Anya’s Calling

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College girls love this city. They come from around the country to discover themselves at one of our numerous institutes of higher learning, and one of the first things they discover is, of course, their sexuality. In all varieties, be they black, arab, asian, south asian, latino, pacific islander, or white, this exploration often manifests itself early on in the form of trendy and risque fashions. They sense the power inherent in being an object of desire, so they adorn their young, radiant bodies in tight, revealing swaths of textile aphrodisiac. That said, it’s rare to run into a true young slut who knows what she is and acts accordingly. Having experienced this prudishness typical of co-eds on multiple occasions, I was only cautiously optimistic when I recently hit up a frat party that would undoubtedly showcase a bevy of shapely young cock teases. I was there to make some money selling weed & psychedelics and, being in my early 30’s, had grown to enjoy observing the recklessness of youth up close.

When I first saw Anya, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice how much more self-assured she seemed compared to the other girls running around the party (not to mention how much more skin she was showing,) but I took it with a grain of salt, as I’d seen the act before. As a serious pervert and amateur pornographer I’d learned that most girls who are comfortable putting themselves on display in public are in it for the power play, and rarely act on the attention they get. Nevertheless, the image of Anya decked out in extra-short denim cutoffs, strappy booty-heels, and a sleeveless, backless sheer white halter top that showed off the shape of her firm, round b-cups and flat, toned stomach prompted me to approach her.

“Can I just say: You look amazing. You really know how to put yourself together.”

“Uh, thanks.” Her reply was barely polite. Then, abandoning her manners completely, she continued, “Really? That’s what you came up with?” I was looking down the barrel of a mischievous smirk, complete with one perfectly groomed cocked eyebrow. “I saw you ogling me and wondered if you’d have the balls to talk to me.” She was sizing me up, anticipating my reaction.

I grinned, happily surprised with how quickly she shot down my nice-guy line. Standing close to her now, I became ever more hopeful this was the whore I’d been looking for. She had made herself up with expert skill: Subtle shades of rouge enhanced her high cheekbones and full lips, allowing her youthfulness to shine through; heavy mascara popped her long eyelashes, dark eyeliner and eyeshadow that matched her amber-hazel eyes contrasted her innocent look and maximized her seductiveness. She wore her gentle strawberry-blonde curls at shoulder-length and kept them out of her face with elegant gold barrettes. She emanated an aroma of tea-tree oil and citrus, drawing my attention momentarily to her bare shoulders and taught, creamy skin.

Slowly – deliberately – I looked her up and down, taking in her five-and-a-half-foot-frame, and responded, “Well, you obviously came dressed to intimidate these boys…maybe hoping to find one who could step up and give a girl like you what she needs. You’ve accentuated your features perfectly – especially your thighs and ass – and over-dressed just enough to out-class all these other sluts,” I said while eyeing her gold dangling earrings, pendant necklace, and white & gold strappy booties. Without giving her a chance to respond I extended my hand and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Levi.” “Anya,” she shook my hand, but then squinted at me and cocked her head, “You calling me a slut?” I grinned again, “Well, uh…” but before I could answer, she cut me off with an observation of her own.

“Aren’t you a little old to be here? You come just to prey on naive little girls like me?”

“No, that’s just an added bonus,” I quipped, “I’m actually here on, um…, business,” I said, holding up the messenger bag that stored my wares.

“Oh shit… Is that…?” She sounded accusatory, so I reassured her.

“Nothing hard, just party favors… Weed, dabs, acid, shrooms, molly…”

“Molly?” Her tone sounded curious now, “I tried that once last year with some girlfriends at a club and got so…” She trailed off, seeming unsure of herself.

“Got so what?”

“I, uh, I got so worked up I ended up having to get myself off in the bathroom,” She confessed, looking at me with half a grin, awaiting my response. My cock stirred as the image of this nubile nympho going to town on her swollen, sensitive little clit in public restroom presented itself in my head. We’d just met and she’s telling me this?

“You were at the club; Why not just find some dick?” I asked, doing my best to play it cool.

“I wasn’t as brave then as I am now.” She was locked on my eyes as she said it.

“What’s changed in a year?” I wondered.

“I’m eighteen now, and in college, so I decided it’s time I get what I want.”

“Holy shit, you’re a freshman? bursa escort I’d have guessed you’re at least 21,” I exclaimed, careful not to over-flatter her.

“You like that huh? How young I am… You perv!” She smiled and smacked me in the arm when she said it.

“Perfect,” I thought. Then, out loud, “You have no idea.” I continued, “So, you’ve only done molly the one time? Want to try it again?”

“The first one’s always free, right?” She was squared up to me now, looking up at me hopefully and biting her lip.

“I’m running a business here,” I said, teasing her, “I can’t comp product to every pretty young thing that glances my way.”

“Oh, come on!” She protested, playing along, “I’ll make it worth your while… It’ll be our little secret.”

I fished out the molly and dipped my finger into the bag. It came up empty, so I held it up to her lips. “It’s too dry, do you mind?” She took my hand and looked me in the eyes while she moistened my finger, twirling her tongue around the tip. “Thanks,” I said, and went back into the bag. This time it came up encrusted with the little white crystals. I put it back in her mouth and she cleaned the powder off completely. “It tastes fucking awful,” I said. As I was about to dose myself, she stopped me.

“Wait, let me.” I watched her put a manicured, clear coated nail past her plump lips and wet it with her tongue. She ran it through the powder, coating it on both sides, then held it up for inspection. It was a large dose which would keep me up for a while, but I had a feeling I’d have plenty to do as the night wore on. I ran my tongue around her finger and sucked off the drug, lingering long enough to get a taste of her.

It was then I noticed how much the party had filled up. Someone had turned the music louder and the living room was fast becoming a dance floor. Anya took me by the hand and led me through the throng to a spot near a large speaker. As we walked, I watched her thick, smooth thighs flex and relax as her jaw-dropping pale pink ass jiggled with each step, peeking out in rhythm below the frayed hem of her high-waisted jean shorts. We started dancing, and it wasn’t long before she was petting and grinding on me, the molly beginning to creep into her eyes. “Let’s get out of here,” she said, swiping her hand across my groin as she swayed with the beat.

“Don’t be so eager. You’ve got a long night ahead of you,” I smirked, “And I’ve still got money to make. Stay here, I wanna watch you dance while I finish up.” Her response was an exaggerated, pouty frown. She grabbed my hand and rubbed my fingers over her crotch, showing me how wet she already was. The thin denim was tight against her soft mound, becoming damp as her hunger grew. She glared at me lustfully and a bit frustrated. I leaned into her ear and reassured her, “Don’t worry slut, you’re definitely getting what you deserve tonight.” I turned and lost myself in the crowd before she could respond.

Over the next hour or so I stayed posted up near the stairwell, keeping an eye on Anya while I did my part to keep the party going. She was dancing hard, losing herself more and more in the music. It wasn’t long before the pussy hounds in the crowd began orbiting around her. She’d groove with one for a while, (until he’d try to start talking to her, or to kiss her, or get too handsy,) then turn to find another waiting and start all over again. At one point she found herself face to face with a tall, pretty, short-haired brunette who seemed to want to syphon off some of the attention being generated by Anya’s sultry display. Without hesitating, she spun around, bent over, and started twerking her big ass on the newcomer before she stood back up and turned her head enough that the two girls could make out while grinding on each other. When they began kissing a few whoops and cheers went up as the crowd urged them on. Watching intently, I eventually caught Anya’s gaze and raised my bag to indicate I was done with my business. She pulled her tongue out of the lanky strumpet’s mouth, then, turning to face her again, pulled her close and said something. The girl smiled wide and nodded to Anya, then looked at three of the young studs nearby and beckoned them to follow her upstairs. Two more followed behind, and though they weren’t explicitly invited, I’m sure they were welcomed.

“What the fuck did you say to her?” I begged to know as Anya and I approached one another.

“I asked her if she noticed how hard all the guys dancing with us had gotten, and if she wanted to take a few of them upstairs with me – told her I’d be up in a minute…”

“I thought you wanted to head over to my place.” I said, considering whether or not I’d rather take her up and join the fun. She gave me that mischievous smirk again, “Oh, I do. Let’s go.”

“You’re bad!” I couldn’t believe my luck. As we left, I made a mental note to find out what became of the horny brunette. Knowing these frat boys, it was likely to be well-documented. bursa escort bayan

The drive home was short but eventful. On the highway I pushed my Audi up over 90 and blasted EDM. Paired with the roar of the engine and the molly, Anya’s pussy got so wet it’s a wonder she didn’t slide off the seat. When she reached across the center console and squeezed my hard-on I looked over and saw her squirming around with her back arched and one hand down her pants. I turned the music down enough to hear her moaning, and she brought two glistening fingers out from between her legs and looked at me while sucking on them before reaching over to unzip me.

“Not yet, you’re going to have to earn it,” I said as I pulled her hand away from my rigid dick, “Show me how bad you need it.”

Obediently, she kissed me deep, letting me taste the pussy juice still fresh on her lips, then nibbled on my ear as she took my hand and brought it between her now-trembling thighs. She used her hand to press my fingers into her clit through the saturated denim. After a moment she shoved my hand down her now unbuttoned shorts, and I wasn’t surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing any panties. As I worked my way towards her slippery hole, I passed a small tuft of pubic hair along the way. I backed off and pinched and squeezed the labia on either side of her clit, eliciting a bucking shudder from the teenage fuck meat in my passenger seat. Making my way back towards her waistline, I began tugging at the small tuft of hair I assume she left there for that specific purpose. She squealed her approval and, with one eye on the road, one hand on the wheel, and one torturing her pussy, I glanced over again to see her squeezing a tit from inside her blouse.

“You like a little pain with your pleasure, huh?”

“More than just a little,” She panted.

Just before midnight we were pulling into my neighborhood. It was mid-September and still warm enough to have the AC on. I kept teasing her with my free hand as we were pulling into my garage, alternating between entering her tight, wet opening, working her clit, and yanking at her pleasure patch. She must’ve been about to climax when she realized we’d arrived, because suddenly she grabbed my wrist to keep me from stopping. I wrenched myself away from her saying, “Uh-uh, you’re not allowed to come until I say so.” I shut off the car, opened my door, and got out. Since she didn’t immediately follow suite, I went around to her side and opened the car door. She had ignored my prohibition and continued fondling herself, and it wasn’t long before she was whimpering and shuddering from an orgasm. As she calmed down a bit and her breathing steadied, she looked up at me contritely. I smiled and leaned over to get in her face. She tilted closer and kissed me aggressively until I smacked her sharply in the mouth and squeezed her cheeks in my hand warning, “You’re going to pay for that, slut!” Then I returned her kiss with just as much aggression. I reached out and she took my hand as I helped her up out of the car, again taking note of her youth and beauty, enhanced now by the flushness her skin exhibited just after coming. The molly had me feeling I could sense the pheromones emanating off her, causing my mind to swim with plans of how I would use Anya’s young flesh to my carnal ends.

I led her inside from behind, guiding her into the living room with my hand on the small of her back. She collapsed on the contemporary grey leather couch that sat on a plush area rug in front of my 70″ 4K tv and gazed up at me with lust and apprehension.

“Wait here. Find some background noise for us,” I said while tossing her the remote. I returned after a moment with a box of toys, lube, her hand stuffed firmly down her pants, her ample chest heaving with erotic delight. She had managed to find the browser on the tv and pulled up a hardcore compilation. The screen flashed frantically with images of pussies, assholes, and throats getting plundered by cock after cock while the techno soundtrack thumped along with the moans, smacks, and grunts of the porno. Knowing the value a video of a teenage dream watching porn while frantically finger-blasting herself would have, I said nothing and instead went into the nearby closet where I keep my steadicam. Once I’d hit record it wasn’t long before Anya looked up from her stupor.

She smiled at the camera, stood up, and, looking directly into the lens, slowly removed her blouse, exposing herself in classic tit-drop fashion. They were perfect: firm, yet soft – sitting up high enough to give away her young age, but hanging enough to indicate the thickness of her overall figure. The nipples, no larger than a poker chip, puffed out slightly and contrasted her fair complexion, especially in their aroused condition. She turned around and bent over with her long, milky legs together so I could take in the fullness of her juicy lower half. I reached out into the shot and squeezed and smacked her meaty escort bursa rump before tugging down on her shorts, eager for an unobstructed view. She obliged me, pulling them off slowly while working her hips side to side and looking back knowingly at the camera. I panned down as they dropped, stopping when they hit the floor, then back up slowly, marvelling at her cute little feet, her calves, the perfectly-proportioned thighs and their ever-sought-after gap where I glimpsed her shimmering pussy-lips; finally to her plump, round butt which jutted out dramatically from her narrow waist.

“Bend over again,” I told her, “arch your back and spread your ass so we can see what you’ve got.” She complied willingly asking me, “Like this?” As she parted her immaculate glutes.

“Perfect. Now spread your legs a little and use your fingers to open your holes, one at a time.” I could tell her smallish hands weren’t unfamiliar with the act, and I immediately noticed how pink and clean her asshole was. “You prepped for anal? Good girl!”

“I told you I knew what I wanted. Guys don’t want to fuck a dirty ass, do they?” She climbed onto the couch, face down, with her head and shoulders against the seat cushion and her beautiful orifices pointing towards the ceiling. Doing her best to look back at the camera she asked, “What do you have for me in there?” I reached into my treasure box and brought out a small pink plastic butt-plug and some lube, then handed it over. “Oooh, ohh, fuck it’s tight!” She crooned as she found a way to fit it in. “You like seeing me stretch my virgin asshole open for you; getting it ready for some thick cock?”

“Yeah baby, keep talking to me.” I moved in behind her close enough to open her unoccupied slit with my thumb and index finger. The cone-shaped toy was jammed into her ass up to the hilt, leaving only the rectangular base exposed. It bobbed a little as she reacted to my pushing and prodding. I zoomed in, filling the frame of the shot with her fuck-holes, and began pumping three fingers in and out of her pussy. After a minute she began to get loud.

“Ohh yeah! I love having both my holes filled at the same time! Stretch that pussy baby, open me up for the camera! Ooh, you’re gonna make me come again!” At that I pulled away and zoomed out, leaving her rocking on her knees and whimpering, her ass still hanging in the air. As soon as I retreated she reached back, grabbed the butt plug, and repeatedly popped it in and out of her tiny rectum, looking at me with the most pathetic pleading expression all the while.

“Motherfucker,” She protested, “why are you teasing me like this?”

“I told you you’d pay.” Reminding her of her earlier disobedience shut her up. “You’ll come again when I decide. Sit up, let’s take a break for a minute.” I commanded. “Here, drink this…” I set the camera aside and we slammed the tequila shots. “…and hit this.” We took a moment to puff on the vaporizer, which helped to bring the molly to another peak.

“I’m rolling so fucking hard right now,” Anya exclaimed while massaging her clit, “I need to get fucked!”

“Do you?,” I asked sarcastically while retrieving my camera and placing it on a tripod in front of us. I stripped down, exposing myself to her for the first time. My cock stood tumescent at around seven inches; not too long but thicker than most. Wasting no time, she immediately dropped to her knees, took hold of my dick, and began licking and slobbering on it from the base of my balls to the tip of my bellend while jerking me off. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back just as she was opening her mouth to swallow me. Again, she whimpered her displeasure.

“You’re hungry for that cock aren’t you? Wait just a second.” I took a seat on the couch while ripping the vape pen and searched for another porno in order to oversaturate our senses with lust and debauchery. I found a playlist of porn music videos then leaned back into the cushions.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth.” I said, patting the spot next to me on the couch. I wanted her positioned so I could watch the PMV, fuck her face, and play with her holes. I tugged gently at the pink toy in her tight ass, feeling it’s reluctance to relinquish its current position, then applied more consistent pressure until it stretched her open enough to slip out. I pushed it back in slowly, teased her pussy a little, and repeated the process, readying her for my girthy member. Meanwhile she was doing her best pornstar impression by attempting to put her nose against my stomach with my dick in her mouth. Her throat felt amazing, but I wasn’t anywhere near ready to blow my load, so I did my best to focus on training her asshole. Thankfully the drug inside me caused my mind to fixate on one thing after another, so as soon as it felt like I might explode inside her warm, wet mouth, I found myself distracted by the feeling of my fingers inside her, then by the pretty pornstars surrounded by cock on the screen in front of me. Anya was likely enjoying a similar experience, because one moment she was gagging herself on my inflexible prick, the next bouncing in sync as I penetrated her, then jerking and sucking me passively while she watched the porno.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32