Anger Management Blues Ch. 02

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Alessa Savage

This one has been edited since it was originally posted. I received feedback about errors and mistakes so I revised it. I am more than halfway through next chapter and I am having My Neighbor’s Keeper Ch. 1 re-edited at this time. (Taking a while because my editor is butchering it) Hoping to have both out in the next week or two. Thank you all for feedback and suggestions. I have two or three other stories started as well but I am going to wait until these two get further along before posting them. I have not forgotten about Heat Wave Love either. It is just hard to write about a heat wave when it is below zero outside.


The next morning Oscar woke up expecting the previous day’s antics to be a dream or maybe a delusion. After all, he was in a mental health facility, the locals could have been rubbing off on him. He had an after taste of the Montecristo that made him think at least part of it had not been a dream. When Oscar took his morning piss he could see and feel bits of dried red lip gloss on his shaft. That was the bit that sold him on the fact he had not been dreaming.

Oscar did his best to wash up and change his clothes. The last thing he needed was someone like Judy figuring out what had happened. In all likelihood, he was expecting his duration here in the facility to be extended. Punching his neighbor was what got him locked up here. He couldn’t imagine they would be forgiving to detaining and kicking an orderly’s ass. Oscar was protecting someone but that didn’t mean shit if the hospital looked at him unfairly like the courts had done.

As he finished getting dressed and putting away his dirty laundry, a light tapping came at his door.

“Hello,” Oscar told the person at the door.

For the second time in one morning, Oscar was surprised that he wasn’t dreaming. Judy entered the room followed by a woman in a business suit, and also one of the doctors.

“Good morning Oscar,” Judy said abnormally cheerful compared to most mornings. “Lori from the office and Doctor Stein would like a word with you this morning.”

“Uh oh,” Oscar replied sitting on the foot of his bed. “What did I do now?”

His mind was racing with dread. Did they know about last night, was Danny going to press charges, or was it something else he did? All Oscar could think about was how fucked he expected to be. Since his wife died, nothing seemed to be going right for him.

Lori spoke up and Judy waved goodbye as she snuck back out the door.

“Actually Oscar, this is not bad news for you. It is more about bad news for us.” Lori said.

She took a seat at the chair near the bed facing Oscar. The doctor just stood next to her with his arms crossed grinning ear to ear. It was about the fakest smile Oscar had ever seen.

Lori continued, “After yesterday’s events the hospital itself had a bit of an issue. Someone involved leaked what happened to the press and we kinda made headlines on all the local news stations and papers.”

“That sucks Lori but I am not sure what that has to do with me,” Oscar replied a bit confused.

“Well, the board of directors is a bit nervous. Your name and detailed description of what happened was described with all the news. Your niece and your lawyer called the hospital very angry this morning.”

“I bet,” Oscar said thinking about how feisty his niece Natalie could get. She was more upset then he was about his sentence here. Gary his lawyer and also second cousin was probably just laughing his ass off.

“It was decided that we need to make a public statement and hold a small press conference. The town has never been a huge fan of this facility and yesterday events did not help. The board of directors is very worried because we are building an addition next year and the permits have not been finished yet,” Lori explained.

“Okay but I still don’t get what this all has to do with me,” Oscar asked not seeing the whole picture.

Doctor Stein put his hand on Lori’s shoulder and spoke up.

“Well Oscar,” he said. “We would like you to make a small statement about what happened with hopes of us looking good to the press.”

Oscar just nodded now beginning to understand.

“If you can do that we would be willing to speak to the court on your behalf and see we can get you home by the weekend.” Doctor Stein said then grinned again with his big fake smile.

And there is the twist Oscar thought as he listened to Stein finish his thoughts. He was going to need to talk to Gary before agreeing to anything but if they can deliver his freedom early he was in. This was totally a surprise that he was not expecting. There had been a lot of talk about the new wing of the hospital. Oscar had no idea that it was not fully approved yet. He knew that was really the only reason this offer was being made. This place was not well liked by the locals and any bad press might keep them from getting funded.

“If you let me discuss this over with my lawyer and you get it in writing that you’re willing talk to the court. I have no problem saying whatever you need as long as you don’t Ankara bayan escort want me to take the blame,” Oscar said extending his hand to each of them.

They all shook hands and Oscar saw the relief on both their face immediately.

“Consider it done,” Lisa said as she and Stein headed to the door. “Actually your lawyer already heard from us before we came to talk to you. He will be here later this morning. We only talked to you now because he said he didn’t feel we should wait to talk to you.”

“Yeah, Gary knows how eager to go home I am,” Oscar said watching them go.

Seconds, after they left and Judy returned and handed Oscar a wireless phone. He was looked at it confused for a second.

“Your niece has called a dozen times this morning,” Judy said patting Oscar on the shoulder. ” She told me if I didn’t get you on the phone before breakfast she was going to drive down here herself and hell was coming with her.”

Oscar roared with laughter and began dialing Natale’s number.

“She would have done it too. That girl has had a temper like that since she was big enough to walk.”

Judy giggled and replied, “When you’re done just return the phone to the nurses’ station.”

The phone barely rang before Natalie picked up the on the line.

“Unc, you okay?” Natalie spit out quickly.

“Nat, I am fine. No need to worry,” Oscar reassured her.

“You made the news last night and the paper this morning,” She told him. “I called last night but they said you were already in bed but you were ok. I didn’t believe them because…… Well, everything else about your time there has been a shit show. I just assumed this was too.”

“Naw, this was just an orderly trying to take advantage of a nurse and I just stepped in. Honestly, I didn’t even get hit but boy did I lay him out.”

“Knight in shining armor, huh?” Natalie responded playfully.

“Maybe but I expected it to keep me here longer since hitting someone is what landed me here, to begin with.”

“Yeah, but hitting someone to protect someone is a bit different than blowing your top and breaking someone’s nose.”

“Sure but don’t tell me that little shit Tony didn’t have it coming,” Oscar growled.

“He did Unc, but he had witnesses and you were on his property.”

“I know…,” Oscar said trailing off. “Oh yeah, Doctors are going to talk to judges and see about me getting out early.”

“That’s awesome!” Natalie burst out. “How soon?”

“Doctor said if they can convince the judge, then by the weekend I could be home. I won’t hold my breath but any time trimmed off would be amazing. Gary is coming by today to iron it all out.”

“I am so excited.” Natalie chimed and Oscar could hear the little girl he remembered fondly in her voice.

“Anyways Nat, I got to go get some grub before it is all gone,” Oscar said.

“Go eat. We’ll talk soon. Or rather see you soon,” Nat said and the line went dead.

The rest of Oscar’s morning went rather quickly. He ate breakfast and played a bit of chess. Gary showed up and went over the details from the hospital. It looked like the hospital was going to pull it off. It might not be this weekend but Oscar was going to be going home within two weeks.

In the end, Oscar didn’t really have to speak at a press conference. He just had to stand there and smile. What he learned later was that one news outlet reported he had been injured by an orderly. While this was not true, the hospital really just need him to stand there so they could spin the bad press. It worked too because by the following morning he found out that the judge agreed with the doctors and his anger management had been a success. He would be going home in four days.

Those four days were very uneventful. Oscar basically napped, played chess, and relaxed. The biggest thing that happened was the night before he got released. Judy showed before her shift ended and gave him a cigar. She explained to him that someone had swiped the one she confiscated and she felt obligated to return it. Oscar kept his mouth shut that he knew where that cigar went. He did not want to explain that to her.

Oscar did ask Judy where Daphne had gone. Since that night with the cigar, she had vanished. Judy had said the hospital put her on paid leave but she would be back in a week or two.

He was glad she was ok but was sad to hear that he wouldn’t be able to say goodbye. The thought crossed his mind he could come back to say goodbye but that might be kinda creepy. While she flirted and gave him an amazing blowjob, he didn’t want to make it awkward.

The day of Oscar’s freedom was an exciting one. Natalie picked him up and she had planned a cookout at his house since he had missed most of the summer already. Summer cookouts at Oscars were a thing of legend. Most of the neighborhood was usually invited and this time there was even something to celebrate. Oscar always told Nat and her brother Tom that nothing was better than a man and his grill. It seemed Natalie had never forgotten those words.

When they arrived at Escort bayan Ankara the house close to fifty people were there to congratulate him on his freedom. Not all stayed for food so Oscar made his rounds thanking everyone who came. Except for Natalie and Gary he hadn’t seen any of his other friends or neighbors since getting sent away. Tom, his nephew had just moved away with his new wife before Oscar’s arrest. Tom had called a few times while he was in Winterport and he expected a call later tonight.

After all the chatting was over Oscar took his rightful place behind the grill. He flipped patties, hot dogs, and several other types of meat people brought. In the middle of burger flips, Gary approached with his lawyer look in his eyes. Oscar had seen it enough to spot it miles away.

“Gary, I have been home less than an hour. Don’t ruin it for me yet,” he warned Gary as Gary got closer.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Oscar,” he said with his hands up like he was being caught with his hands in the cookie jar. “I just wanted to make sure you knew that the restraining order from Mr. Porter is still valid. So no going across the street.”

“I appreciate that Gary but I have no intention of engaging with that little twerp again,” Oscar said as he grilled.

“Good,” Gary said letting his lawyer act drop. “Now to more important questions.”

“Shoot,” Oscar replied.

“Who is that hot little redhead talking to Nat?” Gary asked pointing across the yard.

Oscar was surprised to see it was Daphne over by the gate drinking a beer and chatting with Natalie. They were giggling and looked like a couple of old friends. It took him back. He was glad to see her but it was just unexpected. After a brief pause, Oscar replied to Gary.

“That’s Daphne, the nurse who was being harassed,” Oscar said as he felt his mouth going dry.

“Oh, so I might have an in?” he replied elbowing Oscar. “Think you could introduce me?”

“No…” Oscar said ringing an old fashioned chow bell mounted to the porch that he and Gary were standing on. “Grubs ready!” he then cried.

“Come on Oscar?” Gary pleaded.

“I don’t think you’re her type,” Oscar said while putting a tray of meat on the table.

“Oh, so she goes the other way,” Gary said smirking.

“No, I have it on quite good authority that is not the case,” Oscar told him and walked away before he could anymore prying questions. Gary gave him an odd look as Oscar moved away from him.

People ate and within an hour or two began to disappear. Soon there were only four or five people left. It was good people were not lingering, Oscar thought as he looked around to the dwindling guests. He padded the cigar in his pocket that Judy had given him. Once everyone was gone he would pour a glass of bourbon and enjoy the last of the summer air with his cigar.

“Feel good?” Nat asked as she passed him picking up some of the guest’s mess.

“Wha?” Oscar said startled from daydreaming.

“Does it feel good to be home?” she asked again.

“Words can’t even describe, sweetie,” he said helping her clean.

“I hope you don’t mind but I invited that woman you helped out, Daphne,” she told Oscar.

“Not at all,” Oscar said looking around to see if the red-headed bombshell was gone. “Did she leave already? She never came over to say hi.”

That sucks pondered Oscar. He hadn’t stopped thinking about her since that night and he was worried about going by the hospital to say goodbye. Daphne was right here in his yard and what did she do but keep her distance. Oscar figured it was her probably regretting their night charade.

“Actually Unc, she is in the kitchen helping with the dishes,” Nat explained to him. “I think she felt a bit out of place not knowing anyone here. She seems really nice. We chatted for a while before the food was ready.”

“Oh!” Stammered Oscar realizing he might be overthinking things.,

“I think she might have a bit of a crush on you Unc,” Nat teased him.

“Really?” Oscar retorted trying to sound modest. “She is a bit young for me.”

Natalie took the trash from Oscar’s hands and pushed him towards the house.

“Age is just a number, Unc. Live a little for once. Aunt Wanda would be pissed that you were not out there enjoying life. Go talk to Daphne. I saw the way she looked at you grilling and I can hear that crap fake modesty shit in your voice. Go flirt, have fun,” Natalie lectured him. “Who knows, maybe you might get lucky.”

Oscar gave his niece a hug and then made his way into the house. Everything inside was just the way he left it. It even looked like Natalie had dusted while he had been away.

He could hear the water running in the kitchen and someone scrubbing away. Daphne stood back to him and was humming a tune as she washed. Oscar paused watching as she bobbed her head and swayed her hips. She was wearing a navy blue sundress that danced with every movement along with her hair pulled into a ponytail. Flashbacks of Wanda doing this very thing circled in his head. It felt almost like Wanda had never gone. Bayan escort Ankara

For the first time in many years, Oscar was speechless and nervous like he hadn’t been since high school. He had faced down criminals, fought battles but yet this woman made him have butterflies in his stomach.

“Hey, tall dark and handsome,” Daphne said without looking behind her. “You’re not trying to sneak up on me are you?”

“Uh, nooo…,” Oscar muttered as tried to stop staring. “Just enjoying the view.”

“I bet you are,” she teased back. “Your lawyer Gary certainly like what he saw.”

“So you met Gary,” he replied as he began to put away dishes.

“Yes,” she said putting her hand on Oscar’s shoulder. “He told me the weirdest thing.”

“What was that?” Oscar said tensing up in fear. If Gary fucked this up he was going to deck him.

“He said that you told him that he was not my type,” she said grinning at Oscar.

“I did say something like that,” he said bashfully.

“I bet you did,” Daphne said pulling the dish out of Oscar’s hand putting it down. “Do you know what I told him?”

“You would go out with him next week?” Oscar said jokingly.

“No silly,” she said fighting a chuckle. She walked her fingers up his chest to his chin. Each little poke sent electric charges down his back right into his toes. “I told him you were very well aware of what type of man I fancied. That made him walk away very disappointed.”

Oscar forced back a choke. He gulped then responded. “That’s good to hear. When you didn’t come over and say hello, I was worried that you might be avoiding me.”

“I was avoiding you, darling. I was worried I might take you right there in the yard for all to see,” she stated then kissed Oscar gently on the lips.

Oscar felt his body acting on its own. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a deeper more passionate kiss. Daphne melted into his embrace.

It was a few dozen heartbeats before they parted lips. Oscar was out of breath but managed to speak.

“I have not been able to stop thinking about you since that night. I was worried if I said anything it might be creepy.”

“Not at all. After I snuck you back to your room, I knew I need to see you again. I told you I liked older men and I wasn’t kidding. After sucking you off, I was concerned if I saw you at work again I might not keep my hands to myself,” Daphne told Oscar as she rested her head on his chest.

Oscar leaned down and kissed her again but this time it was more tender than passionate. Unfortunately, this time it was also not long before they were interrupted.

“Ahem,” chimed Natalie from the other room.

Both Daphne and Oscar looked like teenagers caught by mom. They let go of each other and quickly started to flatten out the wrinkles in their attire.

“Oh stop,” Natalie balked them. “I encouraged both of you. Nothing to hide from me. I saw this a mile away.”

Oscar started to speak and Natalie held up her hand to stop him.

“You’re two grown adults and I don’t care. I just wanted you to know the yard is cleaned up and everyone has gone home,” she stated. “I am outta here.” Then began for the door.

When they heard the door close behind her, they each looked at each other. Oscar raised an eyebrow questioningly at Daphne and she read his mind instantly.

“When I was talking to outside to her, I may have commented on how handsome you are…. And maybe that you were hot but I wasn’t sure you liked women that much younger….” she said raising her voice like a scolded child. “She told me age is just a number.”

With a belly laugh that echoed throughout the house, Oscar pulled Daphne against him. He gave her a peck on the head then said, “She said the same to me.”

Daphne kissed him again with a new found fury. Her tongue intertwined with his. Oscar was surprised when she squeezed his ass. He was not used woman being so aggressive.

“So it looks like we are alone now,” she said as her hand began to stroke his hardening cock. “Which way is the bedroom, big boy?”

“Upstairs and last door at the end of the hall. I am right behind you. Just want to make sure we are alone and lock up now that everyone should be gone.”

“Just don’t leave me waiting too long,” she replied winking at him.

Oscar pulled close the curtains and locked the back door. He listened to the pumps Daphne was wearing click-clack on the hardwood floors as she made her way to the stairs. She blew a kiss at him from the first step as she caught him watching her. Her hand lifted the side of her dress showing one bare ass cheek with no panties on.

“Oh damn,” Oscar sighed as he checked the front door. He hoped his old heart could take this much fun.

He limped after Daphne having misplaced his cane somewhere in the excitement of being home. Her giggles from the bedroom rang as he made his way to her. The room looked exactly he had left it except one new addition. Daphne was now naked except for a pair of blue heels that had matched her missing dress. She lay on side resting her head on one hand propped up. Oscar could do nothing but take in the magnificent sight before him. He couldn’t even remember the last time a naked woman had been in this room. It would have obviously been Wanda but that seemed like a lifetime ago.

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