Asian Games: Event 4

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Mike’s flight from Bali to Singapore had been uneventful giving him just under two hours to remember the fabulous pussy he had fucked the day before. He could still almost taste her fleshy labia and the way her mouth tasted after she had licked him off. His connecting Air India flight to Bombay was packed with Indians returning from Singapore loaded with shopping. Luckily his company had booked him on business class, which in the Air India jumbo jet is on the upper deck. There were only two other passengers, an elderly Indian couple, in the business seats. The sari-clad flight attendant who had shown him to his seat in the second row had been a gorgeous, dark eyed, fair skinned beauty queen with a smile that could light up his dark bedroom any night. Her jet-black hair was tied in a tight bun behind her head.

“Welcome aboard,” she said her hands folded in front of her sizeable breasts in the traditional namaste greeting. Mike smiled at her and settled down with his in-flight magazine.

He noticed he had a perfect view of the flight attendant preparing the drinks, or whatever it is that they do in their little area. From the back he could see her supremely well-rounded rump. The sari is an amazing use of a few meters of fabric, wrapped so that every area of the feminine body looks just a little more erotic. Skinny asses, he had noticed, looked rounder, and heavier women were made to appear slimmer by simply tying the sari a little different. Under the sari most modern women wear a small half-blouse to cover their breasts and a petticoat. Even then, untying a sari seemed like a delightful a prelude to a fuck. The flight attendant whose ass Mike was appreciating wore her sari low on her hips showing the delectable curves of her fertile body. As she moved, Mike noticed a silver chain around her waist – truly one of the most erotic pieces of jewelry invented.

After take-off, when she brought the drinks, she introduced herself.

“I am Sonia,” she said pouring his apple juice, “Please call on me if you need anything.” Mike thought she had emphasized the last word a little, and felt a little throb in his cock as he stared into her dark brown eyes. He noticed how long her curled eyelashes were, but before he could get lost too deep in them, Sonia let the part of the sari that covered her breasts (he later discovered it is called the palu and central to a number of fantasies of Indian males who forever are wondering what magical secrets are hidden behind the palu) drop for a brief moment, long enough for Mike to catch an appetizing glance of her deep cleavage as it dived into her blouse, dividing two luscious and creamy boobs. Now his cock was throbbing in definite excitement.

“Enjoy your drink,” she said as she walked on to serve the couple at the back of the section.

“What I’d really like is to drink from those,…” he thought, remembering the brief flash of tit flesh he had been treated to. He continued with his magazine, reading an article on yoga in India through dinner. He was about to settle down for a quick shut-eye before they landed in Bombay, when he heard a soft voice next to him,

“Mind if I sit down here?” It was Sonia, “there are so few people here that there is not much to do. I was noticing you reading the article on yoga. Do you practice it?”

“I went for a few classes in my neighborhood, but not many,” he said, captivated again by her flashing eyes, lined by dark eyelashes set against her fair skin. He let his eyes drop to her full, juicy lips.

“How come? Not interested much?”

Mike had a hard time focusing on what she said because her lips were so distractingly luscious.

“Well…actually the guy running the sessions was not that interested in yoga. He was interested in…something else.”

“Like what?” she asked opening her round eyes even wider.

Could this woman make every question sound sexy?

“Actually, he was interested mainly in having sex with the women in the class. So, he would help all the young women stretch by touching them and pushing them, and he would only talk about how each pose could enhance your sex life…”

“But yoga can do that,” she interrupted suddenly. Then flustered, she added, “but you are right, it can do so much more.”

“You sound like a bit of an expert,” he smiled at her.

She gave him her beaming smile, looked at her hands and said, “I give lessons on days that I don’t fly.” Mike noticed that her cleavage was again visible and he was amazed at how firm and full her breasts seemed. Their creamy tops stuck out from her chest as she continued, “but I have never told my students what it could do for their sex…” and any hopes of having her talk more about her sex life vanished when the another flight attendant’s voice announced that we were approaching Bombay.

“I have to go now, it’s been really nice talking to you,” she said softly, giving him with one more view of that hypnotic cleft between her full-force tits.

When he was about to climb güvenilir bahis down the stairs after landing, she slipped a boarding pass into his hand. On the back was written, “47783130, call me for yoga lessons, PLEASE”.

Mike reached the airport hotel where he was staying and where he had arranged his meetings the next afternoon. He decided to dial the number on the boarding pass.

“Hello, Sonia here” her lovely voice chimed on the other side.

“Hi, this is your yoga student.”

She laughed like a young girl, “when can you begin lessons?”

He would have liked to have said “Right now, in this bed, with your creamy boobs in my face,” but he thought that may be too forward for this Indian beauty.

“How early can you make it in the morning?” he asked instead. They settled for 9 and she told him her apartment was only a 5 minute taxi ride from his hotel.

The next morning, Mike showered, dressed and jumped into a air-conditioned blue taxi like a teenager going to his prom. He hoped this would end like his prom experience did – with his cock deep inside a gorgeous woman’s pussy. He found her apartment with surprising ease.

She opened the door before he rang the bell as if she had been waiting. She was dressed to fuck, or for yoga, depending on how your mind was working. Her spandex white top stretched over those wet-dream tits of hers, but did little more than emphasize the cleavage Mike had been fantasizing about since the flight. Her waist was exposed and again the silver waist chain arrested him. Finally he forced his eyes off her body and looked at her. She had noticed his obvious tour of her body and smiled at him as she let him in.

“I made some fresh mango juice for us before we begin,” she said walking toward the kitchen. Her long, thick black hair was open today and reached about half way down to her juicy rump. Her tight gym shorts were cut high along the thighs to resemble a bathing suit more than a gym suit. He noticed the elastic fabric entering her ass crack as she swayed away from him. His pecker started rising under his loose shorts.

She handed him a glass of thick, golden nectar and they both sat on the seats facing the balcony. The sun was already high and only a large ceiling fan cooled her apartment. Drops of perspiration formed on her body. He watched a drop fall down her chest and run into her inviting cleavage.

“Come,” she said, and he almost did, wishing he could lick that one drop of sweat from her tits, “let us start with the exercises.” She then walked to the center of the room saying, “Let is begin with the surya namaskar, the salutation of the sun.” She then proceeded to throw her arms back that had the effect of throwing her breasts in his direction.

“The rhythm of breathing is very important during yoga so be sure to watch my chest as it rises and falls to catch the rhythm,” she I instructed him, as if he needed an excuse to stare shamelessly at her tits. She then bent forward at her hips and reached for her feet. AS she placed her feet at her ankles, Mike saw her breasts hanging down like over-rip fruits from a tree, restrained only by the white spandex. The exercise continued with Sonia, kneeling down, stretching her long legs behind her, and then pushing her ample ass high in the air. Since he was standing in front of her he stared at her that were the color of vanilla ice cream and swayed as she continued her exercises. She then had him imitate her moves. At one point she walked over and helped him with a stretch that involved Mike standing on one leg as he pointed the other one behind him.

“I can see why your teacher liked to help his students stretch,” she said as she pushed his shoulders as he leaned forward, rubbing her hands across his well-defined muscles. She then grabbed his leg close to his crotch and said, “This asana is good for circulation. Can you feel your blood pumping here?” she asked rubbing his upper thigh.

He could feel blood pumping, but it was to the muscle between his legs.

They continued with a number of exercises, all of which seemed to involve Sonia bending down toward him for his to see her swaying boobs, bending away from him so he could notice that her suit had climbed up her ass crack, or Sonia touching his sweaty body all over his arms, legs, chest, back, almost everywhere except the one place that was aching for her soft touch.

Finally, she sat down in front of him in the lotus position that Mike imitated. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. Her boobs rose and fell dramatically. Mike wondered how they would move if he was fucking her. This line of thinking was enhanced when he noticed the front of her suit had inched its way into her pussy and he could make out her outer lips against the fabric. There was also slight hint of dampness that may have been sweat, or it could have been something much more delicious. She opened her eyes and caught him staring firmly at her crotch.

“I love meditation. It gives me a feeling of calm.” canlı bahis She looked peaceful and lovely. Her eyes were shut, but the length of her curled eyelashes again amazed him. Her nose was narrow and led to her firm, red lips.

“I can see that “So, you haven’t told me how yoga can help your sex life,” he said without shifting her gaze. She stood up and walked toward him. She positioned herself close enough to him that he could almost sniff the crotch he had been staring at. Her pussy was even more clearly defined against the fabric.

“In three ways,” she began, ‘first, I do exercises that make these firm and round,” and with that she grabbed her sports bra and lifted them over her head. Mike looked up at her naked globes of glory, tipped with raisin colored, large nipples that were juxtaposed dramatically against her creamy tit flesh. From below he could see that indeed, even with no support at all, there was minimal sag to her well-formed boobs. He groaned in appreciation, making her smile down at him.

“Second,” she bent down at her waist, so that her nipples rubbed against his face, “I have found my lovers always appreciate my flexibility,” she said stripping first his T-shirt and then his shorts in quick succession. She then grabbed his already erect member at the base and lowered her face to it. After licking the head briefly like an ice cream cone her licks became faster like delicate butterfly flicks, before she took it her mouth and moved it around, savoring its new flavor. She moaned as she started moving her full, red lips up and down the length of his cock, all the while still on her feet and bending at her waist. She started sucking harder and harder on his dick when it was half way in her mouth and he could feel his head swell in her mouth.

“In the kama sutra, this is called ‘kissing the mango’.” She told him and started spreading her legs on either side so that she lowered he crotch down to the floor, never releasing him from her sucking mouth. Her legs were completely spread like a gymnast doing floor exercises, and he could now see her pussy hair emerging from underneath. She let his cock out of her mouth with a slurpy plop.

“What’s the third reason?” he asked wondering who would need any more reasons to fuck this beauty.

“For the third, you will have to go deeper,” she said standing up again and pulling off her shorts. She dropped them in his lap as he admired her hairy pussy with its well-defined labia. Her pussy hair, dark against her fair skin, was dripping with a combination of sweat and cunt juices. He raised her shorts to his face and smelled her spicy musk.

“Hmmmm…ripe enough to eat.”

“You naughty boy, do you want to eat my pussy or do you want me to show you reason three?” she asked spreading her pussy lips with her fingers.

He wanted to find out the third reason, if he could only remember what the question had been. Right now, with the crotch of her panties at his nose, her gleaming cunt hair and the pink insides of her pussy were calling out to him. He sat up and started lapping her core. She tasted sweet with a hint of spice – cinnamon and cumin. Sonia squealed with delight.

“To feel the third thing yoga does for my sex life,” she disengaged his lips from her pussy, “you will have to put that huge cock of yours in here,” she pointed to her open pussy. With that she pushed him back down and sat down on his dick in the lotus position, allowing him to glide into her sopping wet hole.

‘Ohh, my god, you are so hot, you are burning up my cock,” he moaned.

“Yesssss…stick your monster deep…deeper…oh like that…sooooo deep inside me…inside my….pussssssssy” she said stretching every word to emphasize how his fat cock was stretching her insides, “ohhhh, you are ripping my…Oh” she exclaimed as his cock head expanded with an uncontrollable throb.

“Now sit back and relax,” she said pushing him away so that he could admire her massive, but taut, boobs and her darkened areolas, “this is the third thing I get from yoga. Muscle control,” and with that she contracted her pussy walls creating a sensation Mike had never heard of, let alone felt. The contractions began at the tip of his cock, at her cervix and moved up his 8 inches to his base that was just inside her. The contractions then moved back and forth, squeezing him repeatedly in waves from base to tip, making it feel like her pussy was giving him the wettest hottest blow job ever. Soon he could feel his own balls contracting. He opened his mouth to scream but the sensation was too intense for any sound to come out

“Please stop…I am going to…aaaaaah”

“Go on…come inside. You don’t want me to stop, do you?” He shook his head. “Then come baby, come inside my pussy, let me squeeze the juices out of your monster cock, shoot your cum up my cunt, now, ooooooh,” she moaned as his cock stretched wide with the impending cumming.

‘Oh god! Sonia, I love your pusssseeeeee” he bellowed as thick, scalding jets of bahis siteleri gooey cum raced out of his throbbing cock filling her pussy and dribbling out the sides as she kept squeezing hjm with her internal muscles.

When she felt the burning hot fluids filling her tight cunt, she started feeling waves of pleasure running through her body and she squealed, grabbed his still-erupting cock with one final, massive pussy contraction, threw her head back and came loudly on him.

They sat like that for a while feeling the last mini- contractions inside her as his cock throbbed in empathy. They kissed deeply and explored each other’s mouths. Her tongue was warm and firm. Without taking himself out of her, he dropped his head and licked her nipples making her throw her head back again and moan to the ceiling. He nibbled at her rock-solid, dark nipples and then took her entire, cushion like breast on his mouth. He ran his fingers from her boobs to her waist chain fingering the delicate silver work. Still nibbling at her sensitive nipple, he started sucking her breast harder and harder.

“Oh yes!” she screamed, “I like it hard, suck them hard, like you want me to suck your cock, baby, even harder!”

She moaned in disappointment as he let her breast slide out of his mouth, but recovered when he repeated the process on her other tit. This time, when he took the whole mass of cramy flesh in his mouth, he felt her pussy clamp down on his half- erect dick as she came again.

“I have never come from tit sucking before,” she informed him, “that was heavenly.”

They both stood up and went to finish their drinks.

“Let’s finish the exercises,” she said, “but let’s stay naked. This is how I do it when I am alone. All naked and sweaty. I often wish I had someone watching me when I do that,” she added with a hint of mischief.

As they finished with a few more asanas, Mike noticed that a white gob of his cum drip out of Sonia’s hairy cunt. From his own dick a droplet of semen was hanging. Sonia saw what he was looking at, caught the streak of cum on her thigh with her fingers and inserted it in her mouth.

“Yummmmy…and I think I want that too,” she said reaching her finger under his hardening penis and scooping the white creamy goo. She then kissed him deep so that Mike could taste his own cum on her tongue. This made his hard as rock against her belly. His sensitive cock head rubbed against the chain. He squeezed her glorious breasts and then dropped to his knees.

‘Oh yes, lick my pussy, lick it aaaaay,” and when he moved up to lick her above her pee hole, she screamed out, “haaaaaa! Lick my clitty, oooooof!”

Mike kept licking and sucking her as she stood on top of him. Her clit was getting harder and bigger like a mini penis. It was soon the size of a candy, and sweet as one too. He sucked on it, strumming it with his tongue.She was soon lapsing into “Hai Ram!” and other Hindi phrases he wished he understood.

“I want to suck you while you suck me” she cried out. Mike tried pulling her down for a traditional 69 position.

“No, you stand up also,” she said. When he had. She turned her back so that his cock was running wet marks down her back and ass. He was about to thrust into her, when she bent down, pressed her ass hard against his crotch. She placed her hands on the floor and lifted her legs above her in a controlled handstand. She spread her legs completely so that he found himself looking down at the most wide-open pussy he had ever seen. It was wide open and he dipped his fingers in as he bent over to get a closer view (and sniff). She pushed up with her hands so that her pussy came up to his face and her face was between his knees. He understood what she wanted and grabbed her legs and lifted her up so that his face was buried again in her hairy muff and her mouth came up to his scrotum. She licked his balls thoroughly while he did the same to her peritoneum. Finally, he lifted her higher and she took his head between her lips. He inserted his tongue into her pussy. She licked the sensitive underside of his dick, and he moved his tongue all around her cunt. She then sucked him in half way and then sucked harder as she pulled her face away from him creating a delicious suction between her lips and his cock. He in turn licked her to her clit. Like duet singers, they took turns trying new things with their mouths on each others’ sensitive spots. She then sucked him all the way on so that her nose was sniffing his balls and her lips were buried in his pubes. She kept moving her tongue and sucking hard. He knew he was going to explode very soon so her took her swollen cherry-sized clit in his mouth and sucked until he screamed,

“I am coming baby…in your hot…aaaaah…suck me….Oooooh,” he exclaimed as he felt a gush of hot juice spurt from her pussy onto his upper lip and run down into his mouth. The fluid was sweeter than the rest of her pussy juices had been. It had splashed his face. His giant member in her mouth muffled her own sounds. The feeling of her orgasm in a jet of female cum was too much for him.

“Aaaaaah,” he bellowed, “here it is, suck it…” and he felt the cum travel from his scrotum to her throat via a very hard cock.

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