Back to School: Incentive Ch. 03

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Monday was a tense and apprehensive time for Sarah Stevens. The young, buxom teacher had told herself over and over that she had to be more professional with her students, but time after time, she seemed to wind up having sex with them. Sarah loved sex.

Sarah had been a slut all through high school and college, barely graduating from both institutions. She saw nothing wrong with being a slut, but did feel that she should maintain the proper teacher-student relationship. However, having long blond hair, a pretty face, rich lips, and a killer body with 36DD sized breasts, had most, if not all, the male students lusting for her, which did not help matters at all.

Sarah’s current dilemma came about when Coach Hicks injured his back again. Sarah, as the only other physical education teacher, had to take his place as the football coach just before Westville High was to play in the Regional Championship. She provided the team an incentive to prevail over the other team.

Principal Schwartz had made a rash and impulsive bet with Principal Hopper, the principal of the other high school. The bet was that the principal of the losing team would become the sex slave to the other for twenty-four hours. Schwartz told her team that Sarah would have sex with all of them if they won. They did and Sarah fucked each member of the team after the game. Schwartz, having won her bet, was so repulsed by the chauvinistic, arrogant Hopper that she was going to cancel the bet. Nurse Cindy Brown, Sarah’s best friend, came up with a solution. She and Sarah sucked and fucked the brains out of six male students for over eight hours in the school auditorium while Principal Hopper was forced to watch, He was handcuffed naked to a chair in such a way that he could not move. The man was literally crying at the end from the pain of his blue balls.

Sarah knew that Principal Schwartz did not like her and tried to get her fired by filming her having sex with a student. Fortunately, Sarah managed to turn the tables on Schwartz and got Schwartz on film also. After that, the two of them had settled into an uneasy truce. Sarah liked her job and did not want to jeopardize it.

Sarah had finished her morning classes and headed down to the infirmary to see her friend. Cindy had given Sarah assurances that Principal Schwartz would not care about what happened in the auditorium, but Sarah had her doubts. She walked into the infirmary to see Cindy helping a young man into the back examination room.

“Oh, Sarah, great!” said Cindy happily. “You’re just in time to help. John took a tumble while playing soccer. Can you help me get him onto an examination table?”

“Of course,” said Sarah, moving forward to get on the other side of the student, who was favoring his right leg.

John was in heaven despite his pain. He was being helped by two extremely sexy women and he could feel their large tits pressing into his sides as they helped him towards the exam table. Nurse Brown had the top three buttons of her white uniform undone and John swore he could look down her huge cleavage all the way to her belly button. His cock was beginning to stiffen up as he sat down on the table.

“Lie back on the table,” ordered Cindy. She turned to Sarah and said, “If you take off his left shoe, I’ll get his right one.”

“I don’t think I’m supposed to be here during an examination,” stated Sarah.

“Don’t be silly,” scoffed Cindy. “If you help me, we’ll be done in half the time and get to lunch that much sooner.”

“Well, okay,” said Sarah hesitantly.

Sarah eased off John’s left shoe and sock as Cindy gingerly took off the right one. John gasped in pain as Cindy removed the sock off his foot. Cindy then examined his ankle while John gritted his teeth.

“I think you just sprained it,” stated Cindy as she pulled an Ace bandage out of a drawer. She began wrapping John’s ankle before saying to Sarah, “Can you please help John get his shirt off?”

“I suppose so,” said Sarah, unsure of why John needed his shirt off.

Sarah helped John to sit up while Cindy finished wrapping his ankle. Sarah grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it up over his head. As Sarah lifted her arms, John got a good eyeful of her bounteous boobs, which were held in place by her sports bra. John’s cock needed no other encouragement and hardened up to its full length. John was happy that it was up against his stomach and saving him the embarrassment of tenting out his athletic shorts. With his shirt off, John laid back down.

“Okay,” said Cindy, moving to the side of the table opposite Sarah. “Let’s get his shorts off.”

“Cindy, I don’t think…” Sarah started to protest.

“John took a bad fall,” interrupted Cindy. “I need to check him out thoroughly for other injuries. It’s the sensible thing to do.”

“Oh, okay,” said Sarah.

“John, lift your hips,” ordered Cindy as she gripped the waistband of his shorts.

“I…um…” stammered John. embarrassed that these gorgeous women would laugh when they saw his hard-on.

“Hush! Lift your hips!” ordered Cindy. “Sarah, give escort izmit me a hand.” Together, the two women pulled down John’s shorts and jock strap. John’s prick sprang free and snapped back against his stomach with a loud slap. Neither woman looked at it.

“What did you come to see me about?” Cindy asked Sarah as she began her examination, starting with John’s right foot.

“Well, I don’t think we can talk about it here,” stated Sarah as Cindy’s fingers slid and caressed up John’s calf. His cock twitched up and down in response.

“Nonsense,” scoffed Cindy as her hands traveled up John’s thigh causing him to gasp. “We’re in a professional setting. John knows better than to say anything…it’s privileged.”

“Right…uh..sure,” gasped John as Cindy’s hands stopped on his mid-thigh. “…Uh…nurse-patient privilege, right?”

“Exactly,” said Cindy as she moved her hands down to his left foot and started to examine his other leg.

“Well, I guess this is a privileged conversation,” said Sarah. “Cindy, I need to keep a more professional relationship with my students.”

“Didn’t you enjoy Saturday night?”

“Immensely,” admitted Sarah, “but we could’ve been caught.”

“It was for the good of the school,” said Cindy as her fingers caressed John’s thigh. John was panting slightly through his mouth and trying not to distract the two women. “Damn, I can’t see. Sarah, grab a hold of his penis and point it straight up.”

Without thinking about it, Sarah grasped John’s cock with one hand. John inhaled sharply as her soft fingers encircled his shaft and pointed it towards the ceiling.

“Princ…the guy that was going to welsh on the bet and disrespect our school,” argued Cindy as her hands slid up and down John’s thigh. “We couldn’t let him get away with that.”

“I remember you saying that,” said Sarah. Her hand involuntarily began to pump up and down on John’s hard cock. “I guess we did have to uphold the reputation of our school.”

“That is correct,” said Cindy. “Oh, you need to use both hands.”

Sarah released John’s cock and he groaned in disappointment. She then took a two-fisted grip on his throbbing meat and started to pump both hands up and down.

“I’m sure Principal Schwartz would approve if she had seen us,” added Cindy. One of her hands slithered up to cup John’s testicles. John was breathing heavily, trying desperately from cumming too soon. “You have the State Championship game this Saturday. Are you going to use the same incentive to motivate the team?”

“Cindy, I told you I need to have a more professional attitude with my students,” said Sarah as her hands jacked up and down on John’s hard, hot shaft. John was trembling as the sexual tension in his balls was approaching the breaking point. “Besides, that was Principal Schwartz who came up with it. I was shocked that she did it. You were also a part of her bet.”

“Boy, was I!” exclaimed Cindy, remembering back to the Regional’s where she sucked and fucked the entire opposing football team at halftime to drain their strength. Her fingers gently kneaded John’s balls, causing him to groan in delight. “It may just be the incentive our team needs to win State.”

“AUGH!!!” cried out John as his balls tightened and his cock pulsated in Sarah’s hands.

Cindy was fast enough to scoop up a plastic cup just as John started spurting out rope after rope of white creamy cum. She caught most of his thick baby batter in the cup, but some splattered onto Sarah’s fingers. John continued to shake as he continued to pump out wad after wad of his jism into the cup.

“Oh, thank goodness,” said Cindy with a satisfied sigh. “There is no damage to his genitalia. Let’s go to lunch.”

Sarah washed the few splatters of sperm off her hands. John could only lay on the table gasping for breath from the throes of his climax. Cindy activated a cold pack and placed it on John’s bandaged ankle. She than wetted down a washcloth with warm water and handed to John.

“Keep the cold pack on your ankle,” Cindy told him. “I’ll have the secretary call your parents about your sprain and find out what they would like to do. If your parents haven’t come for you when I get back, I’ll do another checkup after lunch.”

John’s eyes lit up in anticipation and he said, ” Just tell them it’s a minor sprain. My mom can come get me in a couple of hours. You know…to let the swelling go down.”

“It’s always good to get the swelling down,” stated Cindy. “Sometimes, it takes an hour or two.”

Sarah and Cindy headed out of the infirmary and started walking towards the cafeteria.

“Do you think Principal Schwartz will use us again to win the State Championship?” asked Cindy.

“I don’t know,” stated Sarah as they continued to walk. “She’s still the same…uptight, stern, and with a strong dislike for the two of us. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was tricked into making that bet and was forced to come to us for help.”

“Huh?” asked Cindy, confused.

“You know what I mean,” said Sarah. “I’m hoping she won’t do it again. You remember what izmit escort I said about keeping my teacher-student boundaries?”

“Of course, I remember. You know, I feel like having a salad. I’ve got some sauce here I’m dying to taste,” stated Cindy, holding up the plastic cup.


At the same time that Sarah and Cindy were administering aid to John, Principal Schwartz was meeting with an unexpected visitor. Schwartz was dressed in her severe gray business suit with her hair pulled back tightly into a bun. Her black horn-rimmed glasses gave her a stern, unfeminine look. Nothing she did, however, could disguise the size of her two large breasts or the hourglass shape of her body. Her visitor was well aware of her figure and also of her uncompromising principles.

“Principal Eversol, it is a pleasure to meet you,” greeted Schwartz, shaking his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine,” said Eversol in a cultured voice. “I must apologize for arriving here unannounced. I was in the neighborhood and, since our respective teams are meeting on the football field of battle for the title of State Champion, I thought it might be nice to meet my opposite number.”

“Am I who you thought I would be?” asked Schwartz.

“Ada Schwartz, magna cum laude from George Washington University, majored in teaching, minored in dance, completed your masters, a competent teacher, extremely capable administrator, and known as a disciplinarian. As for your personal life…” Eversol stopped and smiled. “That, my dear lady, is none of my business.”

“Which means he knows about my philandering ex and the very messy divorce we had,” thought Schwartz. She then said aloud, “Doctor Peter Eversol, summa cum laude from Harvard, majored in teaching and business administration, captain of the University football team for three years, PhD. in English Lit., author of four books…I particularly liked the one on Chaucer…a well-liked principal who is known to watch out for his people. I’m afraid I’m not privy to your personal life.”

Eversol laughed and said, “That means you know I’m twice divorced and have a roving eye.”

“I wouldn’t know,” stated Schwartz.

“Of course,” said Eversol nonplussed. “I am still delighted to meet you. I wanted to wish you, Coach Hicks, and your team the best of luck this Saturday.”

“I’m afraid Coach Hicks injured his back and will not be at the game on Saturday.”

“I had heard he was not able to coach the team at the Regional’s,” stated Eversol. “Nothing serious, I hope?”

“No, he just manages to throw his back out every now and then,” replied Schwartz. “Unfortunately, it lays him up for several weeks.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” said Eversol and Schwartz believed that he actually meant it. “I understand another teacher led the team during that game. Will she also lead the team this Saturday?”

“You seemed well informed.”

“I try to be,” said Eversol seriously. “Melvin Hopper and I have met several times when our teams have played against one another. I hope you don’t mind my saying that I really don’t care for the man. Anything that has happened to him, he deserves. I guess I am really here to ensure that, between the two of us, we have a safe and fair game on Saturday. Don’t you agree?”

Schwartz could feel her neck turning red in embarrassment. She was sure that Eversol had a good idea of what she did to win the Regional game and also, maybe, about her bet with Hopper. Schwartz damped down her embarrassment and shored up her resolve.

“Nothing would please me more,” she said. “Feelings will be running high. We both need to make sure that your people and my people stay on their respective side of the playing field.”

“Excellent!” exclaimed Eversol. “I was sure we would be on the same sheet of music concerning the game. Is it possible to meet your temporary coach…Miss…?

“Sarah Stevens,” supplied Schwartz, standing up and escorting Eversol to the door. “She is the woman’s physical education teacher, She should be at lunch and we may be able to catch her at the teacher’s dining room.”

“I’ve never played against a female coach before,” stated Eversol as they walked together down the hallway towards the cafeteria. “It will be interesting to see how she directs the team. Is she good at football?”

Schwartz almost broke out laughing and only maintained her composure by sheer will. She did chuckle as she said, “You’ll have to wait till Saturday to find out.”

“My apologies,” said Eversol sincerely. “Miss Stevens is now an unknown quality. You’ll forgive me if I am a little curious about her.”

“Well, just don’t expect me to divulge any information,” stated Schwartz as they entered the teacher’s dining room. “There she is…over there.”

“Schwartz!” hissed Sarah to Cindy, who immediately buttoned up the top three buttons of her nurse’s uniform.

“Miss Stevens…Nurse Brown, I would like you to meet Principal Eversol,” said Schwartz. “He is the principal of Friendship High, the Wolverines.”

Oh…OH!” gasped izmit kendi evi olan escort Sarah as she stood up to greet the tall, fit man standing next to Principal Schwartz. “Good afternoon. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“The honor is all mine,” said Eversol, looking first at Sarah and then at Cindy. “I understand that you are taking over for the injured Coach Hicks. I would like to extend my congratulations on your win at the Regional’s and offer you the best of luck for this Saturday.”

“Thank you and the same to you,” said Sarah nervously.

“I’m sorry to have interrupted your lunch,” he said. “The chef salad looks delicious.”

“Would you like to try some?” offered Cindy, which elicited a gasp from Sarah. “…Principal Schwartz?”

“Thank you, but no,” refused Eversol. as Schwartz took a small forkful and put it in her mouth. “I am meeting with friends for lunch and I am afraid that now I have to say goodbye to you ladies.”

Schwartz had been watching Eversol the entire time. She knew that when he had looked at Nurse Brown he had stripped her down to her bare skin with his eyes in a flash. The look he had given Miss Stevens had nothing at all to do with sex and lust. It was a stark appraisal of the type of person she was. Schwartz could have sworn that she had detected a hint of worry behind his urbane demeanor. She chew and swallowed the bite of salad she had taken.

“I’ll be glad to escort you to your car,” offered Schwartz, looking at Eversol. She turned to face Sarah and Cindy. “Principal Eversol and I have agreed that, in regards to Saturday’s game, we need to ensure that no hi-jinks occur. We both want a fair and safe game. Sarah, I know you’ve been a little overworked with a new coaching duties. I’m having Ms. Porter take over for the girl’s cheerleading and volleyball practice until after the game.”

“Principal Schwartz, she’s a math teacher,” protested Sarah.

“Ms. Porter is a capable teacher,” countered Schwartz. “She can fill in for week.”

Having said that, Schwartz and Eversol left the cafeteria and headed out to the parking lot. Eversol unlocked his car and said, ” I’m glad we had this talk. I think we are going to have an exciting game on Saturday.”

“I believe we will,” agreed Schwartz. She then held her hand over her mouth as she gave a little burp. “Excuse me.”

“The salad was not to your liking?” asked Eversol.

“The salad was delicious, but the sauce was a little salty.”


As Eversol drove away, he opened his cellphone and punched a button on his speed dial.

“Mike Calricci,” greeted a voice through the earpiece.

“Hello, Coach. It’s Peter,” said Eversol. “I’m on my way back. We may have a problem.”


Natalie Porter was the newest faculty member at Westville high. A 21 year years old, she knew she was lucky to secure a teaching position even though she had a 4.0 GPA all through college. It was her lack of social skills said troubled her the most, along with her lack of fashion sense. She always wore big baggy clothing, with colors that invariably clashed. Her waist length black hair was always put up into a bun and her dark brown eyes were hidden by her black hornrim glasses.

In high school and college, Natalie knew she was a geek and a free spirit. She would never be a cool or popular girl and, therefore, was not a threat to anyone. She never felt the need to socialize beyond what was required to maintain her GPA. Of course, she never turned down anyone seeking her help with schoolwork.

What Natalie could not understand is why she of all people should be standing out in a practice field with a dozen cheerleaders staring at her. Principal Schwartz had told her it was only for a week to free up Miss Stevens to work with the football team. The problem was that Natalie had no clue about cheerleading.

“Hi, girls,” said Natalie. “Principal Schwartz sent me to replace Miss Stevens for this week.”

“Oh, okay, Miss. Porter,” said Amanda, the cheerleading team captain, in understanding. “You’re our substitute coach, right?”

“I guess,” stated Natalie. “I don’t know what I can do for you, though.”

“No offense, Miss Porter, but our routines are already choreographed,” stated Amanda. “Regulations require us to have a coach at all activities and it has to be a teacher. If it’s all right with you, I can handle the practice.”

“I understand, Amanda,” said Natalie. “If it’s all right with you, I’ll stay over at the bleachers. I have some work that I need to catch up on.”

“That would be fine, Miss Porter,” said Amanda.

Natalie headed over to the bleachers, while the cheerleaders started their routines. She watched the girls for a little while before opening up her book bag to grade some math papers that she brought with her. The practice went by quickly, and, afterwards, the girls headed off to the locker room. Natalie started put her papers away when a gust of wind came by and blew one of her papers up to the top of the bleachers. Natalie scurried after it and managed to snag it just before it blew off into the fields. Coming back down, she put the errant paper into her bag and started to walk around behind the bleachers.

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