Annalise at the Hotel

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I’m on my way to pick my girlfriend from the airport.

Annalise studies French and German at a British university and has recently started her third year. During this year, she must go to a university abroad for a few months where she learns about the culture and how to speak French and German in their native countries. In September Annalise travelled to Bordeaux where she will reside for the next few months. We both appreciate the love of sex and how important it is for our relationship. We are always eager to try new things, and most importantly, to satisfy each other’s sexual needs.

I am 25 and my girlfriend is 21. We have been together now for 3 years, and we have always heard that relationships cool down sexually after a few months, and we believed that this would eventually happen to us. However, for some reason (one for which I will never complain about), this has never happened. We still experiment with each other’s bodies. She always wears new lingerie. We often find new positions to try. We make every effort to keep things fresh in the bedroom. If you ask me, this is the only way to keep a relationship going for years to come. Whenever we have been away from each other for a couple of weeks, we are both absolutely gagging for each other when we meet up again.

Anyway, this story relates to a recent time when Annalise came over to visit me.

I park my car at the airport, get out and walk nervously in the direction of arrivals. The last time I had seen Annalise was about 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t wait to see her again. 2 weeks without sex with this woman is almost too much to bear. At 5 foot 11, I am a slim sporty lad who looks after his body. With long, brown hair down to my shoulders, some may describe me as looking like a surfer. I was dressed casually in baggy jeans, trainers, a checked shirt (with a couple of buttons undone at the top) and smelling of her favourite cologne.

Carrying a bunch of flowers in my right hand, I sit and wait for Annalise to arrive. After 5 minutes, she walks through the terminal. As usual, her appearance takes my breath away. Standing at 5 foot 7 with shiny long brown hair resting just past her shoulders, Annalise has a button nose along with a large mouth perfect for sucking dick. With pale green eyes lighting up her face, she waves and gives me a dazzling smile. Today she is wearing cherry red lipstick that makes her look sexy as hell. She has made many people’s heads turn as she walks voluptuously towards me. As we embrace into a hug, her body presses into mine as I push back into hers. We remain that way for a few seconds, each of us smelling each other’s hair, until she pulls away slightly and whispers sultrily in my ear, ‘let’s get out of here’.

We move towards the exit. As I hold the door open for her to walk through, I am left once again admiring her inch perfect body. Annalise wears a small green skirt that barely covers her thighs and ass. It shows off her perfect rump bottom wiggling away with every perfect step she takes. Below her derriere is a spectacular pair of long, naked, shiny legs that meet her sandals on her small, pretty feet. She also wears a skimpy tight top, excelling her perfect C cup breasts, and her whole appearance oozes sex. It is enough to make me rock hard. She turns to look at me as she walks out the door. She smiles to herself, knowing and loving, the effect her appearance still has on me.

We walk back to the car, chuck Annalise’s luggage into the boot and get in the car. We both sigh and look at each other, and talk about her flight, my day, the usual introductory comments. Then we lean towards each other and kiss. The first soft light kiss on each other’s mouths turns into a full-blown, passionate embrace, where our tongues are entwining with each other’s. Our breathing starts getting a little quicker.

We pull away from each other, both of us smiling. My hand reaches up to caress her hair and side of her face in an affectionate way. She looks at me, and allows her hands to wander as well, first across my back, then reaching round to the front, where she runs her hand firmly over my shirt and torso. She sighs her approval, allowing her smile to turn into a grin. Continuing to be as stiff as a metal rod, I want to grab and fondle her breasts. However if I do, we will have full-blown hot sex in the car, possibly in full view of everyone in the airport car park. I can see that Annalise wouldn’t mind that right now, but I want to wait until we get to the hotel. So I start the car, pull out and drive in the direction of the hotel.

Annalise asks a few questions about my trip, but as I start to answer, I lose the capability to answer. Annalise rests her black-painted, finger-nailed hand on my thigh. She starts to slide it up and down my leg. This type of physical contact always leaves me speechless especially when I haven’t wanked for 2 weeks (I always like to build myself up as Annalise has a thing for big loads).

‘So, did you have any traffic problems here?’ she asks neutrally, clearly enjoying my reaction.

I try to answer, to be polite, to say anything to distract myself from what she is doing to me as I try to ankara escort concentrate on keeping the car on the road. Her hand continues to glide up and down my thigh, moving closer and closer towards my crutch. I glance across and see that she has real intent and purpose written across her face. The wicked smile, the biting of the lower lip, the look that tells me she will take this to the next level.

She tries again ‘What did you do last night?’ she asks.

‘You know I can’t talk properly when you’re doing that’ I reply.

‘I know. That’s why I do it. I get a kick out of doing it. Keep your concentration.’

I start to protest that she’s asking for miracles, but Annalise takes things a little further by continuing to unzip my trousers. She pushes her hand in and pulls out my 7-inch erect penis while I am still driving. My breathing becomes heavier, and concentrating on the road only seems to be getting harder. I am in a real quandary over this type of physical torment. It is both dangerous and thrilling. Obviously I know it would be wise to tell her to stop, in case I crash. But of course the feeling is just out of this world (added on to the fact I haven’t had her delicious wet cunt lips wrapped around my cock for 2 weeks).

I can also sense Annalise is a little afraid, so again she tells me, in her most authoritative voice, ‘keep your concentration on the road, or I will stop’. I really don’t want her to stop so I try and calm down, take some deep breaths. I distract my thoughts by looking at the countryside and the passing cars. But the thought of someone being able to see what my nymphomaniac girlfriend is doing would be enough to send any sane man crazy.

My concentration becomes more difficult to maintain as Annalise gently starts to stroke the shaft of my penis up and down with her hand. I am just about able to handle this but my moans are still loud enough for anyone around to notice my mind isn’t quite fully on the road. I just hope I am not swinging the car too much over the dual carriageway. Once or twice she spits into her hand and wraps it around the head of my cock. I am just about able to handle the up-and-down jerking motion, but now she begins to add twisting to the awesome hand job I am receiving. The saliva added to the twisting tugging motion is truly sensational and I can feel my juices start to boil from within. I sigh and lean my head back against the headrest, just as my Sat-nav tells me to turn left off the dual carriageway. I snap my attention back, but Annalise notices me taking my eyes off the road.

Annalise reminds me again to keep my concentration.

‘Ok’ I stammer, not expecting this experience to get any worse or better (depending on the way you look at it) than it already is.

But things were clearly just beginning.

My girlfriend releases her seatbelt and allows it slide to its original resting place. She leans across and kisses my ear lobe, sucking on it temporarily, as she continues to massage my hardness. Annalise then moves enough for me to see her give me a look out of the corner of her eye. And I am left in no doubt as to what she plans to do next.

As I continue to drive at 50mph, Annalise leans over my lap. She moves her head across to rest just above my stiff dick. Taking me completely by surprise, she licks the head of my knob. I feel the wetness, savouring the moist feeling she gives from that one lick. It is incredible how I am able to hold my concentration (let alone my load) as I turn off the main road and start to drive up towards the hotel. After licking the head of my rod a little longer, Annalise wraps her delicious mouth around it, and all I can see is her head moving up and down very slowly with my cock inside her succulent mouth. Her soft hand rests at the base, gently massaging my enlarged balls. Every now and then Annalise lifts her head to see my expression (one of intense frustration that I am driving and exhilaration at the dirtiness of the situation) before proceeding to go down again. Each time she does this, her pace and intensity of the blowjob increases as we near our destination.

We eventually arrive at the Hotel, which couldn’t have come sooner for me. Once I stop the car, my filthy girlfriend lifts her head from engorging on my still rock hard dick. I notice a trace of precum dribbling out of her lipstick-smeared lips. That sight makes me want to fuck her harder than ever. Annalise looks like a porn star. She has this naughty look on her face, and she watches my astonished expression with amusement and satisfaction. She licks her lips slowly, savouring the taste of my juices.

‘How are you feeling?’ I ask

‘You want to know how I’m feeling?’ She replies. ‘This should give you some idea.’ Annalise reaches up her short skirt and slowly slides her index finger into her vagina. She withdraws it, showing coats of her thick white juice all over her finger. She wipes some on my face, before slipping that finger into my mouth. I savour the taste. I can smell her endearing and intoxicating scent. I suck her finger clean and she moans with pure lust as she replaces her finger with her mouth, passionately kissing and çukurambar escort sucking hard on my tongue while touching her clitoris with her other hand. Determined to finish this in the hotel, I push her away, and tell her to get her stuff out of the boot.

We rush into the hotel. Annalise keeps pawing at my arse, pinching it, playfully slapping it and generally feeling it up. She is completely sexed up and can’t take her hands off me. There are lots of forms to fill in at the hotel, and we are in such a hurry to get to our room, my signature is clearly rushed. The hotel assistant acknowledges our frustration, and quickly gives us our room key. As we move away from reception, we wonder if we were a little too obvious with our touchy feeliness. We rush to our room, which includes an amazing 4-poster king-sized bed with beautiful views outside the window. Neither of us are interested in the view outside though, only with the view inside.

Annalise wants to continue exactly where we halted proceedings in the car. She drags me to the king-sized bed and pushes me down onto it. She instantly pulls my still stiff instrument out of my unzipped pants and continues to go down on me. While sucking me off, she pulls off her top and unhitches her bra. She is wearing an awesome black lacy bra which I only have seconds to admire. Off it comes and my hands instantly move towards her mountains of pure pleasure. It is my turn to paw and grab those wonderful pillows of joy. I stick my fingers inside her mouth. She sucks on them, staring at me seductively as she does so. She removes them and continues to suck on my tool. This allows me to touch her nipples with my wet fingers. Moving them in slow, clockwise and counter-clockwise motions drives her even more wild. I want to reciprocate further now as I feel all the attention so far has been on me. So I lift up her skirt and find myself staring up into her Brazilian-shaved vagina.

‘You never told me you came over here commando’ I stutter, storing the glorious image of Annalise travelling on the plane without any knickers on. Annalise just smiles at me and continues to suck on the head of my shaft. I feel myself getting close to the precipice so I take my knob from her moist lips and turn her over on the bed, with her head resting on a pillow.

Annalise is reluctant to do this at first. She has always had an insatiable appetite for licking the juices from my stiffness. But eventually she recoils so that she is lying face down on the bed. I spread her smooth, tanned legs wide and push her short skirt up, exposing her pussy. I can smell her alluring fragrance and it just fills me with a carnal desire to give her oral pleasure. But I want to tease her before going straight into her drenched snatch.

I wish to worship her body, so I start to kiss her ankle. I lick and suck the skin of her delicately smoothed leg. I gently kiss and work my way up, as Annalise grows more and more impatient. She begs me to move quicker, but I don’t listen to her.

‘I had to be patient while you were sucking me off in the car’ I argue

Her legs grow restless and I can start to feel them quiver. Annalise pushes a hand towards her soaking cunt, desperate to relieve her pussy. I push her hands away and put them to the side. A moan of frustration escapes her lips but she allows my teasing to continue. Instead she licks her own fingers and places them on her rock hard nipples, rubbing them and plunging her head deeper into the pillow as she enjoys the sensation. I continue to work my way up to the underside of her knee, and the closer I get to this erogenous zone, the wilder her thrashing legs become. I have to hold her left pin steady as I start to kiss, lick and suck underneath her knee. Annalise’s moans become more intense, and her body continues to shake. As I move further on up, I start to kiss her bare thigh as I approach her cherry. Annalise spreads her legs wider in ultimate anticipation for what she has been craving for. However I withdraw, moving my mouth to concentrate on the other leg, wanting to give it exactly the same attention as the left leg. Annalise screams in frustration. I can’t stand much more of this either, the need to fuck her is overwhelming. So I am quick to kiss up to and underneath her knee, and onto her thighs, savouring the touch of her smooth silky skin. Again, as I approach her now saturated snatch, I slow my approach. The juices are now oozing out of her delicious and enticing vagina. I move tantalisingly over the top of her clit, and stick my tongue out of my mouth.

Annalise moves her head to one side so she can see me hovering tormentingly over her labia. Her face is one of yearning and lust for this torture to end, to give her rosebud the attention it has been craving for. All I do to start with is lick her clitoris gently but firmly.

That’s all it takes for Annalise to shiver and shake as her body is totally overcome by the orgasm that engulfs her body. I am shocked that Annalise is as turned on as that, and it shows.

‘Christ you really are a horny little minx’ I say

‘What do you expect?’ she manages to say, ‘I haven’t had dikmen escort sex for 2 weeks. I’ve been craving this since I last saw you’.

It only makes me want her even more. I let her relax a little first, before diving back into her pussy. This time I go to town with my licking, kissing and sucking of her almond. I move my tongue up and down her drenched pussy, always dipping it between her cunt flaps. The higher part of my nose presses into her anus, and this drives Annalise on. So I press harder, and lick her hole with more vigour and determination. This inevitably brings her to her second orgasm, and I allow her thighs to clamp around my face as I stick my tongue as deep into her delicious tasting pussy as I can.

I finally pull away, and as Annalise has no energy left from her most recent orgasm, I allow her to lie there in a dishevelled heap (something which never ceases to turn me on, the effect sex can have on her). I replace my head with my cock, still rigid from earlier. I gently position myself behind her exhausted body and insert my pole inside her labia, and push, savouring the wet and incredibly tight feeling within. Our breathing intensifies as I heave my bell-end further in. I start to gather pace until I am all the way in. Suddenly I find myself fucking her tight honey-pot hard from behind, in the flying doggy-style position. Annalise screams her delight at each and every thrust I ram her with, and it isn’t long before another orgasm builds up within Annalise. Her body spasms as she is pushed over the edge by my propulsions. She turns to face me and utters some words I did not expect.

‘Get the lube from my handbag’ she says seductively, still exhausted from the 3 orgasms she has just experienced.

I rush over to her bag and remove the lube as Annalise continues, ‘I’ve been thinking about you fucking my ass for the last two weeks, a little present to you for building your load up for me’.

Clearly having done her research, Annalise turns over and pulls her legs up towards her face while still lying on the bed. She spreads her buttocks wide, exposing her pussy and cherry. She sees the thick white juices running over her cunt and smears them over her arse hole. As she does this, she looks at me, biting her lower lip, captivating me, knowing it is almost enough to push me over the edge. She is clearly desperate to have her back passage pummelled.

I open the lube and squeeze some over my penis. Annalise then squeezes the lube over her derriere. I sense that we are both feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I get onto the bed in the missionary position. I am still rock hard, and I can tell that the orgasms my nympho girlfriend experienced 5 minutes ago has not satisfied her voracious appetite. I move my index finger towards her anus and very gently push it in. With her juices and lube mixed together, it slides through her tunnel easily, right up to the knuckle. I start to finger fuck her anal hole slowly, building up a rhythm. She again pushes her own index and middle fingers into my mouth allowing me to lick them. She then slides them into her still soaking wet cunt. She is being finger fucked up both passages, acting like the utterly filthy porn star that she is.

‘Time for the real thing.’ She says. ‘Give it to me babe, take my anal cherry’ she begs. I don’t need telling twice.

I move forward a little so that my cock rests on top of Annalise’s back passage. I notice that the size of her tiny ass hole and my swollen 7-inch cock, and it appears physically impossible for my penis to slide up at all. But Annalise takes control, gripping my phallus in her right hand and guiding it towards her bottom, concentrating hard to ensure it is in the correct position. I watch, mesmerised as I gently attempt to push myself into her arsehole.

Amazingly, like a vacuum, Annalise’s ass sucks my cock right up. ‘Oh my god’ she whispers, as recognition dawns on her face of the naughtiness of my penis being up her tunnel. We are partaking in the forbidden love. I am taking her anal virginity. I can’t believe how inconceivably narrow and tight it is. It feels incredible, as I watch it slide it up her butt hole. I can hear the lusciously squelchy sounds created by the lube. I push it further up, and it slides up there, and boy I still can’t believe how tight it is. I have only got half my dick inside, but Annalise relishes each and every push.

Annalise continues to massage the opening in her vagina, her eyes widening consistently. She moves her fingers back inside her saturated cunt and continues to finger fuck herself, and I can feel her finger pressing against the walls of her pussy against my knob. I have never felt such an experience. She starts to caress my cock through her quim walls, massaging it through her twat. This is definitely the dirtiest and filthiest I have ever felt. I feel her remove her fingers from her snatch and place both arms on my butt. She pulls my behind towards her, wanting me to fuck her deeper. I push harder as a result, and Annalise grunts her approval. 4 inches has gone up her spout now, and Annalise still wants more. She reaches up to my bare back where her nails start to scratch me in pure lust and desire. I start to withdraw and push back in again, fucking her ass gently. This soft fucking motion, added to her black-coated nails scratching my back, sends Annalise over the edge for the fourth time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32