Aunt Cathy Pt. 31

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

Soooo, yep. My wedding night was on a couch in front of the entire gathering, definitely not how I’d been imagining it. Even so it was nothing short of being intensely passionate. Considering how on the Q-T the whole act was, those words might not be a perfect fit, but there was no denying it was intense. Maybe public, clandestine sex is a kink I never knew I had?

That thought brought the crack I’d made about Cathy’s Mrs. Kravits peeping come to mind and it took a weird turn in my brain. A mental picture of us getting mug shots taken after being caught spying on a couple having sex, while we were doing the same, had me guessing just what mom had put in that punch.

Sometime around three A.M mom clapped her hands announcing it was time we all hit the sack, (her concoction had a few guests halfway there anyhow) Cathy was already sleeping like a lamb with one hand wrapped tight around my ring finger. “I think me and the misses will just crash here tonight.” Mom gave me a look, not unlike the one she confronted me with after The Rat Pack show, then went about shooing people to their rooms and picking up.

I should have known there was something going on after that look but It skipped me. That is until I offered to help clean up. Still in her bridesmaid outfit, she paused long enough to give me a wry smile, then reached behind her back to do the magic bra through the sleeve trick. When that bra came off, any fog play the lace might have been doing vanished, her nipples were so hard they poked through the gaps between the lace.

(B.T.W – remember how I told you the sleeves on those outfits were skin tight? You now have an indication of how little support mom’s boobs needed from a bra.)

Despite the brandy beforehand, the wedding debacle, then wrestling the storm, plus a couple of good-sized mugs of mom’s brew, and the explosive orgasm I’d had. It sort of blew me away when I started getting hard again at the sight, not just of her nipples, but the lusty look, (more of an aura) she was wearing too.

“Mom, get some sleep, we’ll do it tomorrow. Okay?”

“I will. Just not sleepy right now, wait twenty minutes, well see what happens.”

My supposed asleep lamb giggled and all but bolted off the couch doffing the two items of clothing she had on; thus completing the blood flow to my cock. Mom’s picking up stopped as she glowered at Cathy. Cathy had something to do with mom’s current state, and mom wasn’t happy with her sister.

“Uh-huh. I figured you weren’t asleep.”

“Twenty minutes? Need time? Make sure everyone’s asleep?” Cathy got catty. “You see lover, mommy’s not tired, she’s just really, really, really horny. Right sis?”

“You are a right royal bitch sometimes. You know that?”

Somewhere in this house sob and Popoff were sleeping. There was as far as I could see the cat fight of the century about to break out. Somehow yelling help didn’t seem very smart. I really didn’t need an audience of half asleep, half hungover people getting involved.

Cathy moved closer. “No, I’m not. You and Mary were talking about losing your son’s to me and Bonnie. I believe you said, ‘got to let them go sometime’, all I did was share my wedding night with you.” She got back that evil grin. “You want to know something? Being a cell phone, or video chat third wheel is fun, but doesn’t cut it.”

She got within striking distance, turned to give me a, ‘REMEMBER?’ look then continued. “I just recalled porno a hot kinky from a while back. Seeing as all of us are raring to go, I think it’s high time to bring that to life.” I hadn’t forgotten about that conversation, Cathy had wanted mom munching her while I was in her butt, (mom’s I mean) but there was zero recall on my part who all had been privy to that info.

The close proximity of the sisters enabled mom to pull a Mary to Bonnie move, she pulled my aunt’s face in and administer a French kiss that I’m pretty sure broke some kind of international patent treaty. That in turn left my wife’s hands-free, leaving Mom’s skirt as fair game. Up went the skirt, the panties moved west, and on behalf of the tongue probed recipient, two fingers thrust in.

“Your soaking fucking wet! Guess you enjoyed my wedding night gift did you?”

While the mutual probing went on, words were bothering me, what did shared and gift mean? I was stymied,(and not in a ‘Little Rascals’ way) until, a word of my own recollection began to form, that word had me headed toward the fireplace to knock back a couple of mugs of concoction.

And more words formed, these ones out loud. “You felt everything. didn’t you? The whole Symbiotic thing.” During the video call, it hadn’t bothered me, more like intrigued, same with the teasing session in the kitchen. This time it felt like an intrusion.

Cathy was the only one who had seen the whole. She’d initiated it for one reason; she didn’t want her sister to think, or feel, like she was losing two of the people closest to her so soon. Son and lover had just married an older woman. Her husband, and trust, had left for a younger girl. I guess on some level, there was a family symbiotic too.

Only ten words had been spoken, so it must have been the tone of them that made them stop. The next thing I felt was mom’s arms wrapping my waist, her head on my shoulder. She was calmly speaking, almost like she’d heard every thought I’d just had.

“All I felt is what Cathy felt physically. Nothing emotionally, no love. It’s just sensations. She’ll never know how much I love you, and the love you two share is all your own, Get it?” Did I get it? Yes. Did I understand it, no. How could mom of gotten so worked up but not felt the emotion? It didn’t make sense.

“You don’t understand do you?” I shook my head no. “Think of it as a porn movie. Even if your not revved at first, after it starts, you get REALLY horny. You can’t feel the actor’s emotions, but you do know the reaction they’re causing in you. Now, remove the movie, you’re left with me and my sister, but instead of watching, we are… feeling. In other words, getting worked up. Understand now?”

“Sort of, kind of like a remote control vibrator?” From behind me, I heard Cathy giggle.

“There’s the understatement of the decade.” I don’t know what it is about my wife’s giggle, but it always puts me on a better track.

“Maybe I didn’t get the nuisances of what was going on, but I know one thing. If we could figure out how to make a V.R. game out of it. We’d be rich.” They both giggled, if mom hadn’t been right on my ear, it would of been hard to tell who’s was who’s.

“I’m glad you sort of understand, however, back to this problem we have…” Mom’s hands moved off my waist to the crotch of my sweats, lurching me free. “In hand.” That hand around my cock was making sure I wasn’t going to be getting soft anytime soon. “So, tell me, what did you do to my sister that almost had me in need porno of dental help over some blown-out molars.”

That cracked me up, whatever punch left in my mouth spewed out, hit the fire, and exploded. The hands that had been working my dick fell away but I didn’t immediately react. If I had been second-guessing the punch before, that fireball had me seriously wondering what we had been sipping.

All my marveling ended when I heard an absolutely drenched in sex groan. When I looked, Cathy had mom backed against the kitchen door frame, legs over her shoulders, heels hovering four inches off the floor. Mom had no pupils, her eyes rolled back by the skillfulness being exacted on her clit. That left my wife in a very vulnerable, open-legged position, and it dawned on me, “There’s a set of lips I haven’t kissed in a loooooong time.”

A long, drawn out, ‘fuuccckkk yeesssss’ was my reward for sucking Cathy’s clit through my tooth gap, when I started oscillating my tongue, she pushed my face deep into her pussy. As far as noises coming from mom? It was hard to hear much with the thigh mufflers wrapped around my head, but judging from how many times Cathy told her sister to stop squirming, it was a pretty fair bet they were numerous.

Cathy let out a grunt of frustration pushing me away and letting mom off her shoulders. “We are getting way off course here. I’ll be right back.” The protagonist for this particular act wandered off, leaving mom, horny as a holly bush, and me, sporting a raging one, alone. She didn’t even blink, just dove down and started her glans blow job. Was my turn to drop a syrupy sex groan.

When a woman takes your head to balls in one fell swoop it’s an eye opener. Mom has a way of going not more than an inch past your tip and driving you nuts. Holding you just that far in her mouth, she’s able to run her tongue all around the rim of your cock head, (that little vee being the main concentrate) and puts your legs into a shaking. If Cathy’s giggle voice hadn’t sounded, mom would have got a mouth full.

“My, my. You are in a mood sis.” I expected a look of, ‘piss off’, or ‘fuck you’, instead the glans job just kept going on, the only difference being mom’s look of curiosity, and me doing a whole lot of teeth gritting. Cathy had changed to high-heels and stockings and was holding a battery-operated, double-ended strap-on. What she may have had thoughts of I don’t know, mine was firmly set in “EXIT ONLY”.

Mom came off my cock head with a pop, “Awww, what’s the matter, need heels to keep up with my legs.” While Cathy had chosen yoga pants, mom had gone from skates to pumps (if you’re a heel fetish guy she’s your girl) Cathy gave mom a half-curled lip smile then motioned us all into the kitchen. I started to feel like I was in the middle of who knows what again when we all were stopped in our tracks by a noise traveling down the stairwell.


It was one of the most god-awful, passed-out snores this house had ever heard, and considering my dad? That said something.

Now. Picture this:

Cathy in heels and hose branding a two header dong. Mom, still in her heels, nipples poking through lace, with juice slathering down her thighs. Then me, dick bobbing up and down like a divining rod, BUT only me and mom looking up the stairs, W.T.F like. (W would be who in this case). “Can you believe that girl drives a pink jeep?”

Okay, insert the cartoon ‘BOING’ sound here.

Me and mom both did a double türk porno take to the stairwell, “MISTY!?!” My aunt just sort of foo fooed the whole thing.

“Yeah they passed out, door open, she still has Popoff’s cock in her mouth.” Me and mom stood there, till we were beckoned.

Cathy wanted our attention, noise was the calling card. We heard two chairs linoleum screech across the kitchen floor. She’d locked one heel into the back of each, ass planted on the table. There was an answer to the ‘need heels’ question too. It was a simple nope.

“We both have great legs, I just want some leverage to make sure you stay where I want you to stay. Also, I know how good your legs look when your bent at the waist, spread open, in heels.” I’d seen mom in that position and my aunt was dead on. So was mom. In the history of Hollywood, no cue has ever been delivered, then executed so timely, as to leave an audience, (that being me) flabbergasted.

When mom dove in, Cathy shivered. My mom is no slouch in the tease department, she knew I was watching and started a left, to right ass movement that sent each respective heel wider and wider. A couple of urgent hip thrusts made it clear my time to join the party had arisen, and despite her sisters’ wishes, it was readable, no matter how close the proximity, lips were to be parted, not a rose-bud.

Getting behind mom was obviously the way to do things. Feeling the heat before sliding in wasn’t the norm. It was like a sauna, not a vagina. In all honesty, seeing as we were a ways from the punch fireball scene, I can’t figure out how steam wasn’t present.

Although Cathy didn’t know the wet heat I’d slide into wasn’t her hot kinky, there was no doubt in my mind it wouldn’t have mattered to any of us. Mom was quivering, Cathy had all but made a lake under where ma was eating, and I was down to about a cunt hair thick of molar from trying to hold on.


Still drunk, naked, and with a finger in her mouth wandered in just as the edibles went orgasmic. Announcing, “I need some water.” Cathy and mom were explosive, so in a very ironic way, misty got her water, just squirt-wise, and not down her throat.

Two of the three females beyond sated, snuggled up on the tabletop with each other. That left me, (VERY not un-bobbing) looking like a spigot. A giggly misty just looked, “There you are.” dropped, and engulfed me. I don’t have to make a rundown of the talent my cock has received from the ladies in my life, pinky however was new.

She was teeth. All teeth. I could feel the air around my dick, she never closed her mouth once, just kept scrapping. What time she did use her tongue for, was just to tickle the very eye of my cock.

Mom, Cathy, mad? Nope. Enthralled.

I exploded in the last, (it felt like it) orgasm I would ever have. Misty backed off, licked her lips, then gave my cohorts a kiss on the lips, (not the ones you speak through) “Better, G’night.” And she wandered off. Cathy composed herself enough to say,


That did not sum up the day’s and night’s activities so ‘well’. Mom moved first kissing me then headed off. That left me looking at an astonished wife, (the covering fire from mom didn’t happen) who was trying to decide what was next. She slid off the table, “I swear, I did not know that would happen lover. Carry me to our room?”

The countertop across from the table held candy stars, intended, I assume, for the cake.

“Nah. How bout we do a replay of me following your diamond studded legs up the stairs? Except you pause every step? Intrigued?”

Cathy got cocky, and grabbed my limp cock, commenting, “Not much your going to do with that before sunrise.”

Sunrise was two hours off.

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