Balls and Balloons

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I like the feel of it across my skin.

The smoothness.

The hardness.

The soft pull as it catches on the fine hairs on my arms and thighs.

I even like the sound my skin makes against it. That soft rubbing sound of bare skin on latex.

I close my eyes and breathe it in. Its scent permeates everything here. My hands, my duvet, my damp underwear. I don’t open this room until it is time to play, and so it always smells like sex and warm bodies and warmer latex.

It’s dusk. The sky is the colour of a plum and it makes me think of you.

You’re a thousand miles away, on the other side of the planet, but your eyes through the video call are just as hungry as they’d be if you were here. I still wish though you could be here in our special room to smell the musky scent of my arousal, to reach forward and wipe gentle fingertips through the sticky wetness across my inner thighs.

I open my legs and you sigh, taking in the sight of my dampened panties clutching to the swollen folds of my pussy.

I’m wet and I’m making a mess, and I wish you were here kaçak iddaa to lick me clean. I love watching you lick my seat after a session, love it even more when you slide your tongue up my thighs to lap at my soaked cunt.

My bra is already off. My nipples are hard, and my breasts feel heavy against my ribs. I know in the dying light of the sun my skin sparkles. I rubbed that glitter lotion you bought me across my whole body, and now your eyes follow me, and your hand rhythmically moves along your erection.

I trail the balloon between the valley of my breasts, moaning at the sensation.

I chose black ones today. Partly in mourning for you not being here and partly to show off the streaks of wetness when I press the balloon between my thighs.

Your breath catches when the balloon touches my pussy. I’m so wet and slippery, and the balloon moves easily over my sodden folds. My clit is hard and is peeking out from under its hood like a curious friend. If you were here, you would lather it with spit. You would suck on it until I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, could only feel.

You’re kaçak bahis not here though, so I content myself with rubbing the balloon across my core. My wetness drips onto the ground and runs down my wrist. I lift a wet hand and rub my breasts, never taking my eyes off of you.

You’re breathing hard and your cheeks are slightly flushed. Your hand is pumping your erection and I can see the slight sheen of pre-cum on your swollen cock’s head.

I raise the balloon to my lips and lick it, keeping my legs wide open. The balloon tastes like me mixed with latex. If you were here, you’d come on it and I’d hump it, rubbing your cum across my cunt, letting a little dribble down to my ass.

Thinking about my ass and your cum makes me moan.

I bite into the balloon and burst it. The sound is loud in the quiet room and you jump a little, not stopping your masturbation though.

The exercise ball I’m sitting on is streaked with my pussy’s juice. I turn on it so that I’m facing to the side and you can see my profile as I move my hips, rubbing myself against the firmer material of the illegal bahis exercise ball. I don’t like it as much as the balloons, but I know you love the sight of me fucking it.

I grind into it and my pussy throbs with anticipation. The room is filled with my soft breaths and the wet sound of my cunt against the ball’s material. You are groaning and I can see the strain on your face as you try not to orgasm too quickly.

The sky outside is darkening and I can see a few stars. The glitter along my skin sparkles and my wet trails along the ball seem to glow. I love these moments, the few seconds before I orgasm, and everything seems to be hanging by a thread.

I focus my eyes on the piles of balloons that surround me and ride the ball harder. I imagine you’re here with me. That your cock is deep inside of me, so deep it feels like I can taste it. I imagine the feeling of fullness, of my pussy straining to swallow your thick cock.

You come with a loud cry, just as I orgasm. My pussy throbs against the ball and I moan loudly, leaning forward, grinding my clit against the firm material. I chase the orgasm until I’m spent, and my skin is slick with sweat.

The moon looks down at me through the window as I lick the ball clean, never taking my eyes off of you.

Come home soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32