. Jim was quite certain that he was going to get laid this night, but suspected that seduction efforts were required. He liked seduction, both doing and being.

Shelly was also warming to the idea, a nice looking guy dressed in sport jacket and tie, casual slacks and loafers. He had an athletic build and great hands. Men’s hands always affected her erotically and his looked powerful with thick fingers and manicured nails. His piercing blue eyes seemed to read her every thought, and convinced her that this man could fulfill her fantasies of the past few years that had centered on someone of her own generation and age. Her nipples hardened, her loins weakened as she noted a bulge growing down along his inner thigh. ‘God, am I really doing this? He wants me, I can tell. But will I spend the night with him? He’s getting hard he wants me! I want to, I want to.’

The Maître d’ interrupted to guide them and their wine to a secluded table. Apparently the $20 Jim had slipped him had paid off. They chose to sit side by side on a love seat and within seconds almanbahisbahis were touching at the hip.

They chatted easily, finding common likes and dislikes in travel and reading and movies. Shelley relaxed more as the minutes drifted past too quickly and decision time approached. She was comfortable with this stranger and knew that if he asked her that she would probably spend the night with him. They ordered appetizers and another bottle of wine. They held hands and Shelley rubbed her breast against Jim’s upper arm, she could feel his bicep harden at her touch.

Shelley thought that he was going to kiss her as he licked his lips and leaned in towards her. But he eased his hand free from hers and lowered it under the table, slipping it in between her knees. She clutched his arm more tightly, pressing and rubbing a breast against it signifying her acceptance of his move. She allowed her legs to part as he eased his fingers and hot palm up her inner thigh. She exhaled slowly as his hot hand caressed her before sliding back out to her knee.

There was a trio playing in one corner of the room, and Jim stood up, pulling her to her feet. “Let’s dance Shelley, I do my best work on the dance floor,” he smiled. She murmured that she had not danced in years and might be all feet.

She flowed easily against his body, and allowed him to move one breast under his arm as they swayed to a slow love song. His hand was at the small of her back, pressing to bring her hips tight to his. She initially kept him from engaging their hips and his hardness.

“Relax Shelley, you must know that I want to spend the night with you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes, I know,” she replied, her body slowly giving in to the pressure of his hand.

“And so? Have you been thinking the same?”

“Yes but I am a little nervous. I have never done anything like this before.” She felt his erection now as their hips joined. This was very real and not just the fantasy that she had lived out many times over the past few years. Her loins flooded with heat as she now returned the pressure, slowly rubbing her hip against his hard cock.

He kissed her softly, no more than a little peck, but it sent shivers down her spine. He pressed the hand that was holding hers against her breast, rubbing it gently and suggestively with a knuckle. Her nipples tightened.

“Let’s sit down and talk about this,” Jim murmured. He held her by the waist from behind as they returned to their table, occasionally bumping her butt with his cock.

The appetizers were served as they returned to their table. When they finished Jim moved closer to her and she slipped her hand under his arm and pressed against his arm once more.

He looked down at her breasts and said, “God I want to take those out of your bra and make love to them. Will you allow me to undress you?”

She bit her lip and replied, “When you look at them, that is all I can think of, my nipples are like rocks right now at the thought of your lips on them.”

“What else are you wearing? Do your panties match the bra? I won’t know where to start on you.” Jim’s heart was pounding as he imagined undressing her.

She paused a bit, “No panties to remove I’m afraid, just a garter belt and garters. I feel quite naked; I’ve never gone out like this before.”

“Jesus Shelley, you must have been planning to get laid. Did other guys hit on you tonight? I can’t have been the only one, my god.” A mental image of her pussy framed by black garter belt, garters and lace stocking tops rushed through his mind.

She smiled, “A few tried but I was not interested. When you looked at me first, I knew that you were the one that I wanted. And yes, I wanted to find a lover for tonight.”

Jim was trembling with desire now. There cannot be any aphrodisiac more powerful than the indication from a woman that she wants you to fuck her. He said, “Are you really hungry now? I would prefer to make you my meal. Shall I call the waiter for the bill?”

Shelley leaned in to him, “Yes, yes, yes. Food is the last thing on my mind right now.”

The waiter obliged quickly and brought there bill to the table, finding it difficult to hide his smile. The two of them rose and left the room at a half trot towards the elevators.

Jim punched the button to his floor and turned to take Shelley in a close embrace as their lips met in a full tongued open mouth kiss. Shelley moved her mound until she could feel his thick cock and ground against it. His hands cupped her cheeks, spreading them and pulling tight.

Jim closed the door to his room and pushed Shelley up against the wall before stepping back and whispering, “I have to see you Shelley.” He turned the lights up and loosened the belt of her skirt and dropped it to the floor.

His heart was pounding as he looked down at her beautifully trimmed orange bush framed in black lace. He reached down and rubbed his finger tips on her bush and mound, almanbahis giriş then slipped them between her legs along each side of a wet slit.

They kissed wildly as he fingered her, her hands finding his belt and zipper, undoing them and dropping his pants to the floor. Her hand trembled as she touched his cock through his shorts, sliding the palm of her hand up and down his stiff shaft.

Shelley’s mind was full of loosely connected thoughts and memories. Her husband, her first sex, her best friend, what will she do tonight, will she stay the night, will he like her naked. And all interspersed with a raging desire to be taken by this stranger in any way he wanted. ‘This is perfect, just what I dreamed of, he is so nice but he looks wild and dangerous now, he can do what he wants with me, I am ready for anything. I might cum when he enters me.’

Jim’s thoughts were much more focused, he would fuck her right there pressed against the wall. All he could think about was shoving his cock in amongst all that black lace. The niceties would have to come later. And so, with his pants around his ankles, and his shorts half way down his thighs he moved in, lifted one of Shelley’s legs in the crook of his arm and rammed his cock up her.

Shelley was surprised at his sudden move and was tight at the feel of his cock relentlessly burrowing its way into her but she reacted by pulling him close and finding his tongue to suck on. Jim kept thrusting at her, working his cock in deeper with each stroke until he felt her relax and open for him and suddenly their pubic bones were banging together.

The grunting and groaning did not last very long as Jim started to come, unloading in three violent thrusts. As he held the last one fully inside of her, Shelley moved her pussy back and forth despite the lack of maneuvering room. He held her tight; his head buried in her neck and then slowly lowered her leg to the floor.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “That was not what I had planned. I wanted to undress you slowly and make love to you, not take you like a dog in heat, you didn’t even get off. “

She kissed him and replied, “That was just what I needed, what I have been hoping for, I wanted to be taken hard and used. And you did, we have all night.”

Jim stepped out of his pants and shorts as he pulled Shelley into the middle of the room. He turned her facing away from him, while standing in front of a full length mirror. He unhooked her bra, looking over her shoulder at their reflection. “You are very beautiful; no wonder that I could not contain myself.” He slipped his hands under her arms and lifted her tits upwards with his hot hands. Her nipples were pale pink. He noticed some cum seeping down the inside of her leg.

“Let’s clean that up a little,” he smiled as he led her into the bathroom, lifting and setting her on the bathroom vanity. He wet a wash cloth with warm water, spread her legs and began to wipe the inside of her leg and then, oh so gently, her pussy. Shelley moaned, settling back on her hands with her eyes shut. This was a first for her and she revelled in his touch.

“Hm,” he said, “your pussy needs some attention,” and slipped one finger up inside her, hooking it in under her mound. Shelley lifted her butt upwards, inviting him to finger her. He bent down towards her and fastened his mouth on an erect nipple and sucked it in unison to his fingering.

“Let me undress you now, I can hardly contain myself,” Jim groaned. He bent down in front of her, sliding his hands down her leg and easing one shoe off of her, then sliding down the other leg to do the same. He unbuttoned the garters and rolled the sheer stockings down and off her legs. He left her garter belt in place.

Shelley was trembling in anticipation. Jim stood now, moving her legs each side of his hips. His cock was almost erect as he brushed the knob in her trembling pussy lips. “Use your hand baby; I am close to ready for you. We’ll fuck right here for a bit, and then finally in bed,” he said. His eyes were slits of lust.

Shelley was burning inside, her body aflame with desire. She looked down between her legs at his thick cock and encircled it with her hand, first jerking him off and then using her finger tips teased little circles around the swelling knob. It blossomed in her hand as his blood surged into it once more. They kissed with eager passion as she began to rub it in her pussy lips, feeling the gentle pressure as he sought to penetrate.

The knob slipped between her lips as he pulled her ass towards him, he paused and she closed and pinched just behind the knob, squeezing and releasing it. This was heaven to her, someone wanting her, it had been a while and she would enjoy each intimate action. Her legs spread almost of their own accord, inviting him to enter her fully.

Jim eased his cock gently into her, his passion under some control despite the urge to bury it quickly and often. His throbbing knob parted the inner almanbahis yeni giriş folds of her vagina, relentlessly seeking to bury it deep. He could feel her trying to take it in, pressuring against him. He pulled her ass closer, sliding her parted slit to the edge of the vanity. Finally he could feel her pussy lips clamped around the base of his cock, their pubic bones now grinding together.

He was standing fully erect with his cock buried in her. He watched her, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip while sliding her butt back and forth in little moves, her pussy sucking at his cock. He used his finger to tease her exposed clit, gently circling it.

“Go for it Shelley, you like the feel of it, use it baby, I owe you one, this one’s for you, ah good, that’s it,” he said as he began to slide it in and out at a faster pace. “Do you want off here baby? Could take you to the bed first if you want.”

Shelley was lost in pleasure, his words only sounds as she released herself to the feel of his thick cock gliding in and out. Each time he pulled back she clamped her pussy lips just behind the knob as if trying to hold him in. She reached up to pull his head down and closed her legs around his back, her heels digging in to the back of his thighs.

“I could lick you baby. Ever had your pussy licked while fucking? Pussy tastes real good after some cock,” he whispered in her ear.

The only sound was Shelley grunting as her body arched up to meet him, clutching at his shoulders and neck, thrusting her tits up to grind against his chest. “Now, now, never stop, take me, I’m yours,” she cried out as he felt her orgasm build and her body go rigid.

He allowed her to finish, continuing to fuck her slowly as she gradually relaxed. She was crying a little, he found her lips with his, supporting her with his arms, while his cock slipped relentlessly in and out. Without speaking, he pulled his still rigid shaft from her and carried her to the bed. He laid her on her back with her head on the pillow, spread her legs and then knelt in between them on his knees.

She lay there supine, her arms above her head, chest heaving with tits splayed to each side, and watching his moves. She looked down as he pressed his cock back between her legs, moving his knob into her, and then lifting her ass up before sinking it deep into her. They looked at each other as he fucked her from his knees, and then he slowly lifted each of her legs up over his shoulders and rose up over top of her.

He glared down at her as he began to drive his cock almost straight down into her. He pinned her hands each side of her head. Her tits flew from side to side as he plundered her.

She shivered, was it fear or desire she wondered, but soon began to react to his increasingly violent strokes. She could not move except to tighten her knees around his neck as she felt the jolt of his pubic bone slamming on her own. She in turn now glared up at him, her eyes showing her thoughts. ‘You want it hard do you, slamming your big cock into me like this, well I want it too, that all you have?’ The words were unspoken but were as clear to him as if they had been shouted.

He shuddered as his first load of cum blasted deep inside her, and then he pulled his cock out and shot some into her bush and down her belly and tits. She defiantly thrust her hips up at him to get it back inside her pulsing cunt. Her legs tightened around his neck and her ass cheeks clenched as she joined him in release. They held position, he buried in her, milking the aching pleasure before their bodies finally relaxed and collapsed.

They lay quietly side by side for several minutes, not touching or looking at the other. Jim rolled to his side, his hand slowly caressing her and whispered. “Sorry again, I don’t know what comes over me when I am in you like that. I just go frantic with a need to be a little brutal for some reason. It is as if I am punishing you for God’s sake, but enjoying it.”

She smiled, “Not to worry, I sense that I am sending you signals to do just that. I have loved every second with you. I have had more variety with you tonight, then during the last twenty years. I want to sleep with you tonight.”

He pulled her towards him, both on their sides, her tits crushed against his chest and they kissed very softly. She lifted one leg over his hip. “I want that too, although there will not be much sleep involved.” He slipped his hand up between her legs. “Damn, we made a real mess in your pussy, methinks it is shower time.”

They took their time in the shower, taking turns soaping each other, feeling and kissing and rubbing their slippery naked bodies. They toweled off, glancing at the mirror to take in the action and laughing. Shelley reached down for his cock as they stood looking into each other’s eyes.

“It will take a while before I’m ready baby,” Jim grinned, “I am not used to this much action.”

“Maybe I can speed it up,” she said biting at her lip. She began to slide down his body at his shrug. She dragged her tits against his chest and belly as she began to kneel down. She moved his cock between her tits. She smiled as she felt him react. Looking up at him, she sucked his soft cock into her mouth.

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