Awakening of My Hotwife Partner

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This is my first submission, any and all advice, thoughts, or comments are very welcome.

I would like to thank Heyall for all the patience and work he did helping me edit this work.

I hope the reader will enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing and working on it.


Awakening of My Hotwife Partner

Chapter 1 Part 1

Now, these have been some of the most interesting and dynamic I have had since I was a teenager.

One thinks that as we get older, we will have sex less, we will mature, we will settle down; basically, the older we grow the less we will explore. Our libidos will decrease, and we will become sexless, lust-less creatures over time.

What I am about to tell you my friends, and you’re about to read, is the story of the past few months and, oh, I could not have been more wrong about my conceptions about what happened once I grew up. I hope these chronicles will blow your mind, just as I had my mind blown away.

We start this story as we would start any other story, I must first introduce myself. It is a true pleasure.

I guess you can say I am, more or less, an average man; maybe, I’m being less than truthful here. I am about 5 ft 6 and 130 lb. I am what most would consider skinny; however, it is pure lean muscle gained from years of climbing and doing endurance sports. I often joke that I have a Dorito-shaped torso. I have a thin waist, my ribs can be seen a bit, long flowy brown hair, short-cropped brown beard.

If you look closely, you can see a small number of discrete acne scars. Now, having said the above, a body is just a body; so, most importantly my fellow reader, all I will say but I am as comfortable as I have ever been with myself, and I have no desire to change my body in any way shape or form. Comfort in oneself and being happy with how you look is okay for me, I wouldn’t change me, just as I hope you wouldn’t change yourself.

I am 30 years old now. I’d say I’m a bit impulsive, but not overly so, maybe this is what people meant when they said you mature with age. My long brown hair and my beard give me a look older than I am, something I have always hated; however, looks are just superficial. Above all, what do I care? Age, for better or for worse, is just a number as I soon came to find out.

As you can see, I’m an average person, unremarkable in most ways, let me present myself. I will present myself in a non-remarkable fashion with an unremarkable name Mr. Smith or John. Yes, I believe this is the proper introduction. The name goes perfectly for me, I am one person, but I can be any person. You might not know me if you walk across me on the streets. So, keep an eye out for me, I might be sitting next to you, and you will not even know that you know my deepest sexual secrets. Maybe just smile and wink, if I wink back, you’ll know.

Seven years ago, I met the most beautiful, funny, loving, and caring person I could have ever met. She is not the most outgoing person, nor the most confident. She was quite a reserved woman; however, little could I have imagined that she would grow into a blossoming young woman. She is two years my junior, but once more, age is but a mere construct.

One may choose to describe her as many things, but average would not be one of the words you would use. Standing at 5ft 1” and weighing in at just 95 lbs. She is as petite as they come, with a beautiful small frame. You may think that that’s too little, but for her stature, it fits her just perfectly. Her white skin is white as snow and has blond flowing hair that reaches just under her delectable breasts. A smile that can light up the night. She has a glow about herself that turns heads wherever she may go, though she very rarely notices. Simply put, she is one to remember.

A remarkable woman needs a remarkable and unique name for my telling of the events, so we will call her Pauline. A soul with an ember that needs coaxing, slowly glowing to become the raging fire she would soon become.

While this may be my story, and I will give you many details about our bodies in the travels of the pages, feel free to gloss over them lightly if you’d like. While you may try to imagine me as John Smith, I have kept myself vague in case your type is more a black-eyed, short-haired, full of muscle, 40-year-old man, be my guest. Let the words roll over your mind and make this as much yours as you wish, I will not be offended.

However, I urge you to not imagine Pauline as anything different. The ways I will describe Pauline are perfect. And a woman, a unique woman, needs to be imagined just as the perfection and embodiment of the goddess Aphrodite that she is.

Seeing as the memories you are about to read are full of the tale of or sexual awakenings, you will naturally require some sexual descriptions. Descriptions of our bodies, how we look, how we feel, so why don’t we get them over with? Unorthodox, I realize, however you will be able to read ahead when I’m telling my görükle escort story. I will be able to dispense with the generals and just focus on the specifics. It is also a manner in which, if your heart so desires to be able to imagine this as your story, or part of the fantasy, feel free to substitute appearances with whatever your heart’s most desires.

I will start with myself again. A very slim body, by no means without muscles, I have a slightly defined six-pack. My body is not one of a bodybuilder, but lean and strong muscles in almost every part of the body. My penis, while not impressive, has never failed me thus far, neither with Pauline nor before her. It can be considered a bit above average at 7 inches with a normal girth.

The one peculiarity you could say I have is that I have trichotillomania. This is a condition where I start pulling out my hairs one by one; thankfully, it is now contained to my body hair. To avoid pulling the hairs out I shave my body completely smooth at least once a week, if not more, else I will start to pull them out as easily as I can grip them. Not one single hair in my body, a problem maybe, but a relatively small one that can be fixed with a razor is not an issue for me or my partner.

Pauline on the other hand… She is a sight to remember, one that once you see will consume your dreams. Her skin is white as snow and smoother than the finest silk. Unlike me, she cannot hold a tan to save her life, but that is perfect. She has the most beautiful alabaster skin. She is not very muscular, but she has a nice, toned six-pack, just the way I love it.

The most perfect highlight of her body is her soft, but rather firm A cups. As you can imagine they’ve fit my hands perfectly, but most importantly, they are made for my mouth and fit in it perfectly, just the way breasts should. After all, anything over a mouthful is a waste. She has thick thighs, not overly large, just perfect. It is as if they are made to hold my head in place when I am between them. She has a gorgeous body. She has a small amount of hair right over her vagina, growing just at the right length and just enough where you wouldn’t consider it bushy, but not so little you couldn’t see, feel, or play with it. As I said, Pauline is the perfect embodiment of a goddess.

Now here’s the thing about sexual awakenings. We read about them, and you would think it straightforward. I’d give you a look, you give me a look, a moment and suddenly the protagonists are right in the middle of a full swing orgy one page later. The video industry has us believing a simple smile is all you need to have your clothes thrown over the couch and do things you’d never imagine, in the middle of a gang bang being filmed two minutes later. However, the reality of it is that it’s much more subtle, much slower, much more loving, and caring, and filled with doubt. So, bear with me as I tell you how it all started. You have the specifics, so now close your eyes, breathe, relax and enjoy my story, above all, make it your story…

I guess you could say it starts in a very unassuming manner. She startles me with a simple exasperated sigh on a Friday afternoon. We are sitting after work, just relaxing on the couch winding down from the week’s activities. I guess any of you can relate to a stressful week. Heavily sighing, and blowing out, she drops her phone on the couch.

“He’s doing it again,” she breathes.

I respond with a quizzical look, “What do you mean love?”

“It’s James, he’s flirting with me again. I don’t understand what he wants. He has a wife,” she says, incredulously and a bit annoyed with her tone.

I just laugh and smile, “Well you are a smoking hot babe, what did you expect?”

She just laughs and rolls her eyes, “To you maybe, but to someone else?”

I respond, “No dear, you are beautiful, and you are gorgeous. You just don’t realize it.”

I look at her lovingly as she looks back at me. We just fall into a comfortable silence for a few minutes, the type that only happens when you are at peace with someone. Suddenly, she sits up attentively with a jolt.

“Wait, that was your reaction?!” she asks in a high-pitched voice, “Someone is hitting on me and you’re not jealous?!”

And welcome to the sticky situation, not all the tar in the world could compare to the stickiness of where I find myself. Out of the 142 fantasies that I have, there are still some that I have not been able to bring to life or mention to my partner. I am sitting here with something I fantasize about a lot. One of these fantasies, the one I find myself constantly fantasizing about, is my beautiful partner having sex with someone else.

Now comes the question, the stickiness: how do you tell someone you love you would like to see them having sex with someone else? That it’s one of your all-consuming fantasies and, that you get rock hard just thinking about it? Honestly, I guess we all have fears with the expression of fantasies, and this one she still doesn’t know I bursa merkez escort have.

I go ahead and decide honesty is the best policy, and tell her everything upfront, that I dream that I get turned on when someone looks back at her and does a double take, that there is probably a line of guys I’d like to see her having sex with, so I toughen up and say,

“No, my love, I’m not jealous,” I reply, somehow in a steady voice, and continue, “actually dear it’s kind of hot!”

Damn, I am a coward. Okay, maybe honesty might be the best policy, but darn if it is not hard sometimes to be fully open, even if it is with the one you love.

She raises an eyebrow. A good raise? Bad raise? Sticky, sticky, sticky situation, I’d best press on with caution. Too many murder reports have the cause of death as “Idiot partner, whaddya expect Bill?”

“Love you are the most beautiful person I know. You know how wildly you turn me on. It is only natural that others would want a piece of that gorgeous body. And it’s very hot to know others lust after you,” and I hold my breath.

She just smiles, laughs as she gets up, and completely pushes me down on the couch. She gives me a hard firm kiss on the lips.

“Yes, I do guess it’s nice to be noticed once in a while,” she tells me, as she gets up and walks to our room and closes the door.

I just smile and shake my head. It is amazing how one of the most beautiful women I know can have that little confidence in her and her body. I resolve that I need to make her feel what I see. She should be more confident. A person like that must feel what she is, the most beautiful and amazing being. No ifs, no buts.

A few minutes later she opens the door and walks out. I am floored, God she looks amazingly sexy, beautiful. Her makeup is done to perfection, with blue eyeliner and shadows, she looks like a goddess. She knows exactly how to get me going, she’s wearing a tight t-shirt, no bra, and a leather jacket. A skirt not long enough to go to church in, basically just short enough for me to see she’s not wearing stockings, but rather, thigh highs and a garter belt. The top of the stockings is just low enough to see them peeking out from under the skirt. Adding to that, a nice pair of flat shoes.

She stands at the door and looks at me and says, “Let’s see if you’re comfortable with this,” as smiles at me and strikes a sexy pose against the door frame.

I laugh and get up. I walk towards her, grab her firmly and give her a chaste kiss. Before I let her go, she puts her hands on my chest, looks me in the eyes and, says:

“I will gladly entertain you and this weird thing you said, but it’s just that. you’re crazy and I love you; but don’t go getting any ideas.”

I just laugh and reply, “Sure thing my love.”

“Now take me out somewhere I can pick up a few of these, so-called, men who think I’m hot,” she commands, with a smile and a wink.

Who am I to not give a girl what her heart desires?

“So, you look stunning. Today is not a day for the quiet Italian restaurant. Let’s go somewhere more fun!!” I boldly state.

With smiles all around and a few laughs, she is shortly clips into the car seat, as I close the door for her. I know just the right place, a little subdued bar just off Main Street with great food and great drinks. This place has the quirk where the night starts off calm, but as it progresses, it transforms a bit. The music gets louder, the lights get dimmer. Overall, a great place for a bite and a drink afterward with great ambiance.

We arrive at the bar and are greeted by a young woman with a very bubbly and joyful attitude. She guides us to one of the high tables meant for those who want to have a quick bite before the lights are dimmed and the scene becomes more nightclubby. I pull out Pauline’s chair and she smiles at me while she looks at me with her gorgeous eyes. Thankfully, chivalry is not dead for us and it’s these little smiles and little moments that make love worth the time and effort.

The seats are comfortable, but we have to sit our backs to the wall. It is a very narrow place occupied by eight high tables and a bar. It provides a curious but intimate setting for a nice dinner with the bombshell of a woman sitting next to me. As I had make my way around to my seat, I see her skirt had ridden a bit high and I am able to see the clips of the garter belt peaking from under her skirt, and a bit of the skin on her leg. By design or by serendipity, this is just perfect. I just smile and settle in for a nice time.

We order our drinks and some finger food, neither of us are particularly heavy eaters at night, and just settle into simple and easy conversation. We eat, we drink, we talk about our weeks, we talk about life, our plans for the weekend. The simple conversation and light banter and flirting that comes with a date night with someone you are completely comfortable with after being together for seven years.

Between rounds, bursa sınırsız escort she orders some fish and chips to kill our appetite. I just start laughing, sometimes it is fun to just have fun and be immature for a few minutes, it lightens the mood, and you can let go.

“What are you laughing about?” she asks, raising her eyebrow.

“Fish and chips,” I say, between chuckles, “with extra…”

“…Mayo,” she laughs and continues, “you perverted little kid,” she finishes by tsking at me teasingly…

“Foreshadowing are we love?” I tell her, still chuckling.

“Careful what you ask for John,” she replies and finishes with a wink and a smile.

As we are finishing our second round of drinks, martini for her, extra dirty, “for an extra dirty girl,” as she had boldly stated to the server causing us to almost fall of our chairs from laughter. The light starts to dim, and the music starts to go higher.

We love this place. The ambiance becomes like a small private club, it starts getting crowded, but never too loud to the point where you can’t talk. Though it does require you to lean in a bit closer, to touch and feel, not just to talk. The perfect ambiance to be with a lover and to openly, but not so openly, caress and feel each other’s bodies in public. Talking takes on a whole new sensation when your bodies are pressing together.

We stand up to dance for a bit. Well, I move awkwardly with my two left feet. But it’s a blast, nonetheless. Our bodies are pressing together and starting to mix our heat and sweat. We move, laugh at my awkwardness, and just go with it. What is the worst that can happen when you go with the flow, you have a bit of fun?

We return to the table, I can see a small sheen of sweat on her brow and a small drop of sweat on her neck, I lean over and lick it up and kiss her. There is something about a sweaty woman that is just so primal, it turns me on like there’s no tomorrow. I do not know if it foreshadows something in my mind, but it’s simply a turn-on.

Suddenly, I feel my phone vibrating. I take it out and look at the caller ID and groan inwardly. It clearly shows on my face for I get a tap on the shoulder and a shrug. I show her the phone and she lifts her hand and shrugs.

She leans in, pressing against me, and says, “I’ll be here my love, no worries,” and as if on second thought, she continues, “Unless, of course, someone takes your place.”

She winks and gives me a quick peck on the lips as she presses her body sensually against mine once more.

“Good luck warding off all of these men,” I reply as I see her laugh and I get up to answer on the way out.


After forty-five minutes on the phone of what can only be described as a bullshit call. Well, a bull shit call, considering I have a gorgeous woman waiting for me to get back. I finally can make my way back in.

I am greeted with an even fuller bar. “Natural,” I think to myself. On any given Friday night, an hour makes a load of difference in the size of the crowd in something that becomes a club full of hot women and men.

As I enter, I see from across the room Pauline talking to a man with two empty martini glasses in front of her. Standing over her, at around 6 ft tall, slim, with an athletic body and, short dark hair. He is leaning in, closely, their bodies touching to be able to talk. He clearly says something interesting, for I see Pauline blush crimson and bite her lip. I can feel my penis twitch in my pants.

As I reach the table she introduces us, practically yelling, sandwiched between both our bodies.

“John, this is Mark, he was just keeping me company while you were away,” she says blushing.

“Pleasure,” I say as I lean in and shake his hand.

“Ten more minutes and you would have had a nice surprise when you got home. I’m here every Friday,” he says, leaning into my ear.

I am a bit taken by his forwardness, but at the same time, I can feel my penis getting hard in my jeans.

He leans into Pauline and whispers something in her ear and gives her a quick kiss. I can see Pauline in the dark light widen her eyes and blush crimson as he turns around and leaves her with her hot body pressing against mine.

We quickly make an exit and, get into the car, blushing, and sweaty from our night. I can see she is agitated, so I simply look at her while raising an eyebrow, silently asking her, “What?”

“Oh my God!” she exclaims, “I can’t believe that just happened!”

She leans over the console and forcefully kisses me, catching me off guard for a moment. However, that moment is short-lived as I bring up my hand to make the kiss a bit more forceful. I gently coax her mouth open with my lips and I rush my tongue into her mouth. I am met by a soft supple tongue, and in a fraction of a second, our tongues are dancing together. Expressing what words cannot, and we express everything to each other… The heat, the lust, the love we have.

She breaks off the kiss and leans back into her seat as I turn on the car. I need to get her home soon. I honestly don’t think I can. What happened tonight was very hot and compounding the kiss, seeing Pauline was extremely lustful and turned on only increases my predicament. I smile at her.

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