Angel Ch. 1

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*** This story contains graphic sexual content involving: (But not limited to) Incest (Father/Daughter), Lesbianism (f-f). If you are offended by any or all of the afore mentioned sexual activities, please DO NOT read any further. If, on the other hand, you are intrigued and/or turned on by this type of sexplay, by all means, continue reading, and let me know. ENJOY!! ***

* * * * *

I moved my daughter, Angel, to Jacksonville after my wife left us. Angel is 19, and has blonde hair. She is definitely going to break a lot of hearts in the coming years.

Her breasts were beautiful, and I began to think about her in a whole different way. It was the awakening of feelings I never knew existed. It would change my life forever.

My first chance encounter came in the Summer of ’92. My daughter was raised to not be ashamed of her body, and it was quite common for us to run around the house in our underwear. It was a Saturday morning and I had slept in late. I woke up to the TV blaring in the living room. When I went out there to yell at her, I opened my mouth but nothing could come out. Angel was laying on her stomach wearing only a T-shirt and panties. What got my attention and left me speechless was the fact that the t-shirt only went down to her waist which left me an unobstructed view of her incredibly tight, panty-clad ass!

I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked laying there. God, how I wanted to touch her!

Without even realizing it, my cock had sprung to it’s full 8-1/2″ and was in full view to my daughter through my jockey shorts.

Angel turned to say good morning but her eyes never made it up to mine. I could see her eyes widening and it quickly occurred to me what she was staring at. I turned and quickly darted into the kitchen. “Good Morning, Daddy,” she chimed. I could hear her giggling. It was almost as if the little show she gave me was planned.

My erection had subsided a little when she ran into the kitchen and gave me a big hug. Feeling her bare legs against mine began to stir my cock back to life again. I tried to hold it back, but it was no use. This cute girl was turning me on!

I could see her eyes were glued to my cock. She was loving it! Angel broke her embrace and “accidentally” brushed her hand against my throbbing cock which caused it to twitch. She gave me a kiss on the ear and whispered “I love you daddy” as she brushed against my cock a second time as she went back giggling to the living room.

“What the hell was going on?,” I thought. “Was she playing me?” I was confused, excited, scared and horny all at the same time. I was about to get my questions answered.

Later that day, we were sunbathing out in the back. I had on a pair of loose shorts and Angel was wearing a string bikini. God, she looked hot!

“Daddy, will you put some suntan lotion on my back?” Angel asked. “Sure honey” I replied. Who was I to refuse an opportunity to put my hands on her fantastic body? I sat next to her and got out the lotion. I spread the lotion on her back and slowly rubbed it in. Her skin was so soft. I could feel my cock growing as my hands moved down towards her perfect little bikini-covered ass.

God how I wanted her!

“Mmmmm. . . that feels good Daddy,” Angel said. “Don’t forget my legs, Daddy. ” My hands moved lower. Angel spread her legs slightly, giving me a perfect view of her bikini covered pussy. My hands moved all over her smooth legs, rubbing more lotion into her parted thighs. By now, my cock was raging. I was getting so turned on by feeling my little girl! My hand moved up her thighs to the part of her 19 year old ass that the bikini didn’t cover. I heard her moan softly as I massaged the lotion into her exposed ass cheeks. She was getting turned on too! Angel began to thrust her ass into the air. My hands began to roam all over her tight, young ass. I let one finger slip down into her now moist slit to the rhythm of her grinding motion. Angel’s breathing became shorter and I felt her shudder against my finger as she let out a low moan. “Ohhhhhhh daddy. . . Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned again and again. I could feel my little girl cumming in my hand! “Oh thank you daddy,” she whispered. It was the most erotic thing I have ever felt in my life.

“Daddy, would you put some lotion on my front now?”

Angel had turned over on her back. God, she was so beautiful! Her long blonde hair, those long tanned legs, and a perfectly shaped pair of tits any man would die for. They were round and firm. I could see her nipples poking through what little fabric of bikini she had on. I knew that she was aware I was looking at her in a very “un-fatherly” way, but she just smiled.

“Come on, Daddy,” she said.

I poured some lotion onto her flat, trim belly. I began to spread the lotion all over her stomach and sides, moving ever so cautiously around her lovely breasts to her arms and shoulders. My eyes completely devoured this 19 year old nymph as my cock began to ache for release.

“Daddy, do you istanbul escort think it would be OK if I took my top off?,” Angel asked. “I-I-I guess so baby. . . ,” I managed to stutter out in reply. I know my mouth was wide open as my daughter removed her bikini top and exposed her firm young tits to me. They were so round and beautiful, with her little nipples standing fully erect. They were perfect. And God how I wanted to take them into my mouth and suck on them!

“Will you put some lotion on them for me Daddy?”

She poured a glob of lotion right in the middle of her breasts and reached down and grabbed my hands. She guided it slowly to the lotion and her awaiting young tits. I began to massage the lotion into her, cupping my hands around her swollen breasts, rubbing my fingers across her nipples. Angel began to moan ever so softly. Her hand moved down across her stomach in between her now parted thighs. “Oh Daddy, that feels sooooo good. . . ” she murmured. She started rubbing her young pussy through her bikini in earnest now.

“Mmmmm. . Daddy, your hands feel so strong. Don’t stop, please. “

I couldn’t take much more. Without even thinking I moved one hand down and let my fingers slide underneath the waistband of her bikini. My fingers moved over her small tuft of pubic hair to her wet, swollen pussy lips. God, she was hot! I was completely out of control as I began fingering my 19 year old daughter’s pussy with wild abandon. I inserted my middle finger completely in my little girl’s cunt. I felt Angel shudder as she bucked against my hand. “Oh God Daddyyy, Oh yesssss!! Yesssss daddyyyyy Yes!!”

My cock was rock solid begging for release as Angel’s juices flowed over my hand as her body rocked into oblivion. Wave after wave hit the little 19 year old as she exploded into a tremendous orgasm. The smell of her sex was in the air and I almost came just from that alone.

I wanted this girl so fucking bad!

There was no turning back now. I had taken our father/daughter relationship to a different level. One that was exciting and dangerous. But I didn’t care anymore. I had to have her. It wasn’t rape, it was intense passion. I would soon realize her feelings for me were just as strong.

“Daddy, I think you need some lotion on you too,” my 19 year old daughter Angel said.

“Yes, honey I do” I replied as I removed my finger from Angel’s sopping wet pussy.

I laid down on my back, my loose shorts barely containing my 8-1/2″ cock. Angel began dumping lotion on my chest, rubbing it in all over my upper body. She was making a game out of it, and I enjoyed the feeling of her little hands running over my body. My cock began to rise again. Angel had not even bothered to put her top back on, and every once in awhile her breasts would rub across my legs, sending my cock into a frenzy. Angel was rubbing lotion in circles on my stomach. With each pass, the circle would get bigger and bigger. She was now inches away from my cock which had risen to the top of my shorts. Her hands would linger longer and longer at my waistband. “My God,” I thought. “Where did this 19 year old learn to tease so well?”

Angel started to rub lotion into my legs. “Does this feel good, Daddy?,” she asked so innocently. “Yes baby, it feels great,” I managed. The looseness of my shorts left a gap at the bottom. Angel, as she continued rubbing lotion on me, moved her right hand up just inside the edge of my shorts. She was now just inches from my bloated balls! I began to moan and writhe a little, hoping to “force” some contact between her hands and my aching cock.

I placed my hands on her head as she continued to rub the lotion into me. Angel slid her body up mine, her young breasts rubbing across my cock as she whispered in my ear “I love you so much Daddy” and kissed me gently. She slid back down, her wet body sliding against my cock all the way down. It felt so fucking great!

Angel then turned and moved her head up to mine and kissed me full on the lips. Just as our tongues found each other, Angel reached up my shorts and began stroking my cock! I couldn’t hold back. I began to moan out loud “Oh Yes baby, stroke it for Daddy!” Angel continued to move her hand up and down my shaft. I knew I wouldn’t last long. “Oh Baby, Daddy’s going to cum. . . Oh God!!” Instinctively, Angel began stroking my cock faster and faster as I exploded. I sprayed cum all in my shorts and completely soaked my little girl’s hand in wave after wave of the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. She continued pumping me until I was completely drained. I cannot describe how incredible it feels getting jacked off by your own daughter.

“Daddy, there is so much of this stuff?,” Angel said.

“Well, you really turned me on, honey,” I replied.

“Daddy, will you teach me how to make love?,” Angel inquired.

“I’m old enough to learn everything, don’t you think?” 19 year old Angel added.

“Sure honey. Let’s go in and get cleaned up first, though. ” Talk about making şirinevler escort an offer you can’t refuse. I couldn’t wait for our next encounter.

============= Part 2

As our afternoon sunbathing adventure climaxed, Angel and I headed inside the house to get cleaned up. Angel was a mess of suntan lotion, her own pussy juices, and my cum. I couldn’t help but keep licking my finger, tasting Angel’s sweet 19 year old pussy. I wanted more. I was beginning to develop an insatiable appetite for my daughter.

I went in to the master bedroom to take a shower. Angel headed to her room. I hit the shower and let the hot water beat down all over my body. In a way, I wanted to keep the smell of my daughter’s sex on me, but I knew I couldn’t. I guess I was afraid it would never happen again. I must have stayed in there for over 30 minutes. When I got out of the shower, I put on some shorts and headed to the living room. On my way there, I passed by Angel’s room. The door was cracked open and I heard my 19 year old daughter Angel, moaning. I peaked in and couldn’t believe my eyes. My daughter, and her next-door friend, Kim, were in the room, naked as jay-bird’s. Angel was lying on her bed with her knees bent. Kim was on her knees on the carpet, her face buried in my daughter’s crotch. She was eating my 19 year old’s pussy!

“Oh yesssss Kim, that feels good” Angel moaned. “I wish Daddy was here. “

“Mmmmm me too. He’s makes me feel really horny,” Kim added. With that said, my cock was rock hard again. But I was enjoying the show and didn’t want to interrupt just yet. Kim continued to lick Angel’s cunt as her little ass wiggled in the air. I fantasized about being behind Kim and slamming my 8-1/2″ cock into her tight pussy as she ate my daughter. Kim’s tongue began to probe deeper and deeper into Angel’s sex. I could hear Angel moan as she began to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples. Her orgasm was quickly approaching. “Ohhhhh Gggodddd Kim, keep licking me like that. . . Ohhhhhhh yesssss Ohhhhhhh Goddddddddd Yeeeeeeessssssssssss!!” Angel grabbed Kim’s head and pulled it tighter against her pussy as her juices flowed over her 18 year old friend’s face. Angel then wrapped her legs around Kim’s head and started to buck and grind as her orgasm exploded. “Ohhhhh fuck Kim, yesssssss eat my pussy!! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss!!” Angel came and came again. Kim continued licking her friend until she was completely still.

What an incredible sight. The girls still didn’t know I was standing there as Kim climbed up on the bed next to Angel. “Did I do OK?,” Kim asked Angel. “Oh God Kim, you can’t imagine how good that felt. It was incredible. “

“Maybe you could show me,” Kim said, smiling.

“Mmmmmmmm. . . I would love to” Angel replied.

As Angel slid off of the bed in position to eat her friend’s pussy, she glanced up and noticed me standing there in the doorway. “DADDY!” she yelled. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough for this to happen,” I replied pointing to my raging hard-on.

“Mind If I come in?”

Angel and Kim stared in shock at seeing me in the doorway. The girls were still all hot, sweaty and naked from Kim eating her 19 year old friend’s pussy. And I had watched the whole thing.

“We were just, uh. . . ” Kim began. “We were just pretending, sort-of. “

“Were you now?” I replied. “Looked pretty real to me. Angel, what do you say? Were you just pretending?”

“No Daddy. It started out as a game and then it just, well, turned into something else. We’ve never done that before, honest!”

“Relax, girls, it’s okay. I want you to pretend I’m not even here. Angel, I heard you say you were going to do the same thing to your friend, Kim. Go ahead, honey. I’ll just sit over here. “

“Y-you want to watch us?” Angel said, curiously.

“Yes I do. Do you mind if Daddy watches you eat your first pussy?”

“No, I don’t mind at all Daddy. . . that is, if it’s ok with Kim.

“I would love for you to watch your sexy daughter eat my wet pussy, Mr. S” said Kim.

“After you two are finished, I’ll teach you how to make love, as I promised. ” Deal?”

“Oh yes, it’s a deal Daddy!” my little 19 year old cried out.

“I think I can handle that challenge,” 19 year old Angel added.

“Are you ready Kim?”

Angel crawled between Kim’s legs and started kissing her thighs. I could see that Kim had just a hint of pubic hair covering her lovely pussy. My cock was growing hard at this utterly delicious sight.

18 year old Angel had her ass in the air as her mouth traveled down her friend’s legs, inching towards her delicate pussy. I reached into my shorts and began stroking my erection while the girls continued their affections. Kim’s hands began to roam over her body, rubbing her breasts and traveling down towards Angel’s head. “Kiss it Angel. Kiss my pussy. . . please. “

I could see Angel’s tongue licking Kim’s innermost thighs, teasing the girl taksim escort by circling around her swollen lips, avoiding any contact at all. Kim began to squirm a little, trying to force contact between her pussy and Angel’s face. Her hips bucked off the bed as her moaning began to get more audible. “Angel, plllleeeeease……. ” Kim moaned.

Finally, Angel kissed her friend’s pussy. Kim’s legs were on the bed, her knees bent. When Angel made contact, Kim opened her legs wide and put her hands on Angel’s head. Angel began to lick Kim’s juicy little cunt in earnest. I could see that her mouth practically covered her friend’s entire mound. Kim was now writhing around, moaning louder and louder.

“Ohhhhh God Angel, that feeeels goooooooood,” she moaned, “Please don’t stop, Oh please!!”

Angel’s own ass was now wiggling around as she continued devouring Kim’s pussy. My cock was rock hard as I fantasized about my 19 year old. I slipped my shorts off and now had complete freedom to stroke my cock while the show continued. After a couple of more minutes of staring at Angel’s body, I couldn’t resist. I dropped to my knees and crawled over towards the bed. I put my hands on Angel’s ass and fondled her, allowing my hands to roam completely over her body. I bent my head down to where my face was inches from her slit. I inhaled the fragrance of her sex as my tongue flicked out to her pussy.

I couldn’t believe how wet she was. She was getting turned on eating her friend’s pussy! As my tongue began to explore Angel, I heard her moan softly. Her cries were muffled by the fact that her own mouth was busy tasting Kim’s juices. Kim was close now I could tell. She was bucking furiously up at Angel, pulling her face tightly into her crotch.


Kim squeezed Angel’s head tightly between her legs as her orgasm shook through her body. At that very moment, I drove my tongue deep into my 19 year old’s cunt and caused her to squirm and moan, adding to the effect of Kim’s climax. Angel slumped to the floor and I could see her face was soaked in Kim’s pussy juice. I kissed her, licking up the excess on her face.

“Mmmmm, I can see why you didn’t want to lift your head up. “

Angel stared at my still hard cock and then looked back up at me. “So, uh, Daddy, you were going to show me how to fuck, riiiight?” Angel’s face was glowing.

“Yeah Mr. S, show us. You promised you would. “

“Okay, okay,” I began. “Let’s all get up on the bed. Kim, you lay over there. Angel you come over here, next to me. “

“No fair!” Kim cried out. “What about me?”

“This time Kim you watch. This is definitely a time when my daughter gets to go first. Don’t worry though, honey your time will come soon enough. I promise. “

Oh yes it most definitely will, I thought to myself. The chance to fuck these two hot virgins was not going to escape me.

“First off, the man has to be hard, like this. If he’s not, then the girl should touch him until he is. Go on, Angel touch my cock. Pretend it’s not already hard. “

Angel’s hands went out to me, one gripping my shaft while the other fondled my balls. She started to slowly stroke it back and forth. It felt so fucking great. “Yes baby that would definitely get any man hard. But what else could you do, Angel?”

Angel didn’t hesitate as her mouth opened up and engulfed the head of my dick. She started to suck on the end as her hands continued stroking my shaft. “Ohhhhh yesss, that’s Daddy’s good girl! Ohh Angel we DEFINITELY will explore this option more thoroughly later. My God that felt great!”

“Can I try that Mr. S?” Kim asked.

“Sure baby. Come over here. “

Kim’s little hands barely fit around my shaft. “Don’t grip it too tight Kim,” Angel advised. “Just stroke it lightly up and down. ” My 19-year-old daughter, the jerk-off coach. Absolute heaven.

“Lick it like this Kim,” Angel said. Her tongue ran completely along the underside of my cock. Kim did the same thing. I looked down and relished the sight of two girl’s, one of them my daughter, working so intently together on my dick. I had to put a stop to this foreplay or I was going to shoot my load right now!

“Okay girls, we have to stop or I’m going to cum too soon. Let’s get back to how to fuck. “Now, just as you have to make sure the man is ready, it’s important that the woman is ready too. Most of the time guys will just use their fingers like this. ” I rubbed my hands over Angel’s pussy, running my finger along her wet lips. As her juices started to flow, I inserted a finger inside of her cunt. I began to move it in and out. “Ohh God Daddy, Yes!!” Angel moaned.

Kim was looking on in awe. “You can do this to yourself, baby. Try it. ” I watched as Angel lowered her own hand down to her mound. Her finger slowly slid along her crack and inched delicately into her pussy. “But what I prefer to do is what I caught you two doing. “

My mouth went down to Angel’s sex as I devoured her wet pussy. I licked and sucked on her slit, finding her little clit and sucking on it as well. Angel was really starting to get into it, and I’m sure I could have made her cum any second, but instead stopped, giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32