And You Thought Katrina Was a Flood

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My wife, Brenda and I have been active swingers for the past 10 years and we have been married 15. We both discovered early on that we could not have kids, so we dived into our professional careers, almost to the point of burnout. We nagged each other and definitely made life difficult for us with high stress levels. It was decided we needed a vacation, and lo and behold we went to Hedo in Jamaica and discovered an alternate life that we readily accepted and enjoy. It was a taste that we wanted over and over and still are active in today.

First for a little description of us. Brenda, age 35, is 5’6 about 125 with a nice 36C rack and long and shapely legs. She wears her hair long and straight keeping it jet black so as to highlight her white skin. She enjoys all things sexual with the exception of wet and scat action. She is much into double or even triple penetrations, just loving the airtight concept. However her best attribute is sucking cock and that is what she relishes the most. Especially if they unload on her face or anywhere else on her body; she can and has orgasms just from that. As for me, I’m 37, 6 ft with 200 pounds in pretty good shape with a 7 inch pecker that usually works overtime for me. Though I enjoy all the action, it is watching Brenda let loose that really gets me worked up.

We usually play in relatively small groups; the largest size has been about 20 couples. We also don’t care for the club scene; we try to stay with private house parties or special events, even attending a swinger’s convention in Vegas one year. That was a blast, over the course of the week, Brenda had at least 100 cocks explode over her body and face and she savored every drop. She truly believes in the facial cream concept often talked about, the more sperm on your face the better your complexion. It’s not true, but she wishes at least.

Over the years we’ve made great friends as well as playmates, to say we have a favorite is wrong, we like several people equally well. However if we were pressed to name a couple we always had a blast with it would be Sal and Louise, a hot to trot 40 ish Italian couple that party hard and then party some more. Sal is a fairly short but stocky guy, very hairy and gets down with a pretty impressive cock. Louise is also short, plump with black hair, super 36DD tits and an always open ready to receive pussy. One time they gave a party and the message was to arrive and go to their back door. Sal had replaced the real door with a glory hole door and in order to enter, the male had to insert his dick. Louise on the inside would either suck or fuck the cock and then identify it to gain admittance. Damm if she wasn’t right almost 90% of the time!

We have often vacationed with Sal and Louise, and it is always a slam fest. The girls save us money by never shopping and hardly leaving the resort because their legs are usually up and open and in a lot of cases, occupied. I recall one time in Cabos, the action was wild, Louise got up to pee and empty out some sperm as well, but she took a guy with her so she could continue to suck his cock while on the commode. In fact when the wives showered, they were usually being buggered as well.

This is not to say that Sal and I had vacant signs around our necks, we got plenty of action as well, but we both enjoyed the pure ecstasy that the wives were experiencing during our fun times. And of course we had to take more frequent rest breaks, a true disadvantage for men in this lifestyle.

One day shortly after arriving home from work, Brenda met me at the door all excited and glowing. Evidently Louise had called; they had rented a condo in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and wanted us to join them. In fact they would arrive tomorrow at our house and we would go over to Orleans in the next day or two. I was excited as well, I had missed Louise for some time, she was funny, sweet and oh so sexy.

I got home to see their SUV parked in our driveway and just decided to sneak in and surprise them instead of just walking in the front door. I went in the back door, stripped my clothes off, and silently followed to where I heard voices, which was the living room.

Well, I was the one surprised; the action had certainly started without me and I could have barged in banging drums and I would not have halted this activity.

Sal, Louise and Brenda were all naked on the living room floor intertwined. They were all into each other, but it was very clear that Sal was laying the pipe to Brenda.

Louise was lying on the floor, Brenda was on top of her eating her hole, Sal was behind Brenda, and fucking her while Louise was munching on both Sal and Brenda’s organs.

It was hot and enticing to stare at this activity while wanking to get the little leg in high gear.

I couldn’t stand by anymore, and when I was hard as nails; I kneeled at the opening of Louise’s pussy and sank my way to heaven. Both Sal and Brenda had seen me enter and smiled, but to Louise, the entry of my dick to her pussy was like a wake up call. She started to fuck back hard and tried to disengage from both Sal bahis siteleri and Brenda. When she did, she pushed me off of her, threw me down on my back and mounted me instantly.

Louise was bouncing wildly on my cock and those hooters of hers were slapping into my face and chest while I desperately tried to catch one or both of those beauties in my mouth. Finally I just gave up and grabbed them hard and shoved the hard nipples into my sucking mouth. Louise was jolting from one orgasm to another and braying like a wild donkey.

Inches from me, Sal had placed Brenda on her back and was now power fucking her cunt as hard as I’ve ever seen anyone do. Brenda had raised her hips up and was holding them with her hands near her ass to give Sal more leverage as he was coming all the way out with his dick only to drive it in again to his nuts. His cock was like a plunger opening a sink; the wet sounds coming from them filled the room.

Of course with this frenzy of lust, it could not last. Both Sal and I pulled out of our respective partners to splatter our loads on their faces, at which point the girls licked each other clean. It was then that I verbally thanked them for visiting our home, which got a good laugh.

We all unlocked from each other and remaining naked, poured ourselves glasses of wine and presented a toast to old friends and hot sex. We continued to recover from our heated passions while sharing events since we last saw each other.

I discovered Sal had expanded his business, he had added another location for his plumbing supply operation, and this gave him 4 locations. Even better, this one was close to us and would allow more frequent visits since he would be overseeing the opening.

Louise was busy showing her two tiny tattoo’s to Brenda, ones I didn’t even notice when I fucked her earlier. Both were really small and were on the back of her heels. One foot said cum, the other said slut. Brenda was gaga over them and insisted she wanted the same and she wanted it done before we left for New Orleans. Who was I to argue?

If she wore shoes you wouldn’t be able to see them.

I went up to Louise and told her the tattoo’s were wrong side up, she looked at me funny so I grabbed her by the heels and lifted her legs like I was going to fuck her. I said see, the words are upside down; you should be able to read them when you’re screwing. Everyone started laughing, but since I had Louise in this position her pussy looked inviting and I just shoved my cock in.

Across the room Sal and Brenda got into a 69 with Brenda on top. We were at it again.

Louise indicated she wanted to change positions; while we were doing that she started sucking on my cock with her special technique. Using her tongue she would lick from my balls up under my shaft all the way to the head and then force her tongue into my pee hole. She would then reverse herself and start back down again. The result of this was for my dick to become a piece of steel. Louise finally stopped and got on her hands and knee’s and I fucked her from behind, grabbing hold of those big tits for leverage. Louise kept huffing for more speed and deeper pumping. I obliged with all I had.

Meanwhile Sal was scissor fucking Brenda and making her have loud shrilling noises emitted from deep within. Both these woman were not quiet, when they were aroused, everybody within the area would know it. Sal suddenly raised his voice while saying fuck and as his ass flexed he was pumping of load of cum into Brenda’s boiling pussy. She in turn grabbed the back of his thigh and urged him to force more scalding juice into her.

That was to much for me, with my cock working like a piston I started cumming in Louise’s clutching hole. I kept slamming like mad and when I would withdraw some I bought our combined fluids out with me. Pretty soon we had a frothy wet mess, me on my groin, Louise over her ass.

When we were both finished blowing our loads, Sal and I got up while the girls crawled to each other and started cleaning each other up with their mouths and tongues. Another hot sight not lost on the two of us. Sal even uttered some Italian from the observation, “Roba che scotta “which I asked what that meant and he said, that’s hot pertaining to the girls. I had to concur.

After our gymnastic activity was over, we decided on plans for the rest of the day and evening. The girls were going to find a good tattoo artist that could do the same tattoo’s on Brenda that Louise had. Sal and I would meanwhile make some reservations in New Orleans; based on Mardi good restaurants were going to be tough to get a table at. While checking out the internet, we also looked at clubs and parties that might be scheduled which we could attend. Of course we were looking for swinger based activities.

Sal remembered a friend of his recommending a place that he had a great time in so we checked it out. It’s called NolaSwingersCumParties, and they specialize in just that. Sal asked if I wanted to really get the girls their jizz fix we could call ahead and plan something out. I thought that was a great canlı bahis siteleri idea and we did. The folks answering the phone were more than helpful and would make the appropriate event happen that we requested. I’m sure the girls would love it but I know Sal and I would be over the moon if the club could pull this off.

We contacted the wives to see how they were doing as well as checking about dinner; Sal and I wanted to meet up with them and eat out, they wanted to bring Chinese home and eat in. We agreed with their plan.

When the wives returned we of course wanted to check out the tattoos, sure enough Brenda had the words done twice on each foot, so if her feet were straight or upright, it was readable. Surprisingly, Louise had her feet revised as well, so they were a matching set.

Sal and I wanted a closer inspection of the handiwork so we could approve or not, so we fucked our respective wives both doggie and missionary and both of us gave a thumb up.

After dinner we watched a movie and decided to hit the sheets so we could get an early start for New Orleans. Brenda told me in her special way how happy she was, that she and I could go by giving me one of her patent blowjobs before we went to sleep. I reciprocated by giving her another moisturizing facial. In the guest room we heard the headboard knocking and that distinct wail of Louise as they were feeling the lust as well.

We headed out early the next morning for the 7-8 hour drive to New Orleans. Louise jumped in the back with me; Brenda up front with the driving Sal. After a short while under way the wives took naps as Sal and I talked. After a few hours we were approaching the Louisiana border near Orange when Louise started moving and rubbing her crotch thru her short sundress.

I saw this as an opportunity to see how hot she was becoming. I moved closer to her and raised her dress slightly to reveal her hot pink mini panties. With her olive complexion the comparison of flesh versus panty was tantalizing. With deftness, I pushed the panty away from her slit and exposed it to the air and my probing fingers. My actions were met with a deep sigh of approval and a further spreading of the legs. I pushed down in the seat so my face could get closer to Louise’s honey pie; my tongue flicked inside her labia and searched for the moistness she was beginning to ooze out.

Louise’s body jolted as my tongue and lips made contact with clit and gash. She was now fully awake and grabbed my head so I dare not pull away. Her moist pussy was flowing as I raked my teeth over her pussy lips and nibbled at that tender flesh.

Louise’s movement as well as her verbal antics got the front seat occupants attention. Sal was looking in the rear view mirror often and Brenda was now awake and alert, gazing lustily in the back seat.

I relentlessly kept at Louise’s pussy, even now and then darting my tongue into her ass and making her body lift from the seat. After about 20 minutes of this Louise stiffened and locked her thighs tightly against my ears as she convulsed her orgasm. As she was coming down from her euphoria, she finally released my head and I could surface to show my wet face, dripping with love sauce from just below my eye’s to my chin.

Sal couldn’t take it. At the earliest time he could safely leave traffic, he pulled over and put the vehicle in park and told me in no uncertain terms it was my turn to drive and for Brenda to get her ass in back. Brenda did not hesitate, so much so that while climbing in the backseat after switching with Louise, she was disrobing. Before I even got back on the highway, Sal and Brenda were fondling each others genitals with gusto.

Within a minute of being on the highway, looking mostly in the rear view mirror, Brenda was seated in the center of the seat, Sal had taken his pants off completely and was standing bent legged, on the seat fucking Brenda’s mouth with his rod. Louise was spurring on the action by encouraging Sal to “fuck her mouth”. They slowed their frantic pace and occasionally if Sal slowed too much, Brenda would grab his ass cheeks and force the pace of his cock in her mouth.

Since I hadn’t come yet, I slipped my cock out to keep it from aching while driving. Louise spotted it and leaned over to blow and jack me for relief. A big moving van passed us just then and the passenger got an eyeful. Looking down at me driving, he saw a black haired woman going to town on my cock while in the back; two naked people were hell bent for sexual relief. The guy kept turning to talk to the rig’s driver and pointing down at us. I slowed down so I could let them get ahead, plus I was about to lose my load. I started to ejaculate and held Louise’s head close to my dick. In the back, Sal was letting loose a torrent of sperm directly to Brenda’s face. After Sal stepped aside, it was clear how cum splattered Brenda’s face was; sperm was dripping off her chin.

We all settled back down and Sal asked if I wanted him to drive again. I told him it was ok, we could switch off in Baton Rouge and he could drive the last leg in.

Once canlı bahis we did stop, the wives got in back together and commenced to eat each other out. This went on till we hit the outskirts of New Orleans, just past the elevated portion of the interstate, passed the swamp.

Our suite was in the Hilton Riverside Hotel, near the river and across from Harrah’s casino. Once settled in we all decided to take a nap and then head out to the casino for a little action and whatever may come. Our plan for the wives was actually for tomorrow evening so we didn’t want them to get tuckered out.

Once we were refreshed, we showered and dressed; the ladies did not wear much of anything, real tight cocktail dresses and no undergarments. We decided to eat first at Besh’s Steakhouse and then hit the tables. After a superb meal with plenty of good wine, we kind of went our separate ways; Sal and I to the blackjack tables, the wives to some slots.

Sal was pretty hot, he was up two grand in a little over an hour and I was down about fifty. We hadn’t seen the wives in all this time, so I quit and did a search for the babes.

Shortly after starting to look I heard some distinctive laughter coming from a bank of machines to my left. There was Brenda, Louise and a very pretty older lady just having a whale of a good time. When I approached, Brenda introduced me to Clare their new friend, a slender rather tall woman, early 50’s perhaps, with silver hair cut short. Her body did not have a lot of curves but she was sensual looking irregardless. Her eyes were quite green and were very piercing which led to you wanting to gaze at her. She was here with her husband, Del, who was playing in the poker room.

After the introductions, Clare excused herself and said she would get Del and meet us at the bar a little later. After she left, I asked the girls how they were doing; of course they were losing but having a good time of it. I told them of Sal’s good fortune and they were happy someone was winning.

Both Brenda and Louise started to tell me about Clare. They were also staying at the Hilton having come over Alabama to do a little playing. And it was not just at the casino; they made the annual trip in for Mardi to swing as well. That’s the great thing about swinger wives; they can get information when others can’t.

The girls cashed in their tickets and we went back to the blackjack tables to round up Sal. Sal was still hot and was up four grand now and didn’t want to stop even after telling him we were meeting another couple at the bar. Only when I whispered to him that they were swingers to, did Sal grab his chips and cash them in.

After sitting in the bar and ordering we waited for the arrival of Del and Clare. Overlooking the casino floor we spotted Clare waving at us. She was followed by a large silver haired man of about 60. Now when I say large, it was not of the obese kind, this fellow was at least 6’5 and lanky.

When they finally got to the bar we were formally introduced to Del who when he shook my hand it disappeared because his hand was immense; when he hugged our wives his spread hand covered the small of their backs. Both Brenda and Louise liked what they saw and gazed up at Del when our conversation started. Seems Del was just losing out in the poker room when Clare got him so he was happy to meet us.

We found out a little about this couple; they had been married 27 years, had two kids and 3 grandkids. Del owned several storage facilities in the Mobile area and Clare was a real estate broker with her own firm.

We continued our conversations, primarily about our backgrounds till our drinks were empty. The woman got the itch again to play some slots, so they left us three men in the bar. Our conversation shifted to one of the reasons Sal and I were in town. Del listened intently.

We told Del about our plan at the Nola swinger party house and he was very excited and asked that maybe Clare and he could come along. We had no problem with that. Del filled us in about their partying ways and surprisingly their swinging started the same as ours, at one of the Hedo’s in Jamaica. Like us, his biggest kick was to see Clare bust loose and party hard, it was the same turn on for us.

The wives quickly lost their interest in giving money away into the slots, so they rejoined us and we all decided to head back over to the Hilton and have a nightcap in our suite.

Once inside everyone relaxed; we fixed some drinks from the mini bar and fell back into the plush sofa and chairs.

Some really blue jokes started being told which got hearty laughs from all. Both Brenda and Louise’s cocktail dresses started riding up; it did not take much head bending to see their private areas. Del did just that, until Brenda spotted his gaze and then she lifted up and hiked her dress past her hips and told him he didn’t have to strain himself. Brenda told him he could touch if he wanted and when Del put that huge hand to her slit, it virtually disappeared. Del inserted one then two fingers and you would have thought that a dick was plugged into Brenda because she was acting full. Louise went over to give Brenda a hand and released Del’s cock. And what a monster it was; the old wives tale about a man’s hand size being appropriate to his cock was true on Del’s account.

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