Bad Girl Pt. 01

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is, a fun story. Special thanks to rancher46 for editing my story.


Chapter 1 — The Invitation

A few minutes ago, I got off at the bus stop a few houses away from my girlfriend’s apartment. It’s a nice spring day, not a cloud in the sky. Spring in New York is a beautiful time of the year. Vickie (my girlfriend) only has one parking spot, so I use public transportation.

I walk into the building and then walk up the three flights of stairs for the exercise. I walk in the door, and the small desk has the day’s mail. A brightly covered letter is sticking out, and I look at it quick.

I ask, “Hun, what’s this? A party invitation?”

Vickie quickly takes the mail out of my hand. She folds it and places it in her pants pocket.

Vickie is evasive, “We’ll talk about this at dinner. Go wash up; it’s almost ready.”

She has a small one-bedroom apartment. Nothing special about it other than she can afford it. I could buy a place, but we have only been dating a bit under six months. I think we both want to see how things go as we’ve both had bad experiences.

Both of us have rich families and in both cases, we struck out on our own to make our own way in this world. It’s part of what I like about her so much. Money doesn’t rule her and she wants to earn her way, not have it handed to her. I’m exactly the same way.

So far, she is a blast in bed and doesn’t care about anything else. We have much in common, like music, movies, food, and careers. We’re both into advertising. I am a few years older and have worked for larger companies. I’m dedicated to moving forward where Vickie seems to be more interested in living life. We meet in the middle, and so far, everything has been incredible.


After eating a lovely roast with roasted vegetables, we are both drinking an excellent fruity white wine.

Vickie brings up the invitation, “When you work out late on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to a private club for adults. I’m a high-ranking member, and it’s my responsibility to bring in new members.”

I’m a bit shocked, “You never mentioned this before. What’s wrong?”

She laughs at me, “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that a variety of things happen there, and the women can be … forward and crude. Some of the men are just assholes. This Saturday is the tenth-anniversary party, and it’s a big deal. There will be an auction, lots of alcohol, food, dancing, games, demonstrations, and shows.

“I’m going to be up front with you. Because it will be your first time, you will be auctioned off.”

I freak out, stand up, and am ready to run out the door. I do NOT like crowds. This doesn’t sound like anything I want to do.

She yells, “HEY! No freaking out! Let me finish! Thank you. You will be marked as female-only, meaning only a female can buy you. Then you spend the rest of the night with the woman at the club. With a body like you have, they will be all over you.”

Swell. I have never had an issue getting dates. I was a US Navy Seal for eight years. In that time, my six-foot-six body took on sixty pounds of muscle. I spend a lot of time in the gym defining my body. I know I intimidate people with my sheer body size. I smile at myself because I am an imposing figure and quite lethal if needed. I got my online degree in advertising while I was in the service.

In advertising, the female executives fawn over me, and the men want to be my friend. It’s helped my career tremendously. I’m not sure I like this idea a whole lot, but I have a hard time telling Vickie no. I will be cautions, I didn’t get many details.

Vickie straight out asks me, “Would you please come with me? It would mean a lot to me. I want to share my world with you. I think if you try it, you’ll be hooked. I mean, it’s not like you’ll be scared, right.”

Fuck, she knows exactly what buttons to press. She does seem genuinely excited about this, and I admit I don’t exactly know what will be expected of me. Since Vickie is OK with this, it should be fine. The thought, “What could go wrong,” flashes in my memory, but I quickly squash it. That’s just tempting fate.

I flash my baby blue eyes at her, “Ok, I’ll go. For you, my love, I will do this. I love you so much. What do I wear?”

Vickie jumps up and down, claps her hands, she screams, then she jumps up and wraps her arms around me while kissing me on the lips. Well, that’s quite the reaction.

Vickie lets go and explains, “I will be wearing a sexy evening dress, and you can wear anything you want. Once you get there, a costume will be provided. All the new guys are taken at the door, and they will help prepare you. Since the party is tomorrow night, I want you to use the guest room tonight. We’re both going to need our energy tomorrow as the party will start at 6:00 PM and will go well into Sunday morning.

“Let’s artemisbet yeni giriş go watch a movie and cuddle up. I want some quiet time with my beast of a man. There’s a new Rom-Com that just came out. You get the wine, and I’ll get the popcorn.”

I look through her selection, and there’s just one bottle. I guess I will pick this one. I pick out two glasses and open the bottle so it can breathe a bit before serving. I hear the popcorn popping in the microwave oven. I bring the bottle and the two glasses out to the couch, where I sit down in my standard position and pour two glasses of her wine.

Vickie jumps on me. I quickly grab the bowl of popcorn before it’s all over the floor. She slides off me and onto the couch. She grabs the remote, turns on the tv to the channel, then exchanges for the remote for popcorn and a glass of wine. The popcorn is in a bowl, between her legs. This allows both of us to eat popcorn and drink our wine.

The wine is a bit fruity for me. Vickie loves it. The movie starts, and it’s like every other movie on this station. Boy meets girl. Girl hates boy. The boy wears down the girl. Girl and boy fall in love. Old boy or girl friend come back, and the romance is over. A friend or fate steps in, boy gets girl, and they live happily ever after. Whoopie.

After I finish my wine, my arm goes around Vickie. She snuggles up with me. My hand makes its way up to her breasts slowly. It takes me twenty minutes to move bit by bit so that it surprises her when I grab the breast. It happens every time. Her response is to giggle. She pretends like I’m not fondling her breast, but she loves my big bear paws groping her. I am soft, with my muscles, it would be easy to cause her pain.

I work my way to her nipple. Tonight, it’s the right breast and nipple getting all the attention. I always sit in the middle of the couch. She alternates sides, so no two breasts get this treatment twice in a row. I will pinch the nipples enough to make her cry out. That’s as far as I go. She wants more, but that’s as far as I am willing to go. I have assured her; she does not want me using real pressure.

For ninety minutes, my hand massages her breasts, and I tweak her nipples. She has countless small orgasms throughout the movie. I get good wood, but this is all about making the love of my life feel good without payment. I love pleasing women. Being such a big guy, I must be careful. When I see the joy she gets, it fills my heart with pride. I have killed and hurt enough people in my life. Many more than a person should in a lifetime. I prefer bringing joy. This helps mend my heart and reassure me that I’m not a monster or killing machine. I am a man that can lead a normal every day and productive life.


After the movie, Vickie goes up to bed; as she is worn out. I do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Tomorrow, I expect to be slamming Vickie hard, something she loves. However, with my size and strength, she takes a beating. She loves it and howls with joy, but the next day she is a bit sore and can’t fuck again. Therefore, I’m not surprised when she wants to sleep in different beds tonight. I expected this.

I don’t like the idea of fucking her in front of other people, but maybe we can get a room or something. The one thing that won’t be happening is me sharing Vickie with another man. She can probably talk me into another woman joining us, but not a man. She knows this, so I’m not concerned. She loves sex of all kinds. There isn’t anything I can’t do with her.

She said it was an adult club with shows and demonstrations. The auction scares me, but I can’t see Vickie not buying me. She loves me as much as I love her. I’ve had easily over a hundred women in my life. They love the way I look and they want me. However, after a while, their all the same. I am great at oral, but many won’t return the favor.

Vickie is the first woman where sex was different. It wasn’t just sex, it was more. We’re both skilled lovers, and she will do most anything. She doesn’t shy away from anything. We found a few things she didn’t like, and I avoid those things. Sex with her is special. I think I finally understand love. I think.

Chapter 2 — The Club Party

Saturday is a day of work for us. I head out to buy groceries. Vickie is off to buy a new red dress. She loves red dresses. Every single dress she has is red. Some are more conservative, but most are provocative with slits up the legs and short skirts. They show an incredible amount of cleavage. That’s partially what drew me to her.

I get my hair cut, so I am decent-looking when we go out tonight. I also stop at the liquor store to buy some good wine. No more $5.00 bottles. I, personally don’t know wines. My mother’s an expert. I’ve had enough good wine that I can tell the difference.

I am done first with my errands. I spend the rest of my day working on my project for work. I have a major campaign coming up, and a few details need to artemisbet giriş be tied up. For me, a lot rides on this project. It could mean a major promotion if it goes as well as projected. The customer seems thrilled so far. When the numbers and surveys come back, I will know for sure. I am always nervous about my projects and advertising campaigns. I worry about every tiny detail and think of what could go wrong. It’s 4:00 when I finish.

Vickie is already getting ready. I go in, shave, take my shower, then put on the light shirt and shorts that Vickie has set out for me.

I remember the moment vividly. In the military, there are times when you get a terrible feeling. Something is off, and you can’t put your finger on it, so you press on. That was precisely the feeling I had when Vickie insisted that she drive her car tonight. At the time, it was odd, yet I didn’t think much of it. I noted the moment, just in case there were more, or something happened. I have yet to be wrong. If we’re together, why does it matter? The hair on the back of my neck is standing up.

I can tell Vickie is excited. She can’t sit still and sings to every song on the radio. I sit back and enjoy the show. Our destination is the previously abandoned Coswell Mall. It seems something is alive here after all. This mall is like many others in the country. It’s an indoor two-story mall with rows of stores along each aisle and huge boxes on the ends for the cornerstone stores.

Now, no signs, no crowds, just what looked like a vacant building. Around the main door is an abundance of cars. Easily a few hundred vehicles here with license plates from several border states and some even further away. I’m impressed; this is a big deal. Further away is a side entrance and many cars. A lot of people work here. I bet they have a ton of security. That’s good.

We walk arm in arm from far away. As we walk, we pass several spouses (men and women) with collars and chains on. Some have revealing outfits while others are pure naked. We seem to be the only normal couple here. I can’t believe all the cars and people that must be here. There is a line to enter the place. We must wait our turn. It seems to go quickly.

It’s about ten minutes before we are next in line. I notice that the “submissive” is taken from the other partner and led down a hallway. Vickie shows her Gold member’s card to gain access. Once through the door, she stops me.

Vickie looks up at me, “This place is different, as you can see. Here, you are going to be my submissive. We are just playing here, and I must put this collar and chain on you. Please bend down.”

I am nervous. I hesitate. Vickie is getting mad.

With a scowl on her face, “Please don’t embarrass me in front of my friends. Pleaseeeeee.”

I bend forward, and she attaches the collar and the chain. It’s a thin chain I can easily break.

My words are chilling, “We will discuss this at home.”

Why do I need a chain and collar? It’s not uncommon. I naively think it’s for the costume. Vickie was excited, she is going to be a ton of fun tonight.

A man behind me grabs my arm and tries to guide me down the hallway. I don’t move. I do scare him when I growl. He reaches for his baton at his side. He didn’t look any less worried as I walked with him while laughing. He tried and failed to intimidate me. You need a whole lot more than that.

I am an ex-Navy Seal Commander. I have seen all kinds of shit and killed more than I can to think about. This wimp with a baton certainly does not instill the fear of God in me. It takes a whole lot more than that.

I am led down a hallway with other men. We all have collars and chains. They bring me to a locker room, where I am handed a basket. Inside the basket are some clothes. I see other men already in costume, and most are starting like me or are in some stage of changing. On a positive note, all the men seem happy. Their talking like they know some of these guys and some are cracking jokes. That helps me relax.

I take the clothes out of the basket, set them down on the bench, and start stripping. While stripping, I notice that the guys are on the big side. Not like mine, but big. Of course, no man here is my size physically, so that stands to reason. Most of the guys are under six feet tall. Some of these guys could be in porn. Damn.

They have some thin black underwear that goes on before a type of belt around our waist. That belt holds the leather straps that go over the shoulders. I don’t get it. I guess we are made to look like ancient slaves or something. Something out of a fantasy book. It’s about an hour before everyone is dressed.

I would normally be freaking out and going wild. However, nobody else is nervous. Like I said, they’re all happy and excited for this to start. All of my alarms are going off, yet they can’t all be clueless. These guys all WANT to be here. I’m being irrational.

I can hear a woman on a loudspeaker welcoming artemisbet güvenilirmi everyone to the slave auction. All proceeds go to the homeless shelter and food bank. She softly says all the rules in a low, quick voice like a lawyer in a radio commercial. After the rules are announced, two names are called out. Those men step forward. Their hands are placed in a mini spreader bar. The collar is recessed, the wrist goes in, then a collar goes over the wrist, and it’s locked in place.

The man tells the locked man that the purchaser will be given the keys when she pays. Otherwise, it’s slave trading, and that gets people put in jail. Ok, I can see that. I see how it adds to the visual appeal. Vickie is going to go crazy when she sees me. I am going to fuck her good tonight. This place has me on edge. I’m not comfortable here. I am borderline freaking out as it is. Yet, I am excited.

I hear guys selling for as low as twenty dollars and as high as a twenty-five hundred dollars. It’s forty-five minutes of stewing and getting annoyed before my name is called. I notice that my bar is heavier. The chain is heavier. The lock is heavier. This sets off an alarm in my head. I am not keen to follow this man.

I am locked in, and I am worried now. Four men come from behind and push me forward and out onto a stage. It’s like a model would use. There is a walkway and the buyers are in the audience. It’s stadium seating to improve the view for everyone. I look around for Vickie and don’t spot her. How does she bid on me if she isn’t here?

My mind goes tactical, exactly as my training taught me to do. I am hyper aware of my surroundings. I am looking for threats, exits, and possible weapons. This is no longer a fun event.

The bidders are in front and to my sides in ordered rows of women. Behind the rows of chairs, to my right, is another raised platform with a giant chair, like a queen, would sit on. That’s where an older woman in black and white polka-dots sits on a chair with her legs over the armrest and a few fingers in her cunt, getting herself off.

She has a purple wizard’s hat on and no shoes. What a bizarre outfit. She looks weird, but she’s also seems to be in charge. Is she a threat or a way out of here?

As soon as I am on stage, a chain comes down, and my arms are hoisted into the air. This is fucking swell. When I am on my tiptoes, two men shred my black underwear, making me basically naked. The belt and straps come off as well. My anger is growing. I AM NAKED! I don’t have much to work with.

I am standing on the balls of my feet. I have a collar around my neck. My hands are chained to a spreader bar. My hands are up in the air. My anger is quickly raising. What the fuck did Vickie sign me up for?

To many, this is a dream come true, a chance to fuck other women. I’ve a decade and then some of that. There is nobody here that interests me in the slightest. Their faceless to me. I only want my Vickie.

I look through the women again; I must have missed Vickie. OH MY GOD! My life is over! My mother’s sister is here. There is also a section of women from work. Two of them are women I hate. They are laughing at me. The others turn red.

I am bursting with anger. I am furious with Vickie. I am embarrassed because of the women from work. The worst is my own mother’s sister. No way the women from work come here. Vickie had to tip them off. Mom’s sister Libby, yeah, I can see that. I ALMOST smirk, she is a freaky woman.

They start the bidding at twenty-five hundred and it quickly zooms past twenty-five grand. What’s the matter with these women? No date is worth that. It dawns on me, it’s not a date. Now I REALLY feel stupid.

I NEED to escape. The first task, free my hands. The whole place goes silent as I scream out in anger. Not just a scream from a minor orgasm. Oh no. This is the type of scream where a lung falls out. A deep hard roar of a scream. Everyone is frozen. My veins are popping, my face and chest are red, and I am breathing in oxygen in massive quantities. Like in gymnastics, I lift my feet, swing them in front of me. I grunt again. My legs then go above me to the vertical, flipping me on my head. This is a horrible position; I ignore the pain and blood falling into my head.

By the way. They talk about ignoring the pain. It’s BULLSHIT. Pain is real and no amount of ignoring it makes it go away. You can concentrate on other things, but it still fucking hurts.

I scream again as my legs hold the chain. I then do a sit-up. As I am doing that, I am bending the thicker bar, making it V-shaped now. I wrap my legs over the bar and then let go. A bunch of people screams as I let go, and they can’t look. When the chain goes taunt, my weight from falling, crashes all on the bar, breaking the chain. I am hyperventilating and screaming as I work to break the bar in two.

Four security guys start tentatively walking towards me. My hands are still restrained, yet they’re cautious. They should be. They don’t have lethal weapons; I choose to tone it down. They have the numbers and the weapons. I take them seriously. Unfortunately for them, I have trained for years in this situation. That’s bad for them.

As one guy lunges at me, the old lady screams, “STOP!”

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