Andrew , Elsa: The Office Affair

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Part One: Elsa

I’ve always had an obsession with costumes. Becoming a costume designer and constructionist was an obvious career choice for me; I love to dress people up into someone completely different. I also love to dress myself up. Any excuse to get a little extra for a night out or a party is fun for me. Halloween is naturally my favorite holiday. I love to throw theme parties. And in the bedroom, I adore roleplay.

I think it’s a natural extension of my dramatic personality that I like to explore during sex but I’d always struggled to convince my partners to really get into it. I figure guys are more uptight or I just have a crazy overactive imagination, but getting boyfriends to think beyond the teacher/student roleplay was challenging. And ask a guy to put on a costume in order to fuck you? Forget about it.

But Andrew is different. He’s kind and sweet and eager to please. Our sex life in the first eight months of our relationship had been nothing but great! He was always willing to try new positions and we’d had a few experiments with the basics of roleplay: mostly me wearing some slutty outfit and talking dirty til we couldn’t keep from banging. I’d done the short, pleated skirt and hair in pigtails asking for a better exam grade and the French maid who finds more than she bargained for while ‘making the bed,’ but I was ready to take things to a new level.

I tossed around lots of ideas but nothing really seemed to stick out as the winner until one night I was at Andrew’s apartment making us a dinner of spaghetti when he told me his firm had decided he was important enough to have his own private secretary. Andrew works for one of Manchester’s biggest law firms as an account man. He doesn’t do the lawyering himself; he brings in the clients and keeps them happy with business dinners and snappy conversation. It allows the lawyers to focus on law and court prep, while an account man keeps the clients rolling in. Up until now Andrew had shared a secretary with three other junior account men, but the high-ups had finally seen it fit that Andrew needed his own dedicated assistant.

“Do you get to hire your own secretary?” I asked, tasting the meat sauce on the stove.

“No, there’s a personnel director in charge of all that,” he explained from his spot on the couch. “They will probably promote some girl out of the secretary pool. You know how many people there are answering phones and making photo copies there.”

I nodded. I had only been to Andrew’s office once before but I remembered the masses of people all looking very formal. It had reminded me of Boston Legal, but without William Shatner running around and screwing everything up.

“So it will probably be a woman?” I asked.

“Probably, most of the aides are…” Andrew looked up at me. “You’re not worried about that, are you?”

“No,” I shook my head. “I just hope she’s not looking to move up the corporate ladder too fast… If you know what I mean.”

Andrew laughed and got up to join me in the kitchen. Wrapping one arm around my stomach he said “Love, I think you’ve been watching too much Mad Men. I’m not going to be seduced by my secretary.”

“Promise?” I said looking up and fluttering my lashes at him.

“I promise,” he said, putting a kiss on my nose.

Of course, I wasn’t truly worried about Andrew and his new secretary although it did perk my ears every time her name came up over the next week…which was often. Her name was Cassidy and she was from Ireland. I hadn’t met her yet, but I imagined a buxom redhead with adorable freckles and short skirts.

The firm had a 40th anniversary gala planned at the end of the week and I knew I’d get the chance to meet the new secretary there. It would be my first time as Andrew’s plus one to a fancy work gathering and I couldn’t wait! As I’ve mentioned, I love to get dressed up!

I was looking through my closet trying to decide which dress was the best to wear to the gala as a first impression for Andrew’s co-workers. I wanted them to be impressed that their star account man also had a sexy, successful girlfriend. I had it narrowed down to a floral silk A-line gown and a black beaded number with a crazy high slit in the leg.

As I often do when trying to pick a dress, I looked at my accessories to see which ensemble would fill out the best. It was upon opening my costume trunk that I rediscovered my mink wrap. It had belonged to my grandmother in the 1950s and while I’d had it for years, I had never worn it. The climate of anti-fur fashion policy had scared me away from wearing it in public, but the little I knew about the partners at Andrew’s firm told me that a fur wouldn’t be a problem to them.

I pulled the mink around my shoulders and paraded around my bedroom. Also in the trunk I saw one of the many fascinator hats I had collected and I placed it delicately on my head. The hat was black wool with silk flowers and a half veil of french tulle. I looked in the mirror and absolutely loved the Joan Collins vibes I was giving off.

And ankara escort that was the moment that my plan was truly born. I called out for my roommate Heather and I laid out my whole plan. I wanted her ideas and more than anything a little encouragement that I could pull this off.

“Elsa, you are one naughty lady,” she laughed. Heather was always in support of my sexy plans and she adored Andrew ever since she helped me win him back after our first date had ended poorly. With Heather’s help I picked out a fitted black wrap dress, a pair of ridiculously sexy buckled heels, and a set of fake but somewhat convincing pearls.

Then came time for the phone call. I used Heather’s landline to call the law firm.

“Gordon, Fraser, and Moore. How may I direct your call?” came the first telephone operator.

I put on my poshest London dialect and said, “I’d like to speak to the person in charge of Mr. Andrew Bennett’s schedule, please.”

Heather stifled a laugh with her hand and I was immediately transferred. After two rings a cheerful Irish voice answered.

“Andrew Bennett’s office, this is Cassidy.”

“Yes, hello Cassidy,” I said demurely. “I would like to set an appointment with Mr. Bennett for Friday afternoon. It’s a matter of some urgency.”

“Of course, may I ask who is calling?”

I looked to Heather in panic. I hadn’t picked a name!

“This is… Eleanor… Wallace,” I finally answered.

“Will Friday afternoon at three o’clock work for you Ms. Wallace?

“Three o’clock is acceptable,” I said with a sniff of importance.

Cassidy hesitated for a moment, “And may I take a note for Mr. Bennett on what your potential case is regarding?”


Heather’s jaw dropped in delighted shock at my bold declaration and I held up a finger to keep her quiet while I got off the phone.

“Thank you, Ms. Wallace. We will see you Friday afternoon.”

“Yes, you will. Thank you Cassidy,” I said with finality and dropped the phone on it’s cradle.

Heather and I doubled over with laughter.

“Oh my God, you are going to scare that poor girl to death!” Heather giggled.

I didn’t see Andrew a lot that week because he had lots of business dinners before the big gala; he had to make sure all his top clients would be attending. That was okay because I was so excited about my little plot that I was scared I’d give it away.

On Friday morning I had kissed Andrew goodbye after sleeping over at his place and told him to pick me up at Heather’s for the gala since that’s where I’d be getting ready.

“When are you just gonna move in here?” He asked, waving a hand toward my piles of clothes that already lived in his apartment.

“When are you gonna put a ring on it?” I winked and put a smack on his behind as he went out the door.

Andrew thought I had a spa morning with Heather and Olivia to prepare for the gala, and I did…but he didn’t know that they would be helping me get ready for something big before the gala.

I rushed out to the spa and got my nails done as well as a professional wax-the pains of being sexy.

Back at Heather’s I pulled together my “costume.” Eleanor Wallace was about to make an appearance that would be remembered. I pulled on a brand new red long-line bra and a matching garter belt. I delicately rolled up a pair of black thigh high stockings and attached the garter straps. Then I pulled on a tiny red lace thong. It’s a common costuming faux pas that the underwear is worn underneath the garter, but the smart woman knows they need to be on top for easy removal.

Next I slipped into the buckled shoes and pulled on the wrap dress.

Then it was time for Olivia and Heather to take over. Olivia teaches acting and Heather teaches dramatic interpretation at Manchester University where we all work and we all have experience in hair and makeup for the stage. Heather pulled my hair back into a wig cap while Olivia painted on a new face. I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup for work, but Olivia was going all out. She even glued on some false eyelashes.

“Pucker up!” She giggled as she put a daringly dark berry shade of lipstick on my lips. Heather brought over the wig that we had borrowed from the school. It was chestnut brown with big rolled curls. It would look like I came right from the hair salon.

I put on my pearls and Heather delicately pinned the black fascinator into the wig. I pulled on a pair of dainty black lace gloves and finally my grandmother’s mink. The three of us looked in the mirror together to admire our work.

“Think this will work?” I asked.

“Honey, if Andrew doesn’t want to screw you, I will!” Olivia said and we all laughed again. I looked at the clock and it was time to get going.

“Wait! One more thing!” Olivia said, grabbing an eyeliner pencil. She poked it against my left cheek giving me a sultry, Marilyn Monroe-esque mole.

“Perfect!” Heather agreed.

We got into Olivia’s car with me alone in the backseat and arrived in town çankaya escort center Manchester right on time.

The building that holds the Gordon, Fraser, and Moore offices is big and grand enough that there’s a valet in front of the building. As the car pulled up, a uniformed attendant opened my door. I put one foot out the door and waited for the valet to help me out of the car because at this point I was fully in character.

I walked confidently to the revolving door of the building and through the marble floored lobby. At the elevator I asked the attendant for floor eleven and enjoyed the looks from the businessmen who shared the elevator car.

“Floor eleven, Miss,” the attendant ushered me out of the lift and there were the doors to Gordon, Fraser, and Moore. This was the point of no return and my stomach tensed as I pulled open the glass door and stepped in.

I knew I looked unrecognizable but I still felt the hairs on the back of my neck prickle at the site of one of Andrew’s colleagues, Patrick Donahue, in the lobby with a client of his own. I strutted past him, feeling his eyes on me as I approached the reception desk.

“I have an appointment with Andrew Bennett. I am Eleanor Wallace,” I said, again with my practiced London accent.

The receptionist nodded and looked at the master appointment schedule on her computer and confirmed it.

“Yes, ma’am. Let me take you to Mr. Bennett’s office.” She started to stand but Patrick having finished his meeting suddenly appeared at my side.

“I’m heading back that way, Camilla. I can escort her,” he said. “Patrick Donahue, client relations. My office is next to Andrew’s,” he said offering his hand. I shook it with a look of surprise and a sly smile.

“Thank you, Mr. Donahue,” I said and we were off toward the account offices. I had met Patrick more than a handful of times, Andrew and I had even been on a double date with him and an ex-girlfriend, but I knew that Patrick had absolutely no idea who I was. I had passed the first test.

We came to a suite of offices, each with a small desk in front of an inner office. Patrick gestured toward the second office where a very petite girl with a massive head of red hair sat in front of a door with the name ‘Andrew Bennett’ carved on a stone placard. The girl at the desk stood and I realized she was barely five feet tall. In my heels, I towered over her.

“Ms. Wallace, welcome,” she said with that Irish lilt. “Mr. Bennett is just finishing up a call; would you like to take a seat?” She gestured to an overstuffed velvet armchair opposite her desk.

Before I could sit, Patrick was offering me his hand again. “Ms. Wallace, it was an absolute pleasure to walk you down the hall. If you need anything else after your meeting, my office is just next door.” He backed out of the office with a smile that said he hoped I would come next door after my meeting. I looked to Cassidy who had witnessed the encounter and she looked apologetic.

“May I take your coat, Ms. Wallace?” She offered.

“Yes,” I said, unhooking the mink from my neck and delicately handing it to Cassidy.

“What a gorgeous wrap,” she said running a hand over the silky soft fur.

“Thank you,” I said, taking a seat and crossing my ankles. “It’s been in my family for decades.” Cassidy hung the fur gently on a padded hanger in the small closet in the corner.

“Would you like something to drink? Water? Coffee?”

“A bottle of water would be lovely,” I answered, giving Cassidy a small smile. I had already decided that I really liked Cassidy and later when I met her as myself I would make sure we could be friends.

Cassidy grabbed a bottle of water from a small cooler just as her phone buzzed and I heard Andrew’s voice over the intercom.

“Cassidy, I’m ready for Ms. Wallace.”

My heart beat sped up and I thought, ‘Oh, Andrew, you are NOT ready for Ms. Wallace.” But I stood and followed Cassidy to the inner door. She pushed it slowly open and stepped in placing my bottle of water on the near side of the desk.

Andrew had been looking down at a file in front of him, presumably labeled ‘Eleanor Wallace,’ but he looked up at me and his eyes went wide for a moment.

I was afraid he’d already recognized me, but then I realized it had been a reaction of attraction and not recognition.

“Is there anything else I can get you, Mr. Wallace?” Cassidy asked.

“No, that will be all, thank you,” he answered and Cassidy stepped out of the office pulling the door closed behind her. I knew this was a very nice office and the walls weren’t sound proof, but they were sound hindering so I wasn’t worried about being overheard.

“Would you like to take a seat, Ms. Wallace?” He gestured to a chair opposite his desk.

“I’ll stand for the moment,” I answered. “But you may feel free to sit,” I added and he did, taking up a pen for notes.

“What brings you to Gordon, Fraser, and Moore? The only word on your file is ‘adultery’.”

“Yes,” I spoke kızılay escort slowly while I started to pull the black lace gloves from my hands. “I will need your firm to represent me in my divorce case.”

Andrew gave a slow nod and jotted a note on the file. “Should I assume the adultery is on the part of your husband?”

Placing the removed gloves on the other chair my hands went up to the small hat pinned in my wig.

“No,” I said, pulling the pin and removing the hat from my head. “The adultery is mine.”

A flicker of confusion darted through Andrew’s eyes as the french tulle veil that had obscured my face was removed. I could tell his eyes were searching my face for the key to why I was so familiar.

“And does your husband know that you’ve been unfaithful?” Andrew asked.

“Oh, I haven’t been unfaithful yet,” I pulled the fabric tie that secured my dress around my waist and the fabric fell open, exposing the red lingerie beneath.

Andrew’s mouth fell open and his eyes went wide as saucers. I shrugged the dress off my shoulders letting it fall to a pool at my feet and recognition flooded Andrew’s face when he saw the familiar tattoo on my arm that let him know it was me.

I approached the big wooden desk and placed my hands on the solid wood, leaning towards Andrew just slightly.

“Mr. Bennett, I’m here to be unfaithful.”

Part 2: Andrew

My cock was hard as soon as Elsa shrugged off her dress and revealed the gorgeous body underneath covered in some sexy red lingerie, and I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of her standing there with her hands on my desk in all her glory, looking like some goddess come to life and asking me to fuck her right there in my office.

My eyes fell right to her big round tits that were threatening to spill out from the top of her bra. Since she was leaning forward and pushing them together, her cleavage was right in front of my face, looking so inviting and just begging for me to press my face into it, to kiss those big pale mounds of supple soft flesh, and my mouth literally began to water just as my cock began to throb inside the confines of my trousers.

“You should know I’ve got a girlfriend who I love,” I said dragging my eyes up from those amazing tits and looking deep into Elsa’s equally amazing blue eyes. This was all a game of roleplaying and after my initial shock I quickly assumed my character.

Elsa, or should I say Ms. Wallace, smirked at me when I said that, her lips curling up in a smile loaded with wicked intent.

“And I have a husband,” she said slowly, maintaining eye contact and giving a sensual lick of her lips. “But they aren’t here and we are.”

I couldn’t help but groan at that, and my cock stiffened even more inside my pants as I sat in my chair and looked at my gorgeous girlfriend attempting, and succeeding to seduce me. If this had been some stranger I would have had her removed from the building within seconds for doing this, but beneath the wig, make up and sexy red lingerie it was Elsa and I couldn’t wait to play along.

“No they aren’t,” I said with a grin of my own before I bit my lower lip as I let my eyes drop back to the big tits that were heaving just inches away from my face.

And my God, seeing Elsa dressed so sexually was working for me. My cock was pulsing and throbbing as my eyes took in her breasts again, watching them move with every breath she took and jiggle as she straightened up again, standing on the other side of the desk and smiling at me as she cupped both in her hands.

“I see you like my breasts, Mr. Bennett, you can’t seem to take your eyes off them! My husband doesn’t play with them nearly as much as I would like, so you are welcome to,” Elsa cooed seductively and rubbed her hands over her tits, letting me watch before she slid her palms down her body and without another word started walking around the desk toward me.

I didn’t say anything; I just pushed my chair back away from the desk and watched as Elsa moved. Staring and taking in her body as I listened to the click of her heels on the hard floor as she took each step, my eyes moving from her legs up past her covered crotch and over her belly, then continuing higher until my eyes met hers and she was standing over me no more than a few inches away.

I can’t describe how good she looked. Every inch of her was perfect to me and the lingerie she was wearing was the cherry on top. Elsa knew just what turned me on most and had endeavoured to wear it, I felt my cock jerk when I got a better look at her garter belt and black stockings. I’ve always preferred some silk stockings on a woman’s legs.

“Tell me Mr. Bennet, has your girlfriend ever given you a blowjob here at work?” she asked with a naughty gleam in her eye, and before I could answer she slid to her knees in front of me and ran her hands up my thighs toward my belt buckle.

“Mmm, no she hasn’t,” I said trying to keep cool, as I felt Elsa’s hands caress my throbbing cock still trapped inside my pants, she wasn’t making it easy though, especially when she squeezed my bulge and then caressed it again while looking up at my face from her knees. She reached past me to the framed picture of Elsa and I that sat next to my computer and she laid it face down in symbolism.

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