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****This story contains explicit incest, and is solely a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 years. I do not condone or encourage any illegal sexual activities, but I do enjoy challenging myself as a writer. I understand that this genre is not everyone’s cuppa, but I am attempting to grow as an author. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated as I tread cautiously outside of my normal realm of writing. Janie****


I was awakened by weight moving my bed in the darkness. I felt the covers lift and my Daddy crawl in, quietly snuggling up to me. I rolled over onto my back, and moved my hand to his chest, gently caressing.

“Shhhhh, Babygirl,” he whispered, “We don’t want to wake anyone, but I needed to feel my little girl tonight.”

“That’s okay, Daddy,” I replied. But I was surprised that he would do so when mom was just down the hall…yet somewhat excited by it too. He had always come to my room when Mom was not home before.

His hand slid quickly under my nightie, and he caressed my lithe body as he pushed it to my nape. I liked the feeling of his rough hands moving on my soft skin. We were a farming family, so he always worked outside. Every summer and before and after school, I had worked along with him; feeding the animals, mucking the stalls, gathering eggs, repairing fence posts, tracking down the animals when they strayed, and baling hay to store in our large barn.

Being a farming family meant long days of arduous labour, and not a lot of time for other things that my old high school friends had gotten to enjoy. I didn’t date, and college was out of the question, as my brother had left the farm to attend, and I was still needed to help out. It also wasn’t affordable for us. Or maybe that is just what Daddy told me, when they sent my brother to learn agricultural science at an out-of-state college. To help offset the cost of his college Mom took a job as a bookkeeper in the city. It was shortly after my eighteenth birthday that Daddy had started fucking me, and the first time was in that barn…

It was a hot, August afternoon, and we had just finished unloading bales of hay that had been in the summer sun drying from the trailer into the barn. Mom and my brother, home for the summer, were gone into the city to pick up feed, do groceries, and get an oil change on our truck, so would be gone for quite some time yet. It was hot and sweaty work, and we had finished sooner than expected, which was nice. I felt accomplished. I was looking forward to a refreshing shower, as my jeans and shirt were dirty and wet with sweat.

As I finished ensuring the last bale was piled correctly, I felt Daddy slap my ass, playfully, and whoop out, “Good job, kiddo!” I was proud, and turned to smile down at him. When I did, I saw his gaze stuck firmly on my ass, and felt myself tense. Things had been a little strange since I’d hit puberty, and I’d often find Daddy watching my breasts or looking at me strangely. And then there were the more recent rubs…it always felt weird, but he had seemed lately to be working too closely, finding ways to touch my body.

When he looked up, he saw me watching his face. I expected him to avert his gaze, as he did in the past, şişli bayan escort but this time he didn’t. He just silently reached upwards towards me on the ladder, and I felt his hand reach between my legs, and over my ass, then back again between my legs.

“C’mon down, my Babygirl,” he said, removing his hand and watching me climb down the ladder towards him. As I descended, he stood very close, holding the sides of the ladder. I heard him intake a sharp breath when my ass was level with his face, and as I continued down, he pressed against me, pinning me into the ladder. In this proximity, I could feel his penis growing harder beneath his jeans as he rotated his hips against me. He continued this motion for several minutes, breathing his moist breath in my hair and nuzzling into my neck, licking the sweat from it. I was both surprised and frightened by his actions.

I was a virgin, but when you grow up on a farm, you know about sex, breeding the animals, or watching them mate. I had kissed a few boys in school, but my parents were pretty strict about making sure I got good grades and that I helped out at home with the chores of farming. I knew that what he was doing was wrong, but it was beginning to affect me, and I could feel muscles tighten in my body with each rotation. I began to relax, exploring and enjoying these new sensations within my body. I guess Daddy felt me relax, because the next thing I knew, he was reaching his arms around me, unbuttoning my jeans, sliding the zipper down, and reaching his hand inside.

I tensed again, but heard him whisper, “Don’t worry, Babygirl, it’s okay. This will feel good, and you look so beautiful, I can’t help it.”

I felt him slide his hand into my panties, down to stroke my intimate parts. Subconsciously, I spread my legs, allowing further, easier access. I had masturbated in the darkness of my room, silently at night, so knew it would feel good. As his hand crept down, covering me, he began to rub a rough finger up and down my slit. I had never tried that, as I had always finished through rubbing a finger in circles against my clitoris.

It was…pleasant and different. But then he began to move his finger further inside, spreading my lips as he rubbed. What he found when he had wiggled his finger through, my wetness, turned him on further, and he whispered into my ear, “Oh, my! It looks like my little girl loves Daddy very much, and it feels like you haven’t loved anyone else. That is a lovely sentiment. Do you know what people do when they love each other like we do?”

He continued to grind his pelvis against me, and continued to slowly rub his finger up and down my slit while he waited for me to respond.

“Ummm, no…” I hesitated. “I mean, yes, but…”

“Let me show you, Babygirl. Let Daddy love you,” he cooed as he removed his finger and moved to slide my jeans and panties down to my cowboy boots.

I heard him unbuckle his belt, and undo his jeans, but was shy and too nervous-standing there exposed against the cold metal-to look. My senses were heightened, and I heard him move towards me once more, before suddenly feeling his hands on my inner thighs, widening my stance further. Then I felt his tongue on me, and could not şişli escort contain the small gasp that escaped my lips as it hit my clit, and stayed there, doing circles similar to those I had done in the black of night.

He continued his ministrations, moving from my clit to my slit every so often, tasting me, sliding his tongue between the tightness, wiggling the muscle back and forth inside me. Soon, I felt his finger playing there as he sucked gently on my clit. He began to press the finger into me, and I tensed at the pain.

“Babygirl, it will only hurt for a minute, but you have to relax through it. You are doing an awesome job, showing me how much you love me. You always were my favourite, Babygirl, just don’t tell your brother or Mom. It will be our little secret,” he said.

I tried to relax, wanting to please him, but it still hurt as he slid his finger in and out, finally gently pressing his finger through my hymen as his tongue flickered across my clit. He let out a groan as he felt it give way, and heard my intake of sharp breath. As the pain subsided, I could feel him start to increase the rhythm of his finger, pressing in and out of my tight cunt a bit harder, wiggling his finger around a bit inside of me.

I relaxed again, and began to enjoy, knowing now that I was Daddy’s favourite. I wanted to impress him, to retain that new-found status, so I began to wiggle against him, pushing myself onto his finger more, and pressing my clit to his mouth.

He groaned against me, and stopped everything he had been doing. He did up his pants, and began to walk away. I thought I had done something wrong! So much for being the favourite! My mind raced, almost in a panic, as I tried to think of how to fix this mistake, but could not, as I did not know what the mistake was. After several moments, I figured I may as well ask. I turned to ask him what I had done wrong, and saw him walking towards me with a horse blanket usually kept on a nearby stall. He placed it on the floor, and told me to come, lie down. Oh, thank goodness! A second chance! I nearly ran to the blanket, or would have, had my jeans not still been tethered to my ankles by my boots. I felt silly, waddling towards him as he stared at me.

I awkwardly moved onto the blanket, dropping to my knees, sliding down on my side before finally rolling over, onto my back beside Daddy. He chuckled gruffly at me, and removed both the boots and clothing from my ankles.

“Better?” he asked, watching me.

“Yes, thank you, Daddy!” I replied with relief.

He stood, removing his pants, then moved over me. I had glanced quickly at the size of him, swiftly comparing it to the size of his fingers, and was a bit worried by the girth. He was awfully thick. His hard cock pressed against me as he grabbed the side of my cowgirl shirt and ripped the snaps open. Then he reached down and undid the front clasp on my bra, removing it from my tiny breasts. I laid still as he sat up to look down on me.

“Beautiful, Babygirl…absolutely beautiful!” I smiled at the compliment. “Now, where was I…?” he pondered as he lowered his lips back to my clit and easily slid a finger inside, moaning against me as it bottomed out gently into my cervix.

His mecidiyeköy escort oral abilities had me soon writhing on the woolen blanket, and as I began to buck my hips up into him, he quickly forced a second finger in, causing me to groan in pain once more, and I summarily stopped moving against him. He slowed his approach, and began gradually working both digits into me, stretching my cunt, preparing me for his manhood.

When I began to buck my hips against him once more, he removed his fingers, and quickly replaced them with his cock, expertly, barely skipping a beat. He pressed into me, with his weight on his arms at my side, slowly this time. His lips moved to my breasts, suckling first one then the other. Then he moved his lips to mine, and as his tongue matched the rhythm of his cock, teasing in and out, exploring my mouth, I felt my orgasm build. I gasped and moaned softly as he began to fuck me increasingly faster and harder, still fucking my mouth with his tongue.

He removed his mouth from mine as my tight pussy began to clench around him, slowly at first. He re-positioned himself so he was above me, looking down, watching my breasts jiggle with each plunge. I moaned softly with each thrust, and his words encouraged me on while he watched…

“That’s it, Babygirl, do you like Daddy’s cock?”

“Yes,” I panted, almost breathlessly.

“Tell me you like how Daddy fucks you, Babygirl.”

“Mmmmm….I like…how you…fuck me…Daddy,” I moaned out between thrusts.

“Yes, you are making me so proud, Babygirl…and making me feel so good in your tight cunt. I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock, Babygirl…and I want you to cum around Daddy’s cock. I want to feel that, Babygirl,” he stated as he continued to pump his massive organ in and out of me.

“Oh, Daddy, yes! I will cum around you.”

“That’s it, Babygirl…That is what Daddy likes to hear. Say it again, repeat it.”

“I will cum for you, Daddy,” I gasped.

With those words, he placed my finger on my clit, encouraging me with his own hand to circle it quickly, and continued to fuck me. As I did so, he removed his hand, and when I did not stop fingering my clit furiously, he moaned out, “Oh, damn Babygirl, that’s it!”

“Your…fucking…pussy…is…so…tight…around…Daddy’s…cock…and…I want…you to…cum…for me…Babygirl…soon…before…I do!” he panted, as he thrust into me, hard, fast and deep.

“Yes, Daddy….I will…I will…oh…God…Daddy…you feel…so good…”

As my orgasm overcame me, I could only moan and listen to Daddy repeating, “Cum…Babygirl…for Daddy…cum for Daddy!”

“Yes, Daddy, yes…”

“Yes, Daddy, yes…”

“Yes, fuck me, Daddy!”

“Ohhhh, Daddy!”

“I’m going to cum, Daddy!”

And with that, my muscles clenched tightly around his cock, sending pulsations through him that brought him to a swift climax.

“I’m going to cum inside you, Babygirl…I am going to give you all of my seed,” he roared out as he pumped furiously into me, filling my used cunt with streams of his ejaculate.

Spent, he rolled off and away from me.

Minutes later, after catching his breath, he told me we had better get showered and dressed before Mom got home from the city. I stood, gathering my clothes, feeling the mixture of our cum leak out, down my thigh.

We dressed and left the barn without another word, but then, that was only the beginning…

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