Anal-yze This!

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I stepped into the shrink doctor’s office, debating whether or not I should just make a beeline for the car or go inside to the waiting room. I peeped inside the window and saw different people sitting around either reading magazines, making small talk or staring aimlessly into space. Just what I needed, I thought. To be surrounded by a bunch of morons like myself.

I rang the bell for the receptionist to sign me in. “Sign here, please”, she said, pointing to a brown clipboard. I scribbled my name down and quickly scanned the sheet for any names I knew. Thank God, I hadn’t found a one.

“Dr. Brown will be with you shortly,” she said, politely. And then she disappeared.

My estranged husband decided if it was to work out between us, I needed to address some issues that he felt that I had sexually. He claims I spend too much time on the Internet surfing for free porn sites and watching porn movies. I had to admit that I was pretty embarrassed when he found my collection of dirty pictures I had neatly tucked under the mattress. Not to mention the ones that I had saved on my desktop in “My Briefcase.” Somehow the nosy bastard found the dildo and the vibrator, as well as the three girl-girl movies I had tucked away in an old piece of luggage. I remember stammering and stuttering when he confronted me with the dirty pictures {which were all of women, of course} on that hot August night.

I pinned the blame on ex-boyfriends’, other close relatives, old friends and any and all unsuspecting souls. Still my hubby wasn’t buying it. Any of it. So this is how I ended up in the shrink’s office waiting to be seen, feeling dirty and ashamed.

“Ms. Coleman?,” a masculine voice said.

I rose out of my seat like a reluctant soldier going to battle for the first time. This was it. I had no other choice but to face the music.

Dr. Brown closed the door, and then sank deep in his chair, folding one leg over the other.

“So what seems to be the problem, Ms. Coleman?,” he asked, taking off this glasses and looking me square in the face.

I shifted in my seat, cleared my throat, and began speaking in a very low voice. Suddenly, I was feeling quite warm, and well, wet. Then it dawned on me, This was my time to shine. I could finally tell someone about all my nastiest sexual fantasies. And he was actually willing to listen!

“Well, my husband thinks I spend too much time on the Net porn-surfing. I don’t see where it is a problem.”

“Really? What do you look at?”, he asked, smirking.

“Thumbnail bursa escort galleries, mostly,” I grinned, sheepishly. “I’m not revealing all my secrets. I got to save something for the next visit.”

“What do you look for specifically?”

“Ummm, well, it used to be lesbian stuff. And from there it went to pornstars, and then to erotic cartoons and stories, and then…..anal stuff. The hardcore, licking, rimming, etc.”

“No, I mean the picture content. Tell me what it is exactly what you are looking at.”

It might have been my imagination, but Dr. Brown was getting rather excited himself. I noticed that he unfolded one leg from on top of the other and he was sitting real still, with his legs closed together tightly.

“One time I saw this picture where this girl was going down on another girl and she…”,

“You mean ‘going down’ as in eating her pussy?,” Dr. Brown interrupted, his eyes meeting mine.


“And you like looking at that type of content? Does lesbian sex turn you on? Two women fucking each other, tasting each other’s twats, nibbling on each other’s clits, is that what you like?”

“Yes,” I admitted, licking my lips.

“Tell me your fantasies, please, Ms. Coleman.”

“Well, one of my biggest fantasies is that I am masturbating like crazy and then the woman of my dreams comes in and starts going down…”

“Eating your pussy, you mean,” Dr. Brown, corrected.

“Yes,” I whispered. “And she’s eating my pussy. I mean really going to town. Lips spread, and tongue buried in my sloppy cum-soaked hole. And she is using everything on me: fingers, tongues, a banana, dildos, the works. I am cumming like crazy! She slides two fingers in and finger-fucks me like I had never been finger-fucked before. And that’s where I start to get even more creamy and gooey and then she slides this big, thick dildo right in my asshole. And I am caught off surprise because I didn’t see it coming and she is still fingering me with one hand, and has the dildo hammering away at my asshole with the other hand. And I am loving every minute of it!”, I exclaimed, loudly. I suddenly wondered if the other patients heard me.

“So, is anal sex is something that arouses you, too?”,

“Very much. The hubby is disgusted by it. He thinks that only gay men do anal.”

“I won’t lie. I love to fuck a woman in her ass. Something about that tight hole being opened for the first time… just turns me on. Her face wincing in pain as I slide my schlong in that tight pink hole bursa escort bayan and pump, pump, pump ’til my hot jizz comes squirting out! Sometimes, I let a little dribble on the outside!”

I was taken aback by Dr. Brown frankness. I didn’t think he would confess his sexual fantasies to me. The tables had turned. I was the doctor and he was now the patient.

I was taken aback even further when he pulled his rock-hard dick out of his pants and began to stroke it rhythmically. For a White man, I was shocked! He had width and length!

I sat back in my chair, pulled my skirt up, tore off my panties, and spread my gash as wide as I could. I could feel the cum squishing around whenever I contracted my muscles.

The head of his dick was glistening shiny with pre-cum. He wheeled his chair next to mine, sat down, and then began doing a manual examination of my twat with his left hand, while his right hand jacked himself off.

His middle finger teased my clit and I let out a low moan. He fingers danced around the rim of my opening, and I arched my back, waiting for him to let one finger dive in.

“Stand up and bend over,” he ordered.

I did as directed, bending over the desk, obediently.

He stood directly behind me, first spanking my ass like a misbehaved child. Then I felt him spread my asscheeks.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” he said, mockingly.

I braced for whatever was coming. Out of nowhere, I felt something warm and wet bathing my anus. It sent a chill through my spine.

“Just some warm tap water,” he answered, reading my mind.

He resumed bathing my asshole with the warm water in the medicine dropper, occasionally sliding the dropper in my soggy hole.

“Ooooh…this feels soooooo goooodddddd,” I whispered softly.

He replied by sliding a finger in.

“See the water acts as a stimulant and a muscle relaxer. Now, your hole feels more open and ready.”

“Mmmmm…hmmmm…I am open…..”

Then something gooey and messy slid on my anus.

“A little K-Y….”

“Yes, K-Y does the trick for me and my hubby when we have our plain-jane sex….”

Then he slid his monster-sized cock in without warning.

I began to buck wildly. I was not ready for this!

“Take it out,” I screeched, in pain. My hole felt like someone had tried to stuff a watermelon in something the size of a cherry.

“Relax,” he replied, in a soothing voice. He picked me up, holding me by my waist. We crashed down in the armchair, I on his lap, dick stuffed escort bursa in my ass.

I felt my muscles loosen as I my third hole tried to accommodate his oversized package.

“Yess…..enjoy it,” he whispered, licking my ear. I felt his hands work their way past my stomach and into my honey pot. I felt him twirling my pubic hair around his fingers, while he pumped my ass.

I spread my legs even more so that my legs were hanging off the arms of the chair.

“Mmmm…..hmmm,”, I moaned. I rubbed my nipples and imagined it was my husband fucking me silly.

“My, aren’t we excited?,” he murmured, sliding a finger in my slippery hole. I caught a glimpse of our partially-clothed selves in the mirror. His pants were bunched around his ankles as I rode his stiff stallion. His finger was plunged deep in my soggy pussy, as he planted kisses on the nape of my neck. There was something downright ironic about this whole situation. Here was the man whose occupation was to “help” cure people of these addictions, and here he was contributing to the problem! As if! It was a guilty pleasure fulfilled and it felt good.

Suddenly, he picked me up, dick still in ass, and bent me over the desk, once again. He grabbed my right leg and placed it over his thigh, which gave him better access to my snatch. He reached from behind and rubbed my swollen clit, furiously.

“Yesssss,” I whispered. “Just like that.”

He removed his dick from my ass slowly. He re-applied his finger, and began a circular motion on my anus. The creaminess of the K-Y was an added bonus to his already skilled hand.

“Much better than before,” he mused. He was still fingering my anus, playfully. I felt his warm breath on my asscheeks and then his hot tongue bathing my asshole. His saliva mixed with the K-Y sent me over the edge.

“Ohmigod,ohmigod,ohmigod,ohmigod….Here she comes,” I yelled out. My orgasm came gushing in a hot torrent of cum. His face was dripping in cum. I also had managed to spill it on his paper-littered desk. But I was feeling damn good.

He used his shirt as a face towel, wiping my juices on it. He stumbled back into the armchair, almost losing his balance. His pants were still bunched around his ankles, as he sank deep into the chair, speechless.

I glanced at the clock on the wall which read a quarter to three. I had been in his office since one o’clock! I dressed quickly, finger-combed my hair into a presentable style, and slipped on my heels. I crept out to the waiting room, avoiding the receptionist. I was almost out the door when I heard a voice calling my name.

“Ms. Coleman, would you like to schedule an appointment for next week?,” she asked.

“Sure. Same time, same day,” I replied with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32