Avon Calling Ch. 5

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Rahim and Sterling’s eyes shot open in stunned bewilderment when they saw their Mom emerge from the hallway, wrapped in a tight fitting blue towel, only to be followed by the same white woman they had themselves, fucked an hour or so earlier. Both boys sighed from the implication of the scene in front of them as Ida crept up behind Deloris, looking as if she were a scared child in the taller black woman’s wake.

“Jesus Christ,” Rahim mouthed, just loud enough for his Brother beside him to hear.

“Mom fucked her too?”

“SHIT,” Sterling replied wondrously.

“Not quite boys,” Deloris mockingly scolded, overhearing what her sons were saying. “I was in the bathroom cleaning up the mess you guys left all over her…you should be ashamed.”

Both boys quickly looked at each other with feigned outrage at their Mother’s bitchy remark.

“You all made a Hell of a mess with this damn living room too…think you both have enough energy left to at least clean up that mess…Huh,” Deloris asked with slightly more poignancy.

Before either of her sons could rebuke her, Deloris waved her hand and said the clean up could wait. “If you guys got anything left in your tank…I got a better idea of how to burn it.”

Smiling broadly from their Mom’s lustful insinuation, Sterling and Rahim each dropped their hands to their crotches and squeezed the family jewels tightly as they watched Ida’s tiny body shiver with a mix of fear and anticipation, beside a now cocky Deloris.

Cracking open a fresh can of malt liquor, Rahim nodded to his Brother and the two boys rose to their feet.

“Did you clean her completely out?” Rahim cockily asked his Mom.

“Well…maybe not completely out,” Deloris smiled back. “I might have left a little for later.”

Each young man took a turn planting a sensuous kiss on Deloris’s lips before turning their hungry gazes on Ida, licking their lips at the thought of getting another crack at her petite and exhausted body.

* * * * *

Having been through the most arduous mental and physical turmoil of her long life, Ida stood mortified in the entrance of the Franklin’s hallway as Sterling and Rahim got up from their seats and kissed their half naked Mother squarely on the lips. Ida swore she could see a twinkle in Deloris’s dark eyes as she watched her sons approach and everything she had told Ida in the bathroom earlier about her relationship with her sons, vividly came to life.

Fidgeting openly as first Sterling, then Rahim, greeted their mom with a lot more than a peck on the cheek, Ida weakly whimpered when she realized all three Franklins had trained their collective eyes and leering, wolf-like grins, right on her.

* * * * *

Sensing the hungry expressions that were burning across her sons’ faces, Deloris leaned over and took Rahim by the arm. Lifting herself up on her tippytoes to whisper into her oldest son’s ear, she quietly told him to walk over to Ida, then pick her up with Sterling’s help, so they could jointly carry the older woman back to the master bedroom.

Rahim squeezed his crotch wantonly and felt his insides sizzle when he heard his Mom lay out her plan. Tapping his Brother on the shoulder, Rahim quickly informed Sterling about the idea before they jointly turned and made the short walk towards Ida’s paralyzed frame.

* * * * *

Rahim and Sterling walked down each side of the narrow hallway with Ida sandwiched between their muscular arms. Ida’s towel clad body rested comfortably between the two boys’ hulking bodies as they carried her towards their Mother’s darkened bedroom. Both boys couldn’t help but steal an occasional glance down at the way Ida’s small titties bounced back and forth inside the loosely wrapped towel as they neared the threshold of Deloris’s bedroom.

Deloris closely followed the flesh train in front of her and could feel her libidinal urges buzzing painfully as her two sons carried Ida Morgan into the lair of her room and then deposited the Avon Woman’s limp body right on the center of the bed.

Just as Ida’s back hit the covers, Deloris flipped on the light switch, illuminating the quaintly decorated room in time to see her sons hovering over top of her crisply made bed.

“MMMM,” Rahim and Sterling each groaned in relief as the weight of Ida’s body dropped from their arms onto the soft covering below.

Stepping back slightly, both boys looked back at their Mom for a silent cue of approval. When they each side the fiery twinkle in her dark eyes, Rahim looked across the bed at Sterling and nodded for him to remove the blue wrap that barely covered Ida’s freshly showered body.

Twisting the cotton fabric of Ida’s towel in his hand, Sterling ripped the bulk of it out from underneath the prone woman’s body until her naked tits spilled free. Reeling in the final few inches of fabric, Sterling looked up and saw the sadistic glow into his Brother’s eyes, when Ida’s complete nakedness was revealed.

“Kiss her Boys,” they heard Mersin Eskort

their Mother say from the foot of the bed. ” I bet you didn’t show her a bit of affection when you plowed her lily white ass earlier, did you?”

Sterling and Rahim each cast a weary smile back at Deloris, knowing she was correct in her assessment. Dutifully bending down to follow his Mother’s order, Rahim took his place on the right side of the older woman’s flat body, lustfully swiping his wide and wet tongue into Ida’s sensitive ear before slipping it over her earlobe, across her juggular vein and then down her soft shoulder.

Eighteen year old Sterling repeated the exact same path as his Brother down the left side of Ida’s body, first gritting his front teeth together on Ida’s earlobe before harshly whispering into the older woman’s ear.

“You think we fucked you hard before, Lady…You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Both brothers worked their tongues down Ida’s tense torso with hungry abandon, freely partaking of her sagging breasts, swirling their tongues up and down her pale, sweaty cleavage and then tracing their superheated mouths over Ida’s round belly, teasing the married woman’s ticklish flesh until she had turned into a quivering mass of cream colored matter on Deloris Franklin’s bed.

With both her sons’ lips lavishly drooling over the line of Ida’s waist, Deloris could tell they were aiming steadily downward, toward the blonde fury V of the Avon Woman’s privates.

Deloris smiled at the image and said, “I bet there’s still some of your cum swimming inside that cunt, Boys…just like a pearl inside a oyster…you want your Momma to go back in there and get it out?”

Seeing the look of perverse agreement twinkle in her sons’ eyes when they looked up at her, Deloris inched forward and closed in once again on Ida’s exposed crotch.

“Sterling…Rahim…wrap those hands of yours around her thighs and pull them all the way apart…that cunt of hers is beggin’ to be licked again,” Deloris serenely ordered.

* * * * *

Brimming with anticipation, Deloris lifted one knee up on the bottom edge of the mattress and waited for her two naked sons to dig their fingers into the alabaster flesh of Ida’s thighs so they could nudge them apart for their Mom.

Seeing Ida’s pussy open up like a blossoming pink rosebud, Deloris playfully licked her lips as she leaned forward to place her mouth against the older woman’s sex.

“MMMMMHHUUMM,” Deloris groaned, as the wet greasy taste of Ida Morgan’s cunt filtered into her mouth for the second time.

Feeling her cheeks brushing up against each of her sons’ supporting hands as she ate Ida out, Deloris made sure to rub the vaginal juices that were roasting on her cheeks against Rahim and Sterling’s skin, so they too could feel just how aroused the demure white woman had gotten, as they stood there watching.

With each of their hands now coated with a combination of Deloris’s saliva and Ida’s vaginal lubricant, Rahim and Sterling each took a few steps back and allowed Deloris to have center stage on the bed as they went about disrobing once again.

* * * * *

Deloris’s belly was flat on the bed’s covers as she laid squarely between Ida’s parted legs, piercing her forked tongue in and out of the whimpering white womans snatch, like a rotating oil drill. With each inward thrust she made with her tongue, Deloris could also taste the droplets of male semen that Sterling had deposited earlier.

Standing off to each side, Rahim and Sterling’s dicks hardened by the second as they watched their Mom pull the glossy white residue of her youngest son’s orgasm out of Ida’s pussy.

Quickly dropping their loose fitting jeans down to their feet, the two Franklin Boys were naked in a flash as they began anxiously circling the bed, waiting for their opportunity to plunder Ida’s prone body for the second time.

Silently making eye contact, Rahim and Sterling finally decided it was time to act and each young man lifted a knee up onto the mattress, making a naked beeline right for Ida’s gasping mouth. Squeezing their jocks with clear intent, Sterling and Rahim honed in on the older woman’s contorting face.

“Not so fast, Boys,” Deloris subtly scolded, temporarily removing her mouth from Ida’s smeared snatch to stop her sons before they reached Ida’s head. “Let the poor woman breathe…Besides…I want to hear her cry out again when I make her cum…she’d choke on those big dicks of yours if she ain’t careful!”

Hearing their Mother’s admonition, Sterling and Rahim took a few cautionary steps backwards and waited, knowing that as soon as Deloris was finished with Ida, it would again be their turn. Crouching down on each side of the bed to flank the two women, Rahim and Sterling masturbated themselves as they provided a captive audience for their Mother’s Sapphic display.

Both boys held their breath, trying to be as silent as possible as the sloppy and moist sounds of Deloris’s tongue Mersin Escort Bayan darted in and out of Ida’s glistening folds. They each could also see the tangible pressure building up inside of Ida’s naked body as Deloris went about her relentless lesbian chore, causing Ida’s bare white feet to shiver frighteningly in front of them, on the foot of the bed.

Rahim and Sterling had to fight the urge to cum right then and there, in their own hands, as Deloris savagely forced Ida to the precipice of release.

“Would you just look at that shit?” Rahim huskily exclaimed to Sterling as he fondled his heavy erection. “Where do you think Mom learned to eat pussy like that?”

“I dunno…,” Sterling wondrously replied. “Gotta find a way to hook her up with some of the girls from the neighborhood, like DeeDee, if she’s gonna slurp a cunt like that!”

“Not a bad idea Bro…never thought of that,” Rahim quickly answered as he continued jacking himself off.

“Goddammnit, Rahim…I think that old lady is about to cum again…I can almost hear her heart pounding from here!” Sterling wowingly observed.

“…Sounds like a motherfuckin’ engine trying to turn over doesn’t she?” Rahim added, as the two brothers watched Ida spastically flinch from the second orgasm Deloris had given her.

“UURRGGGAAHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMAAHHHHHH,” Ida shrieked like a scalded animal eventhough she tried her best to contain her pitiful screams of release.

Ida raw pussy bubbled and spat out against Deloris’s hungry mouth as the black woman lavishly finished sucking every bit of her Son’s nectar from inside the older woman’s womb.

* * * * *

Several moments later, once Ida’s legs had stopped thrashing like a dying fish on the bed, Deloris pulled her saturated face out from between Ida’s thighs with a wet messy sigh.

“OK…Boys…now she’s all yours,” She breathlessly offered.

Rahim and Sterling patiently allowed their Mom to slip backwards off the bed and watched with lurid interest as she wiped the sticky build up of vaginal fluids from her face with the same towel that was loosly wrapped around her body.

Pumping their cocks to complete hardness, both young men edged forward and positioned themselves on each side of Ida’s ashen face.

It was as if the two brothers had a shared silent countdown inside their heads as they waited for just the right moment to drop the heavy, duel weight of their enormous cocks right on the older woman’s flushed cheeks.

Rahim gasped out loud when he witnessed the way his, and his Brother’s, dick looked when they dropped down onto Ida’s pretty face, alternatly banging her facial features like drumsticks on a drum.

Sterling peeked over his shoulder and saw that his Mom had dropped the towel she was wearing off her chest and was now completely naked as she sat on the edge of the bed. He felt his insides buzz with flaming arousal seeing the way Deloris fingered her own pussy as she watched Rahim and Sterling’s cocks land with a fleshy thud, right on top of Ida’s face.

Rahim raised his hand from Ida’s shoulder and subtly guided it up towards the older woman’s mouth. Sticking the tip of his index finger between her slightly parted lips, Rahim cast a hearty gaze up to his Brother kneeling directly across from him.

“Think she could take both our cocks in that pretty little mouth of hers at the same time?” Rahim probed.

“Huh?” Sterling replied incredulously. “You gotta be crazy!”

“Can’t hurt to try…can it?” Rahim smiled back.

Sterling simply shook his head as he allowed his index finger to join Rahim’s at the opening of Ida’s mouth, as the two brothers jointly tried to pry the Avon Lady’s lips apart.

Watching with keen interest as Ida’s lips slowly separated, Rahim and Sterling nudged their knees forward until they both were in position to shove their throbbing cockheads right down the gasping woman’s gullet.

Rahim was first to slip his monster between Ida’s lips and felt the exquisite burn in the muscles of his groin when Ida’s pearly whites grazed against the ultra tight sheath of skin covering his blood filled erection.

Palming his fingers into Ida’s scalp to balance himself, Rahim pulled his cock all the way to the left side of Ida’s mouth to give Sterling all the daylight he could, so he too could ram his rigid manhood down the naked white woman’s throat.

“Bitch…you need to stretch your mouth open more,” Rahim hissed as if he were a cruel dentist barking down at a defiant patient.

Clenching his teeth as his the skin of his cock rubbed against his Brother’s, Rahim watched both virile clubs disappear between Ida’s detached jaws.

* * * * *

From her vantage point at the foot of the bed, Deloris watched as her sons’ majestic cocks dove between Ida’s crudly gasping lips and the only thing she could compare it to were those sword swallowers one would see at a carnival trying to swallow a huge black spear. As Sterling and Rahim’s nearly Mersin Escort identical slabs of meat boared mightily against each other, Deloris frigged herself with ever growing intensity at the sight of her sons’ masculine rampage.

Rolling her fuck finger around her clit with lightning speed, Deloris used her index and ring fingers to press down on the lips of her vagina. Deloris could see the look of unquestioned joy spread across her two sons’ faces at the same time Ida Morgan’s torso was heaving beneath their plowing weight.

With Ida’s mouth completely gorged on the boys’ rippled ebony flesh, Deloris began working her hips awkwardly against the mattress, brazenly fucking herself to the sight of her sons doing what they did best.

* * * * *

So much throbbing cockflesh had infiltrated Ida’s mouth, she felt herself becoming lightheaded from the reduced oxygen flow entering her lungs. Instinctively snapping her eyes open to discern an easier path to breath, Ida began making machinegun like inhales and exhales through her nose, as her surroundings slowly came into focus. All she could see above her however, were the two pistoning groins that took turns inching virile male flesh down her throat.

Turning her head to the side to get a clearer airway for her nose, Ida couldn’t help but catch a glance at Deloris Franklin between Rahim’s bent leg, as she sat nakedly at the foot of the bed watching. Ida was sickened by the way Deloris forcefully rubbed her right hand through her hairy pussy as she watched her two sons have their way with her.

Ida’s bugged out eyes widened even more when, just for a fleeting moment, she swore Deloris Franklin had made eye contact with her. Even in that brief instant, to visually acknowledge to the other woman the reality of the situation, the gleam in the younger black lady’s lustcrazed and contorted eyes caused the 55 year old Wife, Mother and Grandmother to feel as if every shred of her moral dignity had been reduced to smoldering ashes.

* * * * *

“GGGGAAWWWDDDAAAMMIIITTT…SSSHHIITTT…I NEED TO GET FUCKED!!!” Deloris yelled out loud, her face grimacing from the overwhelming ecstacy her hand was putting her body through. Bringing herself up to just the point of orgasm, as she watched both her sons shove their cocks down Ida’s throat, Deloris kicked her feet apart at the last moment and crawled her way up the length of the bed before ordering Rahim and Sterling to slide the white woman over so she could take centerstage on the mattress.

Rahim nonchalantly scooted Ida’s writhing body to the side, to create an opening for Deloris as she laid down in the center of the bed. Tilting the older woman’s head to the side so that she’d be forced to watch Derloris spread out, Rahim motioned for Sterling to ease over and take a position directly above Ida’s exhausted face.

Stroking his aroused cock with his right hand, Sterling hopped up onto the bed and planted his feet on opposite sides of Ida’s head, straddling her ashen face with his sinewy legs. Squatting down slowly, the crack of his sweaty ass descended down on Ida’s shellshocked features until the sensitive bud of his anus softly caressed the older woman’s mouth.

“Kiss that asshole, Bitch,” Sterling softly hissed down to Ida, stroking his own mighty erection as he watched Ida’s small pink tongue emerge from her mouth and tentativly reach for his crack.

At the same moment Sterling had sat all the way down on Ida’s face, Deloris eased her weight up onto her right arm to watch the way her Avon Lady went about eating her youngest son’s behind out. Seeing the way Sterling’s erection bobbed like a club from his groin, Deloris reached out and took his cock between her fingers, lovingly massaging it as Ida inched her tongue up his stinging rectum.

Lightheaded from lust after having his Mom take hold of his genitals in that blunt of a manner, while the naked white woman reamed out his behind, Sterling winked up to Rahim who had, in the meantime, jumped with the precision of a jungle cat between Deloris’s spread legs.

“Mom…did you say you wanna get fucked?” Rahim crudely reminded.

“MMMHHHUUMMM,” Deloris growled in response, before taking Sterling’s cock into her mouth for a quick deepthroat.

* * * * *

Trying to balance himself on the top of his Mom’s mattress as she heartily sucked his cock at the same time the 55 year old white woman swiped his salty ass, Sterling lustfully glared up to his Brother as he wedged his body between Deloris’s legs.

The barametric pressure inside Sterling’s groin fluxuated wildly as Ida and his Mom sucked at his ass and cock simultaniously. Reaching down and patting his Mother lovingly on the top of the head as she tried shoved his cock deep into her gullet, Sterling watched Rahim push Deloris’s thighs all the way apart before crudely dropping his pelvis down on top of hers.

Seeing Rahim’s dense patch of pubic hair mash into his Mother’s, Sterling tilted his head slightly so he could see Deloris’s juicy pink vaginal lips stretch to ungodly proportions, as Rahim brutally entered her.

“GGGAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Sterling felt Deloris moan, as her mouth engulfed his cock the same moment Rahim split her pussy wide open below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32