Artistic License

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I had just finished setting up my easel when I heard a knock coming from the front door of my studio loft. Upon opening it, I saw Jake standing there looking a little nervous. Jake being a close friend of mine agreed to model for a series of drawings I had been assigned to do. For the next three Saturdays he was at my mercy.

“Ruth, I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Jake mutters as he removes his shirt, “can’t we just stick to drawing the top half of me instead?”

“Come on Jake, you can’t back down on me now, besides you’re already halfway there.” Noticing his hesitance, I decided to help him along… I undid his khakis. Together with his boxers, I slid them down his legs.

“See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” Shaking his head, Jake hesitated in asking where I wanted him. I pointed to a bench draped with a silk sheet sitting on a large platform in the middle of the loft. “If you could lie across the bench with one arm behind your head and the other resting on your stomach that would be great.” Jake walks towards the bench seeming restless and uneasy.

“You know Ruth… I-I don’t think I can do this.” I knelt next him placing my hands on his knees. “Nonsense…you just need to relax…I know just the thing that will help, trust me…”

I begin to run my hands up his thighs spreading his legs so I can easily fit between them. Gently I begin to lick and kiss at his inner thigh. I could feel his dick growing against my cheek. Switching sides and continuing my work, I reach up and slowly massage his balls running them between my fingers. bahis siteleri I start to move my tongue up his hip slowly heading toward the head of his cock. Taking just the head of his cock into my mouth, I began to run the tip of my tongue quickly over his opening tasting his precum as it drips out of him. Slowly as I moved done his shaft, I make strong circular motions with my lips massaging his entire length as it headed to the back of my throat. I made a small swallowing motion to put pressure on his cock as it rested in deep within me. Moving back up his dick I began to bob my head up and down his length flicking his shaft with my tongue on each movement. Starting at the base of his cock, I pressed my lips around him and moved slowly up his shaft attempting to milk him. Feeling his muscles begin to tense, I began to bob faster and pull his balls down slightly with my hand. “A-aahh!… I’m going to cum-mm! …” Jakes explodes into my mouth emptying himself completely. Swallowing every last drop, I look up at him, lick my lips and smile. “See, no more tension.”

Jake falls into position with ease, as I head back to my easel. For the next few moments, I begin to draw, measure proportions, and mark the scale of every inch of his body. When I finished the basic sketches, I told him he could take a break while I get my paints and such ready to continue.

As I turn to prepare my supplies, I feel myself being pounced upon and begin to fall to the ground. “Now it’s my turn to play…” Jake smirked as he removed the clothing from my body. Leaning in, he begins to run canlı bahis his tongue across my lips and then dives into a deep french kiss. He sucks on my tongue and then moves to nibble on my ear. Sliding the tip of his tongue in and out of my ear, he moves it down and begins to pay attention to my neck. “Now for the best part…”

Helping me to my feet, he takes a piece of string out of my supply drawer and ties my hands above my head to the top of my easel. He takes one of my paintbrushes off the table next to us and dips it into a cup of water. Beginning with my ears he moves the tip of the brush across my lips, along my neck, down past each nipple, and glances over my pussy. He follows this wet trail with his warm breath, which sends shivers down my body. Turning the brush over and using the wooden end he begins to flick at my clit. He then runs the handle of the brush down and begins pumping it into my tight pussy. Feeling the waves of warmth coming from my pussy, he decided to set the brush down and continue his torture with his hands. Sliding one hand down my stomach, he runs his fingertips across my slit, feeling the dripping warmth of my pussy. Using two fingers he begins to push through and slowly pump them in and out. Reaching his thumb up to my clit, he began to massage it in a circular motion and added another finger pushing it in deep. Jake begins pumping his fingers faster and harder as he takes one of my nipples into his mouth. As soon as my muscles begin to tense, and he feels that I am close to cumming, he stops dead in his tracks. Stepping back, he looks güvenilir bahis over me.

“A-ah…Jake… Stop this torture…” Jake laughs, “And what might my little artist want?”

“Your hard cock…” “And what would you like me to do with my hard solid cock?” “I want your cock in my hot wet pussy!”

“As you wish…”

Lifting my legs, he wraps them around his hips letting my dripping pussy rest on his solid dick. Instantly, I can feel him inside of me, slamming against my body. He grasps my hips and begins making deep hard thrusts into my tight pussy pulling me towards him. “…Harder…” I tried to lock my legs as tight as I could around him to brace myself as he pounds his dick into me. He thrusts get faster as he grabs my ass and tries to hold on. I can feel my muscles squeezing him as I get closer. “… Yes… Ja-ake! I’m cum-ming!!” The feel of my muscles tensing around his dick causes him to orgasm. “A-AAH…. Ru-utt-thh!!” My whole body becomes warm as he fills me with his hot juices. We both begin to pant from the workout.

After a few moments, I feel him soften as he withdraws from my throbbing pussy. Kneeling below me, he licks my pussy clean of our juices.

Jake untied my arms. As I was let down, my knees seemed weak from the afternoon’s activity, so Jake quickly caught me before I fell. We sat together on the floor as we regained composure.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Jake realizes how late it was getting. “I have to be leaving…I’m due at work in 30 minutes.” He helped me to my feet.

Jake begins to dress and gather all of his things. As I walk him to the door, he turns smiling, “You know… I now understand why all of your work is of naked guys.” I began to laugh. “Well, what can I say, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.”

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