Anal Stories: Emmaline

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Ashley Alban

** The ad was on the fourth page of the newspaper’s classified section. Small print, no header. Dr. Ana Von Gaarten, Ph.D. is seeking stories of anal sex for a sex study. Must be personal and must be well-detailed. If the story is accepted for inclusion into the study, the writer will receive $1,000 dollars and will be required to sign a waiver for publication purposes. Send replies to P.O. Box 745, New York, New York … **

His name is Jason and he’s my neighbor’s son. I’m nearly 60 years old and I’ve been a widow for almost nine years. I haven’t had sex in longer than that because the cancer medicines made Frank impotent and even though he begged me to find someone else, I never had the heart to do it. When he died, I tried to masturbate a few times but it was always very awkward and I never got wet, like I hear some women get. For a long time, I’ve been convinced that something’s wrong with me but trips to the doctor have found nothing.

It was Jason that discovered what was wrong with me.

“Emma! Emmaline, you in there?”

I heard the tractor when he came near the house and I hurried to pour myself a glass of lemonade to give him the impression that I wasn’t standing around waiting for his visit. But I really was. Jason had been coming by to visit me twice a week ever since Frank died. I’d always ask him what a twenty-year old would want with an old woman but he always laughed and said that I was not old. These wrinkles and aches in my bones sure tell me different but I never corrected him. He was too sweet with those golden brown eyes and brown hair.

“In the kitchen!” I yelled back, sipping my drink and trying to act casual. The screen door slammed shut and I heard his boots clump across the floor, heading towards me. A few seconds later, I was smiling into his warm eyes and tousling his brown hair. “How are ya, kid?”

He laughed. “Just fine, Emma Mine.” He always called me that and I blushed, hoping he didn’t see it. “Got a beer for a working man?”

“Of course. In the icebox.”

I watched him swagger over to the fridge and grab a Michelob out. He popped the top and clinked the bottle to my glass. “Cheers.”

His eyes closed as he swallowed the cold beer and I couldn’t help but notice the way his lips curled around the glass lip of the bottle. So soft, so sensual … God, what’s wrong with me! Why am I thinking about my friend like this? The unexpected opening of his eyes caught me off guard and I shivered at the knowledge in his eyes. I had to look away because I was afraid that I had given myself away.


“Are you hungry?” I should have known that a change in topic wouldn’t throw Jason off. He might have been a farm boy but he wasn’t stupid. “I have some chicken salad left over from yesterday … “

It was so sudden and so unexpected. He bent close and there was the slightest brush of his chilled lips against almanbahis mine. Time stopped. My heart stopped. His mouth moved backwards, brushing again with a reverent gentleness that made the breath catch in my chest. I felt a trembling begin, coiling up from the very inside of my pussy and radiating outward until I was a mass of quivering confusion. Jason kissed me again, this time exuding confidence and surety ruled the hands that caught my shoulders, slid across my back and came to rest on my butt.

“I am hungry, Emma Mine, but not for chicken salad.”

His words fed my hunger, entreating me to respond to his touch and I couldn’t stop my arms from looping around his neck and my mouth from opening to the stroke of his tongue. This was wrong, so wrong on so many levels. I was thirty some-odd years older than him. He couldn’t be interested in me, could he? I finally gained enough gumption to break away and I stumbled back, holding a hand to my ravished mouth and suddenly feeling like the wanton lady of the manor.

“Jason … “

The gentle look on his face turned to fear. “Oh, Emma! I’m sorry!”

“No, Jason. Wait!”

The screen door slapped with finality, shattering the hope in my heart. I followed out onto the porch but his John Deere was heading back down the rutted dirt path that was my driveway and I was left alone with the remembrance of his kiss, the taste of him in my mouth and wet panties to die for.

Try as I might, I didn’t see Jason for nearly a fortnight. He did his best to avoid me, even foregoing his twice-weekly visits. I needed to fix the upstairs toilet and drove into town to visit the hardware and grocery store. I was well-known at the grocery and I bought my usual: T-bone steaks, lean hamburger, boneless, skinless chicken breasts and a plethora of vegetables, including corn on the cob and fresh, juicy watermelon. The Fourth of July was only a few days away and I was planning on having a barbecue, even if I was the only participant.

At the hardware store, Lewis Stone, the owner, showed me to the aisle that held the toilet parts and I was analyzing the various toilet kits when I heard,

“Hello, Emma Mine.”

I stood too quickly and nearly toppled into him. His eyes were sunken and grim, his face cheerless. “Are you okay?”

“No.” He looked about, looking for people that might overhear us. “I haven’t been able to sleep, thinking about … ” He looked down at his hands. “Worrying about … “

“Jason,” I said softly, wanting to touch his face. “All is well between us.”

“Really?” His voice was so quiet, so filled with emotion that my heart twisted in my chest.

“If you want the truth, I liked it.” I couldn’t believe that I’d said it but the look on his face made me happy that I did. I wasn’t sure how to proceed but I had a quick thought. “I’m having a Fourth of July barbecue. Come by about six almanbahis yeni giriş if you’d like to keep an old lady company.”

I forced my legs to remain solid as I walked down the aisle and paid for my items. When I looked back, Jason was gone.

The Fourth dawned rainy but I welcomed it on the front porch with a glass of champagne. My sixtieth birthday. I laughed in the face of the inclement weather and went about my usual day. The stalls had to be mucked out, stored hay bales had to be brought down and the other livestock had to be fed. I worked steadily until two, had a light lunch and laid down for a two hour nap. The meat was marinating, the watermelon iced in a galvanized tub and the beer was swiftly chilling in the icebox.

I awoke at five, started the coals and dressed for Jason. I still wasn’t sure if he was going to show up but I wanted to look my best in case he did. My white hair had been styled in a hip cut and I had decided on pleated jean shorts and a light cashmere sweater and a bit of makeup and perfume completed my package. I checked the charcoal, placed the foil-wrapped corn on grill and closed the hood. A tub of bacon-laced baked beans and another of potato salad waited in the fridge and the steaks were marinating in an oil-and-garlic mixture. I grabbed a beer, popped the top and pulled a lawn chair up near the barbecue, enjoying the renewed beauty of the day.

At 6:03, Jason’s Dodge Ram coasted down the drive and he beeped as he parked in the loop in front of the house. He was casually dressed in khaki pants and a shirt, a bunch of flowers in his hand and a brown grocery bag on his arm. I stood as he approached and he smiled when he reached me.

“Hi, Emma Mine.” It was a whisper; a secret signal between the two of us. I pulled his head down and kissed his pouting lips, whimpering at the feel of his mouth on mine. His smile was genuine. “I brought these for you.”

I took the flowers, noting that they were a perfect mixture of wildflowers. “Thank you.”

“I also brought some stuff for dinner.” I took the bag he offered and set it on the adjacent table. Inside were paper plates, cups and napkins, patriotic hats, a couple of flags and four boxes of fireworks. I could only laugh as he took and Uncle Sam hat out and fitted it to my head.

“You’re ruining my hairdo.”

“Is it that important?”

“I spent a lot of time on it.” In those few words, I gave away more than I wanted to. Jason now understood that I was looking forward to this, probably as much as he was.

He pulled the elastic band down under my chin and gave me a soft kiss. “I noticed.”

Our barbecue proceeded. We ate until we were stuffed and set off the fireworks he’d brought plus the ones I had. I don’t think I’d ever laughed so much or so hard. And Jason, he was a godsend. After I launched the last bottle rocket, he surprised me with almanbahis giriş a small cherry cheesecake, complete with six sprinklers.

“Happy birthday.”

I didn’t ask how he’d known but took the sprinklers out and watched them reflect the beauty of his eyes. When they fizzled out, he took them from my hands, raised me to my feet and gave me a birthday kiss that had me shivering. “I have a present I want to give you.” I let my hand travel down the length of his magnificent body and gave his cock a squeeze, feeling him grow in my hand. Once I was sure that he was hard, I walked over to a tree, dropped my pants and lubed my asshole up, all while he watched in silence.

I wasn’t sure that he was going to take my present until I felt that proud cock stroking my ass crack and his hot breath at my ear. “I’ll try to be gentle.”

“Fuck being gentle.” I hadn’t had a good ass fucking since Frank and was only interested in having Jason’s cock inside me as soon as possible. “Just get busy!”

I felt his fingers on my ass and the cock head poised to make a fiery entrance, splitting me asunder. I gritted my teeth through the first pain, then sighed as the length of his pole completely its journey up into me. It felt so good that I nearly fainted.

“Umm, you’re so tight!” His first stroke had my legs quivering and his hand found my breasts, rubbing across and raising the nipples. “I’ve always wanted you, Emma Mine.”

“And I you.” I leaned my head back and my hat fell off, but his mouth made me forget everything. “Oh, Jason.” His wandering hand found my dry pussy and he pressed two fingers against my clit, frigging me slowly and thoroughly. My heart was beating so loud that I thought he could hear it and my skin began to tingle with my first orgasm. I shouted when it hit me and I heard Jason growl, my ass clasping his thick meat.

“Oh, Emma, don’t do that again.”

“I couldn’t help it.” I gasped, trying to catch my breath. Feeling him moving inside me was so thrilling that I was almost hyperventilating, panting with each stroke. I reached down and covered his hand with mine and was surprised to feel pussy juice on my fingers. So nothing was wrong with me. Jason’s tongue in my mouth, his fingers in my pussy, his dick in my ass … suddenly it was too much to handle and I whimpered in his mouth as my second and largest orgasm exploded.

“Emma.” He growled my name and ground into my ass, leaning us into the tree as his cock pulsed inside me, his young spunk filling me with warmth. He spurted four times more, then last more a reaction and lowered us to the soft grass, cradling me in his arms. The fireworks show from town was just beginning and from our vantage point, we could see everything. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. Jason pulled me closer against him and I felt his cock hardening again, inside me. “Happy birthday, Emma Mine.”

I have since learned that I am definitely an anal lover, more than a pussy lover. I cum buckets with Jason inside my ass and with the new vibrator he bought me, the sky’s the limit! I hope this will aid your study.


Emmaline Watkins

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