Another Birthday

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“Baby, when are you coming home?” I whined.

“Soon…I hope,” you mutter. “My boss is being a cocksucker right now. I might be stuck here all damn night with the way things are going.”

“But baby!? I want you now though!”

“I know sweetie, but I have to go… there’s someone at the door. Bye sweetie.”

You hang up the phone right when you boss charges in.

“Look are you going to play phone tag with your woman all night or are you going to work!? He barks.

“I’m sorry sir, it’s just that it’s her birthday today and she wanted to go out with me tonight. Look the papers are done…” you hand them to him hoping that everything is in order. He signs what you gave him and gives you more.

“What’s this sir?”

“These have to get done now.”

“But sir!”


You slam the papers down on the desk and say every swear that comes to mind and then make up a few of your own too. You dial me up and tell me. I am so furious I hang up. About 30 minutes later you hear someone bursa evi olan escort knocking at the back door by your boss’s office. Thinking you’ll never get to leave this hellhole you ponder as to is at the door. Thinking it’s the night janitor, you look through the peephole and see me instead. You open the door and look at my smoldering eyes.

“Babe wha…,” you are cut off by me placing my fingers to your lips. You take in a very inviting aroma. That wonderful smell of my sweet scent.

“I told you it’s my birthday… I’m going to have what I want.”

Pushing you into your boss’s office I push you onto the couch roughly. Our lips pressed together hard my tongue searching your mouth. I straddle you and rip my jacket off to reveal that I’m bare. I kiss you again and moan into your mouth. Your hands feel my thighs and up my ass. I start to lick up and down your neck, grinding into you slowly.

“I love your new outfit babe,” you smirk. I giggle slightly and moan into your ear.

It sends altıparmak escort shock waves straight to your cock. You pull me closer to you and nuzzle your face into my tits.

“OH fuck Don!”

“Mm babe”

“I need you NOW!” I gasp.

“Suck me!”

That’s all you have to say to get me on my knees and tearing your pants and boxers off your legs. Your cock bounces up and hits me in the face lightly. I take it and start to stroke it up and down making it harder than before. You then take it and rub the precum all over my lips and cheeks. Smiling at me you slap my lips with your cock softly. I look up at you adoringly and deep throat you.

“UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” is all you can utter out. Massaging your balls slowly, rolling them in my hand you grind into my mouth faster starting to lose your edge. Feeling your balls tighten I back off and stand up. You go to pull me on you but I stop you and toss my right leg over you shoulders and pull your face to my sopping wet pussy. Taking the sweet scent of my sex in your tongue lightly licks it way up and down my slit not touching my clit, yet… I let out a low groan as your cool tongue heats my burning cunt up more with each lick. Your thumb finds my clit and as you apply very light pressure I squeal and shake in a massive orgasm.


Two fingers get rammed up inside me as you suck and lick my clit hard.

As my orgasm subsides you pull me to your boss’s desk and immediately ram you cock in my pussy, assaulting it. We are both totally wanton for each other as grunts and the sound of our bodies smack together.

“FUCK ME!” I scream. “Fuck my tight pussy baby! CUM DEEP IN ME!”

“OH GOD FUCK YES YOU SLUT! YOU’RE MY SLUT. MY DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!” You say through gritted teeth. “THIS IS MY PUSSY NOW! OHHHH FUCK! IM…” is all you can say as you hot seed shoots in my throbbing pussy. My body spasms and arches as I cum with you screaming and pulling u to me harder.

You look deep into my eyes as you collapse in your boss’s chair and I collapse on you. Our bodies covered with sweat and each other’s juices, I kiss you slowly. I close my eyes and nuzzle you neck as I whisper in your ear…

“This is the best birthday ever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32