Another Day in the Orifice

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This evening began in what was now becoming a ritualistic, routine-like fashion.

Colin had arrived home from work, visibly a little stressed; but beaming with anticipation, as he walked in the door. I was laying on the couch with my feet up, wearing the tight skinny leather pants he’d bought me and a rainbock jockstrap. The jock was black, but the waistband was rainbow, which matched the skinny black leather pants.

I really enjoyed wearing this jock, and displaying the waistband above the leather pants proudly, no pun intended, as not only was I shattering yet another stereotype that ‘rainbow meant gay’; it felt extremely kinky and was a major turn-on.

I liked flirting with the idea that I was ‘gay’, crossing some dangerous boundary, if you will.

I laid there on the couch, just scrolling through my phone, and looked up at Colin as he entered the door. He checked me out before heading towards the whiskey bar and fixing himself a drink. That had settled any previously unwanted stress from the working day, and his sole focus was now on his sexy young specimen that lay upon the couch. The top half of my body was becoming well toned from my regular workouts. I wasn’t gym-junkie ripped; but, defined and solid, more like a swimmer with my waxed chest to boot.

Wearing the leather pants and jock was making me quite aroused as well. All day at work, I’d been thinking about this moment, before I went around to Colin’s.

I’d been thinking about being bent over his knee, with my head turned watching TV relaxing, while he spanked me. I was sure to make this fantasy become a reality; and that’s exactly what unfolded.

I never liked talking that often. We never had to; talk was cheap, after all. It was more the experience I was after. The only conversation we usually had, was either dirty talk or business, which I preferred.

Colin lay down on the couch near my feet. I lifted my legs up and rested them across his lap; quite noticeably feeling his hard-on brush against the side of right leg. He began rubbing the soles of my feet, which sent a tingling sensation through my back and was extremely relaxing.

My index toes were slightly longer than my big toes, and I never really liked my feet; however, Colin’s admiration for them washed away all insecurities.

After about five minutes went by, he tapped his thigh a few times. I knew exactly what this meant. He never had to say a word. I got up and leaned over his knee in the spanking position.

At first, he circled his hand across the leather pants and pulled the strap on the jock which made a ‘snapping’ sound, which I just loved. He had often done this randomly around his home, which was a fetish of mine because the sound was so hot; along with the feeling it provided, being a reminder of what I was wearing.

It wasn’t long before he gently started spanking my ass and gradually increased the tempo.

I loved the ‘crack’ sound his hand made across the leather pants, and it wasn’t long before I could feel pre-cum flowing from my cock which I visualised in my mind. When he sometimes mis-timed the slap, the sound was more of a ‘thud’ which I also enjoyed.

He was gently rubbing and scratching my back with his left hand, as he spanked my ass with his right. He knew I loved back scratches, so it was incredibly relaxing, as well as making me extremely horny from the spanking.

I’d built up a lot of neglect during my previous relationship with a woman I was seeing, who had a meth addiction and barely paid any attention to me. So, Colin scratching my back and spanking my ass, was providing the nurturing I’d missed out on the previous couple of years. His left hand moved up towards my neck and he began massaging the area with his thumb and index finger, working them into the back of my skull, almost putting me to sleep. The sensation that came across my nerve endings, made my brain blank; as I could no longer think about anything, except for how relaxed I was.

Between the spankings, he was gently fingering my asshole which was covered by the jockstrap and leather pants. Colin reached down beside the couch for the cordless blue and white magic wand and a silver bullet vibrator. He began running the magic wand over my back and neck, and applying the bullet to my asshole which felt amazing. It created a sense of a ‘depravity’ that was turning me on. This middle-aged, bald, businessman applying a vibrator directly to what was once my most intimate and private place; in which I was becoming extremely comfortable with.

Before Colin and the masked men, my only previous experience with a gay man was a night I was high on amphetamine during a one-off occasion. The guy wasn’t that attractive and displayed the typical ‘queer-type’ persona, which I wasn’t that fond of, and found it rather pretentious and annoying. He went to have sex with me from behind and had barely entered me when it started to ‘hurt’, as I was so tense. Therefore, I’d been turned off ever since, probably because I wasn’t bahis şirketleri really turned on in the first place. I enjoyed a more ‘masculine’ type of man, and considered myself the ‘sissy’ at this point in time; but, it was all rather new to me and I was looking forward to experiencing my sexuality further in the future.

For now, Colin’s bullet vibrator, which he pulled from his top pocket as if it were a pen, was providing me a gentle introduction to ass play. It wasn’t long before I was craving more attention being paid to my ass, since the small vibrator had relaxed my sphincter muscle.

Colin then began to play with the baby hairs on my neck which were on display since my dark brown hair was in a ponytail being held in place with a rainbow hair tie. He then began to tug at the ponytail whilst reaching down the side of the couch for a black paddle and began smearing it across my ass.

I enjoyed the sensation of the ponytail being tugged whilst he started to crack the paddle over my ass.

He made me feel as if I was being ‘punished’ for being ‘bad’. I loved the tight sensation, how his tugging of my ponytail made my neck arch and lifted my head strictly, as if to say “keep your head up while talking to you.” He began spanking me with the paddle, as if he was sexually frustrated and taking it out on my ass.

He was certainly gaining some sadistic pleasure over ‘hurting’ me, and I was becoming turned on by the ‘stinging’ sensation from the paddle. There was something about a mixture of pleasure and pain that really got the senses flowing.

He then put the paddle down and rather forcibly applied lots of pressure from his middle finger and applied it into my ass, and with a sexy aggressive tone snarled, “You like that, don’t you.”

“Ugh,” I groaned, before sheepishly answering, “yes.”

“Time to get changed.”

I began buzzing with excitement wondering what was in store next.

We then got up off the couch and my cock felt harder than I’d ever felt in my life. Much harder than it’d been with any woman I’d been with before; yet, it was held well in place beneath the tight leather, and almost felt like my cock shaft was going to ‘break’.

We made our way into the walk-in wardrobe in Colin’s bedroom where he produced the shortest, tightest, light pink leather mini-skirt I’d ever seen, next to a hot pink thong. Hanging on a hook, was a tight white singlet top with ‘slut’ written across it in pink glittered lettering, which would perfectly display my diamond navel piercing. A pair of pink stilettos and three white stockings which would be attached to suspenders, completed the ensemble. I’d never worn suspenders before and everything was rather new and exciting and ‘fun’ to me.

Colin then sat in the corner, on his chair with one leg over the other, whilst I began to get changed.

When I removed the rainbow jockstrap, he reached out his hand with an open palm gesture, to which I flung him the jock. He held it up with both hands, as if observing an envelope in the lighting and began admiring the pre-cum which had quite visibly saturated the front of it.

While I was getting dressed, I noticed a platinum blonde wig and thought it would complete the ‘Barbie’. I never liked the idea of dying my hair and ruining my luscious locks, so the wig was quite fitting for this occasion.

Once again, I was obsessed with the feeling of wearing a skimpy thong. I loved the sensation of it sliding up my legs and my package protruding from it, completely degrading its purpose. I enjoyed watching a lot of porn with women being degraded, and often felt the reason I enjoyed dressing up as a girl was partially an expression of this. I had nothing against females, and wasn’t sexist at all; but, it was the ‘lady-like’ and ‘feminine’ image society had created for women, which I enjoyed completely destroying. I considered the ideology an insult to females, who I viewed as equals to male, and ‘the feminine’ ideology designed to make them appear to be second-class citizens.

Women fought, fucked, and belched the same. It was society and religion who made it okay for men to piss standing up in the first place.

Anyhow, I was looking my plastic bimbo best and Colin then came up and stood behind me. I loved how the pink thong was visible beneath the tight leather pink mini-skirt whenever I bent over slightly. Colin then ushered me over to a wall in the lounge area and firmly told me, “Go stand in the corner,” which, furthermore, made me feel ‘bad’ and began to turn me on again, after feeling slightly ridiculous and philosophical. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver butt plug, with a pink diamond in the end, and told me to suck on it, as he began running his hand over my ass. Reaching up under the skirt and thong, he began touching my asshole with his middle finger. I found the idea of having my asshole massaged and fingered with the middle finger, in particular, very erotic given what it gestured.

‘Fuck you’ or ‘fuck off’ and the bottom bahis firmaları line, ‘rude finger’ or ‘bad’.

Between my freshly waxed ass cheeks I’d started to sweat slightly and he made me smell his sweaty finger. I didn’t mind the smell, It was a turn-on. I was used to smelling my own sweaty ass and found it very primitive; after all, humans are primitive creatures and I can shamelessly say, I enjoy the smell of my own ass.

Colin then lifted the pink mini-skirt up and gently massaged the saliva lubricated butt plug into my slightly sweaty ass with ease, providing me with a ‘full’ sensation. He then spanked my ass once more and unveiled the third stocking I’d seen in the walk-in wardrobe previously.

He removed the blonde wig and threw it to the floor. So now, I just had my hair tied back tightly and he pulled the white stocking over my head which felt cool! He then reached around and grabbed me by the jaw and turned my head to a vertical mirror. I’d taken on a deformed appearance, I looked like a goblin; my nose was pushed flat and eyebrows became closer to my eyes.

I looked like the definition of ‘Ugly’.

To which Colin said, “Not so pretty now, are we pretty boy!”

This turned me on incredibly.

It was the ultimate form of degradation as he’d defiled my pretty looks. I’d taken on a ‘deformed’ look as he’d transformed me into the exact opposite of what I was, and all it had done was make my cock hard!!

He began working the butt plug into my ass and whispered into my ear, “I have a surprise for you.”

He took me by the hand and led me into the room I’d occasionally slept in; and much to my shock, there were four ten-inch, uncut cocks sticking out of glory holes in the walls. And not the messy type, with strips of duct tape around them that you’d see in porn; There there was a layer of padding around these holes with dark purple silk. On the small drawer in the corner were a pair of pink knee pads and four pink condoms.

Like a kid in a candy store who’d fled his parents, I immediately kicked off my heels and put on the knee pads. I couldn’t wait to play with these four beautiful cocks I’d seen before and recognised immediately, as they belonged to the masked men from about a month ago, that night I’d been fantasizing about ever since.

I’d even recognised that one, the one that really took my anal virginity, as it was the most gorgeous dick I’d ever seen. Standing there, observing a conveyor belt of cocks, I began inspecting each one, smelling them down the line — the musty aroma was incredibly sensual. I licked every one of them from the underside and rapidly stroked their frenulums with my tongue, to which one by one, their cocks twitched and immediately expelled drops of pre-cum. I’d taken off my pink thong and used it to wipe their collective glans clean.

I hung the thong from my favourite; the cock which took my virginity. They were all equally gorgeous, but this one had provided my first anal orgasm, so I’d picked it as my favourite and wanted to signify that in some way.

I felt like a kid playing with my favourite action figures except I didn’t play with dolls anymore, I played with cocks! And reached for the hot pink condoms and applied them to each man. The contrast between the hot pink and their slightly tanned cocks and pinkish purple heads was amazing. Their pricks were so big, the condoms only came halfway down their shafts, which looked extremely sexy.

I began stroking each one and it didn’t take long before the way in which I was stroking, the condoms broke and displayed a symbolic image of ‘strength’ like The Hulk or Superman ripping their tops. The torn pink condoms now decorated their pretty dicks! They dressed their dicks nicely and I left the broken condoms on each dick and continued stroking. I began pumping each shaft and stood to the right of each cock so the cocks were over my shoulder as if they were rocket launchers, ironically they were!

Colin had a tape measure on the wooden floor. This was a competition, and whoever’s range was the longest, was going to fuck my ass. I grabbed and stroked each cock with great enthusiasm. I had a steely look in my eye, and gritted my teeth; I knew exactly how to pull cock! I’d pulled my own three times a day for the last fifteen years. If practice makes perfect, then I’d had more than enough practice and these men were receiving the hand jobs of a lifetime!

It felt amazing feeling them pulsate, and as each man came, I retracted each one’s foreskin all the way back firmly, not too tight that it was painful, but just tight enough. The man with my thong wrapped around the base of his shaft came so hard, it exceeded the other three men and his load shot beyond the measuring tape of five metres and onto the wall! There were drops spraying everywhere, like a sprinkler, really light drops that went hard and fast, travelling great distances in all directions.

It’s like he hadn’t cum in a month!!

He only took less than a minute to cum, so it kaçak bahis siteleri wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case. Colin had told him to save his load for the occasion

“I think we have a winner,” Colin said, as I looked at him in awe and in agreement. “Now for the grand finale.”

I couldn’t begin to ponder what he had in store, but I knew it was time to get my rocks off. Soon after, Colin flicked a switch and the lights began to dim as they would when you’re about to watch a movie at the cinema; except, it wasn’t that dark. And then this hulking, tanned, masked man walked out, wearing a Tarzan-styled tiger-striped thong, the spartan mask had been replaced with a satanic goat’s head. He was all masculine and rocking the thong like a sumo, his erection had gone down, yet still remained quite visible — he was packing! His waxed chest oiled up displaying his strong, solid, well-defined abs that were almost as hard as my cock at this point in time.

The underline of his cock was semi-hard and bowed in the shape of a downwards banana yet much thicker than any banana I’d ever seen.

My cock was raging hard at the sight of him and I ripped off the barbie slut outfit and stood there in front of him completely naked.

I didn’t want the girly image on my conscience for the climax.

This was men’s business!

Colin said, “We aren’t ashamed of our manhood here and cover up. This is a place to be proud of our manhood,” as he nodded at the masked man who then lifted me up and hung slung me over his shoulder like some tribal native, making me feel extremely submissive. I felt ‘light’ and admired his strength. It was fun being carried away, entering another room lit by red candles, following a trail of red rose petals which I couldn’t help but think were symbolism for anal sex.

I felt like a kid on a carnival ride being taken away on this hunk’s shoulders and extremely exposed knowing my ass was right next to his face when he turned his head and kissed the side of my glute.

In the middle of the room was some kind of makeshift stand covered by a red blanket, which Colin then unveiled like an art piece, revealing a clear fleshlight I could see from the side. I’d never fucked a fleshlight before, so I was excited to discover yet another sensation and indulge in yet another new experience

The masked men then lowered me down to observe it. At first I thought it was a pussy, but as I made my way around to the front, I realised it was an anus! Which I thought was even more kinky. I’d never ‘given’ anal sex to a man before at this point in time. Colin knew this, and I feel like he was ‘grooming’ me.

He then sat in the corner and began stroking himself.

Colin was probably only seven inches and I was never turned on by him physically. I was, however, turned on watching him stroke his cock, knowing he liked seeing his young stud fucked by one of his mute gimps. My cock was saturated with pre-cum and I began to place it on the silicone clear anus.

After circling my cockhead around the anus, enjoying the texture of the grooves, I inserted it and began slowly thrusting. Colin then flicked a switch and the fleshlight began pumping my shaft! Yet another surprise! I stood there with my hands on my hips enjoying the handless pleasure, whilst the fleshlight did all the work. It reminded me of when I used to get my rocks off on spa jets.

I never liked the idea of being fucked in the ass. unless my cock was being pleasured at the same time. Once my cock was being pleasured, nothing was off limits.

The masked man then began to dry hump my ass through his thong and slowly began getting hard again. It felt so erotic having him stand behind me. I leaned back and grabbed at his jock, which he then lowered to the ground and kicked away. Widening his strong legs, he pushed his beautiful knob inside once more and just kept in there, whilst the fleshlight began fucking me, and I began to fuck him at the same time.

I held it with both hands and started slamming it onto my cock. Colin cranked up its speed to my natural jacking off pace whilst the masked man began fucking my asshole with his smooth cock. The sensation from him fucking my ass becoming more enjoyable than the fleshlight fucking my cock. Colin then hit the pause button, so I could only feel the tight sensation of the fleshlight; and my focus then switched to the masked man’s smooth cock fucking my asshole, with his firm lower stomach slapping against my ass and his balls knocking against my balls creating the most intimate of sound effects.

He was completely de-humanised to me and appeared as nothing more than a mythical, pagan folklore figure brought to life. I was being fucked in the ass by a demon sex god with a male prostitute vibe! The only vocal sounds I’d heard him make, were grunting bleats. My jaw began to drop and mouth widen imitating what my ass would most likely look like, with this hung hunk pumping my rectum.

It started to feel less and less painful as his pre-cum began lubing my ass, his dick slid in and out with ease and I began to bend over and receive him as the flesh light then cranked up again and rapidly started pumping my cock. I felt an orgasm coming of great proportions.

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