Appalachia Ch. 05

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**Another short one from the Tanner Family, hopefully I can keep these coming. It’s been a while, so I’d encourage you to go back and read the others. Don’t forget to comment, vote, or send feedback*

Cody heard the front door slam, followed quickly by the creak of the pickup doors right before they slammed shut. He had been in the process of putting pants on to at least try to cover up his still-present erection.

“No sense in botherin’ with that now,” Cody said to him self. His pants hit the floor in mid-step and he was down the stairs and looking into the kitchen before he knew it. The sight of his Mamma bent over the kitchen sink, her short sundress pulled up over her tight, tan ass greeted his view. There weren’t any panties to block his view, and just like the view of her trimmed mound, there weren’t any tan lines to distract him. Cody felt his pulse throb in his cock and his mouth was dry as he just watched her shift her weight while she worked on the dishes. Each time she shifted, the taut muscles in her legs coiled and uncoiled like snakes under her skin, and each time those thighs parted just a bit further, giving him an even better view of the ribbon of her lips. As he stepped forward, Cody could see the moisture gathering there, already forming heavy drops that glistened in the early morning light.

Without warning her, he slid behind her, grabbed her hips, and shoved his cock into his Mamma’s hot, dripping, waiting cunt. He buried himself to his balls and felt the swampy tunnel clench around his dick like a fist.

“Cody Tanner!” Mamma shouted in mock surprise. Cody hesitated for a second, thinking he might have done something wrong. He started to back out, and after sliding back just four inches, Mamma’s pussy crushed down on his rod and Cody couldn’t pull Ankara bayan escort back any further. “Boy, don’ you be doin’ nuthin’ stupid, now,” she said, turning her head to look over her shoulder. “I’ve waited years to get this in here … ” she said and unclenched her pussy. Before Cody could push back, she slid her hips back to meet his and she clenched down again, this time so hard it almost hurt, but it felt so good.

“Mornin’ Mamma,” Cody said after a pause. His mind was almost completely blank.

“This makes twice you’ve said that, Cody,” she said as she started to laugh. Cody almost passed out as each laugh made Mamma’s pussy grasp his shaft even tighter. He enjoyed the feeling for a few second while Mamma slowly relaxed and reclenched. “I wasn’t sure if you was gonna fit, boy,” she said and started sliding forward. Her thighs hit the sink before Cody’s cock came out of her and he looked down at her pussy stretching and trying to suck his meat back in.

“Glad I do,” Cody said and slammed forward, pinning Mamma against the sink. She squeaked with the force of Cody’s thrust and moaned while she gyrated her hips on her son’s impaling fuck rod. Cody slammed forward again and pulled almost all the way out, forcing his eyes to focus on his dick slamming into his Mamma’s sweet pussy and then watch her pussy suck and pull against him as he pulled back. He felt his rapidly refilling balls slam forward into her clit and the combination made her squeal and jump. With his fingers gripping her hips hard and his finger tips stroking against her soft skin Cody began his assault.

“Ready t’ git fucked, Mamma?” Cody hissed and leaned back so he could get the most out of his thrusts.

“Fuck me, Cody Tanner! Fuck yer Mamma!” she cried in ecstasy as Cody pounded harder. Escort bayan Ankara He could feel her quaking pussy start get hotter and wetter as he pounded faster and deeper. Cody felt his balls starting to boil.

“Mamma, I gonna…” Cody said trying to think about baseball or his chores or anything to keep from blasting his load so soon. The only thing he could think about was his sister’s tight pussy. Totally surprising him, Mamma spun around on Cody’s dick, raising her leg up high and spinning on her bare toes. Before Cody even realized what she did, he was just about firing off another geyser of cum, the motion and twisting sending him very nearly over the edge. Cody’s eyes with the effort of trying to not whitewash Mamma’s cunt, but they shot open and he gasped in pain as he felt something crunch down around the base of his cock. His eyes were open in a flash and he looked down.

“Mamma!” he gasped as his lust-fogged brain snapped back to reality and registered what was going on. Mamma’s hands were clamped down around the base of his cock, and tight enough he thought he was going to get bruised. Five inches of his dick was out of her obscenely split pussy, and he could feel her stretched around his length and girth as it was. Her tightly squeezing fingers were working as a cock ring and Cody swallowed hard.

“Cody Tanner, don’ y’go an’ cum jus’ yet. Mamma needs my breakfast,” she said with a cat-that’s-about-to-eat-the-canary grin. She pulled her tight pussy off Cody’s dick so hard and fast that the pop echoed in the kitchen and it took Cody’s breath away. In another flash Mamma was on the floor in front of Cody, her knees knocking loudly on the wood floor of the old house. Her lips parted quickly and her silver tongue started stroking Cody’s throbbing cock.

“Mmmm…Cody Bayan escort Ankara Tanner, y’taste delicious when y’got Mamma’s pussy coverin’ ya,” she purred and swallowed as much of his thick pulsing rod as she could. Cody felt Mamma’s throat tremble as she pushed forward and swallowed his meat, the head working way down her throat. She started humming and purring and that was all it took. Cody came so hard he saw stars and his knees went weak. He felt Mamma’s hands fly to his ass to keep him on his feet and she sucked harder as blast after blast of her son’s spunk erupted down her throat.

Cody barely realized he was falling until he hit the chair behind him, his ass falling solidly on the seat. He looked down and Mamma still lovingly held his cock in her mouth, though only four or five inches of it as he started going limp. She was giggling and mewing, the sensation making twitch and jump in the seat. When Cody could focus again, his Mamma stood up in front of him, giving him an excellent look at her still exposed pussy. Her juices were coating her upper thighs and if Cody could force himself hard, he’d have fucked her again right there.

“Cody, I gots a new chore for you in the mornin’s, boy. You up to fuckin’ me every mornin’ then lettin’ me swallow this?” she said softly stroking her son’s limp dick.

“Oh fuck, Mamma…every mornin’…” Cody moaned, his limp cock almost jumping out of Mamma’s hand at the thought.

“Good boy. No get yer pants on, go do yer chores. Maybe you’ll get some mo’ of Mamma’s cunt at lunch,” she said with a wink and didn’t bother dropping her dress back down into place before going back to the dishes. Cody shook his head to clear it and stomped upstairs, finding his pants in the hall way where he left them. He thought about a shirt for a moment and then decided to leave it off before heading outside to take care of the farm chores. His cock was hard before he even hit fresh air, especially after seeing Mamma’s tight toned ass wiggle at him as he walked back through the kitchen.

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