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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 15 – Andrew”s going to church Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Boys are to be loved, cherished and cared for. Never hurt!

Chapter 15

Ricky warned Andrew not to go with the Johns that nobody else knew. They had a way of figuring out who was safe and who wasn”t. Since Andrew was younger, the regulars always want some fresh meat, so he was going to be plenty busy.

Andrew realized he left Bingo under the seat of the man”s car. He was sad, but since the man liked him, he would surely get it back the next time they went with him. He had Ricky now to cuddle and keep him company. In fact, the two shared a bed most nights.

A couple of days later, Ricky had arranged for Andrew to go on a job by himself. “That car is the same one that is always parked at the Baptist Church. It”s the same car my mom had, only hers was blue.” he said to Ricky.

“Yep, he”s Pastor Green and has a green car! We”ve talked about him. He”s very kinky. This could be your gravy train. He was for me. You won”t have to work for anyone else if you let him make all of the arrangements.” Ricky informed Andrew. “I worked for him for a while, but as I got older, he wanted a fresh face. He found a really cute blond kid he liked, but the kid just disappeared. He asked me to find someone, and I offered to fill in, but he”s not really into me anymore. I worked for him for a few nights over the past week or so.”

As he pulled up, the two boys approached the passenger window. “Hey Pastor, what”s up tonight?” Ricky asked.

“Hi Ricky. I still haven”t been able to find the blond boy. It”s strange that he and his dad disappeared without a trace. Is this my new star? What”s your name, son?” He asked, looking at Andrew.

“Hi Pastor, I”m Andy.”

“Are you ready to come play and have some fun?”

“Yeah, Ricky said you have a lot of fun.” Andrew opened the door and hopped in.

“Son, don”t worry. I”ll take care of you.”

Andrew climbed into the front seat and could smell the nice leather in the car. His mom”s car only had fabric seats. The pastor even had a CD player in his, but his mom”s only had a cassette player. Andrew thought that this pastor must make some good money.

The pastor was actually a really nice guy. He took Andrew back to the church. Andrew was worried. “Pastor, what happens if we get caught?”

Don”t worry, my son; if anyone asks, you”re here for counseling, but I”ve never had that problem in all my years of fucking boys.” The pastor let out a chuckle.

They went into his house and went right to the bedroom. “Why don”t you get undressed, son? Would you like a soda, Andy? I have Fanta, or I can get you some chocolate milk, or water?”

“A Fanta would be nice, um, Pastor.”

“That”s right, you can call me Pastor, or if you want, Father or Daddy.”

Andrew cringed when he heard Daddy. “NO! I can”t call you Daddy. My Daddy raped me.” Andrew started to cower and cry. The pastor walked over and hugged Andrew. He lifted him up and carried him over to the big bed. The sheets were so soft, and the pastor quickly undressed and got on the bed with Andrew. He pulled a big fluffy blanket over them and just held Andrew.

“Ssshhh, it”s all going to be OK. Son, I promise to never hurt you. You don”t have to ever do anything you don”t like. I don”t know what the other boys told you, but I care about each of you and want you to feel good too.”

“Ricky said you were nice. I like that you”re holding me. I miss being held.”

The pastor rubbed down Andrew”s belly and found his hard little cocklet. It was hard and ready for some attention. The pastor pulled the boy tight and gently stroked him until the boy was breathing heavily.

“Would you like to play with mine, son?”

Andrew eagerly reached back to feel the pastor”s hard cock that was wet and dripping with pre-cum in his crack. He didn”t want to be fucked tonight, so he turned around and slid under the blanket.

“Wow!” Andrew exclaimed when he saw how much pre-cum was dripping from the pastor”s cock. As he licked it, he was purring, ankara escort and all you could hear was, “Mmmmm.”

Andrew teased enough and finally took the cock into his mouth and worked his magic. He edged the pastor a few times before letting him shoot his load. Andrew didn”t miss a drop.

“You taste so good, pastor!”

“That was amazing, Andy.” The pastor said as he pulled out of Andrew”s mouth. “Come up here and cuddle with me.” He held Andrew and kissed him all over. This brought back good memories of Daddy. They lay there for about an hour. The pastor was worshiping the boy.

“It”s time to go, son. Get dressed, but leave me your underwear. Here”s an additional $40 to buy some more, but buy cartoon briefs for me.”

Andrew was a bit confused by this, but figured the money would be worth it. A pack of boys” briefs was only about six dollars.

“You can get them at Walmart, where I picked you up. Wear one pair from now until Wednesday when I pick you up. I want them to be full of delicious boy musk. If you get laid by anyone else, make sure to wipe up their cum in your undies for me. I”ll give you money to buy new ones every time.” He slipped Andrew”s old ones into a zip lock bag and put them in a drawer after writing “Andy” on the bag.

The preacher took Andrew back to Walmart. Andrew went in and bought a pack of underwear and a few things to eat. He was afraid the cashier would say something, but they didn”t really care. She didn”t look like she liked her job anyway. He hurried back to the factory because he hated going commando and wanted to put on his new cartoon briefs.

When he got back, Ricky was waiting. “Ricky, I got $40 for underwear and we cuddled. It wasn”t so bad.”

“Dude, you should charge extra for cuddle time. I forgot to warn you about his underwear fetish. You”ll learn and the pastor will pay for it. ” Ricky said. “Take an extra pair with you to wear back home so you don”t have to go commando. Besides, if he ever gets around to fucking you, his juice will drip out into them and he”ll like that.”

“He said he wants me to be a regular. He”s nice and I seem to be able to please him.”

“That”s great.”

Andrew hung out in the factory on Tuesday. When Ricky came home, he quickly had a thought.

“Ricky, the pastor is picking me up tomorrow. Can we play? I want your cum to add to my spider man briefs so the pastor has something to sniff.”

“You don”t have to ask twice!” Ricky stripped and let Andrew blow him until he started shooting. He pulled it out and smeared it all over Andrew”s little briefs.

“Andy, I”m glad the pastor really likes you. I know he was over me, but it”s really hard to have to troll for tricks. There are nights when I”m scared that I may get hurt. I have a couple of guys I really like, especially the guy in the Mercedes.”

“Yeah, he was nice and seemed to have money. Is it enough to keep you from having to risk going with new guys?”

“I think so. He is nice, and he wants to do a photo shoot, so that should bring in more money.”

“Ricky, I owe you my life. The pastor is good to me, so if you ever need anything I can share the money I get from him. I really like doing it, and it”s fun to get paid to have fun. I wish I could do it for the rest of my life!”

“We both know we can”t, so we have to do what we can to get by and save for the day we get passed over for the next boy. I appreciate your offer and I know you will always be there to help me. I”m glad we”re friends and love playing with you. You”re damn sexy.”

“So are you!” Andrew leaned over and kissed Ricky on the lips. He was starting to have feelings for Ricky, similar to the ones he had for Kerry.

On Wednesday, the pastor came by and picked Andrew up. “Pastor, I hope you like my Spiderman underwear. They”ve got some special sauce, just for you!”

“I”m sure I”ll love them. I think you might just be my new little star. You know, I had another very cute boy, but he suddenly disappeared. In fact, he and his dad would come play. I would have loved to have you and him play for me.” He responded.

“Tonight it will just be you and me. I hope you”ll be my boy. I want to have the party next Monday.” He hugged Andrew and rubbed him through his clothes. Andrew loved the man”s touch.

The pastor had Andrew over again on Friday, but this time he blew Andrew after Andrew got him off. They cuddled again, and Andrew once again left his underwear.

“Do you like these briefs?” Andrew asked as he held up a cute pair that had little bears on them.

“Those are sexy, my boy. I hope you wear them until we play again. Remember, wipe up any mess with escort ankara them.”

“I will.”

As they were getting ready to leave, the pastor asked Andrew a question. “I have one more request. Can I pay you to come to church on Sunday? We won”t be having any sex, but you”ll be my assistant when I give my sermon. All you have to do is carry my bible over to me and then go back and sit down. You will be on the stage where everyone can see you. I will buy you clothes to make you look very handsome and, well, sexy.” He added. “My other boy stopped coming around as I told you, and I really do need an assistant.”

“Was that the blond boy? You must really have liked him.”

“Oh yes, he was so cute. I think you would like him too. I just wish I could find him again. I”ll have to show you some pictures next time. His dad was pretty hot as well.”

“I can come on Sunday. I don”t mean to be rude, but how much will you pay me? You know, if I”m up in time for church, I won”t be able to get any dates later.”

“Andrew, I want you to be exclusive with me. I”ll make it worthwhile, and you won”t have to go be with those creepy men. Besides, just being at church will make you a lot of money. I will explain later, but just to convince you, how does $1000 sound?”

Andrew about shit his pants. “Um, well, I guess that would be fine.” Andrew still wasn”t sure how it would get him business, but he trusted this man.

“Great, let me peek at your shirt, pants, and shoe sizes and meet me here at my house at 9AM on Sunday. Can you walk over here?”

“Sure, I can do that.”

“Great, I”ll drop you back at Walmart. Go hop in the car.”

The two drove back, and Andrew was excited to share his news with Ricky.

“Ricky, Ricky, the pastor is paying me $1000 to come to church!”

“I guess you passed his test. You”re going to like what he has in store for you. You won”t need to be with anyone else. If you”re spending the night, charge him $300 for that. If he wants a party, he knows the price. I usually got $1200 per party, but you”re sexier and younger, so you might make more. Be sure to set a maximum number of guys you can service. If I were you, I wouldn”t put a limit on the number of blow jobs, and if you want to let them fuck you, that”s up to you. You can fuck them as well. Set a price for each and let them pick. But, this is important, set a minimum price for the party. Be sure to let the pastor know if any of them are being a little rough on you and make them stop. Offer unlimited blow jobs and allow them to blow you.” Ricky was a great help with setting the prices. He assured Andrew that the men would pay.

Andrew was nervous about Sunday. It didn”t make sense, he wasn”t ever nervous about fucking or being fucked by strangers, but somehow sitting on the stage being on display was making him extremely nervous.

On Sunday morning, he walked down to the church and went to the pastor”s house. He went in and the pastor had him strip. He sniffed the underwear and placed it in his special collection. “Hop up here and let”s get you set.” The pastor had him step into a pair of black slacks commando. They were a bit tight in the crotch and let his tiny cocklet show through. He then had him put on a pressed white shirt. He tucked it into Andrew”s pants and fondled the boy a bit before continuing. “Put this belt on, we don”t want to show off the goods too soon, son.”

Andrew finished with the belt and hopped down so the pastor could put on the tie. “Here, let me tie this for you.” He said as he reached around the boy and tied the royal purple tie and tucked it under the collar. Andrew loved the feeling of the man”s hands around him. It reminded him of his daddy when he was nice.

“Face me.” He said. He grabbed some sculpting gel and rubbed his hands together and then through Andrew”s hair. He combed the hair and made Andrew look quite handsome and sexy.

Andrew looked in the full length mirror next to the pastor”s bed and was surprised. Even he thought he was sexy. It made him bone up. The pastor saw it and smiled.

“Put on these socks and the shoes. We need to get over to the chapel to start the service.”

The two walked over to the chapel as the arched wooden doors were being opened. The church was beautiful and had a giant stone archway and steps. “Andrew, stand beside me on my right. Just up two steps so the people can look you in the eye. This also put his package a bit higher and more on display for the men that seemed to take an interest. Smile and if anyone puts their hand out to shake, shake it with a firm hand.”

The two stood and greeted everyone as they entered the chapel. Andrew ankara escort bayan noticed that there were a lot of men wanting to shake his hand. Many of them were pretty hot, and he was certain they wanted to play by watching the bulges in their pants as they lingered, shaking hands with him. He felt electricity when a few of them touched him. He was getting tingly all over.

The pastor leaned over to whisper in Andrew”s ear. “Now, when we go up on the stand, you go sit in that chair on the left. When I look at you, pick up that bible that is next to the chair and bring it to me. Then just stand there and smile as I read my sermon and keep your hands at your side. When I am done, I”ll give you the Bible. Take it back, put it back on the table, and sit down. Stay there until we finish, then come to my side. Remember to keep smiling.” He then kissed Andrew on his cheek. Andrew wiped it off, and the pastor laughed. “That”s what I love about you, Andy. You”re just so damn cute!”

Everything went as planned. Andrew sat on a wooden chair with a very tall, pointed backrest until he was called on to bring the bible. As he was standing there, he could see the men that gave him attention at the door. Some of them would wink at him, others would lick their lips. There was nowhere to hide, and Andrew”s cock was getting plump. The pastor told him not to move, so he didn”t. The pastor was behind the pulpit and Andrew could see the man was hard as a rock with his dick pointing to heaven. Andrew wanted to get into the pulpit and blow the man as he spoke. That made his little spike harder. He knew that it was obvious to anyone that looked at him. The men that gave him special attention seemed to have noticed and were probably not paying attention to the sermon.

As the pastor was speaking, Andrew was focused on the men eating him with their eyes. He could tell which ones were hard as they were fidgeting in the pews. He heard the pastor quoting from the Bible that he had handed him. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” He went on to say, “Each and every one of you is to show love and kindness to each other. This is the foundation of all of our programs. Our weekly men”s Bible study emphasizes this. I know it”s working because many of the women have told me how their husbands have changed, becoming gentler, kinder, and more faithful after attending these meetings. I ask the wives to support their husbands as they seek out peace and become one with the spirit.”

At only ten and a half, Andrew didn”t quite understand the sub-text of the message. He also hadn”t been part of the weekly men”s group meetings yet, so he had no idea that he was the main course and this would be the party the pastor asked him about.

Andrew was lost, staring at the men. “Andy, please return the Bible.” The pastor said, breaking Andrew”s trance. He flushed, grabbed the bible, and walked over to place it in its stand on the table before resuming his seat. As he sat there, he surveyed the men and really wanted to get to know a few of them better. He would get his wish and be in heaven on Monday night.

When the service was over, the pastor took him back to his house and had Andrew change out of his clothes. He said he would keep them in case Andrew wanted to do this some other Sunday. Andrew got dressed in his clothes and walked back to his place with a wad of cash in his pocket. He also had a brand new cell phone that the pastor gave him so he could reach him. Andrew really didn”t need a phone for anything else, but this was nice so the pastor could reach him without having to search for him. Andrew didn”t realize it, but he was about to become a celebrity.

Andrew was happy he didn”t need to go out to meet other men tonight. He had enough to live on for a while, even if the pastor bailed out on him.

Andrew had made enough to buy a small mattress, sheets, and a blanket at Walmart. He also bought a stash of food, so he didn”t have to rely on Manny”s generosity. Andrew needed to find a place to stash money, and while out one day, he stopped into a novelty shop called the House of Humor and found a really cool book that had a secret compartment. He bought it, took it back to the office, and put it on the shelf after filling it with most of his stash of cash. He knew to keep some money on him for emergencies, but not enough to get robbed.

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