Aunt Brandy Initiates My Friends Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Aunt Brandy does Robin


” WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!?? Where the fuck is Simon? ” Robin, Simon’s bitch princess girlfriend was standing in the living room, as nobody had seen her come in thru the open back door. She was looking hot and delicious as usual. Hands in her hips in her typical bitchy pose, she was wearing a hot light blue mini-dress, all the accessories, high heels and plenty of make up. She was quite petite, with small teenager tits, and a cute little ass to die for.

” Who the fuck are you? ” Aunt Brandy asked

” This is Robin.. Simon’s girlfriend… ” I said.

” Where is Simon? I followed him and saw you all come in her back door. Where the fuck is he? And what the fuck is going on?

” S.. Simon left. ” I lied.

” What you mean?

” He didn’t want to stay….

” You mean he wasn’t part of the roughing sheat goin down here? BTW, WADAFUC was all that?

” We are loosing our virginity… Aunt Brandy is teaching us to have sex….

” Omagosh!!… NO WAY!…. HAHA!!… You’re all loosing your cherry… just like… right now!!??… and I just like… walked in on you!!??… HA!… FUNNIE!! Dagang’s towdally gonna rip ’bout that!

” Actually we all just did loose our virginity. You just missed it.

” Oooh, nooo, nooo, noooo!!!… I saw PLENTIEE… belieeeve meee!… Like…. I saw the nigger fuck her mouth and cum all over the slut’s face!… Fucking A SCHLUT!!… then like… I saw you two double up butt fucking your Aunt tramp up that big ass of hers and her sucking her butt juice off your cock!!…. WUOW!!.. That was just like… towdaly sick?!… Oh, oh… and did you say she’s your AUNT!!!?… Isn’t this called… like… ‘inbreeding’ or ‘incesting’ or something like that!!… Now… this last DP fuck relay you did on her ass… and her butt fucking her fatass down the nigger’s big n’ nasty black cock…?! cowgirl style?!… that was… fucking hardcore rad sheatt!!… Look at that nasty black cock!!… just look at it …so big…!!… an… and all the dirty cum and shit oozing out her gapping asshole… I say… SCHLUT!!”

” Listen up you little bitch…. First of all, are you old enough to be out and about at this hour and talking trash like this!!??”

” Sure I’m… I just turned 18 and know exactly what a slut you are…”

” Are you sure you know what you talking about?… have you ever had a cock up your skinny princess ass?…”

” Ha! No way Ho”zay!!”

” …ever sucked on a black cock?…”

” …’cooourse nnoootttt!!!”

” … french kissed any cock?….”

” … non…”

” … jerked off a cock til it cums?….”

” … nope…”

” … had that pussy fucked good?…”

” … lo….”

” … had a stud eat that virgin snatch?…”

” … naaa …”

” … had that little white ass liked Greek style?…”

” … ohi …”

” … had you tities licked and sucked?…”

” …. er… no answer …..”

” … had you pussy licked by another girl?….”

” …. plea the 5th!…..”

” Uhm!…. wanna me to eat your pussy good til you cum? huh?…. wanna hold a big hard cock in your hands?….”

” …….!!”

Eight minutes later….

” Aawww my asss! GODDAMNIT! Aaawwww!”

After quite a bit of force, Robin cried as the fat head of the dildo popped in her cute skinny, milky virgin asshole.


” Oh yeah!… There we go… My cock in your ass!!…. “


” Oh yeah! Delish little ass… “


Aunt Brandy had Robin pinned down. Robin had her knees open on the floor with her skinny little ass cocked right up. Her little perky tits smashed against the couch seat between Jerome’s legs.

Her head was on Jerome’s lap, and her tiny hand could not close around the base of this thick black monster. Robin kept her eyes closed and refused to look at the colossal cock right in front of her face.

” Aauh my ass!… AAUH MY ASS!!”

Towering Aunt Brandy was a whole foot taller than Robin, besides her obvious weight advantage. Counting her high heels, Aunt Brandy was at 6’3″ tall with a full body of ample 36DD hard tits and ass, while Robin was a petite 5’2″ princess with a bitch attitude.

” Goddamn you ass fucking whore! You’re butt fucking my virgin ass!”

Aunt Brandy was crouching over Robin, with her hands pushing on Robin’s tiny waist, opening her smooth butt cheeks to force the rubber strapon cock into Robin’ milky white, skinny virgin ass.

” You wanna loose your butt cherry tonight, didn’t you perverted bitch…??… so relax that asshole so I can butt Ankara escort fuck your skinny ass! “

Little princess turned out to be a multi”orgasm bitch. Robin had the firsts 4 orgasms of her life in less then a minute. Aunt Brandy hadn’t even removed Robin’s tiny minidress, acessories or high heels. She just hiked the dress up and pulled the thin straps down, and voila, Robin was totally naked in front of all of us. Aunt Brandy just pushed Robin’s tiny undie to the side and was having her way with all sexual parts of poor defenseless Robin. First, over her false protests, Aunt Brandy licked her virgin pussy for only a few seconds and Robin came yelping like a cat. Then Aunt Brandy rolled her over on all fours and spread her milky white buns open. Over Robin’s squealing, Aunt Brandy made her cum again by driving a firm wiggling tongue hard and deep up the virgin’s tight asshole. Robin came twice again when Aunt Brandy butt fucked her long finger up Robin’s tongue stretched and lubricated virgin asshole, while sucking Robin’s clit from behind.

” Aaaah!… Yes I wanna!… but it’s too fucking big!!… Aaaahh!… BUTT FUCK MY ASS SLOW!!.. Aaah! YOU GODDAMN BITCH!!”

” I promise you get used to it…. Now open your pretty mouth and suck that black cock!”

” NO! NO WAY! I ain’t sucking no nigger’s cock!… I said I’d jerk it off in my hand!… but ain’t sucking this big nasty butt fucking nigger’s cock! NO!”

” I know you wanna! SUCK IT!”

” FUCK NO! IT JUST CAME OUT OF YOUR ASS, YOU MOTHER FUCKING WHORE! I saw it! I saw all the gooey cum flowing out of your shitter when he pulled it out!!.. and it’s all over his nasty black cock!!! NO WAY!! NO, NO, NO!!”

Aunt Brandy pulled Robin by the hair to forced her to look at Jerome’s dirty big black cock in front of her face. It looked enormous in front of her eyes and in her tiny hand.

” Little princess bitch will suck the ass juices off that big black cock! By”the”way, it’s got butt fucked cum from all four of your friends who gang banged my ass tonight!”

We had all butt fucked Aunt Brandy’s big ass in what was the nastiest scenes I’ve watched up until this point… but this was better. Aunt Brandy had Robin’s virgin ass stuck with her flesh colored 6″ strapon dildo, and was forcing Robin to suck on Jerome’s 10″ black cock that had just been butt fucking Aunt Brandy’s asshole.

” 4 OF MY FRIENDS???!! There’s only 3 here! DID SIMON BUTT FUCKED YOUR BIG ASS TOO???!! You said he wasn’t?!!”

” Oh well… the truth comes out…sure he was here. The little pervert cum all over my face, and was the first to butt fuck my ass tonight! The little pecker butt fucker rabbit!”

” Yes that’s him! He’s got this tinny pecker and fucks like a little rabbit! The little weasel BUTT FUCKED YOU IN THE ASS!??”

” So you are NOT A VIRGIN! and Simon was not a virgin either!??”

” No…no.. not exactly! I’m still a virgin I think!! He’s rabbit fucked the head of his pecker in mouth and in my butt…but …but I never let him cum!! So I’m still a virgin… right…?? I’m definitely still a pussy virgin, and a black cock virgin… I’m saving for my marriage…”

” You lying bitch! You haven’t sucked a dick if you’ve only sucked his little pecker… Now that’s a dick in front of you. SUCK ON IT! Lying BITCH! SUCK IT!”

Aunt Brandy pushed Robin’s head down onto Jerome’s glistering cock. Robin opened her eyes and puckered her lips to kiss the tip of Jerome’s pole, which had globs of cum and ass juices.

” NOooo! It’s so big and nasty! And it’s got that gooey shit all over it!”

” Come on Jerome! Shove your cock in her mouth! “

Jerome grabbed Robin’s head and jaw and forced his cock down her mouth.

” Aaauuuggghhh! FUCKING NASTY NIGGER COCK! Aaauuuggghhh!”

” Yeaahh! Suck the nasty nigger cock… little bitch!”

Robin lips puckered slightly…

” Uuhhmm! Uuhhmm! Uuhhm! Aauugghh! Nasty dirty nigger cock!”

” You like that don’t ya? Yeah?! Here’s more cock in that skinny bun!”

” Aaaahhh!! MY ASS! YOU BITCH! BUTT FUCK MY ASS SLOW! Aaaaahhh! ” Robin managed to lift her head from Jerome’s massive cock and cry.

” Keeping sucking that black cock!! You lying little bitch! You said you’re a virgin, but you’ve sucked and butt fucked a tinny cock before.”

” B… but… that was not like this at all!! You are butt fucking my ass so much deeper… Aaahh! … and this big black cock in my mouth… Aahh!!!! ” Robing tried to explain before going down again on Jerome’s cock!! Wow! It did seem that she did that voluntarily this time.

” Yeah! Suck his cock clean you little bitch! I knew you’re not what it seemed! OPEN WIDE AND TAKE IT ALL IN! OPEN WIDE!”

Robin looked back at Aunt Brandy with a discussed face and a thick Ankara escort bayan nasty string of scum triangulating between her upper and lower lips and Jerome’s cock.

” Goddamnit! This black cock tastes so fucking nasty!”

” You’ll get used to the taste! Suck it down further and you’ll see what a real cock sucking feels like! Pump his cock to make it grow. Use both hands!”

Robin pumped Jerome’s cock base with both her tiny hands, looking intently to see it grow. She opened her mouth wider and went down again, filling more of Jerome’s dirty cock into her mouth!!

” Yeahhh! There you go!… suck up and down and pump the huge cock! YEAAAHHH! That’s it! Good going!! SUCK IT DOWN! ” Aunt Brandy said while steadily butt fucking Robin’s ass deeper with the strapon dildo.

Robin sucked Jerome’s cock deeper in her throat as Aunt Brandy drilled the rubber cock down deeper. Feeling her asshole stretch wider Robin stopped sucking and looked back to curse again at Aunt Brandy.

” Aaaahh!… my ass!… Goddamn bitch!… I’m sucking your ass off this nigger’s cock!…. Aaaahh! … you are butt fucking my ass with that big rubber cock! Aahh!… GODDAMN!! BUTT FUCK MY ASS SLOW YOU BITCH ” Robin hissed back at the butt fucking Aunt Brandy was giving her. The pain in her face and dirty cursing mouth were so obscenely hot as Robin’s open mouth revealed a crisscross mesh of cum and ass juice.

Aunt Brandy leaned forward to see up close Robin’s sucking Jerome’s nasty black cock…

” Stop complaining you lying bitch!… you like my cock butt fucking your virgin ass… now move your mouth and let me show you how to suck that nigger’s dirty black cock!… keep jerking that nasty cock in my mouth and watch ….”

On a pornographic display of slutty teamwork, Robin moved off Jerome’s cock while continuing pumping the black monster pole with both her tiny hands. Aunt Brandy lowered her wide open mouth down, swallowing the wet black shaft half way up her throat at once. Aunt Brandy sucked Jerome’s pole up and down with slow and deep head bobs, synchronously butt fucking her pupil’s skinny milky ass with long up and down hip pumps. Aunt Brandy spat the juices back on Jerome’s cock and sucked down again several times. Along with Robin’s double hand pumping, Jerome’s cock grew to monstrous proportions and was ready to blow on their faces.

” Uummhh! (Spit) … pump that cock harder!!… Uummhh! (Spit)”

” Oh my gosh… it’s swelling in my hands!!…”

” Uummhh! (Spit)… he’s gonna cum… Uummhh! (Spit) pump it…Uummhh! (Spit)”

” You hogging nasty slut… gonna make him cum in your mouth again…!!”

” Uummhh! (Spit) …That’s how you do it you little bitch!… now you do it… ” Aunt Brandy backed off her mouth from the glistering cock, as drooling gooey ass juice and cum dripped onto Robin’s face.

” Oh….. Is it gonna cum in my mouth??!! ” Robin said before opening her mouth wide to suck on Jerome’s cock with real intent. From head down to the middle as much as she could muster, Robin strained to pump the thick cock with both tiny hands and deep suck it at the same time. She was turning out to be quite a nasty cock sucker!!

” Yeah it is!… keep at it… now spit the cum back on it… YEAH!! you little black cock sucker!… now feed that cock to me… Uummhh! (Spit)…. Uummhh! (Spit)… you go now… suck it down deeper!!!”

Sensing Jerome’s orgasm, Aunt Brandy looked at that milky little ass under her and pressed more cock into it. Robin felt the pain and turned back to protest again.

” Skinny bitch’s ass gonna take the whole cock in her asshole now!! “

” PHUCK IT SCHLOW YOU GODDAMN VITCH! ” Robin barely talked with so much cock and gooey cum oozing in her mouth. Robin had opened her mouth much wider now, and started to bob her head with force on Jerome’s black dirty pole while synchronizing hand pumps on his thickening black monster. Her mouth was relaxed and distended, and her hands were gliding, turning and twisting in unison with her head bobbing. Robin took it as much as she could, gagged and spat like Aunt Brandy had just taught her.

” Uuhmm! Uuhmm! (Spit)! PHUCKING NASHTY NIGGER COCSK! Uuhm! (Spit)!”

Aunt Brandy released Robin’s hair and opened Robin’s cute bun cheeks with one hand. Holding the dildo firmly, Aunt Brandy pushed another inch inside. Robin did not complain and Aunt Brandy firmly pushed one last time, and her crotch made full contact with Robin’s ass cheeks.

” Ooouucchh! PHUCK!!!”

” Yeah! You are taking it all in your ass now you little bitch! … My pussy’s gonna cum butt fucking his cute little ass…. Yeah!!”

” PHUCK YOUTH! ” Robin hissed looking back with a mouth full of goo, then going back to sucking Jerome’s cock.

They quicken Escort Ankara the pace, with Robin going down on Jerome’s dirty black cock and Aunt Brandy drilling down and butt fucking her strapon into Robin’s ass.

I couldn’t resist my hot Aunt’s inviting ass. The view was just amazing. Aunt Brandy’s ass buns were so obscenely inviting… Her squatting position while wearing those 4″ pumps made her asshole stand really high, wide and opened. The strap”on belt framed her waist, went down her ass crack and around the bottom of her buttocks, making her legs look even taller and squeezing her buttocks into a tight big ball of firm muscle and fat. The strap”on belt had a split in the crotch area, giving access to her asshole and pussy. I moved behind her and pumped my cock toward her open ass.

– Goddamn pervert! You like it nasty don’t you???… Gonna butt fuck your Aunt’s ass again!!??”

Aunt Brandy pulled the crotch split along with her ass cheek to the side, revealing the gapping gooey damage Jerome’s cock had just made, incidentally the same way my 9″ hard cock was gonna make into her shitter. I pushed the other ass cheek open and butt fucked her gooey ass hole with a firm stroke of my thick hard meat.

” YEAAHH! That’s it! Butt fuck that cock good in Aunty’s asshole my boy!! ” My cock squeezed out a lot of gooey cum from her asshole. I remembered Physics class in that surely those 3 huge loads of teenage cum had to go somewhere once my cock filled her asshole.

” Schlutt!! ” Robin uttered with Jerome’s pole down her throat.


As I spread open and butt fucked her asshole with all my cock Aunt Brandy butt fucked Robin’s little ass harder. It was like I was fucking both of them!

” Uuhmm! Uuhmm!! Uuhmm! Uuhmm! ” Robin cried with Jerome’s cock in her mouth, every time we pumped her little ass together.

The scene was unreal. There I was, butt fucking my Aunt’s ass, while she corned Robin’s cutest virgin ass with a rubber strapon. Robin was wolfing down the biggest black cock full of ass juices from my nasty Aunt, who was spreading her ass cheeks for me to butt fuck her gaping asshole! Aunt Brandy’s lean down and forward to mouth Jerome’s cock again, gving me even better entry into her ass. Next to Robin’s mouthing Jerome’s cock she wanted to share.

” Now we gonna make this black fucker cum in our mouths… pump him in my mouth…. uuuhhhmm (spit)… now you suck it…. there you go you little tramp… now it’s my turn…. uuuhhhmm (spit) “

Robin held and pumped Jerome’s cock for Aunt Brandy to deep throat. The big old and the little young nasty tramps alternated sharing Jerome’s big dirty black cock deep in their cum filled mouths. They deep throated, licked his shaft, balls and cock head like two synchronized black cock sucking whores. With amazing physical agility, Aunt Brandy held both her ass cheeks open for me to butt fuck her gooey asshole, while bending down and deep throating Jerome’s huge cock, all the while butt fucking Robin’s little asshole with her strap on cock. Robin pumped and jerked Jerome’s massive cock, while enjoying Aunt Brandy’s butt fucking by pushing back her skyny milky white ass back entirely onto Aunt Brandy’s 6″ strapon dildo.

I slaped Aunt Brandy’s ass and drove my cock up her butt hole with long, firm strokes. Aunt Brandy started to cum evidenced by her moaning onto Jerome’s cock, which added vibration to her expert cock sucking, adding to his impending orgasm and his cock growing in Robin’s little hands.

Needing to be part of the action Todd hurriedly squeezed under Robin’s open legs and forced the head of his thick cock into her virgin pussy. The fat cock head popped into the poor virgin’s tight pussy, making her the probable first in the world to loose both her ass and pussy cherries at once in a double penetration. That thought help take us all over the edge!!

” Aawww! My pussy!!! Aawww! My ass!!! Goddamn Ahww!” Robin squealed goodbye to her little cherries. Robin tight little white butt and virgin pussy were sandwished by two big cocks and she was went wild. Robin squeezed and jerked Jerome’s big monster harder and faster, which made his monster swell and cum into hers and Aunt Brandy’s sucking mouths. Aunt Brandy and Robin shared in swallowing Jerome’s massive ejaculation, shaking and tightening their butt holes in shattering orgasms. At that same time, Aunt Brandy drove her cock deep into Robins’ little ass, driving Robin over the edge and making Robin’s pussy even tighter for Todd’s thick cock, making Todd deposit a huge load of cum into Robin’s virgin little pussy. Robin’s virgin pussy and ass exploded in a double orgasm that she’ll never forget and will want it again. All that was an extremely intense communal multiple orgasm that made us all shake and tremble together for minutes. We’re all out the this world for quite a long time… and I think this is a great beginning for this nasty kinky group of 18 year old sex perverts…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32