Autumn Passion

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Jeff sighed and leaned back in his chair, full and satisfied from the delicious dinner Laurel had made. She’d baked chicken breasts and thighs in peach salsa and served it with white rice, sweet cornbread, and a garden salad. “That was great, thanks Hon,” he said, smiling at her. “Shall we go sit outside and get some fresh air for a bit?”

“Sure, let me just clear the table.” Laurel stood and took up their plates. Jeff followed her, bringing the casserole dish. He helped her finish the table then they went out to the back deck.

The air was cool with a slight tang of the damp woods behind their house. Their property was on a ridge and from the back yard they had a splendid view of the valley beyond. Fall was Laurel’s favorite time of year and she could spend hours sitting out back, taking in the glorious riot of colors blanketing the hills that embraced the valley. Vivid reds, oranges and yellows cascaded from their yard out as far as one could see. She shivered a little as the chill seeped through her light shirt and Jeff put his arm around her as they sat on the bench swing. Laurel cuddled close to him as they relaxed, listening to the evening sounds of the woods. There were fewer crickets and frogs this late in the year, but their songs could still be heard. A squirrel shimmied up a tree in surprise at the humans’ appearance. It paused on the lowest branch squeaking and flicking its tail in irritation at their intrusion into its domain. A few birds softly chirped and flitted in amongst the branches.

As the sun dipped lower, the hills on the west side cast long shadows like ink stains spreading across the valley floor and edging up the eastern side. Twilight diffused dark indigo across the sky, which slowly melted down to the faded horizon. Stars began to emerge, faintly twinkling, waiting in deference to the sun’s complete exit before shining too brightly.

Laurel felt quite cozy as their body heat merged. She was slightly turned towards him, resting her head on his chest. She loved listening to his heartbeat and breathing create a rhythm with nature’s music from the woods around them. The embrace of his arm around her was comforting. Darkness was descending, softly enveloping their surroundings. They could feel the dampness settling on them.

“Well, my love, let’s move inside. I’ll get a fire going and we can continue our cuddling in front of the fireplace,” Jeff said as he kissed the top of Laurel’s head. Her hair was so soft against his lips.

“That’s fine. It’s getting cold, anyway. I’ll clean up the kitchen while you start the fire.” She sat up and smiled, looking into his hazel eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her, gently placing his hand on the back of her head. Now she shivered from the heat of his kiss, rather than the damp, chilly air. She put her hand on his chest and pushed away, then stood up. “Come on Romeo, let’s get inside. Seduction and catching cold do not mix,” she teased. As she turned to leave Jeff swatted her on the behind and she squealed and dashed into the house with him close on her heels.

They wrestled in the kitchen tickling each other and laughing. Laurel side-stepped over to the sink and turned on the water. As Jeff advanced on her she cupped her hand under the water and started to splash him. He growled and pushed her away then proceeded to do the same to her. She screamed and tried to run away but he grabbed her arm and liberally doused her with cold H2O. Soon, her shirt was plastered to her body, outlining her ample breasts.

“Jeff! Stop it! All right, already, I concede!” Laurel was laughing so hard she could barely get the words out. “Look at me!”

“Yeah, look at you. I rather like how you look, with your interesting shapes all nicely revealed!” He laughed, too, and turned the water off, letting go of her arm. “I’m sorry, Honey…but you asked for it!”

“You’re not sorry. You’re a twit! Now go start that fire. I’ll need to warm up as soon as I get the dishwasher loaded and out of these wet clothes.” She playfully pushed him away from the sink and toward the door to the living room.

“Call me and I’ll be happy to help with the taking off the clothes part!” Jeff volunteered as he dashed out of the room before she could throw something at him.

When she was finished cleaning the kitchen Laurel went upstairs to the bathroom to change out of her wet shirt. She unbuttoned her blouse and peeled it from her skin, tossing it into the tub. Little goose bumps popped up all over her arms and as she pulled her bra off her nipples were hard and taut from the cold. She briskly rubbed her arms and breasts with a towel to dry off as well as to warm up. Her nipples tingled as she played them with the soft towel. Laurel smiled to herself, thinking of Jeff’s warm hands cupping her breasts and his hot mouth sucking her nipples.

Kicking off her sneakers she unzipped her jeans and slid them down her shapely legs. She had bought new lotion with a subtle but provocative fragrance and thought now would be a great time to try it. Squirting it into bahis siteleri her palm made her imagine receiving Jeff’s precious semen in her cupped hand. She rubbed the cream all over her smooth legs and arms. Then she brushed out her auburn hair wanting to look just right. Jeff loved that she’d let her hair grow out, now shoulder length, soft and shiny. She grabbed her thick fleece robe off the back of the bathroom door, slipped it on, then went downstairs.

Jeff was sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace; his back was to the stairs. He heard the middle stair squeak and he turned to look over his shoulder to see Laurel descending. He smiled thinking how lovely she looked. Whenever he looked into her hazel eyes he always thought she must be an old soul; her eyes were thoughtful, beautiful, and very expressive. Her lips were sensuously shaped, not too thick or thin, and peaked nicely under her nose. Jeff thought she had the sweetest smile he’d ever seen. Although, at the same time, he could not help but think of how her lips looked encircling his erect penis; her luscious mouth was a perfect fit for him.

“Well, you’re just in time for the start of the show,” Jeff said as Laurel came around the couch and tucked one leg underneath her as she sat down, semi-facing him. Her robe was tightly tucked around her waist and upper body, but her legs were left revealed. Jeff lightly touched the exposed part of her leg she had folded under as he handed her a glass of wine.

“What show? Did you rent a movie?” she asked, taking the glass from him. She sipped the wine and glanced at the TV. Yet she heard the low music of soft jazz playing and looked at him with her eyebrows raised in question.

“No. I’m talking about the Jeff and Laurel show!” He leaned back away from her and eyed her with an incredulous expression. “The show of amour! Didn’t you get your script?”

“Script? I think ad-libbing is more fun.” Laurel looked at the fireplace. The flames consumed the small logs with a healthy appetite. The heat was beginning to radiate out to the couch and felt good on her face and hands. “That fire is just what I needed. I wonder if I didn’t catch a chill being outside, after all.”

Jeff leaned close to her and nuzzled her neck. He laughed and said, “Hmmm…I’m on fire for you, I’ll heat you up soon enough!” He stroked her naked thigh with his fingertips. She sighed contentedly as he kissed his way up to her earlobe to nibble and suck it. “You smell wonderful, is that a new scent? I like it very much,” he whispered.

Laurel started to answer but he brushed her lips with his. He teased her sumptuous lips with the very tip of his tongue. Then he moved down, gently biting and kissing to the hollow of her throat. She moaned softly and tilted her head back slightly. Jeff parted the top of her robe exposing her full breasts and gazed at them for a few moments, taking in their silken beauty. He traced his fingertips from her collarbone down along the underside of her left breast up in between her cleavage, then under the right breast, curving around the side up to her shoulder. Jeff smiled as he saw her nipples become erect and the little bumps rose on her areolas.

Laurel finished her wine and leaned back to set the glass on the end table. Doing so pushed her breasts out which Jeff took advantage of by taking one into his mouth. She gasped as he sucked hard and flicked her erect, pink bud with his tongue. Her hand moved to the back of his head, securing him to her. His free hand rubbed up and down her velvet-smooth thigh, tantalizingly close to her pussy. Laurel leaned back into the cushions, completely opening her robe for him. Jeff pushed the robe off her shoulders and held her in place. Starting from her left shoulder he slowly planted kisses along her collarbone, across her chest, licking and sucking every inch, to the opposite collarbone and shoulder. Her nipples were teased by the scratch of his wool sweater as his body moved across hers. Laurel giggled in delight, as tingling sensations rippled from her hard, little pebbles throughout her body.

Jeff let her lean forward a bit to pull her arms out of the robe. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly while he kissed her. His tongue freely explored over her teeth, the roof of her mouth, and played with her tongue. She reached her fingers to their mouths, feeling their lips, and she thought of when she’d played her fingers on his cock as he’d pumped her pussy. Then she caressed his face, raked her fingers through his hair, traced the shell of his ears, and trailed down his neck and down to the hem of his sweater. She began to pull it up and he lifted his arms as she pulled it over his head and tossed it to the end of the couch. She ran her hands over the muscular curves of his arms and shoulders. Feeling his fine, warm skin created a deeper connection for her, as if beginning to melt into him.

Laurel kissed him and gently pushed him back as she sat straight. She brushed delicate kisses on his forehead, his eyes, and down his nose. “Mmmm…you canlı bahis feel and taste so fine, my lover, I just wish I could soak you up through my fingers and lips,” she murmured and licked his lips then kissed his chin. She flicked her fingertips across his tiny nipples bringing them to immediate attention. She always thought they were so cute and loved to tease them. She gently bit his throat and shifted backward on the couch. While pinching and twisting his right nipple with her fingers she closed her mouth over his left one, biting and sucking. Jeff moaned and adjusted his hips so he could lie farther back. Then Laurel switched her mouth to his left nipple, giving equal treatment to both. Her fingers lightly danced on his skin, tracing curly-queues down his sides and belly. He jerked a little and laughed, not expecting to be tickled.

Her hands finally found the edge of his jeans and she slipped her fingertips just inside, teasing back and forth but not quite going near the zipper. He ran his hand through her hair and pressed lightly, signaling his desire to her. “You’re so impatient. Just relax, Baby,” she whispered and looked up at him. He smiled at her but left his fingers in her soft hair. Turning her attention to his jeans, she released the button from its hole then holding each edge of the open gap, she grasped the zipper tongue in her teeth and ever so slowly pulled it down. Jeff tried hard not to lose his composure and just let her play at her leisure. She reached inside and softly laughed upon discovering he wasn’t wearing shorts. “Seems you planned ahead! You were so sure you’d get lucky tonight?”

“Oh God, Baby,” Jeff sighed and shivered as he felt her soft fingers wrap around his hard shaft and pull him out of his confines. Her hand stroked the length of his cock as she brought her lips to the crown. He propped himself on his elbows for a better view. The sight of her sweet, pink tongue licking and swirling around the head just mesmerized him. His heart pounded and it was all he could do not to force his steel hard rod down her throat. “Laurel, Honey…suck me, come on, don’t tease. Suck my dick.”

“You’re no fun. I want to play and you know you love it. Just close your eyes and let yourself relax,” she murmured between kisses and licks. She gently squeezed the ridge on the underside of his cock between her incisors, making her way down to his balls, then back up again. Then, starting from the base of his shaft she began to lick in upward motions, alternating fluttering her tongue and just a straight, long lick. She took her time going all the way around the circumference of his long column of hot flesh. She pressed her lips to his scrotum then opened her mouth wide to take in one of his balls. She sucked it and rolled it in her mouth while she pumped his rod with her hand. She moaned with contentment and he sighed as he felt the vibrations on his ball. Laurel moved to his other testicle, enjoying the shape and weight of it in her mouth, against her tongue. As her mouth pleasured him her fingers pressed and tickled the flesh between his sack and anus.

Jeff released her hair and leaned back, closing his eyes. He suddenly realized he was rolling his hips up and down, very slightly, in rhythm with her hand stroking his meaty shaft. He tensed when he felt her fingers under his balls and had a fleeting thought that she might slip her finger into his ass. He wondered how he would react to that. He’d certainly entertained the idea of fucking her delicious ass. But he refocused on his cock as he felt her lips and tongue work up to the tip. Again, she flicked her tongue across the tiny opening of his penis and then he felt hot flesh against hot flesh as she finally brought her mouth down over the head. He reached down and grabbed her hair but resisted the urge to shove her down onto him. Her full, heavy breasts brushed back and forth on the inside of his thighs. This in turn caused her nipples to rub back and forth on the fabric of the cushion, which was extremely stimulating. The combination of this fantastic sensation and sucking his rock hard cock was thrilling! She could feel her cunt twitch as her juices began to liberally flow.

Laurel was immensely enjoying herself. His cock was so thick and rock hard in her mouth. She loved the feel and taste of his long spear. She moved up and down, purposely slow, so as to be able to work him deeper into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around as she sucked and slurped his sweet flesh. He heard and felt her moan as she sucked harder. He flexed his fist and pulled her hair in excitement. She brought her left hand up, and gripping his shaft, began to pump him from the bottom up as she relaxed her mouth for a moment. He watched her small, pale hand quickly sliding along his length and thought it looked so beautiful against his smooth, ruddy skin.

She soaked the fingers on her other hand with her saliva then smeared it on his tight little anus. She repeated this a few times, keeping him distracted as she continued to jerk his cock. She returned her mouth to his straining güvenilir bahis rod and eased her fingertip into his ass. When it dawned on him what she was doing he tensed up. She continued to glide her mouth up and down, but also slipped her finger in and out of his anus. He suddenly realized that her finger felt quite good. It was only in as far as her second knuckle and her finger was small, so it was just enough to rouse the sensitive tissues inside the tight muscle ring of his ass hole.

“God, Laurel! That feels good, Baby, keep doing it!” Her finger in his ass spurred him on and he pushed her head down and began to fuck her mouth hard. “Yes! Suck my dick, Baby. Come on, suck it harder!” Jeff gasped and gripped tightly to her hair.

“You love for me to fuck your mouth, don’t you? You are so hungry for my dick you can’t get enough. You have to have it in your hot cunt of a mouth, don’t you?” he urged her on. Watching his hips thrust up to her face, her mouth sucking his cock, feeling her finger work his ass was building up his orgasm in a hurry, now. He wanted to prolong it, but he wanted to shoot his cum down her throat at the same time. Finally he could fight it no longer, “Fuck, Baby, I’m going to come! Are you ready for me? Come on, suck me dry!” he yelled. As the sperm rushed up from deep inside, as it sped its way up his dick, he grabbed Laurel’s head with both hands and hung on. “Ohhhhh! Damn! Take it! Ahhhhhnnnnn!” he yelled as his hot, creamy cum shot out of him into her sweet mouth. Laurel squeezed her eyes shut and quickly swallowed, taking his juices into her. He bucked against her, grunting with each hard spasm. Jeff felt his whole body was just buzzing with orgasmic energy. He shuddered as she slowly released his cock from her mouth and pulled away.

Laurel needed to catch her breath. She was overwhelmed by the intensity of his climax. Her own joy and excitement was heightened, she loved to feel his cock, feel his cum shoot against the roof of her mouth and down her throat. Her pussy twitched and leaked and burned for his touch. Finger, tongue, or cock…come what may…all she could think of was him stimulating her cunt to distraction!

Jeff laughed softly and stroked her hair. The firelight played the red highlights and shine on her soft tresses. He looked down and felt lost in her soft, deep eyes. He played with one of her breasts as he composed himself. Then he reached down and pulled her up to him, deeply kissing her. His tongue forced into her mouth, he took her almost viciously. All of a sudden he felt impatient to fuck her, and fuck her very hard! He could even feel his limp penis start to rise to the occasion.

He guided her down to the carpet and left her there so he could stir the fire. He turned to stand over her, the poker in one hand, his cock filling up once again, thrust out in front of him. “Oh Baby…I want all of you. Will you trust me? Will you give yourself to me?”

Laurel looked up his tall, thick body, his manhood at virile attention. Then her gaze fell upon the poker in his hand. He was standing over her, and in a sudden rush she felt his command of the situation. He hastily returned the poker to its stand and stepped over her, straddling her. She wondered what it would be like to take a spanking from him. The very idea stirred her. She flinched as he knelt down and grasped her breasts, digging his fingers into her large, firm globes. She felt excited, yet wary of his sudden aggression. Jeff leaned down and passionately kissed her. He coaxed her tongue into his mouth and sucked hard on it.

He pinned her beneath him with his pelvis thrust against her, his hands with a solid grip on her tits. “Darling, I’m going to fuck you so well and hard you won’t want me to stop!” he whispered in her ear. Then he moved down her throat, sucking and biting, leaving a trail of red on her pale skin. For a few moments Laurel felt panic in the pit of her stomach from his words and squirmed under him. This only seemed to enflame his excitement and he sucked and bit one of her breasts. He gave her nipple rough treatment and moaned as he enjoyed doing so. Laurel gasped and tried to push him away. Jeff grabbed both of her wrists in one hand and held them over her head. He moved to her other breast making loud sucking noises, making a feast of her tits. “God, you taste so good, Baby,” he growled.

Laurel could feel his engorged cock pressing hard against her, almost painfully so. She knew she could trust him, that he would not hurt her. Yet he had never been this forceful. He seemed a little crazed, with a ravenous hunger for her body. Suddenly he released her wrists and sat up. “I think we could appreciate each other more in bed,” he said as he leaned back and stood up. He secured the glass doors in front of the fireplace then pulled Laurel to her feet. She felt a little overwhelmed and held tightly to his arm as she followed him up the stairs. “Lie down on the bed and relax,” he said as he turned on a small lamp on the dresser. The dim light did little to push back the shadows, but it cast a soft, intimate glow. “I’m going to kiss, lick, suck, and fuck you until you are lost in a state of total euphoria. Laurel, I love you. I am so hot for you and I want to give you such fantastic pleasure.”

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