Avril’s Holiday Fever

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Sequel to ‘Shared Moments in Time’ and ‘Avril’s Awakening’


Avril heard his footsteps on the tiled floor of the kitchen, Lyam’s strides to close the space between them not to be missed, even as the sea breeze soughed through the exposed rafters above the open window. She sighed, felt utterly lost and involved with him and all that had been tempestuously discovered through the night.

‘You’re up early,’ he kissed, pressing his lips to her throat and breathing in his beautiful sister’s scented body heat, embracing her and sliding his hands over Avril’s warm skin, her thin chemise scant cover for all that she brought to his sight and touch. ‘Don’t think too far ahead, promise me that. We’re here…have to live with what we’ve done…’

She nodded, clenched his hand as it brushed over her panties, felt his fingers press into her. ‘Don’t get me started again…we’ve only a few hours left to do as we want before mother and father arrive.’

She spoke of them only too formally, as she had been taught. They would be wrecked to know what had happened between them, more so if the neighbours Claude and Sophie Laurent let slip just how often they had been together, she with Claude and Lyam with Sophie. Avril really didn’t know what her mother knew about their friends, their pursuit of a wanton lifestyle, but who was she to be critical after all that she had rampantly discovered and learned in the arms of Claude?

Being promiscuous was not in her nature, so she had thought. Events had shown her otherwise,but she was on holiday and could let herself go and with someone she cared deeply about. Yes, that would be her excuse…if she ever needed one.

They all holidayed here, in the villa complex on the Languedoc shoreline, in a pair of select homes with their private swimming pools, secluded grounds, and stunted sea conifers offering shade. Both properties had access to the sandy beach just a short walk away.

Avril watched him as her bro’ opened the fridge door and took out the bowl of fruit salad they had prepared the night before. He stood a head taller and looked so darn strong, his body toned, and his muscles so defined in his legs, arms and stomach. His white pouch briefs shaped him, the bulge in them inflaming her senses all over again, aroused the sharp ache of longing for all that he had brought to her.

It was an evil, forbidden and destructive infatuation that they had fallen into, but it felt like they were insects trapped in amber, what they had sought of each other impossible to be freed of.

Lyam smiled on meeting her look his way.

‘Come out on a board with me…we do that together when we’ve eaten…we’ll be together and see where that takes us?’

Avril closed the space between them, wantonly slipped out of her chemise and pressed her naked body to him, felt Lyam’s arm go round her waist. ‘I’ve become lost in you…’

‘I know and it’s the same for me. Maybe it’s for the best…that we have so little time left to be together like this?’

She pressed her fingers to his lips to silence what she didn’t want to hear, then rose on tiptoes to kiss him, her breasts pressed hard against his chest. It was what Lyam had told her wound his clock, made him hunger for her and all that they had succumbed to. Whatever may have once been a fantasy, spoken of by others, had become ragingly and destructively real.

‘I…I want us to be together… in every way that we can…okay?’ she kissed on feeling the press of his penis against her belly, the touch of his fingers to the base of her spine, between her buttocks, too much to resist. ‘How…how…how did we get to be here?’

Their drinks and the fruit salad were left untouched.


Lyam whooped and Avril shrieked in delight, their tandem wind-surfing board skimming the wavelets and sending trills through their legs, strained their arm muscles as they sought to keep on course and control the power of the wind in the transparent sails.

‘What a good idea of yours!’ she called out to him, offering a fleeting touch to his bare arm as she adjusted her footing, and balance, allowing her to do that. ‘Have you had enough…because I have?’

Lyam looked at his chunky watch. ‘Yeah…okay! It’s been almost an hour…and we haven’t fallen in!’

‘As if I’d let you do that!’ she teased. ‘I’m getting tired…and these foot straps are cutting into my skin!’

Even as she called it out to him, Lyam had adjusted their course and she leant out, as he did, to adjust the trim as the board’s sails allowed them to broad reach towards the shore and where the board hire cabin was situated.

‘I don’t remember us ever doing this together…but, if you’re hurting I’ll hep you through,’ he assured her, watching Avril unzip the lifejacket that fitted so snugly over her body, her hair a wet tangle, the azure beads of Avril’s necklace kaçak iddaa stark against her tanned skin. She was seen to tug away the bandana fastening that had kept her hair from tangling. ‘Are you okay…you’ve closed in on yourself and I don’t want that?’

‘Yeah…I’m okay,’ she sighed, ‘what you’ve just said reminded me of something.’

Avril had looked at her hands, checked the square cut of her fingernails, a pearlescent varnish applied some days ago and before they had gone over to Claude and Sophie for supper. That night and the two days that followed had been a blur. Now they were alone together, and she had lost herself with him.

‘Reminded you of what…or is it ‘whom’?’

‘It’s nothing…forget I said it,’ she told him over her shoulder, wanting to go and retrieve their stuff from a locker and to sit on the sand and dry out.

‘Hold up, sis!’

‘I said it’s nothing…and I mean it!’ she flared, pouting her full lips as if to stifle what she might be tempted to talk about.

Lyam knew better than to push it. He wanted her to be as she had been in the hours that they had been together and had changed the dynamics of their relationship, totally.

With the towels spread out, and her beach bag close by her side, Avril sat down, shielded her eyes from the sun, and looked out to sea. ‘I could do with a drink…some lemonade…please?’

Lyam was disconcerted by the change in her and squatted down by her side, took in her slender figure, toned legs, the heavy swell of her breasts in her more modest bikini compared to others he had seen her wear. He had discovered the woman in her, whatever Claude had done to change her drawing him into her once more. ‘I’ll go get a bottle for us to share, but I want the real you again…when I get back…got that?’

She met his kiss to her cheek, felt it linger for a moment, also the softest caress to her thigh before he left her.

No one would have seen that touch, and she had remembered events of a family party last summer when they had been down here, the house filled with a noisy riot of people, yet she in the depths of loneliness and uncle Matthieu coming onto her. She had known her limits with boys, even then, but twisting her ankle when she had been sail boarding had given Matthieu, a doctor, the opportunity to check for anything more serious. He’d called her beautiful and her silence had emboldened him to say more, to offer a discreet touch to the soft skin of her thigh that was more a caress than a doctor’s assessment of her condition. His touch had gradually found its way over her thigh until his fingers had pressed against her bikini briefs, her guarded place, and that she should have done more to prevent.

‘You’re of age now, must have young guys at college showing an interest…what age are you?’

‘Nineteen…and you shouldn’t be doing that!’ she had stammered, not because she had not known of such a touch, but that it should be offered by him. She had feared what to say or do about it.

She heard Lyam’s soft call to her as he approached and she looked at her adorable brother, an undoubtedly handsome young guy who was spending more time with her than she had ever dreamed could be possible when they were down here, enjoying the sun and the water…most of all what they had tumbled into doing.

He was the beneficiary, just as Claude had been, of what had followed in the weeks after Matthieu had touched her. She was good with her mouth and hands, the slow scrape of her fingernails to a man’s skin, to what they brought to her. She had felt revolted that it was Matthieu who had come onto her.

But it had been Claude, then her brother Lyam, who had taken her to places she’d never been to before. She wasn’t going to let the remaining hours available to them pass by without sharing the heat, a last fuck…her friends might say…before a chaste life, here at the villa, was resumed. She’d gotten a taste for going down on a man or being eaten out by one…even her bro…and she wasn’t about to give up on that, just yet.

They soon sat very close, their shoulders touching, a soft knowing look again in their eyes, she stilling his touch to her thigh, his hand underneath and out of sight as he moved to press his agile fingers against her bikini briefs.

‘Forgive me for wanting you…you’re just beautiful and I can’t get enough of you now,’ he murmured and holding her look on him.

‘It’s the same for me. I’ll go crazy…I’m sure…of being close to you in the villa but having to keep away…our secret has to be kept safe.’


‘Jeez, you’re so beautiful…beautiful and exhausting,’ he groaned as Lyam lathered her body with shower gel, the water cascading over them. He kissed her back,

offered sucking kisses to her buttocks as his hands washed the sand off her legs, making Avril lift her feet before he made her turn. His lips progressed up kaçak bahis to her cleft, pressed into her before he stood up, kissed the tumble of her breasts and loved the feel of her against him.

‘My turn now,’ she smiled, and knelt down slowly, brushed his skin with her breasts before she drew them together and massaged his hard prick, kept it between them and worked its length. Her nails then followed. Claude had loved her doing that during their first times together a year ago. She’d practised on others and recent days had seen her deploy her skills once more, until she had been taken. Now, her bro’ was the one to live it out with. ‘What am I to do…without you…and this?’

She gazed up at him, felt the brush of his penis against her face and she took the tip in her mouth, slowly opened the way to him going deep.

‘Oh…oh…oh Avril! You crazy girl…you wonder!’ They had not done this in the ways she now pursued, having left it to him to take her with his mouth and fingers, his tongue, before she had drawn him in, and the night had passed in a frenzy of unbridled lust for each other. He tried to pull away, but she kept on working him.

‘Oh…oh…you’re going to…going to make me…’

His grip on her head tightened and Lyam guided her movements on him.

She felt it hit her face and breasts. All of a sudden, sperm had burst from him, most covering her breasts. She eased away and the jets of water soon washed her clean. Lyam just shuddered and moaned, bent forward and kissed her upturned face, cupped her breasts awkwardly and squeezed them hard.

‘It will never be the same again between us…never again,’ he kissed.

‘I know…but don’t say it…I know.’

She stood up and threw her arms about his neck and kissed him deeply, swirled her tongue in his mouth and couldn’t stop, felt the anguish from what he had said, what they had done, take a hold in her. She had to live it out, one more time, and now she waited for him to lift her into his arms. He soon coaxed her to wrap his strong body with her legs, to rise and fall on his fingers as he found her.

The shower cubicle door clattered as he pulled it back, before they stumbled onto the tiles. He tugged at the towels and threw them down at their feet, Avril looking down.

‘Here…in here?’ she gasped but thrilled at the novelty of it.

‘Yes…here…and now…before they arrive!’

She stopped him looking at his watch, its chunky strap brushing her skin as he held her to him. Avril kissed him into silence and moved, just enough, to feel Lyam’s prick at her entrance before she slammed down on him, her cries of pain and pleasure echoing off the tiled walls.

Their slow love making was amazing, yet Avril wanted so much more and to get off with him. She knew that an orgasm was slowly building in her body, gripped her in a vise of pleasure, a dam waiting to burst.

‘Harder, Lyam…darling…harder!’ she urged and looking down into his eyes, her breasts swaying as she moved on him, rocked and tugged, sank her fingers into his chest. She leant forward, felt his mouth soon close over her nipples, his tugs on them utterly bewitching. ‘I love you doing that!’

‘Lie back…then you’ll see how it goes…again.’

He smiled as she moved off him and lay back, her legs parted, her feet on the floor. Lyam kissed the softness of her skin, the inside of her thighs, lapped at her cleft and pressed his tongue into her. She groaned in pleasure and tugged on his hair, met his hungering look and nodded.

Without another word, the slow burn of his lust for her and his lovemaking, became a frenzied rut, his fevered thrusts stretching her, the slam of his body against her butt arousing a rush of wanton pleasure.

‘Oh God…yes Lyam…go on…go on!’ She screamed and clawed at his skin, then eased and simply squeezed on his driving hips, her legs thrashing on the towels and her mind focussed on him and what they were doing, not on the discomfort of the hard unforgiving floor that was their bed. Two had become one.

It was more than about him or her, it had become about them.

He heard Avril’s moans, her demands for him to go on, the feel of his rubbery penis a raging delight, the condom he had slicked over his length stretched tight. He found her to look radiant, the sway of her breasts, the small circles they made, mesmerising. He bent to kiss them even as he thrust deep, then withdrew, before slamming back in.

‘Can you feel me gripping on you?’ she yelped, her breaths harsh. ‘You’re so strong…fast…I can’t keep up with you!’

‘What do you think? Wat you’re doing to me is just crazy, Avril…you darling…darling! Go on…don’t stop…don’t!’

She had to tear her mouth away just to breathe, to stop his kisses. His breaths of effort were hot on her face. She couldn’t think of anything else than what she had wanted from him. She was fucking illegal bahis with her brother, her wonderfully passionate and uninhibited brother. She tried to hold back her orgasm and felt the beads of sweat on his skin, her grip tightening and her words of encouragement obscene.

‘Take me…fuck me…fill and stretch my pussy…forget who I am…I’m not your sister…but a woman!’ She writhed under him, wrenched on his prick and gasped in her efforts.

‘I’m…I’m so close, Avril!’ It felt that she rip it off him, her muscles working to tug on him as he took her relentlessly.

‘So am I…so am I…let it all go!’

Lyam thought his sis was insatiable in her demands of him, her words of babbled encouragement turning him on. He gasped, called out her name as he felt the pressure building in his prick and balls, the tightening in his belly as he felt her embrace take the breath from him Avril arched her back and yelled out his name as he burst, filled the condom with spewing wads of his cum, the release of his lust for her excruciatingly pleasurable.

‘I love you…love you in what you’ve done for me!’ she cried out.

‘It’s how you’ve made me feel…made me do.’

He collapsed upon her, felt Avril’s slow wondering caresses to his body even as she shuddered through the last shocks of her orgasm. They slowly faded away. She felt her skin glow, from her efforts and unimaginable pleasure…the pleasure of having known him in these lustful ways.

Claude, Matthieu, in what he had done to awaken her, had been the one to show her the way to sharing moments with a man. Crazily, Lyam had made it all excruciatingly real, in both an emotional and physical sense. Her bond with him, before and after this, would remain strong.


She gripped the hand that Lyam held out to her, and she got up unsteadily; rubbed her legs and butt cheeks, felt him caress her back to ease away the effects of lying on the floor.

‘That was amazing…you were amazing.’

She kissed him, pressed her body against him and felt his hands on her hips. ‘It was for me too. We’re going to live with these moments, aren’t we?’

‘We’ll have to…somehow.’

He stooped to grab his beach shorts and swimming briefs, pulled away so lustfully by his glorious sis, so gloriously naked and tanned, her body showing no sign of the bikinis she had been wearing, no tan lines.

‘What’s that smile for?’ she pouted, yet knowing the answer.

‘I just can’t believe we have done what we have done…not once, but over and over again….’

‘I can’t believe it either…or not quite. You made me feel so alive, Lyam…darling brother of mine. I shouldn’t be sayin any of his…let alone do what I have done…’ She paused. ‘It was crazy enough doing it with Claude…’

‘But you learned…didn’t you?’

‘Yeah, I learned…but there was no love in it. There was with you…in its own ways…and it mattered to me.’

‘You want that from it, don’t you?’

She heard the soft disbelief in his voice at what she had confessed to. ‘Yes…I do want that, every time…oh, not now!’ She cursed and stopped in her touches on him, ran to grab her iPhone. ‘Maman!’

‘Yes, it’s me…we’ll be with you in less than an hour. I hope you are both okay?’

‘Yes…we’ve just got back from sailboarding. It’s been great fun….’

‘You both did that?’ she was asked in some dismay.

‘Yes, maman, we did! I’ve had a wonderful few days with Lyam…a time for us to be brother and sister. We have not had a holiday together for a long time…’

‘Well, I’m glad…and your father will be too. We were worried you’d get bored being at the villa just with us…’

‘Oh no…I think the holiday is only just beginning. I have to live and learn to be different.’

There was a pause and Avril knew that her mother was considering what she had meant in saying what she had said, in her choice of words.

‘Are you really okay, Avril…you’ve not been out in the sun for too long?’

Avril laughed. She wasn’t suffering from a holiday fever. Her head had been turned, all right, but by her acts of loving, first with Claude and now Lyam. She knew which one she had wanted as her true lover and took the hand that Lyam held out to her.

‘I’m fine, really I am. Just be here…drive safely…and we can see where being here now takes us all.’ Her mother close the call on a few words of farewell. She now looked at Lyam.

‘Our time’s nearly over?’ he asked, regret to be heard in his voice

‘Yes, it looks that way.’ She felt as if she had grown up in a matter of only a few hours. ‘You’ll always have a special place in my heart…always,’ she told him over trembling lips. ‘You believe me, don’t you?’

‘Come here!’

On a cry of acceptance, she rushed to be in his arms and met Lyam’s deepening kisses as he crushed her body to him. The heat and the passion they had shared could not end, and a day of reckoning might yet await them. She had to find a way through, she had to. The look of Lyam’s eyes upon her had revealed that he was of the same mind.

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