Bait a Hook Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Skipping the Dance

I woke a little after 8 AM and checked my phone. Rob had sent me a text at 6:30 AM ‘I’m going to pick you up at around 6 tonight.’ I stretched and yawned before sending back ‘sounds great, do I need to dress up?’ The phone vibrated before I even had a chance to put it down ‘Morning babe, just wear what you normally wear.’ I smiled again, I never thought I would like being called ‘babe,’ but it made me happy thinking he was.

I was practically pacing around the house when after lunch my mom told me to go for a swim to get rid of my energy. “There are no pools open and the bay is freezing.”

“Well go run and train for your next track meet.”

I conceded and put some sweats on and tied up my shoes. I ran downtown nodding and waving to the few people I passed. I had been running about an hour when I heard a car honking and turned as it stopped. I was surprised when Katie pulled up and rolled down her window. “Thought you were heading out of town?” She said as I noticed the curlers all over her blonde hair. “Yeah I’m leaving a little later tonight.” I answered “Who’s the lucky guy that’s taking you to the dance?” I asked as she blushed, “Billy Knowles, he’s on the soccer team.” I nodded and smiled, “Have a great time Katie, I’ll see you later.” I heard her shout “You too Bobby!” as she rolled up her window and pulled away and parked in front of the nail salon.

I cut through the alleys as I walked home, not wanting anyone else to question me on my story. The first thing I heard as I walked through my door was my dad asking me “Why didn’t you invite anyone to the dance son?”

I tried to cover my groan, “I just don’t wanna go dad.”

“You went last year. Your sister is going she thinks it’ll be fun.”

“I’m sure it will be fun dad, I just don’t want to go.”

“What are you going to do tonight then? I’m sure all of your friends will be at the dance.”

“Rob isn’t going either. I’ll probably just hang out with him.”

A puzzled look flashed across his face before he started speaking,, “Rob? You’re telling me the homecoming king doesn’t have a date?”

I shrugged before I spoke, “I don’t think he likes dancing.”

“No drinking tonight Bobby,” He stated frankly. I nodded, “if you want to stay the night at your friends’ just text your mother or me and let us know.”

“Yes sir, I will.” I stated as I headed up the stairs. I took a shower before heading to my room to decide what I was going to wear. I picked out my favorite jeans, thinking that I was probably going to get some action pulled them up without bothering with underwear. I pulled out a tight fitting t-shirt and pulled my favorite green hoodie over top. I headed to the bathroom and took extra care brushing my teeth. I heard the doorbell ring and bounced down the stairs as my dad opened the door. Standing in the frame was Rob in his letter jacket which fit his sculpted frame like a glove and jeans that were snug in all the right places.

“Good evening Mr. Thompson, how are you?” He said extending his hand to my dad. “Bobby and I were going to hang out tonight if that’s alright with you.”

“Thanks Rob, I’m doing well.” Dad said while shaking Robs’ hand. “I’m curious as to why the homecoming king decided not to go to the dance.” I rolled my eyes at my dad’s prying.

Rob just grinned and said “two left feet,” with a chuckle he looked down at his feet as he fanned them for effect.

“Alright you guys go have fun.” Dad said patting me on the back as we headed out the door. I was kind of surprised when Rob held the truck door open for me, but smiled as I hopped in. I reached across and pushed open his door before he got there; he smiled at me as he slid in. He grabbed my hand and gave it a firm squeeze before he started the truck and backed out of the drive.

“Where are we heading?” I asked looking out the window for clue.

“Only one way to find out,” he smiled and laced his fingers with mine. I returned his smile content with the contact between us. About 20 minutes later he turned down a dirt road which I didn’t recognize. He picked up our linked hands and kissed my fingers before letting go.

“This is a wildlife refuge.” He said as he pulled into an empty gravel parking lot tucked in a grove of trees. I walked to his side of the truck and his hand slid right into mine, like they belonged together. After following the path a short distance we came to two large sand dunes that led on to a flat secluded section of undisturbed beach. He gently pulled me left as I was gazing out into the Atlantic Ocean. We walked in silence around the shore when I saw a faint light flickering tucked in a cove. He stopped and took my other hand in his before placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

“Come on babe.” He said as he tugged me back beside him. He had called me that before via text, but to hear the word come off his lips filled my heart. I followed him to find two straw mats with an oil lantern and a small cooler. We sat down with our legs touching, I wasn’t sure if it was the cool breeze coming off the water, or the illegal bahis proximity to Rob that caused the shiver that ran through me. He pressed closer to me before asking “want some soup?” He opened up the cooler and pulled out a thermos and two Styrofoam cups carefully pouring some in each. “It’s crab chowder,” he said handing me a cup.

The cup felt warm in my hands and the steam rolling off the cup wafted into my nose. I could smell the bay seasoning as I took a quick sip testing the temperature. “Mmm,” I managed before taking another sip. He smiled at me and began drinking his own cup. The soup was warming me up, but it was still quite chilly on the coast this fall night and I shivered as a chill swept though my system. He scooted over behind me allowing his legs to go on either side of me as he pulled my back into his chest. “Nice and cozy,” I said leaning into his embrace.

We sipped our soup and dazed into the ocean. I could sit like this forever.

“Something to drink?” He asked breaking the silence as he took my empty cup and stacked it with his.

“Sorry Rob, I told my dad I wouldn’t drink tonight.” He chuckled reaching into the cooler and pulled out a different thermos and two more cups. He opened the thermos as poured the steaming chocolate brown liquid into the cups handing me one before returning the thermos and the soup cups inside.

“Hot chocolate,” he said as he nuzzled his face into my neck, I could feel his light stubble tickle my cheek which sent another chill through my body. “I don’t need booze when I’m around you babe, just being with you is intoxicating.”

I blushed at the slightly cheesy, supremely sweet comment and felt him kiss the back of my head. I placed my hot chocolate to the side, turned around facing Rob. I was practically straddling his lap as I wrapped my arms behind his head and pulled him into a kiss. The chill from the night disappeared as he brought his arms behind me and pulled us closer together. His tongue sought entry and I greedily allowed him access, letting our tongues reacquaint after what seemed like ages. He broke the kiss with a gasp trying to catch his breath. “Your kisses are powerful,” he said kissing my forehead before he leaned his on mine looking at me. “I get winded every time we kiss.” I knew I was blushing but I was glad to hear that I had that effect on him.

“So what else does the king have planned this evening?”

He got a smirk on his face as he reached behind me and rustled something else from the cooler. “I voted for you.” He said as I felt him place his oversized crown on my head, gently pressing his lips to mine before leaning back and grinning. I let my hands fall from behind Rob’s head and felt the fake velvet crown. Lifting it from my head I placed it in its’ rightful spot.

“You keep it, you earned it.” I whispered in his ear as it let my tongue trace his earlobe before lightly nibbling on it. He moaned at the contact and leaned back pulling me on top of him. He returned the favor and had my earlobe between his teeth the sensation was great, but I needed more. I tried to roll over; I wanted his weight on top of me. He happily rolled over and pressed his body into mine. The crown fell off his head and he had a sideways grin on his face as he let go to rip my hoodie off. I leaned forward to help him but shivered as the cold air hit my newly exposed arms. He apparently found what he was looking for as he began licking down the side of my neck before kissing the hollow in my collar bone. I wriggled in pleasure underneath him as he began sucking on my neck. I was sure he knew he was leaving a mark, but I just pulled him closer egging him on enjoying the attention. He pulled back and surveyed his work. Seemingly satisfied he gave me another soft kiss on the lips before handing me back my hoodie. I sighed as he got off of me and the chill really sat in. “Put your hoodie on, you’re shivering.” I sat up and pulled my jacket on back over my head.

Rob sat back behind me pulling me into his chest. I leaned back against him. “I wish you could stay the night with me.” He proclaimed next to my ear as he ran his tongue around my earlobe. I swear every time he touched my skin electricity coursed through me.

“Dad said I could stay out tonight as long as I texted him and let him know where I was.” I announced leaning my head back on his shoulder.

“If you’re up for it we can have a sleepover at my house. I’m gonna warn you though, my room is in the basement so it’s a little chilly.” He said as he cocked his head to look at me while a mischievous grin slid across his face, “I’m sure we can find ways to keep warm though.” He said as he started tickling my sides and I squirmed with laughter trying to escape the torture. He finally relented and pulled me back into him.

I broke his embrace as I stood up. He looked disappointed until I held out my hand to him before saying “what are you waiting for stud.” He grabbed my hands and let me help him up. He quickly rolled up the mats, extinguished the lantern, and threw the crown in the cooler before he practically chased illegal bahis siteleri me back to the truck. He tossed his cargo in the bed of the truck and was disappointed when I opened my own door. He walked over to his door as I pushed it open for him. He started the pickup but looked concerned as he spoke “you don’t have to spend the night with me Bobby, I don’t want you to feel pressured, or we can just cuddle if you want.”

His concern touched me, and cuddling was awesome, but after that frantic experience in the bathroom I was ready to explore more with him. “I love kissing and cuddling with you Rob. After what we shared the other day I’m ready to keep exploring with you.” I reached a hand out and squeezed the bulge in his jeans while flashing a bashful smile. He gasped and quickly got us on the road towards his house.

His house was dark as we pulled into the driveway. He waited at the front of the truck for me and took my hand as I approached. “I have my own door around back,” he said as I followed him around the corner. There was a small light shining over the door. Watch your step he said as we took the concrete steps into his room. Aside from the concrete steps, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was a basement. There were a couple of doors and he led me through the first one which opened into his room. His room was neat and his bed was made. He pulled off his jacket and hung it on his desk chair. “Make yourself comfortable,” he said, “bathroom is the door right next door.” I nodded at him as I kicked off my shoes and pulled my hoodie over my head. He moved in front of me rubbing his thumb over my neck where he had been sucking earlier. “I might have gotten a little carried away.” He admitted and I shuddered at the contact.

“How’d I get so lucky?” I asked as I took my hands and wrapped them around his waist pulling him towards me.

“I was asking myself the same thing.” He replied as he started nibbling on the other side of my neck. He licked slowly up my neck before he licked a circle around the edge of my lips. I stuck out my tongue to meet his and he quickly engulfed it with his mouth. Using my tongue I sought out any part of his mouth I had yet to taste. He began untucking my t-shirt and I put my hands in the air not breaking the kiss until the last possible moment. He observed the lean muscles on my chest and his light caress had me sighing as his fingers roamed over my body. He took a second to pinch my tiny nipple and I winced and let out a slight yelp before he bent down to kiss and lick the hurt away. He stood back up as I pulled up his shirt and stood on my tip toes to get it over his outstretched arms.

I bit my lip at what I saw. I repeated his actions and slowly moved my hands on his hard chest. I loved the feel of the soft hair as I ran my finger around it fascinated with the texture. I felt each ridge of his abdomen before finding his pink nub and returning the favor. He didn’t yip, but he moaned. I bent down and kissed and licked the tortured part of him. His skin tasted too good, I didn’t want to lose contact with him. I let my tongue roam through his chest hair over to the other nipple. I lightly nibbled at it and smiled when that got him squirming. I licked up his side and paused near his armpit. I inhaled deeply and was drunk on his scent. I licked around the edge of his arm and he lifted it for me to explore. “You smell so good.” I moaned as I buried my nose in his armpit savoring the smell. I couldn’t take it anymore and licked his pit deeply before breaking away to attack his mouth.

I pulled him back with me towards the bed slowly leaning back with my wanton mouth so he would follow. He grabbed my back and gently laid me on his bed. He stood above me gazing at me with lust in his eyes. He reached for the button of my jeans, glancing at me before continuing. I nodded and he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I heard him moan as he realized I wasn’t wearing underwear. I lifted my hips so he could slide my jeans down to fall on the floor. He started licking my inner thigh and the feeling had me begging for more. A string of liquid was hanging from my shaft, demanding attention. It was torture as he worked up my thigh and across my abdomen with his tongue.

He glanced at me once more grinning, seemingly asking permission. “Please.” Was the soft word that barely escaped my mouth. He leaned over and licked the end of my cock, tentatively tasting the liquid leaking from the tip. He licked his lips and gently licked around my needy head. He slowly worked his tongue down the base of my shaft, a blissful torture. He licked back up while taking my balls in his hand and gently rubbing them before he took the head of my dick into his mouth. I moaned with pleasure at the feeling. He slowly took about half of my shaft into his mouth and worked in a little more, slowly bobbing while his tongue swirled around and greedily licked up any flow that managed to leak out. He started moving faster and added some suction. I frantically tapped him on the shoulder to let him know I was going to spew. He didn’t back off, but worked harder, canlı bahis siteleri trying to coax the release from my balls. “Holy shit! Ro—” was all I managed to get out before my pent up passion exploded out of my cock and into his mouth. I felt him swallow as blast after blast of the largest, most explosive orgasm I have ever experienced entered his mouth. My tension gone I limply collapsed back into the bed as he lightly licked me clean until I was so sensitive I grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of me.

This feeling was so nice; I was helpless and panting under his warm and perfect body. I felt so safe and secure. Slowly I started to recover and I kissed his arm and looked at him with a smile. “That was fan-freaking-tastic!” I said as he chuckled at me and kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth and let his tongue mingle with mine; I got a slight hint of my leftover flavor in his mouth. “Thank you Rob.” I said as I tried to push him off me.

“You taste delicious.” He said as he rolled over so we were side by side on our backs. “I didn’t think I would like it, but once it hit my lips I needed it all.” I pushed myself off of the bed and stood above him. I reached for his button, but following his lead, I looked at him, getting an enthusiastic nod from the wide eyed stud as I unzipped his pants. I couldn’t help the wanton moan that escaped my lips when I slid down the zipper and realized he was also going commando.

“Great minds think alike,” he chuckled. As he lifted his hips off of the bed so I could shimmy his jeans off and leave them discarded next to mine on the floor. His magnificent cock was also dripping wet and stood proud out of his pubes. It should be proud I thought, it was just like Rob, handsome, strong, and solid. I avoided the temptation, wanting him to feel the same torture he caused me. I licked his inner thigh getting within an inch of his substantial sac before licking across his hard abdomen, my tongue tracing the firm lines on his stomach, enjoying the feeling of his fur on the tip of my tongue. I continued across his belly button and gently tongued the small pool before continuing down the opposite thigh. Continuing to follow his example I gazed up at him, his face was flushed and he nodded “Oh God, Bobby I can’t take anymore teasing.” I grinned and lapped the pearl that had formed on the glorious swollen mushroom tip. ‘Delicious’ I thought as I heard him moan and he started squirming on the bed. I licked down the base of his cock which caused more delightful moans and squirms on the bed. I lapped all around his sack before licking back up to enjoy another pearl that had formed.

“Oh babe” he gasped as I took him into my mouth. His dick was thicker and longer than mine. I worked about four inches into my mouth before I realized that’s about as much as I could get for now. He couldn’t take it anymore and rested his hands on the back of my head, urging me forward. He wasn’t forceful, but he was pleading. I picked up the pace and realized I was also moaning around his cock. I used my hand to smooth some of the spit that had slipped out of my mouth down his shaft that I couldn’t get in my mouth. I stroked my hand in time with my mouth and he bit into his arm and I heard a muffled “Bobby!” as his dam broke unleashing a torrent of liquid that flooded my mouth, he was delicious and I eagerly swallowed blast after blast. I could feel it dripping out of my mouth and I licked the remnants from his deflating cock. After I was satisfied I had milked him dry I stood up and pressed myself against him. I kissed him deeply letting our flavors mix.

“Thanks babe,” he said kissing my nose. “That was the best.” I tried to push myself off of him but he pulled me closer and rolled us over onto our side facing each other. “I gotta piss Rob.” I admitted as he smiled and let me go. When I came back he was on his side snoring lightly. He looked like an angel sleeping uncovered on his bed. I gently got in the bed reaching for the comforter at the foot of the bed. I slid my back against his chest and his arm immediately pulled me closer as I covered us with the blanket. I was so comfortable in his arms. It was like his body was made to be next to mine.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke to a strange feeling. I could feel his hard cock wedged between my ass cheeks. It actually was a nice feeling, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I could tell Rob was still sleeping as he wasn’t squeezing me to him. I still wanted to have some fun, even if I wasn’t ready for that. I silently crawled under the covers and gently licked the head of his morning wood. I had been slowly sucking up and down his shaft for a few minutes before he woke up and shifted, lifting up the covers to take in the view. “I thought I was having a great dream, I can’t believe I’m living it,” Rob moaned as I continued working on him. He grabbed my waist pulling my hips where he could have better access. I felt my own now hard cock engulfed in a warm furnace. The vibrations of his moans combined with his mouth had me close. The intense feeling of giving and receiving pleasure was phenomenal. We were both moaning constantly and I exploded into his mouth. He quickly swallowed it down before he followed with his own release. We licked each other clean before I slid back to face him. He leaned in for a kiss and again we exchanged our releases.

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