At The Cabin With My Sister

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“It’s about time you got here,” Connie said with a smile as I opened the door, “grab a brush and get to work!”

“Jeez, give me a break, I’ve been driving for four hours,” I said as I put my suitcase down and embraced my sister.

“So how long’s it been,” she asked, “since we’ve seen each other?”

“Probably last year at Uncle Jack’s funeral.”

“Oh, yeah, I’d forgotten about that,” she said as she put the paintbrush on the table, “anyway, it’s really good to see you again. I know you weren’t exactly overjoyed about having to come up here.”

That was an understatement, I thought to myself. I remembered the phone call I’d gotten from Connie several weeks earlier.

“Tom,” she said, “you know mom and dad’s anniversary is coming up.”

I knew immediately trouble was coming. I could always tell with Connie.

“And you know the lake they go to every summer?” she continued.


“Well, you won’t believe this, but Kim and I found this little cottage for sale there. It’s right on the lake. And the best part is the price. It’s been on the market for ages and the owner just wants to get rid of it.”

“And how,” I asked tentatively, “does this involve me?”

“Well, Kim and I thought the three of us could get together and, you know, sort of buy it for them as an anniversary present.”

“Uh, O.K.,” I said, “tell me more.”

Connie gave me the details.

“Well, off the top of my head, it’s sounds like something I might be able to afford,” I told her, “but tell me, why’s it so cheap?”

“Let’s just say it needs a little work,” was Connie’s reply.

And that’s how I’d gotten roped into spending a long four day weekend with my two sisters, in the woods in the middle of nowhere, fixing up a cabin for our parents anniversary.


“Kim had something come up at work,” Connie said, “so she won’t be here until tomorrow. Come on, I’ll give you a tour of the place.”

There wasn’t much to show and the tour took all of two minutes. One room with a couch and two beds. A kitchenette on the side and a bathroom. That was the extent of the tour. Luckily, despite it’s remoteness, it had electricity and running water.

As we painted, I studied my sister, realizing it had been eight months since I’d last seen her. At twenty-nine, she was the middle one, two years younger than me. Kim was the baby of the family at twenty-seven. As a kid, I’d always thought Connie was pretty. With short black hair and blue, sparkling eyes, she always seemed to have a smile on her face.

Physically though, Connie was the misfit of the family. Her dad and I were both tall and slender, and where her mother and sister were thin, almost petite, Connie had a fuller figure. Her breasts were large and round, her hips full, and her waist, while not fat, was certainly not thin. Curvy would be a good way to describe it, I thought to myself. As long as I could remember, she’d always been on one diet or another, trying to control her weight. I remember she’d once looked in the mirror and jokingly asked our mother if she was adopted.

Now, as I watched her painting, she wore a pair of loose fitting shorts and a white blouse with the logo of some nightclub on the front.

“You still a wine drinker, Tom?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“There’s a case of it in the trunk of my car,” she said, “it might make the work a little easier.”

I lugged the case inside and as I opened a bottle, I watched as Connie bent down to dip her brush in the paint can. Her blouse was cut straight from shoulder to shoulder, and as she leaned over, the top of it fell away from her body, her large breasts hanging beneath her, allowing a view of the deep cleavage in between. I could feel a slight blush cross my face. I averted my eyes and poured a glass of wine for each of us.

“Have you heard from…him?” I asked, as I put her glass on the table beside her, “Any contact?”

She knew who I meant.

“Nah, just through the attorney. The divorce papers will be ready next week.”

“You’ll feel better, Connie, after the papers are signed. It’s sort of like a closure. I know I felt better when Janet and I finalized ours.”

“How long’s it been now, Tom?”

“Since she left? About a year and a half.”

“It seems like only yesterday when you guys got married.”

“Hey, no melancholy thoughts today, O.K.?” I said.

“It’s hard not to be a little melancholy. I mean, the weddings are always so nice. No one ever warns you about the divorce part.”

“The first few months are the worst,” I said, “but then it gets better, you’ll see. Hey, this is all too gloomy. Let’s shut up and get back to work.”


Despite the cabin’s small size, every square inch of the interior was badly in need of paint, so the progress was slow. And it was hot, very hot. It was only eleven in the morning, and despite the fact we had the windows and door wide open, it felt like Ankara escort a steam room. I could feel the sweat dripping down my side. Putting down my brush, I peeled off my shirt and threw it on the table.

“Nice to be a guy, huh?” Connie said with a giggle.

“Hey, no one’s stopping you from doing the same,” I said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, right. Remind me, the first thing we have to buy to make this place livable is a big fan.”

I looked at her. A large V-shaped area of sweat had formed across the front of her blouse. Little beads of sweat glistened on her forehead and the hair on the back of her head was matted down where it made contact with her neck. When she turned back to her painting, I saw a line of sweat had formed in a vertical strip down the back of her shorts.

“I give up,” Connie said a few minutes later, “It’s too hot. Maybe there’s something I can work on outside.”

She put her brush down and stepped outside to the front porch.

“Oh, God!” she exclaimed.


“It’s just as hot out here,” she shouted back.

I put down my brush and followed her. Connie was right, it was just as hot, maybe hotter, but at least there was a little bit of air movement.

Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to a length of hose lying against the cabin wall.

“Ah, relief,” I said, “I wonder if it works.”

I turned on the spigot and was delighted to see the water pouring out of the nozzle. I held the hose up, allowing the water to spray out on my head.

“Hey, no hogging all the water,” Connie giggled from the porch.

I turned toward her and stuck out my tongue.

“Wait your turn,” I yelled.

A moment later, I felt the hose being jerked from my hand. I turned, and a blast of water hit me in the face, splashing down my front. Startled, I took a quick step backward.

“No fair keeping it all for yourself,” she said with a giggle, the hose still pointed at me.

I rubbed my eyes and without thinking, my arm darted forward and I grabbed the nozzle from her hand, then turned the stream of water on her. Connie let out a little scream and lunged for the hose. As she did, one foot caught behind the other and she slowly stumbled on to her stomach on the wet grass.

“Gotcha now!” I cried out and directed the spray of water directly at my sister’s back as she lay on the ground.

“Oh, yeah?” she said.

Suddenly, she rolled to the side and with a quick movement of her arm, grabbed my ankle, causing me to lose my balance and fall to the ground beside her. She fell on top of me, lunging for the hose, but I was able to twist out from under her, and for a minute the two of us were rolling on the wet grass, wrestling for control of the hose, giggling and laughing like little kids. Connie finally grabbed the hose away from me and rolled to the side. I got up on my knees and faced her. She held the nozzle in front of her face with both hands, as if aiming a rifle. In our struggles, we must have somehow twisted the setting on the nozzle, because now, instead of a wide spray, the water was spurting out of the hose in a thin, powerful jet aimed right at my face.

Connie let out another loud giggle as she continued to fire the jet of water at me. I lunged forward and she fell back, and in an instant, I was on top of her, my legs straddling her stomach as she lay on her back on the wet grass. I grabbed the hose from her hand and let out a loud, theatrical laugh, as I aimed the nozzle at her.

“I can see Connie’s boobies,” I said in a singsong voice as the jet of water sprayed across her chest.

Looking down, Connie blushed. He white blouse and bra clung tightly to her huge breasts, the soaking wet material almost transparent. The outline of her nipples could be clearly seen, poking up from under the wet cloth.

“You pervert,” she cried out as I continued to spray her. Suddenly, her arm came up and I let out a loud grunt as her fist landed on my stomach.

“Take that, you pervert,” she giggled.

“No fair!” I cried out, startled by the force of her punch.

Without thinking, I grabbed the bottom of her blouse and yanked it up, directing the jet of water at her stomach.

“Ouch,” she screamed out, “that hurts!”

“Give up?” I asked.

There was a momentary pause, as if Connie was thinking about it.

“Never!” she suddenly cried out and her arm came up again, this time her fist hitting me in the middle of my crotch, just missing my balls.

“No fair fighting dirty,” I said as she continued to struggle underneath me.

“Ha! Look who’s talking,” she cried out with another giggle, “you’re the pervert.

I grabbed the bottom of her blouse again so I could continue spraying her bare stomach. As I did, two buttons popped off her blouse, and I felt the tip of my thumb touch the bottom of her bra. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her fist coming at me again.

As I tried to raise my arm to block her punch, my thumb inadvertently caught under the front of her bra, and as my arm flew up, I watched as two more buttons popped off Ankara escort bayan her blouse into the air, and I heard a distinct snapping sound as the little plastic fastener at the front of her bra broke apart.

My arm continued upward, her fist hitting hard against my open hand, and as she continued to struggle underneath me, I looked down and watched as the front of Connie’s blouse fell open, and her bra flew off to either side, releasing her breasts from their confinement. Her breasts were huge, with large reddish-brown aureoles at least an inch and a half in diameter. Without thinking, I pointed the stream of water at them.

Realizing what had happened, Connie let out a scream, crossing her arms in front of her to cover herself.

“Ha, now I’ve got you where I want you. Try to hit me know,” I said, realizing in order to hit me, she’d have to expose herself.

“Get off me, you Goddamn pervert,” she shouted.

“You have to give up first,” I said.

“Never,” she said, sticking her tongue out at me.

“You have to give up,” I repeated.

There was a pause.

“You wish,” she suddenly cried out, and both her arms came up, her fists landing hard into my stomach.

Startled, I grabbed her wrists and lurched forward, pinning her arms to the wet grass above her head. In the process, my body slid up on hers until now, I was straddling her upper stomach, my legs on either side of her, my thighs pressed against the sides of her bare breasts. She struggled underneath me, her back and forth motions causing her breasts to slap against my legs.

“Let me up, you Goddamn fucking pervert,” she cried out again.

“Not until you say uncle,” I said.

She raised her head and a moment later let out a loud laugh. Following her gaze, I looked down. During our struggles, the snap at the top of my loose gym shorts must have come undone, and now, with my legs spread wide apart on either side of her, the front of my shorts hung open, exposing my white jockeys underneath. Worse, just as with Connie’s blouse, the water made the underwear almost transparent, the outline of my cock and the bulge of my balls clearly visible as the wet fabric clung tight against me.

“I see Tommy’s pee pee!” Connie howled, “I see Tommy’s pee pee.”

Instinctively, I tried to bring my legs together, succeeding only in crushing Connie’s breasts between my thighs.

“Ouch,” she yelled again, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my back as her knee slammed into me from behind. Still holding her wrists, I slid my body down to trap her legs but she quickly spread them, and wrapping her legs around me, began kicking me in the back with her heels. Suddenly, I realized our crotches were pressed tightly together, and as she continued to kick me from behind, her legs spread wide, I could feel my penis pressing against her.

As Connie continued to struggle, I watched her breasts swing from side to side on her chest, swaying back and forth like overfilled water balloons. I couldn’t help myself. I put my face in the deep valley between her breasts and made a loud, long farting sound with my mouth as I rotated my head from side to side.

“My God!” she screamed in mock horror, “you are a perverted bastard! Get off me now, you sicko!”

“Not until you give up,” I told her again.

“I never give up,” she said firmly, “especially to a creep like you.”

I started to lower my head again to give her another razzing, but she twisted beneath me, and my face came directly down on her breast, her nipple pressing against my cheek. I gave it a hard bite with my lips.

“Ouch,” she cried out, “Touch my breasts again and I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what?” I interrupted.

There was a pause.

“Or I’ll…I’ll tell mommy and daddy my big brother is picking on me,” she blurted out.

“And I’ll tell them my mean sister squirted me with water,” I said.

“Ha,” Connie said, “and I’ll tell them my mean brother was holding me to the ground and I could feel his pee pee pressed against me.”

Whether from the friction of her body rubbing against mine, or maybe because I’d been staring down at her bare breasts, I didn’t know, but I suddenly realized I was hard, and the way our pelvises were pressed together, it was obvious Connie felt it too.

“It’s just the friction that made it…,” I mumbled. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. I raised my hips.

“Friction, ha!” she interrupted with a sneer, “This is probably the closest you’ve gotten to a woman since Janet left you, you desperate, horny loser.”

“Look who’s talking,” I blurted out sarcastically “You must have kept Jack really satisfied. I mean, your marriage lasted a whole two years.”

“I’m sure I kept him happier than that ice woman wife of yours did. Now get off me, you stupid lout.”

“Uh, oh,” I said, “now you’ve gone to far. When you call a guy a lout…”

“Oh, yeah,” Connie interrupted, “what are you ‘gonna do about it?”

Still pinning her wrists to the ground, I brought my head down, and with my lips covering my teeth, I bit the side Escort Ankara of her breast.

“Ouch, you filthy swine,” she cried out, “at least I have tits to bite, not like that flat-chested witch you were dumb enough to marry.”

It was no secret, I knew, that both my sisters had always disliked my ex. Connie renewed her struggles, suddenly thrusting her hips upward, causing her pelvic bone to slam against my erection.

“Ouch,” I shouted, “No fair! That hurt.”

“You deserve it, you stupid pig,” she yelled, “you and your stupid hardon.”

“Ha! This is probably the closest you’ve been to a real man since your loving hubby ran away with his receptionist,” I said with a laugh.

“A real man, where?” she said, looking from side to side, “Where’s this real man you’re talking about?”

Suddenly, with a twist of her wrists, one of her hands broke free of my grasp. As my arm came back down, my hand slid on the wet grass, causing me to lurch forward, my face landing in the soft cushion of Connie’s breast. Without thinking, I opened my mouth, and with a loud slurping sound, sucked as much of her breast into mouth as I could.

“Goddamn you,” she screamed, “who said you could do that?”

She pushed my head back with her hand, but I increased the suction with my mouth, causing her breast to pull away from her body in a distended cone.

“Goddamn it, let go,” she cried out, “let go of my tit!”

She continued her attempts to squirm out from beneath me, her pelvis wiggling back and forth against me when suddenly, I felt her body go limp beneath mine, as if all the fight had gone out of her.

“O.K., O.K.,” she said softly, “you wanted to hear it, so I’ll say it. I give up. Uncle. I quit.”

I released her breast from my mouth and slowly raised my head. I felt her hand patting the back of my head.

“You heard me, doggy, I give up,” she repeated, “you can get off me now.”

“Good doggy,” she said, giving me another pat on the head, “you’re my good doggy.”

She gave me another pat, then another, then another, then to my amazement, I felt the soft pressure of her open hand against the back of my head as she slowly pushed my head lower, then lower still, until my mouth was again against her breast.

Suddenly confused, I hesitated, until I felt the gentle push on the back of my head continue. I slowly opened my mouth and I heard a little moaning whimper come from deep in Connie’s throat as her nipple slid between my parted lips. Now, her pelvis was pushing up at me in a steady, slow rhythm.

Suddenly, the motion stopped and her body froze beneath me.

“I’m sorry, Tom,” she whispered in my ear, “It’s just…It’s just been so long since I’ve been with a man. It’s been so very long. I’m truly sorry.”

I hesitated, not sure what to do. I could feel the warmth of her breast against my lips and without thinking, I extended my tongue and ran it in a little circle around her nipple. Connie let out another low, whimpering moan.

“Oh, God, Tom,” she whispered, “We can’t. It isn’t…You’re my brother.”

There was a pause, then suddenly she let out another moan and her hands were on either side of my head, pulling my head hard into the softness of her breast.

“Yes, so good, baby,” she moaned again as I took her breast deeper into my mouth.

Now, I felt her hand sliding between our bodies, moving lower, reaching under the top of my shorts until her fingers made contact with my erection.

“Oh, my God, baby,” Connie whispered in my ear, “Oh, God, will you ever forgive me, baby? Will you ever forgive your sister? It’s just…It’s just I need it. I need it so bad…”

I let out a little gasp as she clenched her fist around me.

“I know…” she hissed softly, “I know it isn’t right, but I need it. Can you understand, baby? I need it. I need to feel… to feel a cock in me. To feel your cock in me.”

With my mouth still on her breast, and her hand still held firmly around my erection, I slid to the side and began to massage her stomach with the flat of my hand. Moving my hand lower, I slid my fingers under the hem of her shorts, then lower, under her panties, and she let out a long, low moan as I cupped my hand over her crotch.

I began to move my fingers in slow up and down strokes, gently parting the lips of her pussy. A quiver went through her body and her hips rose up to meet my fingers.

“Oh, God, baby,” she cried out, her fist clenching harder around my cock, “Yes, Tom, do me, baby. I need you to do me.”

Suddenly, she released her hold on my cock, and rolling to the side, got up on her knees and grabbed at my shorts. With her fingers under the top hem, she gave a tug, and in one quick motion pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees, allowing my cock to spring free.

“Oh, God, baby!” she cried out, her eyes wide open as she stared at it, it’s bulbous head pointed directly toward her.

Oh, God,” she moaned again, and I watched in amazement as she quickly pulled off her blouse and bra and threw them to the ground Without taking her eyes off my erection, she reached down and slid her shorts and panties down her hips and off her legs, until she was kneeling naked in front of me, her neatly trimmed patch of black pubic hair contrasting with the whiteness of her skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32