Awkward Ch. 01

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Big Tits


Written & edited by Amnoartist


Laid in bed, Mark stared longingly at the ceiling. A depressive sigh escaped his lungs. He had an intense desire to sleep but couldn’t on account of the noises from the wall behind him – the bed creaking, lusty moans, enthusiastic giggles, a cacophony of sounds that only served to make Mark wince and cringe, despite them being a nightly occurrence for the past six months. He’d ought to have gotten used to them by now, surely, his father Gordon often commented.

It just wasn’t that simple though. He wished it was but the stars didn’t seem to align in his favor.

Mark turned on his side as he heard the young feminine voice call out from the wall in the form of a lusty scream. He wanted to bury his head in his pillow, but her dulcet tones were so overpowering and sweet as honey he just couldn’t muster the willpower to do so. The passionate shriek was followed by more rhythmical thumps, presumably from Gordon. It was they that compelled Mark to follow through with his initial idea, throwing the pillow over his head.

“Fucking hell.”

As if God himself were poking fun at our unfortunate protagonist, it became clear even the thick feathery pillow wasn’t enough to soften the noises. Mark could still hear his father’s husky grunts and Jade’s ushering him on for ‘more’ or ‘deeper.’

That was the last straw. Bounding out of bed, Mark decided that in the face of not being able to sleep, it would be better he do something to keep his mind off the fact his father was in the midst of fucking someone at least twenty years his junior. Of course, Mark wasn’t going to openly confront his father about the noise – he wasn’t brave enough for that. Instead, he tip-toed through the hall in the hopes of sneaking into the toilet.

That was when Mark noticed it – eventually. The silence. The riotous sex between his father and Jade had finally stopped after what had to be at least two hours. Mark did consider turning back to his room but was closer to the toilet now, so decided to see his deed through. The issue, though, was—

The door groaned open like those often seen in horror movies, revealing the youthful messy-haired brunette in all her boner-inducing nakedness. She glowered gently at Mark upon closing the door behind her. It was clear Jade was bothered by Mark catching sight of her in such a compromising way.

—the bathroom was directly across from Gordon’s bedroom!

Mark and Jade exchanged looks, though his were far more awkward, and rightly so. In spite of her nakedness, Jade crossed her arms over her bountiful chest and looked upon him like a concerned relative. Mark broke into a panic at this and his awkwardness only blossomed further as he looked down and noticed cum casually oozing down Jade’s smooth inner thigh all the way down to her calf.

“I told your father that if he stopped touching himself for a week, I’d go on top this time.” Jade could tell just from his ongoing silence that Mark was discomfited by not just the display but her words as well, which she took a sense of erotic enjoyment in. Stressing that point, she ran a hand down her bare cum-soaked snatch and rubbed it gently before gathering a small dollop of Gordon’s pent-up load in her finger. “He had a lot to offer.”

It finally registered in Mark’s brain what Jade implied. All the rhythmical thumping he heard came from her! Mark knew Jade but not this side of her, because, in a cruel twist of fate, she was Mark’s ex, vigorously screwing his father to the point where he passed out on the bed.

Mark and Jade were in a relationship together for a few months at one point, but it never seemed to blossom into something with the same vigor as hers with Gordon. It felt like a cruel cosmic joke had been played on Mark when he found out Jade had started ‘seeing’ his father. He’d never gotten used to it, They were weren’t on the best of terms since then.

Jade rubbed Gordon’s cum between her fingers and smiled. It was thick and white as snow, sticky and globbed like stringy cheese. Mark’s wasn’t ever like that – at all.

“You going in there? I need to shower before your dad wakes up in case he wants another round.”

Mark hid his cringing behind a feigned smile, finally coming out of his awkward trance. “No, go ahead.”

Jade brushed past Mark and shut the bathroom door behind her without so much as a passing glance. Things between them were truly that awkward.

The clock ticked away quietly. Half two in the morning. Mark wasn’t due to wake for another six hours but Jade’s frolicking with his father obviously put that to an end. He opened the fridge and pulled out the carton of orange juice, parched. It wasn’t long after that a sigh expelled from his lungs. There was no arguing life was so much simpler before Jade started sleeping with his father.

Mark remembered the day he introduced Jade to his father. Particularly, he remembered what Gordon was doing at that precise moment: doing güvenilir bahis siteleri push-ups, his muscles all pumped, his body glistening with sweat. In the earlier years of Mark’s life, Gordon was considered clinically obese and apparently only had a few years of life left if he kept going the way he was. This news spurred Gordon into changing his life around, transforming himself into a fitness freak. When Mark introduced him to Jade, there was more meat on Gordon’s chest than his own son’s entire frame.

Things between Jade and Gordon seemed to hit off naturally from that moment. An unmistakable rift between her and Mark formed soon after.

Mark took a seat at the kitchen table and drank his juice solemnly, alone, contemplating how his life had turned out the way it did. How he didn’t even share in his father’s apparent genetics once he bothered to get his life back on track was just as annoying. Perhaps if Mark was just as fit, Jade wouldn’t have set eyes on his father instead. That implied she had a thing for muscular guys, surely?

The kitchen door groaned open, revealing Jade in a skimpy red bedgown. It wasn’t just any bedgown though, but the one Mark bought her for Christmas. She cocked her hip and smirked, looking at the carton of orange juice beside her ex.

“Mind getting me a glass? Throat’s kinda dry after all that moaning.”

Mark didn’t even hesitate to comply. What would be the point in arguing? If he did, Jade would just bring the matter up with his father, who’d just side with her anyway. Rolling his eyes, Mark pulled a glass larger than his own out from the cabinet and poured juice into it. Before he even had a chance to turn around, though, Jade snatched the glass out of his hand and downed its contents in one gulp. Mark should’ve been surprised, but of course, she had developed quite a finesse for swallowing things lately.

That was when Mark noticed it. How Jade’s neck looked thicker than usual. It could’ve just been the angle of the night light, of course, but that was before he realized her gown looked tighter across her back as well.

Jade set the glass down next to Mark and smiled at him noticing her forearm was easily twice as thick as his own. Jade was aware of her changes and found humor in Mark’s discontent in their obviously quick emergence. She raised her arm up into a flex and giggled as the gown’s sleeve ripped to reveal a bicep easily large as Mark’s fist! It throbbed and pulsed with energy as Mark’s heart sank. Between seeing the unnatural occurrence take place and the gown rip and tear, he didn’t know what to think. The gown itself was a symbol of how much Jade meant to him and for her to wear it after fucking Gordon was enough of a heartbreak, let alone see it slowly shed itself to nothing – symbolizing what he meant to her — eventually revealing Jade in her total nakedness once again.

Grunting, she pulled into a crab flex, feeling the veins across her chest snaking and throbbing violently, her modest pectoral muscles growing inches at a time between each passing second. Mark watched but the intensity of the moment was beginning to take a hold of him, blurring his vision, close to passing out.

“I never did thank you for introducing me to your father, did I?”

That did it. What little lucidity Mark had left wasn’t enough to keep him conscious. He felt himself faze out, his eyes dimming just as Jade’s hand reached out to him.

When he finally started coming to, Mark felt something weighing him down. His vision was still blurry but he could make out the brown fuzziness of Jade’s curly locks of hair, her broad shoulders naked as the rest of her. She giggled, cupping her large breasts in her hands, his eyes finally readjusting to the darkness.

Mark never expected to wake to Jade shamelessly straddling him. Nor had he anticipated being tied to the kitchen chair, underwear pulled down to his ankles so his cock was exposed. Rocking the chair, he pulled, yanked and strained in his effort to rip free from his bonds but all his efforts only served to make them tighter – and vex Jade. Pinching his shoulder, he yelped. He got the hint – don’t bother. Coming to terms with the fact, that was when Mark fixed his eyes on Jade properly this time, seeing her biceps rub against her hips as she pushed herself closer to him. It was embarrassing enough for Mark to find himself in such a compromising position, let alone realize Jade was now – somehow – more muscular than him too.

“How the hell did—Let me outta here—”

Jade raised her hand, enough for Mark to instantly quieten, mostly out of fear in not knowing what would happen if he chose otherwise. Jade’s inexplicable muscle growth scared him, not knowing if she was willing to use her obvious increase in size to…do things to him. After all, he didn’t mean so much to her now as he used to. Jade loved Gordon – properly. There was no denying that. Mark was basically just the means to that end. He watched her run a hand over his thigh. Her canlı bahis siteleri forearm pulsing with energetic vascularity. Mark couldn’t deny the tinge of arousal that came from watching her hand glide closer to his crotch—

She pulled away, using the same hand to reach into the cabinet above her. “You’re probably wondering how I managed to grow so quickly” she commented, rummaging for something in particular. Her tongue sticking out suggested concentration.

All Mark could do was nod, really wanting to know how his ex grew into the living embodiment of his fantasy in a few short moments. Mark hadn’t ever mentioned to Jade before the fact he liked muscular women, so clearly someone blabbed about it to her behind his back.

“You father was been particularly open of late, during our nightly ‘sessions.’ Commented on him knowing about your ‘thing’ for muscular women long before you even told him.” Jade smiled as she pulled out a bottle of pills from the cabinet, placing them on Mark’s leg so he could get a good look at the label. Branadrine – Make Sex Great Again! It came as no surprise to Mark that his heart sank. He’d heard that the drug had unexpected effects on women when men used it, but didn’t quite expect them to be so…drastic. “If only you were so open as well, Mark. Imagine the kind of relationship we would’ve been in now if you were just honest with me.”

That was when Mark realized what Jade was heading towards and it excited him, to say the least. “You used the Branadrine to bulk up and surprise me, didn’t you?”

Jade burst into a mocking laugh. Mark couldn’t have been any further from the truth. She loved how he was ever so hopeful, though. It was almost adorable. The reality was Jade used the drug to bulk up and be more commanding, lord over Mark as she made things more awkward for him while she screwed his father’s brains out. “You wish.”

“So why did you—”

“To make you realize what you’ll be missing out on for not being honest with me.”

Mark felt like he’d been stabbed in the back. How was he to know his relationship with Jade would’ve been maintained if he told her his deepest, darkest secret? It was a risk in itself to tell his father, which was clearly now a deep regret. He wouldn’t have found himself in this situation either.

Smiling, Jade pumped her bicep up a few times, toying with Mark, watching her arm bloat bigger inches at a time with each flex, his ragged breaths of arousal like music to her ears, her vaginal muscles pulsing with the thought of anticipating further growth. “Think I’ll go give your father another visit now.”

“What about me? You can’t keep me in this chair all night.”

“Oh, but I can.” Jade proceeded to walk off, the Branadrine bottle in hand, shrugging her shoulders in preparation for her next round of vigorous growth-inducing sex with Gordon. “Think of it as your punishment for not being honest. And don’t worry – I’ll be sure to be extra loud with the moans this time!”


As the days went by, the situation between Mark and Jade only became more awkward. As she manipulated him through routinely passionate sex, Mark’s father Gordon became increasingly sympathetic towards the burgeoning girl, always siding with her during arguments in the belief that in doing so he would be rewarded with sexual favors. This, of course, not only was true but also came to pass, if only for the sole reason that Jade wanted to make Mark feel as uncomfortable in his own home as possible, while she, in turn, continued her growth.

Jade’s desire for growth was as ravenous as Gordon’s for sex with her. It was a vicious cycle: he would fuck her; she would grow; he would fuck her again in having become more muscular and sexually dominant – just the way Gordon admitted to liking it. Mark, of course, saw it differently. There was, of course, no denying Jade’s increasingly evident power-hunger. In just a couple of days she had more than tripled in size since he found himself tied up in the kitchen. Her abnormally quick increase in musculature would be a cause for concern to most people, but Jade relished in it, knowing it got Gordon hard as a rock and Mark squirmed like a worm. In fact, he found himself doing her bidding out of fear for what would happen if he didn’t.

Jade was so confident in both herself and her evident power that she pranced around the house naked, though a more thoughtful presumption would be that she no longer had any clothes left that fit her monstrous frame. It was a good thing then Gordon was willing to go do some shopping for his lover, leaving Jade alone Mark.

He, of course, didn’t take that fact well, as he was forced into worshiping his ex’s muscular body against his will. Knelt down behind her, he ran both hands up her calf, told to do so at a slow pace so as to savor the moment for what it was. Admittedly, Mark couldn’t deny the sensation building at his crotch. He was pretty sure he didn’t like muscular women, though perhaps Jade was the sole exception.

“MMMMMMM!” bahis firmaları Jade shuddered with a tone that could only have been described as ecstasy, a bucking sensation of eroticism flowing through her as she not only became increasing aroused by Mark’s forced servitude, but the spurt of growth that came hand-in-hand with it. Mark’s fingers were spread further and further apart as her calves swelled larger, a faint cluster of veins amassing at the sharp edge. By his guess they must’ve exceeded twenty inches already!

Mark didn’t need an explanation behind Jade’s sudden growth spurt. It was dripping between her legs as she stood over him, all runny and white as toothpaste. She took delight in having Gordon’s cum gunged between her thighs, knowing just how awkward and embarrassed it made Mark feel, which was all rather the point. She was stressing just how much he was missing out on, on account of not being honest with her.

“I want you to know your father and I are planning to marry.” Jade knew Mark wouldn’t take that news well. He felt it was bad enough his ex was in a relationship with his father and unashamedly sexually manipulating him, but now he had the added issue of Jade potentially becoming his step-mum! It had to be a cruel cosmic joke, surely? It was a all a nightmare that he’d eventually wake up from, right?

In spite of the potentially life-changing news, Mark kept up with his forced worshiping, moving up to Jade’s mountainous back. Oh, how he was jealous of her power, kneading her muscles slowly, gently. It was almost as if he was starting to be keen on the fact. If not for the fact she was manipulating his father, Mark would be so bold as to kiss Jade’s body, even if not ordered to. There was just something so…irresistible about her now. He couldn’t quite place his finger on it, but it was there.

“I can’t imagine you’d be all that happy about me becoming your step-mum, but…” Jade raised an arm up into a flex, implying Mark should start worshiping that next, which he did without so much as a second thought. That truly did bring a smile to Jade’s face. “…I’m sure things’ll work out just fine in the end.”

“Uh-huh.” Mark was so mesmerized by Jade’s boulder-sized bicep that he couldn’t bring himself to muster a proper sentence together. The way one of her veins gently squirmed under her skin served as a perfect example of how he felt; agitated and full of beans.

Jade turned so her naked chest and perfect, muscular mound faced Mark. He wasn’t sure where to look, so it was a good thing she was kind enough to show him the way. Starting at her chest, she ran her hands down her cleavage to meet her abs, heaving a breath so each one distinctively bulged and rippled after the other. Mark bit his lip watching her, overcome with passion, struggling to keep it all together.

Continuing their descent, Jade’s hands finally stopped at her cum-soaked clit, her palm squishing the her hairiness so the excess of Gordon’s load expelled from it like soap from a sponge, trickling down her inner thighs to pool at her comparatively dainty feet.

“Don’t get your hopes up though, babe. This body of mine belongs to your father.”

“No!” Mark blurted out, not thinking. He was in the shit now – there was no denying that. He may as well try clawing his way out the hole he dug himself into. Judging by her expression, though, it was obvious Jade wasn’t surprised by his words. He looked her over, envious and desirous of her. He wanted—no needed to know what it was like to fuck a muscular woman.

“You want to bite down on this chunk of beef, is that it?” Jade raised her brow in curiosity. She casually flexed an arm that caused Mark to have an erection so violent it almost burst through his trousers! Jade frowned. Where was that kind of passion all those months ago when they dated? No matter.

Mark simply nodded, once again too taken aback by Jade to actually say something. She smirked in turn, impressed by her ex’s resilience. His father obviously had the larger cock, but Jade was willing to compromise. Mark just had to work for it.

“If you do as I say—”


Jade’s grin widened. She knew how Mark would respond. Truthfully, she had him on a leash now. He was her little bitch for the time being until she saw fit to give him what he craved. She’d milk the moment for what it was worth, potentially forcing him to wait months if it suited her.

It wasn’t cruel – at least, not to her. It was genius.

“Prove it.” Jade extended her leg out in front of Mark, twisting it slightly to the side so its muscles bulged and ripple, The way they done so with such minimal effort only served to arouse him even more, its individual splits and striations so defined they;’d make the greatest bodybuilder alive envious! “Kiss it.”

Mark didn’t even hesitate, lowering himself even further so it looked as though he was literally bowing down to the powerful woman. The prospect of her becoming his new step-mum still bit at the forefront of his mind, but in the heat of the present moment it was insignificant compared with being given the chance to kiss her body. The kiss itself was slow yet undeniably fueled by passion, a hand delicately caressing her calf.

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