Any Spare Change?

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The first time I tried anal sex was with my wife, but even with lots of lubricant I couldn’t get more than two inches of finger or just the knob of my penis into her asshole before she cried out and made me stop. She made it clear that if I continued with this sort of experiment I wouldn’t be putting my cock into ANY of her holes!

Some months later I had a work project that needed me to stay overnight in the City once a week. The job paid a fixed daily amount for expenses so I chose a cheap, but clean hotel in a bad part of town and that meant I had money for other things.

Two teenage girls seemed to hang around a lot outside the hotel and asked passersby, “Do you have any spare change?” I’d give them a few coins and chat with them. At other times they would ask, “Can you spare a dollar for bus fare?” though I never saw them at the bus stop!

One day I bought them a meal of burger and fries that they ate hungrily. “If you were old enough you could come up to my room and earn some real money.” I offered. Amy, the older girl, said they were old enough for anything I wanted to do, but I had my doubts about Betty. However, when I told her that, Betty produced a grubby Wisconsin driver’s license showing she was eighteen years and three months old.

Reassured, I took both girls up to my room in the hotel. It was the sort of place where all types of people were coming in and out, so nobody took any notice of us.

“You can do anything you like, but no anal sex.” Amy said. She was slim and dark and stripped quickly after I gave her a few dollars. Betty was hesitant, but took off blouse and bra then dropped her shorts and panties. She was pale-skinned bursa escort with almost no pubic hair, while Amy had a thick brown bush.

As we’d agreed, for the first time I fingered their bodies and sucked nipples while they took turns licking my balls and sucking my cock. As I got close to cumming, I knelt above Betty and Amy stroked my penis until sperm shot onto Betty’s breasts. That was very nice!

When I saw the girls the next week Amy was ready for me. “You need to get your cock into us,” she said, and I did. I lay on my back while Amy first sucked me, and then squatted to take my penis into her vagina. I pulled on her nipples, and reached over to explore Betty’s crotch until I came.

In those days I could recover quite quickly, and by the time we’d eaten some food I was ready to push into Betty. I’m sure she’d been fucked quite a lot, but there was an innocence and tenderness about the way she tried to encourage my thrusts. Amy fingered my ass and balls and I exploded into Betty’s tight vagina.

Amy kept asking for more money and offering more ideas. One time she lay in the bath tub and I peed over her lower body. This golden shower was not something I felt the need to do often, but I did find the experience very erotic.

I rinsed her and cleaned her crotch with soapy hands and a slippery finger felt for the back hole. “I’d pay more money to get up your anus,” I told her, but she said she couldn’t. “Then why not get Betty to open up for me?” I asked.

Amy’s eyes opened wide at the thought of selling Betty’s virgin ass-hole. “I know she’s never done it, but I don’t know who she’s saving it for, if not you.” She went into the bedroom and I bursa escort bayan heard Betty gasp and then she started crying quietly.

“You’ll hurt me too much with your big cock,” she sobbed. I told her it was just an idea we’d been discussing, and that we’d continue as normal next week.

However, it was clear that Amy was intent on Betty earning the extra money I’d offered. The next time the girls were in my room a very pale Betty stripped off and kissed me sweetly.

“Please be gentle,” she asked, and shuddered a little as both her hands tightened round my very erect penis. She sucked me, and then laid back for me to fuck her slippery vagina for a while.

Amy was kissing Betty and feeling her nipples. “It’s time for you to do it, girl,” she said, and I pulled out so Betty could lift her legs up high and reveal the tight, pink hole of her anus.

The hotel supplied body lotion and Amy tipped some into her hand to lubricate Betty’s hole and my cock. Amy took hold of my penis and guided it towards the prize. Just the tip of my knob went in, and I felt Betty tense. Then she relaxed; I think Amy was fingering her clitoris as well, and more of my penis slid into her.

It was incredibly hot as the knob was fully enclosed in her and her breath seemed to gasp in my ear. I kissed her and told her she was wonderful to permit me to enter her anus, and how good it felt.

Amy was fingering herself as she watched, and she ordered me to pull back a little for more lubricant. It seemed to me that almost the most erotic part of the adventure was having Amy’s fingers spreading the lotion on my cock and around Betty’s ass!

Now I was gaining full escort bursa access as I stood beside the bed and let my weight push forward into the young girl’s hole. I was in there all the way! My balls slapped against Betty’s buttocks as I reached maximum penetration. Now, how would she take thrusting?

I pulled out my slippery cock, and rolled Betty over onto her knees. I’d enjoyed Betty’s cunt in the doggy-style position before, but this time my penis pushed back into her asshole. The feeling was sensational! She gasped as I went in full length and then I started to fuck.

She took everything I pushed into her, and I reached round to finger her nipples and clitoris. She was crying, but it didn’t seem to be from pain and I wasn’t going to stop anyway! There was a spasm and I’m pretty certain that Betty had an orgasm as I shot cum into her ass. I rolled off her, and we lay exhausted.

“Does this mean I don’t get any today,” asked Amy, and I had to admit that this was possible. In a little while, though, I looked over at Amy’s hairy crotch and started licking her. I went and washed in the bathroom, and by that time I had done that I was stiff enough to get into Amy, though I didn’t reach the point of release.

For the next few weeks we had a variety of sessions, with five different holes I could use. The girls were not doing too well, though. They were not looking after themselves and I suspected that most of their money was going to buy drugs. My work project was just about complete, anyway, and I had one last session with the girls that used all their possibilities.

As they were about to dress, Amy took my hand and put it between her buttocks. I felt the heat there. “In time, I think I probably will let you fuck into my ass-hole,” she said. But I never got in her there, because although I looked for them on future visits to the City, I never again found Amy and Betty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32