Angelic Salvation

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This story was originally written to be a sequel to “A Ghost of a Chance”, but as I wrote it, I created it in a way that it should stand alone just fine. As with most of my stories, we have a couple disclaimers. The first is that my this is not a piece of porn, its an erotic short story, emphasis on the word “story”. You want quick porn, seek elsewhere. Second disclaimer is that this has elements of fantasy in it, its my style and my passion. Should these things be something you’re interested in, have fun and enjoy! I certainly loved writing it, I hope you love reading it!

Molly ran nervous fingers through her wispy blond hair, glancing over her shoulder as the feeling of being watched intensified. This had to stop. She’d asked her boss numerous times not to keep her until after the busses stopped running, but out of some vindictive cruelty he’d continued to schedule her until midnight every weeknight. Never mind that she had a two year old and an eight year old at home, waiting for her. If she didn’t need the money, she’d have told Rick to shove his midnights up his ass and walked away. But as it was, she could barely afford childcare.

A shadow passed overhead, causing Molly to glance up towards the roof of the building. Nope, nothing there, but she could have sworn something was following her from rooftop to rooftop. Please, Molly! Use your logic girl; if some one was following you I’m sure they’d be doing it from the ground and not atop the rooftops like some damned vampires. I need to lay off those books, bad Anne Rice, bad! She thought softly, adjusting her coat and picking up the pace. She was only four blocks from her home, she could make it quickly if she stopped dawdling with her thoughts.

The misting had just turned into a steady drizzle when something caught Molly’s attention. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a shadow, some figment of reality that had flashed then disappeared a blink of an eye. Her heart began to hammer against her chest. Some one was out here with her. She clutched her little purse in a white knuckled grip, fighting the urge to run. There was a lighted intersection just half a block up, if only she could make it.

That, however, didn’t seem to be in the cards for Miss Molly. As she neared the intersection, something hit her full force from behind, sending her sprawling out upon the wet pavement.

She screamed, only to have the sound cut short by a bony hand clasping brutally over her mouth. Molly struggled, but to no avail, the man was much stronger then she was, there was just no way could she get free of his utterly unbreakable grip. Fear took over, and she began to squirm and breathe heavily as the steady weight of her captor pinned her to the ground.

Baby blue eyes gazed into the gaunt face of the man who held Molly down, his dull muddy brown eyes locked on her tear streaked cheeks. “Hello, mamma.” He hissed, his fetid breath bringing a fresh bought of tears and a whole new round of struggles. He only laughed.

Not again, not again! I can’t be raped again, I’d rather he kill me! Molly thought frantically as the man grinned, showing a set of jagged and broken teeth. He barely looked human, he was so grotesque, so utterly frightening.

“Aren’t you just a tasty little morsel?” he hissed, coming in closer to her face, using one knee to force her legs apart, one gnarled hand moving to push her skirt up her thigh. Molly bit down on the bony hand covering her mouth, tasting blood and drawing a curse from her tormentor. “Bitch!”

“I’d get off the lady, if I were you.” A soft clear voice sounded behind the struggling couple. The man atop her turned his head, his lank greasy hair falling into her eyes and making her want to gag all over again.

“Mind your own damned business.” He growled, his voice a series of rough gravely sounds meshed together into something resembling a human voice. “This ones mine!”

Molly still couldn’t see the man who tried to come to her rescue, but she couldn’t wait to lay eyes on someone brave enough to do what he was doing. She tried to calm herself, if she was quiet, if she was still, he’d forget about her a moment and at the right second he’d distract the asshole for her savior.

“Hardly.” Came the droll reply, “She’d probably rather shoot herself then have your filthy hands on her. Now, I ask you once more. Get off the lady, or we’ll have to see which one of us is really the better man, hrm?” Molly couldn’t believe it! That low, sensual voice sounded… yes, it sounded amused!

“I’ve killed so many of your kind; one more shouldn’t pose much of a problem.” Now, that confused Molly. What kind? Who? What? Huh? Well, she’d see soon enough, and she really didn’t care what kind of anything her savior was, so long as he got her out of this predicament.

“Heh, I’m going to look forward to proving you wrong.” That voice, he sounded like some supremely masculine angel. Molly’s heart quickened in spite herself, please, let him save her, she dared to almanbahis yeni giriş hope. There was a moment of silence, and then it was as if the very wind about them clapped and there was a flurry of leather on flesh. She felt a pressure on her body, and then suddenly the man atop her was ripped from his perch, leaving long fingernail marks along her inner thigh.

Molly scrambled back immediately, drawing in her frightened panted breaths. She turned, looking for the two men who fought over her, fought over her safety, and what she saw stunned her into stillness when she really should be standing and running towards her home.

The man who’d tackled her stood, hunched over as if he couldn’t quite get his back to behave properly. His hands were out in front of him, long bony fingers tapering off into a set of wicked looking claws, one simply couldn’t call them fingernails. His long hair was grayish brown and matted to a skull which appeared sunken and dead. But it wasn’t her captor that stole her breath away, it was her savior.

Long blonde hair bleached platinum by the moonlight hung about his broad shoulders, his incredibly sensual mouth was pulled into a perpetual smile, even as the wicked man struck out at him with his claws and again and again. Her savior sidestepped so quickly her eyes could barely follow him, his ankle-length white leather trench coat swirling in a very al-la-Matrix manner. Green eyes flashed with fury as her savior raised one hand to pull something from his back, and with the sweet swishing sound that comes with drawing a blade he danced away from his opponent flashing steel.

“You will no longer feed off the innocent.” Came the soft words, and for a moment Molly thought his eyes appeared sad, distraught and yet full of certainty. She held her breath, what would come next… she had a feeling she’d never forget what she saw tonight, as if the very image of this white clad man would be burned into her brain for the rest of her life.

He leapt so suddenly, his opponent gasped and tried to sidestep, almost as quickly as her savior had moved before, but not quick enough. Never quick enough. The blade arched downward in an avenging flash of silver. Molly wanted to cover her eyes, to turn away from the gruesome sight, and yet she couldn’t force herself to. She watched as her savior sliced the man from shoulder to hip, and all without a sound. She saw the man begin to separate, each half of his body slipping away from the other with a sickeningly wet sound, and then at the last moment he burst into a puff of dark mist, fluttering almost peacefully to the cold wet pavement.

With a sigh, her savior drew out a cloth from inside his coat, wiping his blade clean as he turned to her and re-sheathed his sword. She realized, belatedly, that she should be afraid of this man who just saved her life, or at least her virtue but she couldn’t make herself afraid, she couldn’t summon up the energy it took to run from him, so instead she sat there on the cold pavement as he knelt down, taking one of her small shaking hands.

“Molly… Shhh…” he whispered, surprising her by the use of her name. “Look here, look at me.” He said, and she obeyed him without question, gazing into his incredible green eyes. Eyes that looked like new leaves in spring, so bright and vibrant.

“Who are you?” she whispered softly, her voice wavering with all that she’d seen, all that she’d just been through.

“My name is Tristan…” he replied softly, “but you can think of me as your guardian Angel.” He said, and then smiled. A real, knock your socks off make ya faint, heart fluttery smile.

There was a flash.

Molly blinked, glancing about her, then down at the hand holding hers. “Wha…?” she asked dumbly.

“You fell, Miss, you really shouldn’t be walking out this late all alone. Damn lucky I came by, now aren’t you?” he asked. Molly felt struck by how familiar the blond man all dressed in white was. Where did she know him from?

“Umm… Yea, my stupid boss keeps keeping me late. I think it’s because I turned him down for a date.” She sighed, and Tristan got to his feet, still holding her hand and helping her to stand as well.

“Well, maybe its time for a new job.” Tristan said, frowning. Molly was struck by how incongruent a frown looked on so handsome a face. She had the urge to touch his perfectly sculpted jaw, but she covered the urge by coughing into her traitorous hand.

“Maybe, but I have two kids, I have to do what I have to do.” She said softly, shrugging dainty shoulders.

“Well, let me at least walk you the rest of the way home, Ma’am.” Tristan said politely, offering her his arm. She smiled up at him, he was so tall compared to most people, a good bit over six feet, she thought to herself.

“Sure. I think I might have just escaped something awful tonight. I don’t think I should walk the rest of the way home alone, if you’re offering.” He nodded his head and started off in almanbahis giriş the direction she was headed before she ‘slipped’.

It took less then fifteen minutes for Tristan to walk his charge home, and when he left her at her doorway she waved to him and thanked him once more. He simply smiled, making a mental note to have a little ‘chat’ with her worthless ass of a boss.

He stayed and watched her through the window a moment, then smiled quietly thinking of his love, it’s time to go home. He thought softly, and with a leap he made his way to the top of Molly’s building, taking his favorite route home, enjoying all the beautiful lights that one can only appreciate at night.


Sam flipped through the channels, frowning as he paused on a Law and Order: SVU. “Damn, I’ve already seen that one.” He muttered under his breath. He sighed, tossing the remote onto the coffee table covered with various news paper clippings, most pertaining to Tristan, or something he’d done during what Sam liked to refer to as his ‘super hero outings’.

It’d been three months, well, just about three months since Halloween night. The night had changed almost everything about Sam’s life and turned him upside down and inside out. The night when his dead friend had returned to him and seduced him into undying never-ending love, yea, well, that’s what they say until the story ends and its time for regular life to begin again.

Normal Life? Not really, heh. Sam thought quietly to himself, gnawing on his lower lip as his eyes skittered to the wall clock. Eleven, Damnit!

Super Hero outings or not, Sam hated when Trist stayed out this late. He understood the job, well, as much as he could, but it just didn’t excuse Tristan from coming home for dinner, or just to spend some time with him.

There had been some drama surrounding his coming out to his parents. When he’d told his father he was gay, and he was seeing a man his father had nearly had a heart attack, and his mother had decided to cook dinner at one in the afternoon. It wasn’t horrible, though, after they got over their shock they’d done everything to support Sam that they could.

Obviously, his Tristan couldn’t come to his family dinners looking like his dead friend Tristan, so with one of those powers that he suddenly seemed to possess, Trist had changed his appearance but they had stayed with the name. All anyone could think was that it was one hell of a coincidence. Or maybe that he was transferring the love he had for his best friend onto this new gay partner of his. It was a lot for his family to take in, but he had to give them credit for trying.

There was one person in his life that seemed unable to accept this new change, some one Sam did think about often.


She’d been his girlfriend, high school sweetheart. And after Trist had died he’d come home to find her shagging with his brother. It’d broken his heart, and until Tristan’s return he’d thought he’d never get over the betrayal. Now… it all seemed so petty, she seemed so petty.

And yet, there was a loneliness that Sam just couldn’t shake. Tristan slept most of the early day, which left Sam to get up and work. By the time Sam got home he saw Tristan maybe two hours before he left for his nightly superhero work, and most nights Sam was in bed before Tristan came home because he had to get up and go to work early every morning.

This isn’t what he thought he was signing up for.

Then again, in all honesty he had no idea what he’d been signing up for at the time, all he’d cared about was having the love of his life back in his arms, back in his heart, in his life. And, well he did get that, but as the months progressed he realized it just wasn’t enough. He needed something more. He ached for Tristan.

But he didn’t think Tristan ached for him. Not any more. Not now that he had something important in his new unlife. What did he need Sam for anyhow?

With a soft sigh, Sam wiped away a tear that threatened to fall and spoil his whole evening. “Fuck this,” he said out loud, getting to his feet. “I’m going out.” He growled, grabbing the cordless and dialing his friend Josh.

“Yea, Josh… It’s me Sam.” He paused, waiting for a reaction.

“Hey Sam, how you doing?” Josh replied over the phone, Sam had the sudden feeling he should hang up, but he didn’t.

“Hey… It’s Friday, and I know how you always have something planned on Fridays. So… tell me you have room for one more, eh?”

“Only one more?” came Josh’s reply, friendly jesting touching his voice, “What about your boyfriend?” Sam could hear him smirking over the phone, and he had the urge to slap the smirk right off his friends face. Sometimes he wished he hadn’t come out to all his friends, but he didn’t feel it would have been fair to Tristan to hide their relationship. Unfortunately, it did cause problems.

It didn’t help that Josh was Carolyn’s big brother.

“Yea, almanbahis güvenilirmi just me tonight, Tristan’s off doing work.” Sam tried to sound chipper. He failed.

“Heh, riiight.” Josh said he wasn’t buying that reply, despite the fact that it was indeed the truth. “Uh huh, sure, we can always have another over. We’re just chillin’ over at my house, have some beers and some movies. We were gonna watch Underworld on bootlegged DVD and laugh at all the stupid parts. So, basically laugh at the entire movie.”

“Cool, we’ll I’ll be over shortly. I need to get out of this house, all I do is work eat and sleep, I’m beginning to hate this apartment.” Sam snorted. Josh was quiet a moment.

“Hey Sam?” he said, a moment before Sam was about to hang up.


“If you need some one to put the fear of god into that man… just let me know. I may not quite understand how you turned gay after my sister, but you’re still my friend, ya know?”

Sam had to smile; it was the closest to brotherly love he’d experienced since his real brother had fucked him, and Carolyn, over. “Thanks, Josh. I got it under control, though.”

“Just sayin’ is all.” He said, “Anyhow, get your fey ass over here!” And then all Sam heard was the click of the phone being hung up, and the silence that follows.

Sam hit the off button on the phone and tossed it to the table, getting up to head to the bathroom, run a comb through his short dark hair and then put his shoes on.

As an afterthought, Sam paused to write a note and tape it too the door, it read simply: I’ve gone out. Clipped and to the point. Sam didn’t quite think Tristan deserved to know *where* he went, did he? Not that he’d care anyhow. He thought grumpily to himself.

Sam locked the apartment, glanced around the dark night and then headed for his car. He slammed it into drive and sped down the street, making his way towards Josh’s apartment. Sam would never have thought to go over there if he’d still lived at home with his parents and Carolyn, as it was, Josh had a live in girlfriend and spent far to much time partying.

It didn’t take him overly long to reach his destination, and by the time he’d parked his car Josh already had the door open, two beers in hand.

“Sam! Buddy ol’ pal ol’ friend.” He said jovially. Josh was a good looking guy, dirty blonde hair, broad shoulders and blue eyes. He’d been on the wrestling team and was still built for it, even though high school was long past.

Accepting the offered beer bottle, Sam cast one of his slightly sarcastic smiles, “Josh ol’ buddy ol’ pal ol’ friend.” He replied, clapping him on the back and taking a good long pull of his beer. “Aah and that is damned good. I think this is just what I need today.” He laughed softly as Josh steered him into the roomy three bedroom apartment.

“Hey, I gotta warn you, Sam. Carolyn called and is on her way. I hope you don’t leave cause she’s showing up.” Josh gave a grimace, looking at his friend. “I told her she had to behave with you; I won’t have any of her funny business.”

Sam made a soft groaning sound, and then scowled at Josh. “Damnit, I thought I’d be free of her for the damned night.” He sighed softly, and then drank down half his beer in one long gulp. “Alright then, I’ll stay, but keep her on a bloody leash, Josh. I am sick of her continuously trying to get into my pants. She wasn’t so stuck on it until she found out I was dating a man.” He rolled his eyes and Josh laughed.

“Hey, you know how I have felt about her fucking you over, Sam. I have always been on your side when it comes to Carolyn, maybe its not very brotherly of me, but shit I’ve known you since before you were dating her, and… I dunno, what she did was real wrong. The truth is I think she just wants what she can’t have, as awful as that may sound.” Josh pushed him into the living room where Kenneth, Linda, and James were seated in various places.

“Hey Sam!” Linda, Josh’s girlfriend, called out to him with a wave. “I saved a place for you on the couch!” she grinned at him as Kenneth scowled.

“Yea, she kicked me off, your obviously much more special then me.” Kenneth said with a good natured kick in Linda’s direction.

“Hey now, get your stinky feet off me!” Linda shrieked as Sam plopped down on the couch and Josh followed him down, taking the seat between Sam and Linda, putting an arm around his girl.

“Okay, he’s here, can we watch this stupid movie now?” James asked, giving Sam a hesitant smile. He wasn’t certain how to treat Sam now that he knew he was gay. It was like he was afraid Sam might oogle his ass if he wasn’t ultra careful. Sam would have found it amusing if it hadn’t been so damned sad.

Josh took the remote in hand and clicked on the play button, navigating the DVD player until the movie they were all going to make fun of started. Sam simply sat, smiling as he finished his first beer, tapping the empty bottle with his fingertips and listening to his friends laugh at the stupid lines and amusing facial expressions of the male vampire.

It didn’t take long for Carolyn to arrive, only fifteen minutes or so into the movie, Sam wouldn’t meet her gaze. She wrung her hands, frowning slightly as everyone else waved to her but him.

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