Aunt Renee Comes for a Visit Ch. 02

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Big Cock

Chapter one was 80% true. Now I embellish more.


It was Eugene’s phone call that woke me up the next morning. At least he waited until 10 am.

“Just making sure Aunt Renee arrived and everything is okay.”

“Yep, all is good. I went shopping, she made dinner, we watched the Terminator. She is very nice.”

“I hope she didn’t um… bother you,” Eugene said.

“No,” I said. “But what exactly do you mean?”

“It’s embarrassing, Pete, but she’s rather um…carefree.”

I laughed. “And you, my friend, are a professional beat around the busher.”

Eugene laughed, too. “Yeh, so let’s just say she is a bit of an exhibitionist and leave it at that.”

“Okay, okay,” I said and then I lied, “Didn’t see any of that last night.”

“Well, you will. She used to tease me mercilessly and all my friends.”

I had started to make way down the hallway while talking to Gene. I heard some rattling and clinks going on in the kitchen. When I turned the corner, I dropped my phone. Aunt Renee was naked except for headphones and her iPod dangling around her neck. She was whisking eggs in a bowl, her hips swaying to what ever music she was listening to, and her breasts shaking from her stirring motion. I hadn’t remembered her offer of being naked in the house.

I knelt to pick up my phone and heard Gene saying, “Pete, Pete?”

“Dropped the phone, Gene, sorry, but I have to go. Can we talk tonight?”

I pressed END just as Aunt Renee turned around. “Oh, good morning young man. I am making you breakfast. Go on and sit down and I will serve you.” She took off her headphones and looped the iPod over her head and set it on the counter.

I sat down, my eyes fixed on Aunt Renee’s body. She brought me a coffee and kissed me on the cheek, her heavy breasts resting on my back.

Sometimes people say the dumbest things and I was often one of those people. “Aunt Renee, you’re…you’re…I mean I can see…” Finally, I blurted, “You’re naked.”

She roared, “You are funny, Pete. Yes, I said I would be, if you liked. So… do you like?” She twirled around.

“Oh yes, Aunt Renee, I do.” It was then I remembered what else she had said last night. “Aunt Renee, what did you mean last night about me cumming?”

“Oh,” she blushed a little. “Pete, you are a young man with a beautiful penis and I imagine you have an active masturbatory life. I mean how many times do you stroke yourself a day?”

“Maybe twice, but I wish I could more.”

“Well, Pete, it’s Christmas break and we can spend the next week together, and I am happy to be naked for you and you can masturbate as often as you wish.”

My cock was rising under the table. I was about to ask a question, but she answered it before I opened my mouth.

“And, you can cum anywhere you want, Pete. I will be happy to clean it up for you.”

This was unbelievable. It was like one of my fantasies coming to life. “What do you mean, Aunt Renee?”

She set my eggs and toast on the table and sat down next to me. “Pete, I know it’s weird but I like it when men, especially younger ones, masturbate while watching me. And I love to watch them cum anywhere they wish. On the floor or on your plate, on my body, in my hair.” She paused for a moment and leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Or in my mouth.”

“Jesus,” I gasped.

“I am just being myself with you, Pete. I love to taste cum. I can’t help it. If you cum on the table or the floor or even the wall, I will clean it up…with my mouth.”

The image of her kneeling and licking Ankara bayan escort up my cum off the floor made me shiver. “Is that what they call a fetish?”

Aunt Renee opened her legs and smiled as my eyes drifted down. “Yes, it is, Pete. You could say your Aunt Renee is a cum rag. You can come on me many times in a day and I will clean it up or wear your spunk all day. Up to you.”

“What about Eugene?”

“What about him?”

“Does he know about this side of you?”

Aunt Renee rubbed her clit and said, “Of course he does. As soon as he turned 18, I started tormenting him until he finally crossed over to the dark side.” She tilted her head back and laughed.

“I am happy to be on display for you, Pete, and I don’t just mean walking around naked. I love showing off explicitly and I do enjoy dirty talk if you are into such things.”

“Like calling you names?”

“Yes, but not just the usual ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ comments. I like nasty talk, words that are humiliating.”

“Really? Like what?”

“Do you like my tits, Pete?”

“Of course.”

“They are so big that I would not be offended at all if you referred to them as ‘udders’ or ‘cow tits.’ Stuff like that. Really anything goes.”


Aunt Renee reached under the table and pulled my cock out of my sweat pants. “Would you like to cum now, Pete?”

As I stood up, Aunt Renee knelt and looked up at me. I started stroking as she caressed my balls. “Would you like to cum on my whore face, Pete?”

I stroked harder and faster.

“Come on baby, spray your cream all over aunty’s face. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand and tugging on a nipple with the other. “Come on, Pete, aunty needs your sperm in her cum hole.” She opened her mouth.

I exploded. The first strand of cum landed vertically on her face, covering her from her forehead to her chin. The second strand flew into her mouth and on her chin. Before I was done shooting cum, I had covered her face and I could see a huge glob of cum in her open mouth. One eye was covered and cum was dripping off her face and down her front.

Aunt Renee grabbed my cock and squeezed the last few drops onto her tongue and then sat back in her chair. She made no attempt to remove any of it. She just sat there on display.

Finally, she whispered. “There, you have officially made your Aunt Renee your cum slut cum rag whore.” She smiled, her lips cached with cum. “Do you like me this way, Pete?”

“Fuck, Aunt Renee. Fuck.”

“I might let you do that, Pete.” She reached for a spoon and handed to me.”

I was a little confused until she moved her face closer to the spoon and opened her mouth.

It took a few minutes to scoop all the cum on her face into her mouth. She held all of it before swallowing. In fact, just before she swallowed she opened wide so I could see all my cum in her mouth. After she swallowed she opened her mouth again as if to prove she ate it all. She was beaming. “I love your cum, Pete.”

After a minute or two of silence, she said, “Oh dear, your eggs are cold.” She jumped up and remade breakfast. While we ate, we talked about the day, if we wanted to do anything special. “Do you want to go anywhere with your auntie?”

I was feeling bolder now. “Aunt Renee, are you willing to get rid of that bush between your legs?”

“Oh my, you don’t waste any time taking charge of auntie, do you?”

I hadn’t thought about it that way, but when she said ‘taking charge’ my cock pulsed. “If you were shaved or waxed I could see your pussy better.”

“Very Escort bayan Ankara true, Pete. I would be happy to do that for you, but I have no spare cash to go for a Brazilian.

“Me either, I guess, but I have clippers and some good razors.”

“Perfect. Shall we do that now?”

Minute later Aunt Renee was spread eagle on my bed, two towels underneath her and I was clipping off her bush until all that were left were short hairs. Her pussy was meaty, with huge labia that were now much more visible. I lathered up her pussy and began shaving off the remainder of her hair. She moaned while I did that and by the time I was done, her juices had leaked out all over the towel.

“Would you like to take a picture, Pete?”

I grabbed my phone and started taking photos of her open hole. She spread it open even further with her hands and played with her clit when she wasn’t finger fucking her pussy. “Do you like Aunt Renee’s fuck hole, Pete?”

“God, yeh.”

For the next week, my cunt is yours, Pete.”

“You mean I can…”

“Yes, Pete, you can fuck me if you like and cum inside. I am fixed.”

I was speechless.

“But first, let’s go somewhere. I have a nice short dress to wear and maybe you can take me somewhere where other men can enjoy the view.”

I waited in the living room while Aunt Renee changed into her dress. She was what one would call a thick woman, but she had perfect curves and the pale green dress she put on hugged those curves so tightly it looked like it was painted on her body. It was so short that it barely covered her ass and the neckline revealed a rather daunting view of her cleavage.

“I look like a whore, don’t I, Pete?”

I nodded. “You look so hot auntie.”

“Do you want other men to see me this way?”

That made me nervous, but I did want that. “Yes, please, Aunt Renee.”

“I am not wearing panties, Pete. Is that okay?”

“You want men to see your pussy?”

“No,” she smiled. “I want them to see YOUR cunt.”

My phone started vibrating. It was Gene. I ignored him.

“That Gene?”


“You going to tell him?”

The question surprised me and she could sense it. “Hand me your phone.”

She flipped through the photos I took of her pussy and showed me one of them. She was spreading her labia with her hands and her pink opening was glistening with juice. “Gene will love this photo, Pete.”


Aunt Renee and I ended up doing to a downtown cafe with an expansive outdoor seating area. We sat at a corner table. I sat behind the table facing the crowd of coffee drinkers and Aunt Renee sat to my right, her chair angled toward a table of three young men.

“Should I show them, Pete? I will be subtle of course. They will think it’s all accidental, I promise.”

“Sure, why not. That’s why we are here, right?”

She shifted her chair so it was facing the young men. “They probably think I am your mother, you know.”

The thought of my mother spreading her legs for other men flew into my mind. I shook that image off and said, “That’s rather hot, auntie.”

Aunt Renee crossed her legs and I noticed how her dress slid up her thigh. All three men noticed and made no attempt to hide their interest. When the waiter came over to bring us our muffins, he stood in front of her, blocking the young men’s view. When the waiter had left, Aunt Renee and pulled her dress up further and was sitting with her legs parted – not completely but wide enough for them to see what they were hoping to see.

“Do Bayan escort Ankara you think they want to fuck me, Pete?”

“I am sure they do. I sure do right now.” I grinned.

“Is your cock hard?”

“Yep. I bet their cocks are hard, too.”

“Oh, I hope so, Pete. I love to make men hard.” Then she leaned toward me. This caused her legs to widen more and her dress to ride up to her mound. She kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, “I am showing them everything right now, Pete. I can even feel my juices drip down toward my ass.”

I smiled and whispered back. “They are gawking now, auntie.”

“I can feel their eyes on me, Pete. I am so happy you shaved me smooth.” Then she moved back to sit in her chair and closed her legs. She moved her chair closer to me and rested her hand on my leg. “Show is over for them,” she smiled. “Now what can I do for you, Pete?”

“You mean right now, right here?”

Aunt Renee ran her fingertips across my swollen cock. “I am YOUR cunt, Pete.”

“Oh, god, I don’t know, auntie. They think you are my mother, remember?”

“Oh yes, I am sure they do, but I bet they are wondering if I am your ‘mommy.’

Aunt Renee had unzipped me by now and was squeezing my hard cock inside my pants. She said softly, “It’s okay if you cum in your pants, Pete. When we get back home, I will clean up the mess for you.” She winked and smiled.

And that’s exactly what I did. My cum oozed out of my cock inside my pants. The young men knew something was up, given the expression on my face, but I am sure figured it out when Aunt Renee put both hands under the table and zipped me back up. She looked at the men while she licked my cum off her fingers.

“You are dangerously amazing, aunty.”

“Oh, Pete, thank you, but we are just getting started, aren’t we?”

“Should we go now?”

“Oh no, let’s just talk for a while and let them soak up what just happened. would you like to hear more about your aunty’s desires?”

I nodded. “Yes, please.”

“I have always been like this, but when I got married, my bastard husband would have none of it. So, I obeyed because I was in love or at least thought I was. But when he started cheating on me, I decided to be myself again and what I am, Pete, is a cum whore pure and simple.”

“I am beginning to see that, aunty.”

“Your Aunt Renee is a three-hole slut, Pete. Would you like to fuck my asshole, too”?

I had never done that, much less had a woman offer me anal sex. “Fuck yeh,” I said.

“Good, there is nothing like feeling a man hurt me there and pulse his cum deep in my ass.”

“Wha…What else…do you desire?”

“Gang bangs, Pete, the more the merrier. Think you could arrange one?”

I thought of all my horny friends. “I think so,” I said. “What else?”

“I love rimming a man,” Aunt Renee said. She clenched her fist and began licking the little hole formed between her thumb and forefinger. “Shall I rim you when we get back home?”

“God, yes. Is there more?”

“Oh, lots more, Pete, but let’s wait a bit before I confess just how nasty your aunty can be.”

“I think we should go now.”

Aunt Renee laughed. “You want my mouth on your asshole don’t you, Pete.”

I waved at the waiter. “Check please.”

We hadn’t been home for more than a minute before Aunt Renee was naked and leading me to the bedroom. She prepared a bowl of warm water and washed my ass with a soft wash cloth. “I do like making out with a clean hole,” she explained.

“Making out?”

“Oh yes, I am going to make out with your asshole like I would with a lover. Passionately, French kissing your tight hole and eventually I will wrap my lips around your hole and suck on it. I hope that is okay, Pete.”

The moan that escaped my mouth was my answer.

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