Anal Nurse Ch. 04

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introducing: Assistant Hospital Administrator Jessie Mendez

w/assistance from buxom_lesbian_slutmom1 (Patty Parker) and nastilatinabitch (Joli)


The word is out about Harriett, and all of the dominant female staff are lining-up to get a piece of her. The Assistant Hospital Adminstrator is a sexy 25 year old from Puerto Rico named Jessica (Jessie) Mendez, a knock-out beauty who stands 5′-8″ and measures 36D-25-38. She has striking green eyes and long reddish-brown hair, (she strongly resembles Daisy Fuentes), and is “cut” for a woman, due to her routine of three visits a week to the Hospital’s well-stocked gym. Once she is filled-in by Irinia Kalenko, with whom she has busted many a female butt with (including Lila Jergens, whom we’ll hear more from in a future chapter-see ANAL NURSE 2) about the stacked and lovely Harriett, only a few hours pass before she summons the beautiful RN to her office. Twenty minutes later, poor Harriett “ends-up” bent-over a huge over-stuffed chair, the hem of her uniform hiked-up over her gorgeous ass, preparing to get bum-stuffed by the likes of Jessie’s 13″ black latex strap-on dingus.

Once again, Harriett Burnside finds herself on all-fours, about to get anal-fucked by yet another of the hospital’s butt-hungry, strap-on wielding females. In this position, the luscious nurse’s buttocks are slightly-ajar, allowing her partner a peek at the dark brown pucker of her anus. The big, round, pillowy cheeks of her milk-white buttocks are framed deliciously between the frilly straps of her royal-blue suspender belt, and her watermelon-sized tits hang free of her bra cups, the nipples thickened into huge brown thum-sized nubs. Jessie’s mouth waters at this eye-popping vision as she tightens the leather harness of her huge black she-cock and readies herself to frolic in the abundant playground of the delectable RN’s magnificent charms. Harriett risks a peek back over her left shoulder, and her eyes widen at what she sees:

Jessie izmit escort wears nothing but a pair of black mules and a string of black pearls, besides the 12+” slab of rubber dildo affixed to her slim middle. The muscular woman’s “balls” hang heavy beneath the base of her cock-shaft; they bulge obscenely from between her smooth, strong thighs like a pair of plump, juicy plums. Harriett watches Jessie slather a hand-ful of baby oil onto the formidable horse-dick, then more; she’d hoped that perhaps her terribly-sore bottom would get some respite from the near-continous reaming it had withstood since she’d arrived at work; the amount of lubricant that the AHA is using tells a different story….

An expression of hopelessness clouds Harriet’s gorgeous face; she knows full-well that the dominant Latina will be satisfied with nothing less then anal sex. This will be the sixth time within a 12 hour period, and Harriett doesn’t know how much more abuse her poor pooper can take. All she can hope for is that “La Pantera” (The Panther), as she is known, will have mercy on her when she sees the state of her over-used rear end. Despite her trepidation, a familiar dampness moistens Harriett’s womanhood as the sexy Assistant Hospital Administrator moves toward her, the giant black dong bobbing ahead of her like some sort of unwieldy truncheon. Harriett is resigned to her fate, and lifts her plump ass high in surrender.

Despite her partner’s trembling, Jessie snickers as the woman’s lush buttocks separate to the gentlest of caresses, surrendering the enticing little pucker between. The sexy Latina wets her thumb and presses it into the dark, smelly crevice, rubbing the reddened, raw-looking shit-cutter. With her free hand, she flips the cap from a bottle of baby oil and liberally doses Harriett’s bum, and placing a hand on each buttock, opens her up. The busty brunette nurse looks so vunerable with her big bottom lifted high and her sweet brown ring-piece glistening with oil and izmit kendi evi olan escort available for penetration. “Hold still, Mami”, the AHA murmurs huskily, and gripping the fat shaft of her strap-on in her fist she guides the apple-sized tip to the whorl of her partner’s “star”: it is the perfect target for cock-GIRL COCK…..she grabs a meaty hip in each hand and braces herself, then pushes forward with her trim, well-muscled ass.

Harriett’s pulse starts to race and she trembles as the rubber cock-tip nudges inside her loose, sore anal muscle. “Oooooh, ahhhhh” she groans, dipping her flat belly in submission and raising her bum in response to the rude intrusion. Despite the discomfort, the massively-endowed widow is getting turned-on by the rough treatment, as she always does when being forced to endure the energetic sodomy all of her partners to date seem to favor. She is more and more excited when she feels the sting of Jessie Mendez’ red nails digging deeply into the abundant flesh of her ass-mounds, showing her who is boss….

The muscles of the sexy Puerto Rican’s thighs tense and her buttock checks flex impressively as she pushes deeper; her gorgeous face adopts a cruel sneer and her teeth clench; she checks her progress with a quick downward glance, then with a hard shove, stuffs the rugged rubber staff deep into the wimpering Harriett’s squirming entrails. The five previous butt-fuckings, along with the liberal amount of lube she basted both her partner’s (victim’s?) tender morsel and her own “cock” with made the deep plunge a rather easy trip for the 13″ ass plow. Harriett whinnies like a mare when she’s lifted onto the toes of her high-heels by one particularly powerful thrust.

This last breaks-down what little resistance may have been left within the beleagured nurse’s beseiged rectum, and Jessie grins in triumph as Harriett’s asshole expands to accept every ridged inch of her thick instrument.

Jessie settles into an easy, steady rhythm, long-dicking the panting Harriett like a man. Harriett can no longer deny that she is being forced into these lewd acts; she can easily turn herself into the authorities and take her medicine. She would likely lose her children, though, and spend significant time in jail. These are concerns, though she can not reasonably say that they are the ONLY reasons she does not take such drastic action…the truth is, she LOVES the rough handling and brutal buggery, and has begun to crave the deep, hard penetration of the big rubber pricks that never go soft. The tremendously-titted RN’s nostrils flare like a horse’s as she snorkels for air; La Pantera seems bound and determined to pound the very oxygen from her lungs as the relentless buggery maintains its frantic pace. Her glorious ass-cheeks bounce and jiggle gelatinously and her milk-heavy udders sprout leaks in response to the steady, even, efficient pumping of Jessie’s hips; the perverted hospital executive is driving her like a mule. The brutal butt-fucking doesn’t slow even the slightest bit; forty minutes of non-stop thrusting hasn’t affected Jessie in the least, though her beautiful bronze skin now has a sheen of sweat as testament to her exertions.

Harriett can’t control herself; she humps back at Jessie in a lurid response to the athletic pronging. With the force of a tidal wave, Harriett cums from deep in her female core, as well as the depths of her hollowed-out bowels. Gripping her ball-sac firmly and squeezing, the cease-lessly thrusting Latina pumps a spout of creamy “jizz” out, soothing the distressed brunette’s aching bowels.

Harriett slumps forward as Jessie pulls-out with a lewd “sluuurrping” sound; a succession of loud, fragrant, machine-gun-like farts erupt from her ruined back-door as she blearily opens her lipstick-smeared lips and accepts the soiled dong that Jessie presents to her into her throat.

She is too busy sucking the AHA off to notice that someone has entered the office and is approaching her from behind…

tO bE cOnTiNuEd…..

ANAL NURSE 5 is the next chapter thanks for reading AN 4, and if you like it vote for it on LITEROTICA.

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