Army Pelvic Exam

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I sat silently staring out the window of the car. I did not have my own car so my dad was driving me to my ROTC exam. If I could get this scholarship from the Reserved Officer Training Corps I could start college next month. This was my only chance of going to college.

I was afraid that I might not pass the physical assessment because I had back issues when I was younger, but the recruiter said that it was long enough ago that it wouldn’t matter. If I passed the physical exam I was in.

Still I was terrified. So much was riding on this physical exam. And I have always hated doctors. At the least a doctor exam was humiliating and degrading. Please god let this be a quick one. I was determined that no one would see much of me today. I had worn a thick sports bra so nothing was visible and I would insist that I be allowed to keep it on. They can certainly listen to my heart through a bra. I was determined. I did not want a strange man poking around my personal areas.

However, I had never had a complete physical, so I really had no idea what would happen.

We found our way to the clinic and I checked in at the desk and then we sat down.

The waiting room was full of people. Lots of men in uniform, and lots of men my age. Some in civilian clothes. Probably also hoping for a ROTC scholarship.

There were no papers to fill out because the recruiter filled out the medical forms with me. That was humiliating. This creepy old man asking me how regular were my periods and at what age did I start menstruating.

The day I decided to sign up I was just at the mall on a hot summer day. So I was wearing a very short sun dress. I hated the way the recruiter kept looking at my legs.

All of the personal questions seemed unnecessary and intrusive. But everything about the military that I had experienced so far was very misogynistic. And throughout my career it only got worse.

Finally a nurse called my name and my dad hugged me and I went in.

The nurse said, “I’m really sorry for all the chaos today. Saturdays are pretty hectic around here.”

she led me back to a big room with an exam table and lots of tools and equipment on shelves.

I guess it was a normal doctors office except really big.

“Okay, I need you to take off everything above the waist as well as your jeans. You can leave your underpants on,” and she left the room.

I didn’t know what to do. I did not want to take my bra off and she didn’t tell me why I had to. I undressed down to my bra and panties and waited.

When the nurse came back in she seemed miffed and snapped, “your bra also.”

Couldn’t I keep it on?” I asked.

“No,” she almost shouted at me, “and we really don’t have a lot of time today so I need you to do as I instruct.”

“If you want to be in the army you better get used to following orders,” she said in a very scolding tone.

I could not believe she was yelling at me like this. I was tearing up a little as I took my bra off and put it on the pile of clothes on the chair. I wasn’t used to people yelling at me.

She had me get on the exam table and adjusted the back to be at about a 45 degree angle.

Then she hooked up sticky electrodes to my chest and side and one between my legs on my thigh right below my vagina.

When she was finished wiring me up she said, “now just try to stay still for about five minutes.” I heard the machine start and I couldn’t stop moving. I was terrified that someone would just walk in without thinking and see me exposed like that. My bf was the only one who had seen my young breasts, and I wanted to keep it that way.

After a few minutes a timer went off and the nurse came back in and looked at the printout. She said,”I’m not sure about this.”

She called on the phone and then to me she said, “the technician will have to look at this.”

Before I had a chance to understand what she had said the door opened and a man about 30 years old walked in and walked right up to me. I put my hands over my bare breasts while he looked at the printout. He wasn’t looking at me at first. The whole scene was displayed for me in the opposite wall which was a full mirror. I could see his face in the mirror. He was not very old, and kinda cute. But I was horrified. He was inches from me and I saw myself in the mirror. Completely bare on the exam table with my hands over my breasts in a desperate attempt to protect my modesty. And I did look desperate like that I thought. And I looked so young and scared. My skin was all red and splotchy and my face was glowing red. I felt humiliated laying there completely bare like that. My legs were completely on display. I desperately wanted to ask for a sheet to cover myself, but I was too terrified to speak.

Then he turned to me and said, “it just looks like you weren’t relaxed enough. We will have to try again.”

I said, “it isn’t very easy to relax like this.” When I said that he scanned my body with his gaze lingering on my young breasts.

“I know it isn’t. Just try your best.”

He took my hands and put them at my sides and said, “now leave your hands there please.”

He replaced one of the electrodes and handled my young breast more than necessary I thought. He reconnected the wire on the electrode on my groin, and I saw him again scan my bare body. Maybe just looking to be sure everything was hooked up properly. Probably that’s what it was, but in my 18 year old mind it was nothing but lascivious. I could see the desire in his eyes.

When he was satisfied, he left the room and the nurse started the machine again.

This time when the alarm went off she said, “that looks good.”

She called on the phone again and I heard her say, “we are ready for doctor now.”

She took the sticky electrodes off of my chest and cleaned me some with alcohol and then said, “the doctor shouldn’t be too long, but you can get down and stretch some if you like.”

“Can I put my bra back on?” I asked.

“No, I’m sorry, the doctor will need it off for several things, and we just don’t have time for you to put it on and take it off.”

She left me alone in the big exam room. As I stood I again looked at my reflection in the big mirror.

I knew I was cute. My breasts were not large, just 32B, but they were firm. I turned to see my butt. It was cute I thought.

As I was twisting to see my butt in the mirror the door opened and a very old man in a long white lab coat came in.

I quickly covered my breasts with my arms. He walked up to me and stuck his hand out and introduced himself and I just instinctively shook his hand, exposing one breast to him. I saw him look at my exposed breast. After a long handshake he turned away and put some papers on his desk. I would be forceful. I was determined. “May I put my bra back on now,” I demanded?

“No I’m sorry we need you to be like that for a couple of things.” As he turned back to look at me he said, “in fact I need you to take off your panties for a minute also right now.”

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t think straight. He turned away after he said that and I was just staring at his back not knowing what to do. My mind was just blank. Nothing was making sense.

He turned back around and saw me still in my panties and he shouted, “Now please.”

It startled me and I almost started to cry again. I was terrified. I was shaking I was so scarred. He just sat there and watched as I bent down and took my panties off.

I stood up now completely on display for him!

I had never been so exposed to anyone before. I thought I would die.

I saw him look me up and down and it was so degrading. Then he put his hands on my sides and turned me around and said, “alright lets start with your back.”

He ran his hands all over my back and my bottom, then my legs. It was humiliating. I wanted to shout ‘STOP!’ He then pushed on my upper back and said, “now bend at the waist for me please.

When I did he ran his hand down my spine and over my bottom now presented to him in a most lewd way.

He ran his hands all over my legs and that seemed completely unnecessary. It seemed like he was just feeling my legs. And he spent a long time squeezing and sort of massaging my knees.

Then he made me turn sideways to him and do the same bends.

This time he put a hand on my back and another on my belly as I bent over and pushed them together and slid them up and down. Brushing against my breasts each time.

He commented that I was very flexible and it did not look like my scoliosis was affecting me now. I was very glad to hear that. It meant I had my scholarship. That slight elation lasted a brief second.

He then asked me to put my hands over my head and bend sideways.

I was horrified. I was completely bare except for socks. And this old doctor was feasting his eyes on me and touching me all over.

Even my boyfriend has never seen me like this. We have been naked together lots. But in a bed and usually at night. He always asks to turn a light on and look at me but I never let him. I think that his penis would explode if he ever saw me like this.

The doctor then turned me around so I was facing him. He was on an office chair and I was inches from him. He seemed to keep his hands on me more that necessary. He made me repeat the bending moves while he just watched me move while I faced him.

After that he took a ruler and measured the length of my legs and arms and the distance from my crotch to the floor. Lots of things that didn’t really make any sense.

And throughout the process he touched me a lot. I hated it. I was getting angrier and tenser with each new indignity. And he was just putting his hands where ever he wanted. Again, while I faced him, he spent several minutes squeezing and examining my knees.

He made me spread my feet apart so he could feel my thighs better.

I had no experience with doctors, but I thought this could not be right. He was obviously just feeling my legs for his pleasure.

I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was only 18 and very shy and here I was wearing nothing but socks in front of this horrible man.

When he seemed done I mustered every ounce of strength I had to sound in control, but what came out of my mouth was a sad quiet whimper.

“May I put my underwear back on now?”

“Not just yet. We will do your breast exam next.”

Since I had never had a physical before I really didn’t know what he meant to do, but I soon found out as he just reached out and cupped one of my breasts in his hand.

That startled me.

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t speak or move. Even my boyfriend would never just reach out and touch me like that. I was horrified. Everything about this seemed wrong. He cupped my entire breast in his large hand and then just started squeezing and rolling my breast around.

He felt me up for several minutes before pinching my nipples really hard.

“I’m sorry that is necessary to check for any seepage,” he said as he started mauling my other breast.

I had lost control. Tears welled up in my eyes as this stranger, doctor or not, just felt me up and did whatever he wanted to do to me. I felt like I was having a break down. Everything was out of my control. I felt like I was on the verge of passing out as this man continued to feel me up.

After a long time of him squeezing and pinching my breasts they were really sore. The breast exam had taken more than a half hour. izmit escort My breasts were aching. And my nipples burning from all the pinching.

Just as he finished the nurse opened the door and just stuck her head in.

“Dr Baxter?”

He was clearly annoyed and let out an audible huff and went to the door.

They were speaking in quite voices, but I could hear everything they said.

“I’m so sorry for this delay,” I heard the nurse say. “it will take about 20 minutes.”

“And she will have to get dressed and walk down to the dental wing?” I heard my doctor ask. “Cant he do that some other time? Is this really necessary for the ROTC exam?”

“I am so sorry, but we do need a dental sign-off,” the nurse replied.

I didn’t understand what was going on, but my doctor, who seemed kinda mean and cranky to start with, was getting more miffed at the nurse. I could hear it in his voice. And he was already being rough with me. This was not going to make it better for me.

Then my doctor said, “could he do it in here?”

The nurse didn’t hesitate, “absolutely. Anywhere you want.”

“Then you can keep going on your exams until he gets here,” she said.

“Will he need tools and equipment that we don’t have up here?” the doctor asked

“No its just a survey and he will catalog her tooth count. A mirror is all he needs.”

“Alright,” he said.

The nurse thanked him and rushed off.

“Another doctor needs to come in for a few minutes so I will get you a gown,” he said as he opened drawers looking for a gown.

Everything seemed to be getting darker. I realized I was having trouble thinking and understanding. I know the nurse said this new doctor would, ‘catalog tooth count.’

That made no sense to me. What could teeth have to do with this exam?

I realized I was still just sitting here completely bare. I was terrified. I was panicking. I knew I had to do something so I got up and started to reach for my clothes but I felt sorta woozy and I rocked back, sitting on the edge of the exam table and just sat there almost falling over. I knew I was bare and someone else was coming in to this room, but I couldn’t move.

Then a very creepy man just walked in saying “knock knock.”

Oh my god! Everything was getting black. I knew I was about to pass out.

I heard my doctor say, “I couldn’t find a gown, but you are already here so lets just get it over with.”

The dentist said, “fine with me.” and he walked up to me also wanting to shake my hand.

Miraculously I was still upright. After he shook my hand he grabbed my arm and shoulder and pushed me back onto the table and he lifted my legs up onto the table while introducing himself.

“I’m Dr. Andrews and I will take dental survey of your mouth now.”

“I know they are trying to rush through here so I will be as fast as I can.”

I was horrified! This guy was beyond creepy. Probably about 35 or 40 but completely bald except for a ring of hair and a really laughable comb-over.

I’m sure he has never seen a woman naked. Unless he paid.

He put the standard paper dentist bib on me and now at least my nipples were covered. He must have realized how inappropriate this was, because after he started looking in my mouth, he stopped and put a small paper drape over my waist and pubic hair.

I was grateful for that, but he got a nice look at my pubic area first.

Someone knocked at the door and I thought this is just getting ridiculous.

The doctor let in a man that was probably only a few years older than me.

The dentist said, “this is David. He will record my findings. Ready? He asked David who nodded.

I was beyond horrified. I turned my head away and then saw the scene in the mirror. While I was covered strategically, in some way it seemed sexier than just lying there naked.

The new boy taking the notes was certainly sneaking in some long looks at my body. Which was essentially completely exposed. My legs were bare up to the very tops. Only my pubic hair was hidden from his view.

And the bib hid most of my breasts, but lots of the side of my breasts were exposed. I watched his eyes in the mirror. After each entry he would look back at my nude body on display.

I was finally getting the blood back to my brain and I slowly came to the realization of what was happening.


And I am completely bare. And this boy just staring at me is my age! I was putting on a show for them all. And probably the best show they have ever seen.

When the dentist was done he wadded up the bib and squeezed my breast as he did and then he took the drape off of my lap. It didn’t seem like it was an accident that he squeezed my breast. It seemed like he did it deliberately. And he had now uncovered my breasts and my pubic hair.

The young man was mesmerized, just staring at my pubic hair.

The dentist said, “All done. Thanks John.”

And he and his assistant left the room.

I was furious and about to explode. This was outrageous.

I was about to stand up and say, ‘that’s it. I’m outta here. No scholarship is worth this.’

But before I could speak the doctor said,

“All that’s left now is the pelvic and you are all done and can be on your way.”

That threw some water on my furry. Only one more test. I felt like I had endured this horrible humiliating treatment, but I really needed the scholarship. And ‘one more thing’ is all I really heard. My back had passed. And, apparently, so had my breasts. And my knees. I still do not know why a scholarship exam should require such intimate appraisals, but still I just kept hearing, ‘one more thing.’

I knew I had to continue. And I also suspected that it really couldn’t get any worse. Again, having never had a complete physical before, I really had no idea what to expect.

As the doctor pushed me back against the exam table, he asked, “do you know what a pelvic exam entails?”

I did not have any idea. I knew what my pelvic area is, so I assumed he was going to look closely at my vagina and the area and make sure everything looks right. That thought was horrible enough, but I honestly had no idea what the exam would entail.

I did not, however, want to seem stupid to this man who I had come to loathe, so I said “yes.”

He said, “OK then lets get started.”

He picked up my legs one at a time and put them in cradles that held my knees up and apart. The result was that when he put the second one in the cradle my pubic area was completely in view for him.

It was so embarrassing and humiliating. And very restraining. When you are in stirrups you can squeeze your knees together, and even pull your feet out of the stirrups easily enough. But these knee cradles had side walls and held your knees high and wide and you couldn’t push them together. You are much more helpless in these type of braces.

The doctor just seemed to look at me for a long time. It felt so dirty. He really was looking at me like I was a prostitute he had just purchased.

Then he sat down on a stool at the foot of the table, between my legs.

I could feel him touching me on my vagina. At one point he squeezed my lips kinda hard and I jumped a little. I felt him pulling my lips apart and looking very closely at me.

No man had ever seen me like this.

And no one had ever put a finger inside me.

After playing with my vagina for a long time the doctor stood up and pushed on my belly some. At one point he pressed on my ovaries and it hurt bad and I squeaked. He apologized and then did the same on the other side.

It seemed like he enjoyed it when I jumped from the pain.

The next thing that happened made me certain, almost, that these things were not right.

After he pushed on my other ovaries he slid his hand up and over my breast before standing up between my legs again.

I knew that was wrong. He did that just to feel my young breast again!

Please god, I will do anything. Just end this ordeal.

The doctor again poked at my lips. He poked and squeezed for several minutes before I noticed that he turned sideways. But he was still touching my vagina with one hand while he stood between my legs.

I couldn’t figure out what he was doing when I first felt him pushing me up on the exam table.

It felt like he was just pushing me. Somehow pushing on my vagina. I slid up on the table as he did and then…


I made my way through the crowded hall to my suites which were at the far end. I hated Saturdays in the clinic. We had an arrangement with the National Guard to do their various physicals, and Saturdays were a nightmare of cadets and various military assistants.

We got lots of patients in my clinic because of the military, but the special deal meant we didn’t make much money on the military stuff.

And in general I hated my job and life. And I made sure everyone knew it as I pushed past a group of nurses huddled together in the already narrow hallway.

I only worked half a day on Saturday, and my last patient canceled so I was done except paperwork for the next hour.

“Dr. Baxter!” I heard someone exclaim. I turned to see it was the clinic head nurse, not my own nurse who had called.

My nurse walked past me towards our eye clinic and she said, “I told them you didn’t have time today.” and she kept on going.

The head nurse came over and said,

“I have a really big favor to ask of you.” before I could speak she continued.

“Our GP for today was called to the hospital on an emergency and we still have one exam to perform.”

“It’s just a basic physical, nothing complicated and it would be such a huge favor to us.”

This was always a problem in our clinic because they are so cheep they cant get enough physicians, and they cant get any to stay.

I have been here in my clinic for four years and there have been 10 GP’s in that same time.

In a two-man clinic.

“I’m an eye doctor,” I said, hoping that would end the conversation.

“It’s just a basic physical. We just need your MD license,” she said.

We live in a state that allows anyone with a MD to preform almost any procedure. Its very dangerous for some types of surgeries, but in some rural areas its necessary to have good medical coverage.

An ophthalmologist gets an MD first and then goes on to specialize in diseases of the eye, so I do have as much training as a GP technically needs. They certainly have more specialized training, but so far as the law is concerned I am completely qualified to do any physical exam.

“I really cant. I haven’t done a physical exam since college.”

“It will be very easy. It is a thin eighteen year old female with no conditions. She just needs a physical to get into the ROTC program.”

She seemed to back away slightly. It felt like she was giving me time to digest this. What did she know about me?

I’m certainly not a pervert, but I do find that I am extremely attracted to younger women. And fantasies about them is all I have in my life honestly.

I have dated three women in my whole life. And at 41 that is really not good. I figured my chances of ever seeing an attractive woman nude were long gone.

After seconds of no one saying anything the nurse held out a stack of papers.

“You just have to sign off on the various items on these. How you do the different exams is entirely up to you.”

I was yahya kaptan escort more intrigued. I glanced through the forms and saw the usual physical as well as a special “female” section requiring a pelvic.

Wow! This cant be real. My penis twitched.

Lots of heart stuff. Flexibility measurements. This was a thorough exam.

But I mentally slapped myself in the face. I can not do this exam just because it seems fun.

It is one of the reasons I did not become a GP. I know I am too aroused by nude females. And I know that is not right for a Doctor. So Ophthalmology is a good safe field. And lucrative. And I see up some skirts every once in a while, so it is not without some benefits.

“I’m sorry I cant.”

“Please! We are already overbooked for next Saturday. I cant make this adorable young woman come back. And she needs this exam to start classes next month. She will be a freshman at state if this ROTC scholarship is approved.”

“I know you like to get Wednesdays off, and I am so desperate here that I will do my best to get you off on Wednesdays,” she said as she took my arm and walked me in the other direction. I thought it was interesting that she said, ‘this adorable young woman.’

She seemed like she was just trying to convince me while we walked but she was definitely leading me somewhere. We stopped in front of the waiting room.

My hatred for this place rushed over me as I saw the herd of uniforms and pimples milling around.

But there, against the back wall next to an old man that could have been her father, was the girl. The only girl in the waiting room.

I looked at the forms again and said, “I don’t know how to perform a EKG.”

“My nurses can do that. You just have to sign off on it. It will take about 45 minutes so you have time to review the forms if you like,” she said hopefully.

I glance back at the girl, although I didn’t need to. Her fantastic image was burned into my brain.

“Call me when you are ready,” I said and without waiting for a response I turned and went back to my office.

I read the forms. I wanted to pull out my penis, but didn’t. I felt horrible. This was wrong and I knew it. I told myself I would do the exam exactly as requested and everyone will win. But I knew my feelings were wrong.

But I thumbed through a couple books and reminded myself of the aspects of the exams I was about to perform. I kept saying to myself, ‘just do what is required.’

When I thought about the pelvic my penis started to leak. My girl friend was the only vagina I have ever seen socially. When we were in college we were forced to do various exams on each other in the class, so I have seen three vaginas, and I did an exam on one woman.

But my girlfriend let me finger her, and that is the extent of my sexual experience. The other two women I dated never let me get that far.

So to say I’m bitter about life may be understating it. And it was certain that I would never have the opportunity to see such a gorgeous creature naked. This college girl could not be adequately described. She was way beyond adorable. She was absolutely perfect.

“We are ready.”

I walked to the EKG room and just walked in.

There she was. Standing in only her panties with her arms over her breasts trying to hide her nipples.

She was exquisite! She honestly could not have been more perfect in my opinion.

I thought, ‘hiding your breasts isn’t gonna cut it sweetheart.’

I walked right up to her and put out my had and said, “I’m Dr Baxter.”

She took her hand away from her breast and shook my hand. Now that I had asserted my dominance over her I would give her a second to breathe, and I turned away and put the papers on the desk and sat down.

“Can I put my bra back on now?” she asked with a croaking voice.

I looked up at her and firmly said, “no we need to do a couple of exams first. And I am going to need you to take your panties off also, so why don’t you do that now.”

I turned back away so she could take them off without me watching, but after a few seconds I turned back and saw that she still had them on.

“Now please,” I snapped.

This time I just watched as she bent and pulled her panties off.

She was spectacular!

Perfect everything. The most adorable 32B plumbs of breasts that just stood straight out and jiggled adorably when she moved. No bra needed on this young woman.

World Class butt also.

And she was just cute as hell. Curly brown hair that was pulled up high into a ponytail. Entrancing dark brown eyes. Perfect little nose.

And legs…oh my god. Legs that could not have been more perfect. This young woman was absolutely a perfect 10.

And she was standing completely bare in front of me waiting for me to tell her what to do. God, I have died and gone to heaven.

I had skimmed the books in my office so I knew what was required of this type of exam, and I was on pins and needles anticipating what was to come.

I started with flexibility and range of motion. I touched her every chance I could. You typically try to not touch a patient too much, but this woman was a goddess.

Her skin was like silk. I have never felt skin so soft and smooth. It was absolutely flawless. She had a slight tan that showed the shape of the shorts she wore and a bikini top. The skin on her breasts and bottom was pure white and perfect. Her legs and arms were a delicious caramel color.

I couldn’t stop looking at her knees. Everything about her was absolutely perfect, and she was completely bare in front of me, but her knees kept attracting my eyes. They were perfect.

They were spectacular. I couldn’t wait until I had a chance to touch them.

Her breasts looked like textbook renderings of what a perfect breast should look like. They were 32 B-cup so not very large, but perfectly shaped orbs.

Round and firm with silver dollar-sized areolas perfectly centered with the tiniest, barely protruding nipples pointing straight forward.

There was no sag at all in those beauties.

When I touched them, at first just brushes, then the full exam, I was shocked.

They were so firm. I squeezed the first one and pulled it around some and it was just amazing.

So very firm and stuck right in place. They felt like they were solid muscle. They were remarkable.

Admittedly the only time I have touched a woman’s breast was two fellow students during med school and one girlfriend who did not let me have much access to her breasts unfortunately.

The breast exam which is about a ten minute procedure took me close to 45 minutes.

I hate myself for rushing through so much of the exam. I couldn’t stop thinking about looking close at her vagina. My penis was rock hard and dripping throughout this entire exam.

I knew this was the most amazing thing that will ever happen to me, and then it got better.

The nurse said that the dentist had to do a survey of her mouth, and we decided to do it in this office to make it faster. I knew my good friend Ben would be in in a second, and I wanted him to have a good view, so I pretended that I didn’t know where the gowns were located.

When Ben walked in his mouth dropped as he took in the view of this 18 year old goddess. Completely nude in front of him. He was the only one in the office who knew what I perv I was, so I knew he would appreciate what I was doing for him.

It was an awesome show. He slowly put a spit bib on her and it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I just stood back and watched this goddess with Ben in her opened mouth and his assistant standing next to her looking at her legs more than his chart. I knew he also realized how amazing her knees are.

When he was done and left I knew I had come to the end.

As I looked at the chart I was worried. I knew this was all wrong and I would have a hard time defending my actions, but then again, since I had gone this far, there is no reason to back down now.

Since they didn’t require a pap smear, I could do a very minimal pelvic, and that’s the proper thing to do.

If her ovaries can be palpated through her abdomen, then it would not be necessary to penetrate her vagina at all. I knew that is what I should do, but god help me! Look at her.

No, I would do it right. I had already taken liberties and I will never forget those amazing breasts. But I don’t need to make her any more uncomfortable.

“Now we just need to do your pelvic exam and you are done.”

I helped her to lay back and I picked up her model-perfect, silky smooth legs and put them in the knee supports. I rubbed my hands up and down her amazing legs after I had them in the braces.

I looked at her face between her legs and she looked terrified. My penis got so much harder when I saw her face. Then her knees caught my attention and I couldn’t wait any longer. I put one hand on each knee as I talked to her. I hoped she would think I was doing that to clam her, but my boner was raging now. I was so glad I had on a long lab coat today. Just touching her knees was making me almost ejaculate. My heart was racing. I was giddy.

This view was simply spectacular. Her knees spread wide by the leg supports and her perfect vagina just right there in front or me.

Me! a grumpy eye doctor. If I died right now it would be worth it.

I sat on the stool and just stared and the magnificent creature spread open for me.

Her pubic hair was amazingly soft and silky. Softer than the hair on her head. And she did not have much. A small patch right above her clitorous. But her lips were completely bare of hair. And I saw no stubble. So she was naturally like that. She didn’t seem to shave her pubic hair.

I started to probe her.

Her outer lips were very puffed up and a really pretty pink color. Her inner lips were very small. Her clitoral hood barely covered her clit. The other vaginas I had seen had large floppy inner lips. And since this young woman was hairless, it was all so amazingly beautiful.

I so wanted to cum on her, but I had decided, no more abuse. She has been tremendously fun for me. She has given me much pleasure. So I will just finish up and let her go.

For some reason I realized I didn’t know what her name was.

I opened her inner lips a little to squeeze her botholin glands and the outer area of her vagina, the vestibule, seemed really shallow. So I spread her lips more to be able to see better, and OH MYFUCKIN GOD!

She was a virgin. And like the rest of her, this hymen could not be more perfect.

It was complete and had just a tiny hole in the center. And the interesting thing was that it looked really thick. The books all said that by the time a woman is 18 if the hymen is still intact, it is usually very thin and when you stretch it it becomes almost transparent because it is so thin.

That is why it tears so easily when a woman first has sex.

I couldn’t stop staring at it. I had never seen one and this one was spectacular. I wanted to lick it so bad. I thought about putting my finger in the tiny hole in the center of it, but I said no. just locate her ovaries and let her go home.

I stood and started rubbing her lower belly to locate her ovaries. You typically find them by putting one hand inside a woman’s vagina and pushing down from the outside with your other hand. But if you don’t want to do a pelvic often you can locate them by just pushing from gebze escort the outside. This works especially well with a thin woman.

I found one and was looking for the other and staring at this most magnificent creature, and it was like something just slapped me in the head and I was frazzled for a second.

But then I came to my senses and realized I couldn’t let this beautiful creature leave without fingering her.

I found the other ovarie and she jumped as I pushed on it.

I rubbed her belly some more and I slid my had up and over a firm breast pointing straight up at the ceiling. She jumped when I did and I sat down immediately.

I know I shouldn’t have done that, but they are the world’s most perfect breasts completely bare in front of me.

My career was over. But it was worth it. And there was one treasure left for me.

I gently spread her inner labia lips and looked at the amazing hymen. I moved my fingers until I could hold her lips open with one hand.

I stood, and again marveled at her amazing body and those perfect knees.

I knew that since this was a small woman, one finger would allow me to get deep enough to find her ovaries, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I turned slightly sideways so I had good leverage and I put two fingers against the tiny hole in the center of her hymen. As I gently pushed the hymen stretched in but did not give any sign of tearing, and the hole in the center did not enlarge even enough to let one finger through.

So I shoved!

And oh my god! I couldn’t believe how tight her vagina was. And how much force it took to tear her hymen. And it did tear. I could feel it split at about the 2oclock position. I could feel it tear on my finger and I immediately felt the warmth of her blood running down my hand.

As I looked at the blood in my hand I realized I had never put a glove on.


and then…

The most excruciating pain I have ever felt! I was sure he had somehow cut me with a large knife.

I knew it was a knife. The pain was so intense.

I pushed myself up on my elbows while hollering a horrible scream and what I saw made no sense to me at all.

The doctor had rammed two of his fat fingers into my vagina and they were COMPLETELY inside me! It was a horrifying view. I couldn’t conceive of it being possible. And there was a stream of blood running into his palm. Not a trickle, but a stream.

I was terrified. For a second I thought he was trying to kill me. I looked at him with a horrified look on my face and he said, “you’re fine. Just relax.”

But there was blood running out of me and I had a horrible stabbing pain in my vagina! I was not fine. I was in tremendous pain. And terrified because I did not know what was happening. The pain was not subsiding and the doctor was not pulling the instruments of that pain out of my small vagina. They were completely inside of me. Why was he doing this to me?

“Please stop!” I cried.

“I just need to locate your ovaries and we are done,” he said as he wiggled his fingers inside of me.

He rammed his huge fingers deeper and off to one side while he pressed on my belly with his other hand. I could feel when he located the first ovarie. They are super sensitive to squeezing. More than a testicle I believe. And I felt the pain even over the still excruciating pain of his monstrous fingers tearing my skin of my vagina.

But he found it and I jumped, and then he pressed hard with the fingers inside my vagina and squeezed it really hard. For no apparent reason.

I screamed again and jumped up on my elbows.

“One more and we are all done,” he said cheerfully.

Squeezing it like that was totally unnecessary. He knew he had located it because it made me jump.

Without any regard for me he rammed his fingers to the other side of my vagina and when he had located the ovarie he again squeezed it unmercifully hard.

Again I screamed and now my face was covered in my tears. The pain was unbearable.

“And now we will just check the position of your cervix and we are done.”

As he said that I could feel him pinching something inside me and then he squeezed hard and pulled.

It was excruciating! He seemed to have pinched my cervix and was just pulling on it.

Then he just yanked his fingers out of me and that hurt as much as anything for some reason.

I sat up on the end of the table. Furious and with a tremendous shooting pain inside my vagina.

“I just need you to turn around and bend over the table for a second. There was a lump I could feel in your bottom that I want to take a closer look at.”

Again, I had no idea what was going on. He turned me around and pushed me so I was bent at the waist over the exam table with my bottom right at face level with this doctor.

I was embarrassed. Humiliated and numb. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I did not know what was happening around me.


I could see the change in her demeanor. When I tore her hymen the pain yanked her back to reality. She had been acting sorta drugged throughout the exam, and I wondered if she might be on something. But the pain had brought her down to earth.

I knew she was about to start protesting, but after feeling the amazing delicate warmth of her young tender vagina, I knew I needed to finger her bottom.

I told her I needed to check a lump and turned her around fast before she had time to protest.

Her butt was magnificent! I was delirious. I saw the wet spot on my pants from my precum.

I pushed her over the exam table and her glorious, firm butt cheeks naturally parted and showed me the cutest tiny puckered sphincter.

I couldn’t wait. And I couldn’t take a chance that she was about to say stop.

So I quickly licked my middle finger and just rammed it in her anus as hard as I could. The skin stretched and she cried out as my slightly wet finger slid deep into her.

I poked and prodded. There really was nothing to look for. But I pulled my finger out and rammed it in several times just to hear her whimper. It was unbelievable.

After many minutes abusing her tiny bottom hole I pulled my finger out and her sphincter snapped shut behind it.

She immediately stood up, but I grabbed her elbows so she could not turn around yet.

I just looked. It was the most glorious bottom anyone has ever seen. I couldn’t stop staring at it.

After a minute she turned around with an angry look on her face.

Quickly I said, “well everything looks pretty good on you so I think you are good to go for your scholarship.”

Her mouth was opening as she was about to say something, but when I said that she stopped.

I knew she was thinking about her scholarship and that the exam was finally over.

“You can get dressed and go home and I will send these forms to your recruiter,” and I quickly left the room.


I was chest down bent over the exam table again and my bottom was right in front of this horrible person. I could not believe that someone like this could be a family doctor. It was outrageous.

I didn’t know why he was looking at my bottom with me bent like this, but like an epiphany, it all of the sudden occurred to me that this could not be good.

I had had enough. I put my hands on the table to push my self up when without warning this brute shoved a fat finger into my bottom.

It was excruciating. He apparently had not used any lubricant. He rammed it in and out several times over many minutes.

And then as suddenly he pulled it out.

I immediately stood up but he held me so I could not turn around. I assumed he was still looking at something suspicious.

But he just held me there. So finally I just turned around.

When I did he told me I was done and could go.

I have never gotten dressed so fast in my life. I pulled on my jeans and wadded up my panties to catch the blood still running out of me.. Then I realized he was just standing there watching me. Just staring at my still bare breasts. So I turned around and put my shirt on without my bra.

When my back was too him he just left without saying anything.

When I got home I said to my mother. “I will never go through anything like that again!”

She laughed and told me I will have dozens of humiliating exams throughout my life.

“Just get used to it. Its just part of being a woman.”

Of course she was right. And my first exam was prophetic of my life. I married a huge pervert and he has made me go to the doctor and get naked for anything he can think of. He just loves watching a male undress me and feel me up. I have to get naked for one doctor or another at least three or four times a year.

I cant count how many complete physicals I have had.


This story is true down to some of the most horrific aspects of the exam. The pelvic and breast parts of the exam happened very much as I describe. But people often want to know what was fantasy. If you do not want to know what the actual exam was like stop reading now.

They allowed me to wear an open-back hospital gown and my panties for the dental exam, which was held in an adjacent room. The regular dental office. And the dentist did not have any assistant and the eye doctor did not watch. But at 18, wearing a very short open in the back hospital gown was pretty much the same as being nude. This was for a dental exam so it was still plenty weird. And he absolutely grabbed a breast as he wadded up the paper bib.

The EKG technician was middle aged and not very attractive. But he did touch me as I described.

And all of them got good looks at my naked body. It was very degrading.

It was 30 years ago, however, and in a very rural, bone-head part of the country.

The doctor’s thoughts are my creation.

However, several years after that exam my then boy friend, soon to be husband, helped me request copies of the records from the clinic—the army wouldn’t give us anything– and we discovered from the charts that the doctor was in fact an eye doctor with a clinic in the same building. I have no idea how it came to pass that an eye doctor performed my physical, but as my boy friend found out, it was perfectly legal for him to do so. What the doctor thought about it was all my imagination.

He did seem strangely obsessed with my knees. My husband says they are extremely cute.


I have told this story to friends and acquaintances and people often want to know how it worked out. Well I did get my scholarship and had a decent career in the Army. And I will be forever grateful to the ROTC program and the U.S. Army.

It is, however, a hugely misogynistic organization. The indignities of that first exam should have been a warning that things weren’t going to get better.

In fact several physical fitness exams were even more embarrassing than my first pelvic exam. But that is another story. And once you are in the field, there is no such thing as privacy or modesty.

I am no longer in the Army, but my career is built on the education that the Army gave me.

And my ability to allow my husband to expose me to strangers is in some way the result of humiliating exposures and lack of privacy when I was in the service.

I have tons of stories of getting humiliated while in the service.


Friends often want to see photos of me in my uniform, so I have a few that I like to share. If you see me or my husband on any of the chat sites, please say hi and if you seem nice I would love to share some pics of myself in uniform. If only I had pics of my first pelvic exam. marie

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