Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 11

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Warning: This is the eleventh chapter in a long, sometimes slow, edgy and very kinky incest tale. Each chapter builds on previous chapters. This story contains topics such as small breast fetish, female and male domination/submission, cuckoldry, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, feminization, panty fetish, sissification, embarrassment/humiliation, masturbation, father/daughter, mother/son, and bi-sexuality. It is not intended to be a “Quick Read”, but rather a shocking and detailed look at the way two kinky people find each other, the way their relationship blossoms and the experiences they enjoy and endure.


As Patty led me toward the stairs and up to her room, she started to softly cry again. Grasping my hand tightly, she glanced at me and shook her head in disbelief at what I’d done, but she kept walking, pulling me along behind her. When we were well out of her father’s sight, she stopped and pulled herself in front of me. Tears were coming down her face and she was obviously upset.

“Why did you do that?” She asked softly, peeking over her shoulder to make sure her father wasn’t watching or listening.

“What’s the big deal?” I replied in a cocky voice. “I don’t understand why you’re so upset. I thought you’d be impressed.”

“Sweetheart, you have no idea what you’ve done and what you’re in for. I’m used to his kind of punishment and I’ve learned ways to deal with it,” Patty said in choppy breaths in between sobs, “but, you haven’t. Paul, I appreciate what you think you were doing, but, watching you go through this is going to be much, much worse for me than taking the punishment myself.”

Patty hugged me tightly, pressing her naked chest against mine, and I could feel her trembling in my arms. She was quietly sobbing now as if she was headed for a full blown breakdown. Her reactions to me offering to take her punishment were way beyond what I expected, and I got the feeling she knew something I didn’t know, and now I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into.

“Damn.” I said to myself. I thought it had gone so well in the sitting room after my proposal. Patty started out hugging and kissing both of us. When she sat on his lap and he started to touch her leg and then moved up to her crotch, I was initially shocked. But, it only took a few seconds of watching him stroke her between her legs for me to start getting excited. When her father’s fingers crept under the material of her shorts, I was completely hard and even though it was my fiancé he was feeling up, I had no will power to stop him. And quite honestly, I didn’t want him to stop. Deep down, I wanted him to continue — maybe even stripping her and making her sit with her legs spread open while he diddled her pussy. I remember thinking maybe he’d just go ahead and take her virginity now. Oh, man — how I’d love to see that.

When he told Patty to take her shirt off, I was amazed at the way she immediately obeyed and pulled her shirt over her head. I was hard as a rock watching the way he was touching her and dominating her, and when he was telling me how he was going to take her virginity on her wedding night, I got this vision of her lying on her back as he thrust his cock into her pussy with one forward thrust — making her yelp as his hard cock broke through hymen and into her virginal pussy. Without stopping, he’d drive into her — time after time relentlessly shoving his cock deep into my beloved’s pussy until he came inside her. The vision in my head was so vivid, and so exciting.

Then I imagined the other part — how I’d be made to suck and clean them both — licking the virginal blood from her broken cherry off his cock while she watched — and then having to clean their combined juices and his sperm from her pussy, too. To some it might sound disgusting, but, at that moment — while I watched his fingers inside her shorts, I couldn’t wait for it all to happen. I was consumed with it.

When he first announced he was going to punish Patty, I thought it would amount to some trivial scolding, or similar childhood punishment. The whole thing seemed somewhat silly, especially at her age. And, Patty’s father was right, I was trying to be chivalrous — I was trying to protect my girl….. my new fiancé and when she was threatened, I stepped right up.

There was one bit of solace, though. If I was going to be punished the same way she would have been punished, then I knew it couldn’t be that bad. After all, if she’d been punished before the same way and got through it, it should be a breeze for me. After all, I’m much bigger and stronger, and…. I’m a man.

After a second more, she broke our hug and took my hand and we walked the rest of the way to her room without saying a word. As we got to her door — the exact place where I proposed and she agreed to marry me not more than an hour ago, I asked her what he was going to do….. what the punishment was.

“You heard what Daddy said, Sweetheart.” Patty şişli bayan escort replied, looking up into my eyes. “I’m not supposed to tell you, so please don’t ask me. I’m just supposed to get you ready, and we’re going to have to hurry if we’re going to be on time. It won’t be good if we’re not ready.”

Once in Patty’s room, she closed the door behind us and put her hands on her hips. She looked like she was deep in thought for a second and then she looked up at me, saying, “You’re going to have to trust me on this, but, I think it will be better for both of us if we do this as Mommy and Sissy, Paul. So, from now until this is all over, I want you to become Sissy.”

I had to think about that. In our conversations about the Sissy role play, we’d always said the Mommy/Sissy thing was just for us — just for me and her. I don’t know if the fact that she was my fiancé now had changed any of that, or the fact that I was taking her punishment, but, this certainly was a departure from what we decided. And, with the one exception when I was in my Sissy role in front of Angie that day at her Villa, we’d always been careful to play our Sissy games in private. With Patty asking me to become Sissy in front of her father, I now had a reason to panic.

“It will be fine, Sissy,” Patty said, wiping her eyes with a tissue, “I’ve got some ideas and Mommy is going to be here to help you the whole time. But, I need you to listen to me and do exactly what Mommy asks.”

Patty glanced over at the clock and then turned to walk toward her bathroom. “Take your clothes off, Sissy.” Patty said over her shoulder as she reached the bathroom door. Toss everything on the bed and I’ll pick them up in a minute.”

I heard the opening and closing of cabinets as Patty rummaged around inside her luxurious bathroom suite. Following her instructions, I began to undress. I really didn’t understand why I was undressing, but, when I was in my Sissy role, she’d taught me to do everything she said without questioning, so, that’s what I was doing. I heard the water start to run in the bathroom as I pulled my undershirt over my head. I’d skipped wearing a bra today since I was coming to talk to Patty’s father about marrying her. Even though most days I’d become used to wearing one, I felt it was best not to push the edge of the envelope on a day I was coming to talk to her father about her marrying me.

I’d long ago completely switched over to panties, though. Patty helped me with that. We shopped for panties together and once we found the style I liked and fit me well — and could contain my frequent erections, she cleaned out all my man underwear and we threw them away. Since that day, I’ve worn nothing but panties.

So, standing in just my panties when Patty returned from her bathroom, she quickly pointed to the yellow silkies I was wearing and said, “Panties, too, Sissy. I need you to be naked for Mommy.”

She was carrying several things in her arms, all bundled up in a towel. Dumping the bundle at the end of her large bed, my eyes popped open when I saw what she’d brought. Most notably, there were two disposable enema bottles, already out of their boxes and the protective wrapping removed. She had a few wash cloths, and a brand new bottle of the personal lubricant we used.

Standing next to her, she quickly spread the towel out on top of her bed. “Hop up here, Sissy. Lie on your left side and pull your right knee up.” She said. “Mommy’s done this for you before — you know how to do it.”

In the flash of a moment, I realized there must be some reason Patty felt she needed to give me an enema. Now, that wasn’t really so strange, since anytime we played with the strap-on, she’d always start me out with an enema. They weren’t so bad, and I actually got to the point where I looked forward to them. Actually, that’s not exactly true. What I looked forward to was the time Patty sat next to me in her Mommy role while the enema worked inside me. She’d slowly and carefully go through the process of giving me the enema, and once she’d squeezed the contents of the bottle up inside me, she’d sit next to me and stroke my cock until it was hard.

Once I was hard, she’d rub my arms and my face softly while the fluid did its job. She never jacked me or sucked me during the enema, she’d only get me hard and then she never touched my cock again. She was always hovering over me — never leaving my side and I always felt like she pampered me so much during the few minutes set aside for the enema. Maybe it sounds corny, but, one of the reasons I never put up a fuss about the enemas was the way she did those things.

When the cramping would start, she’d massage my belly and speak to me softly, telling me it would be all over soon. And when I couldn’t hold it anymore, she’d help me to the bathroom and close the door to let me get that stuff out. When I was done in the bathroom, she’d either have a warm wash cloth ready or she’d usher me to the shower şişli escort so I could quickly rinse myself off. God, she was so good at looking after me.

From time to time, she’d give me a second enema. It wasn’t very often, but if she was going to get rowdy with the strap-on, she’d usually opt for a second enema to make sure I was cleaned out well for our play time. I guess that made sense, but I never questioned her, so when she wanted to do it, I always let her.

But tonight, she didn’t hover over me. Once I was on the bed, she quickly slipped behind me, wiped me off and then slipped her lubricated finger in my bottom. Before I knew it, the bottle was in me and she was squeezing the solution into my bowel. Tapping my bottom, Patty told me to stay where I was and she’d be back in a few minutes.

Lying there with the enema solution inside me, I knew it would start to work in a matter of a few minutes, so, I hoped she’d be back to me soon. Instead, though, she was scurrying around; going into her bathroom, into her closet — then into the bathroom again — buzzing around like a little humming bird. When the cramping began, I started making faces and grimacing. Another minute later, she stuck her head out of the bathroom and asked me if I was ready, and I told her I was.

Patty came over and helped me off the bed, put her arm around my waist and walked me quickly to the bathroom. She’d turned on the heat lamp and I noticed numerous items laid out on her vanity counter. As she helped me to the stool and sat me down, she told me to hold it in as long as I could and then let it go.

Bending down to kiss me, she said, “Mommy will be right back. You sit there and go.” With that, Patty took a few steps to the doorway, switched on the exhaust fan, closed the door and left me to do my business.

As I sat there trying to hold it in as long as possible, I heard her go into her closet and then the clanging of hangers. After a second, the noises stopped and I heard her footsteps disappear. In the silence, I finished what I had to do and after a couple of minutes, she came back into the bathroom. “All done, Sissy?” She asked. I told her I was done, and she reached out her hand and pulled me to my feet.

“You okay, Baby?” Patty asked as she led me back to the bed and motioned for me to lie down again. “We need to do another one, Sissy. Be a good girl and cooperate with Mommy.” She added.

We went through the same process again. The second enema went much faster and pretty soon, there was no question if I was cleaned out, or not. As I sat on the stool after the second enema, Patty reached into the shower and turned the water on. “Mommy’s going to let this warm up for you while you sit there, Sissy.” She explained. Then reaching over to her vanity, she picked up a pair of scissors and turned to me. “Sissy, listen to Mommy carefully.” Patty said. “When I put you in the shower, I want you to use these scissors to carefully cut as much of your pubic hair as you can. We don’t have time to shave you, so I want you to use one hand to pull the hair away from your body and then use the scissors to trim it as close to the skin as possible.”

“I don’t have time to get in with you,” Patty added, “so you’ll have to do it yourself. Be careful and don’t cut anything down there, Sissy. Get as much hair off as you can and then wash up quickly. Use the shampoo in the big pump bottle,” Patty instructed, “Daddy really likes the way it smells, and use the liquid soap on your body.”

Pulling me up from the stool, she opened the sliding glass door to the shower and told me to get in. Handing me the scissors, she leaned in and kissed me again. “It’ll be okay, Sissy. Mommy’s going to be with you and I’ll help you be a good girl for Daddy.” Then, Patty kissed me lightly and told me to get under the water. “Hurry,” Patty said, “we don’t want to make Daddy wait.”

She left the bathroom and closed the door and I went to work doing everything she told me to do. She came in once or twice while I was in the shower, opening the glass door to check my progress. Each time, she told me I was doing good and to hurry. When I was finished, I turned off the water and opened the glass shower door. As soon as I opened the door, Patty entered the bathroom and handed me a large, fluffy towel. “Hurry now, Sissy.” She said. “Mommy’s almost ready for you.”

I dried off as quickly as I could. Patty came in and handed me a razor and a can of shaving cream. “Be sure you get rid of all that stubble on your face, Sissy,” she said, “and don’t cut yourself. We don’t have time for that.”

In just a few more minutes, I was clean, dry and shaved. Opening her bathroom door and walking out into her bedroom, Patty came up and ran her hands across my cheeks. “Nicely done, Sissy.” Then taking a step back, she inspected the trim job on my pubes and she smiled — the first time she’d smiled since we were down stairs with her father. “I like that look, Sissy,” she mecidiyeköy escort said, “and Daddy will like it, too.”

Patty then pulled me over to her bed. There, I recognized one of the baby doll nightgowns she had made for me — the shortest and the most transparent. If I had to describe it, I’d say it was ‘sultry’. It really didn’t cover anything at all, and the matching panties were so sheer, you could see right through them. Lying next to them was a matching bra, which I’d never seen before.

Patty held my hand and said, “I was saving the bra for a special occasion, Sissy. Mommy had it made especially for you by the same person that made all your baby dolls, and it should fit you perfectly. It’s got some padding to make you look like you have boobs, and I can’t think of better time than now to let you wear it. Obviously, it’s just for show, but, I think it’ll make you look more feminine and Daddy will notice.”

Patty glanced over to her nightstand to check the time. “Oh!” She gasped. “We really need to hurry and get you dressed. Then we can talk for a few minutes so I can give you some pointers.”

Patty started with the bra. She’d dressed me so many times, I knew exactly what to do to make things easier for her. As she slipped the bra up my arms and stepped behind me to do the clasp, I smiled to myself. How much I enjoyed those initial few seconds when a bra is strapped around my chest. It’s a defining moment — at least it is for me and each time Patty dressed me in one, I adored the way it made me feel. Once or twice I even wished I had real breasts to put inside a bra, but, I never spoke of that to Patty.

Next, she bent down to hold my panties out for me. Since she was topless, as I looked down into the panties to see where to step, I could also see her tiny breasts and nipples. I remembered the way Patty’s father touched her breast in front of me — the way he intentionally tweaked and pinched her nipple as I watched. It was a powerful statement to me — a statement that said “See, I can fondle my daughter in front of you.”

“Sissy!” I heard her say.

When I looked down at her, she had an urgent look on her face. “I called your name three times. Didn’t you hear me?”

I shook my head and told her I didn’t. “Well, stop day dreaming, Sissy. We’re running out of time.”

As she pulled the panties up my legs, she asked me what I was daydreaming about. “Your father.” I answered.

“Daddy?” She asked.

“Well,” I admitted, “in the last hour I’ve seen him touch your breasts and put his hands inside your shorts. The weird thing is that I wasn’t upset at all. In fact, I was sort of wanting him to do it….. wanting him to do more. It’s funny, but, when ever I though about someone else touching you, my biggest fear was I might get angry. What bothers me is that I wasn’t angry at all. I was turned on.”

“Sissy,” Patty said, “We don’t have time to discuss that right now. But, Mommy understands what you’re saying and I promise we can calk about it later. We have to concentrate on getting you ready. We only have a few minutes before Daddy comes back.”

Finally, Patty reached for the Baby Doll nightie and slipped it over my head. After adjusting the way it hung on me, she stepped back and looked at me from head to toe. “Good.” She said. “Sissy, you look beautiful and Daddy is going to be very happy.”

Then her eyebrows flew up and her eyes popped open. “Oh!” Patty said frantically. “I forgot something.”

Patty ran over to her nightstand and opened the drawer. Reaching in, she pulled something out and turned back to me. I immediately recognized the tube of anal lubricant in her hand as she crossed the floor back to me. “Turn around and bend over the bed, Sissy.”

It wasn’t until that exact time that I actually realized what might happen to me. She’d given me two enemas, which wasn’t a regular part of our habits — just when we were going to have an extended anal play session with one of the strap-on toys we had. And now, it appeared she was about to lube my bottom up with the special anal lube she used on me before our strap-on play times. This stuff was a marvel of science, I’m telling you. It lasted a long time and included a desensitizing ingredient that was especially helpful when Patty got carried away and ran out of control as she fucked the hell out of my ass with her strap-ons. That didn’t happen often, but, every now and then she’d get so turned on she’d just wail away at my butt. I loved it when she took me like that and we bought this lube to add to my comfort during those times. The dong she used in the strap-ons wasn’t that big, but the lube helped — even if it was just a placebo.

I felt Patty pull my panties down to my knees as I bent over the edge of her bed. Next, she pried by cheeks apart and I felt her lubricated finger enter me. “Hold still, Sissy.” Patty instructed. “Mommy will be done back here in just a minute.”

When she removed her finger from my hole, I felt the tip of the tube push into me and then felt her squeeze a generous amount up into my butt. The only sensation I got was the momentary discomfort of the cold lube as it squirted into me, but that went away soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32