An Unexpected Weekend

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This is my first venture into the world of erotic writing. If this goes well I may continue this story as a series. Hope you all enjoy.


David Carmichael was in heaven. He was lying on his back in bed with his eyes closed, the glorious aroma of sweet sex juices mixed with pina colada body oil filling his nostrils. His sister, Molly, was sitting on his face, moaning and writhing as David worshiped her wet, hairless sex lips. David’s arms were wrapped around Molly’s thighs as his hands gently, yet firmly held onto her knees trapping her pussy to his face as his tongue lapped at her quim. In his enjoyment, David licked past Molly’s pussy, across her taint and around her puckered asshole before reversing this motion, and coming to a stop at her clit. “Oh fuck, Dave!” he could hear his sister cheered him on. “Please, don’t stop! Don’t Stop! Oh my god, lick my fucking cunt!” David looked up, past Molly’s flat, sculpted stomach and her small but perky breasts into her eyes, which were locked onto his. Her mouth was hanging open in ecstasy as her hands gripped his head. David, who had been circling his tongue around her clit, circled his lips around the little sex-nub, gently sucking on it to drive his sister wild. “Oh shit, oh shit — oh fuck!” Molly wailed as her eyes rolled backward.

David stopped eating his sister’s delicious pussy as he felt the bed shift as someone joined him and Molly. Molly gave an annoyed look behind her before her face softened into a cute, but naughty smile. At that moment, David felt a small had grab his throbbing cock at its base and warm, wet suction engulf the large, bell-shaped head of his cock. David let out a long moan. “Oh, fuck me!” he said his eyes shut tight in pleasure. When they again opened Molly was staring down out him with a cute smile, biting her bottom lip. “What — Who?” David stuttered.

Molly giggled. “Is mom sucking your cock good, baby?” she asked sweetly, already knowing the answer.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” David answered back as he felt their mother, Margot, suck his meaty cock.

“Then you’re gonna love when she starts riding that monster,” Molly responded. In the back ground David could hear the slurping noises as his mother nursed on his throbbing dick. “Hey,” Molly said, calling his attention away from the sensation in his cock, “you weren’t done with me were you?” she asked with a grin. David smiled before driving his tongue back into Molly’s pussy. She sucked in air through her clinched teeth before flinging her head back.

David was now moaning into his sister’s wet pussy as his mother worshiped his cock with her warm, wet mouth, her tongue snaking out and licking the underside of his cock. This lasted for a few minutes before he felt her suddenly stop and release his cock from her mouth only to feel his mother shifting weight and as she squatted over his cock. He felt her grip his cock and hold it up straight before lowering herself down onto it, the velvety walls of her hot, wet pussy stretching around his large member. “Oh” David groaned, “shit mom!”

“That’s right, baby. Just keep eating your sister while momma fucks your brains out,” his Margot’s voice instructed. He then felt his mother’s hips start to rock as his cock began to slide up and down her love channel. David’s moans were muffled by Molly’s pussy, vibrating on her clit and causing her greater pleasure. Molly and Margot’s moans soon filled the air, rivaled only by the creaking of the bed springs. “Oh shit! I’m gonna cum, baby!” Margot yelled out, “Your fucking making momma cum!”

“You sluts you started without me?” David heard the voice of his oldest sister, Maggie yell over his mother and sisters orgasmic moans. Neither Margot nor Molly responded, lost in their own pleasure. “Well at least I can suck on his balls — my goodness, their fucking big!” With that David felt something warm and we on his scrotum, and assumed it was Maggie’s tongue. He was close to cumming before Maggie’s arrival and her efforts only served to speed up the process. “Oh fuck!” David said shutting his eyes tight as his orgasm burst forth and he was lost in a light headed euphoria.

When he opened his eyes he had returned to reality. ‘Shit’ he said to himself ‘that one really got away from me’ he said coming down from one of his favorite fantasies. Gone were the naked forms of his mother and sisters and the warmth of his bed room. He was in the laundry room, leaning against the dryer. His boxers and gym shorts were in a puddle around his ankles, his withering cock in his right hand having the pair of his sister’s cotton panties he had been sniffing were in his left. Composing himself, David pulled his underwear and shorts up. The clock on the wall read 2:53 AM.

Looking around, David saw the mess he’d made. Clothes from the hamper were strewn about the floor, having been cast aside in David’s search for a pair of his sister’s used panties. He noticed that he’s shot a substantial load of cum against the istanbul escort dryer door. Picking up one of his dirty socks he tried to quickly clean up the bulk of the mess, but noticed the streak marks his attempt had left behind. He picked up a spray bottle with an unknown cleaner to try and hide the trace. He stuffed the sock in the hamper with the rest of the dirty clothes before checking to make sure there were no clues to his activities.

Thus was David’s nightly ritual for the last three weeks, sneaking out of bed, down stairs to the laundry room and rummage through the dirty clothes for a pair of his mother or sister’s used underwear. He would spend the night masturbating while inhaling the aroma from the panties’ crotch and fantasizing that either of the two women were riding or sucking his cock while the other rode his face. Once he’d finished, he would clean up and go to bed.

This wasn’t the way an eighteen year old was supposed to be behaving: sneaking around, jerking it into soiled panties. And those panties were damn sure not supposed to belong to either his mother or sister. But David found that he couldn’t control himself lately. It had all started nearly seven weeks earlier when he accidentally walked in on his sister in the shower.

He had come home from a particularly rough lacrosse practice and just wanted a shower. Usually, no one was home during that time of day, so he figured he had the house to himself. He might have heard the shower running had his iPhone not been in music mode, his earbuds blasting tunes into his ears full volume as he stripped naked leaving his clothes were they fell; he’d pick them up later before his mom got home from the gym. He’d just removed his boxers when he’d got to the bathroom door. He opened the door and found himself staring at the naked body of his sister Molly.

She must have just gotten out because her tight, athletic body glistened with water. Her face was flush and her chest heaved as if she’d been exerting herself. David noticed that her left foot was up on the rim of the tub and her hand was on at her pussy. She’d been playing with herself and he’d caught her. David couldn’t speak, stunned by both his sister’s beauty and the fact that he had interrupted her in such an intimate activity. Blood was quickly surging to his cock, making it swell. Molly was staring at his growing member as if in a trance. For several seconds neither sibling made the slightest movement.

“Molly, I’m sor — ” was all that David managed to get out before Molly laid into him.

“Get the FUCK OUT!!” she yelled. He’d just managed to get the door closed when he heard something hard slam against it. That was over a month and a half ago and the image still gave David wood. He masturbated several that night, imagining Molly masturbating in the bathroom.

Back in the present, after he finished cleaning, he turned to the door he found it open slightly. It wasn’t open enough to walk through, but anyone walking by may have been able to see or at least hear him. For a second he was frozen in fear; he was almost certain that he’d closed the door securely. Had he been discovered? He pushed the thought from his head and decided in his haste he’d just been careless.

Back in his room he laid down. The clock on his desk read 3:15 AM in glowing, red letters. “What the fuck is the matter with you, Dave,” David mumbled to himself as sleep over took him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The sound of the alarm shook David from his slumber and back to the real world. He didn’t move, instead lying on his back staring up at his bedroom ceiling. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” He thought to himself. “What kind of sick fuck thinks about his mom and sisters like that?” He rolled over and sat up on the edge of his bed and found himself staring back at himself in the full length mirror on the opposite wall. He looked tired, even to himself.

It wasn’t like he was some awkward looking nerd who couldn’t get a girl, so instead lusted after his hot mom in sisters. He was awkward, personality-wise that is, but outwardly he was at least average — perhaps a little above average. He was 6′-1″ and 175lbs. so his looks weren’t really an issue. Hidden in his shorts however, was his best kept secret: a nine and a half inch long cock with an almost soda can-thick shaft and a huge, angry, purple mushroom head. Those friends who had seen David’s dick in the locker room said that had he been black he could have served as a cock-double for Shane Diesel.

He was an Honors student and a descent lacrosse player, having earned a starting spot at Midfilelder on his high school’s team in his senior season, but was by no means the teams star; that accolade belonged to his best friend, all-conference Attackman, Nick Jennings. David’s family was upper middle, so it wasn’t like he or his siblings every really wanted for anything. One would assume his life was relatively charmed, but looks can be deceiving.

David’s halkalı escort problems were social and slightly familial. His parents, Margot and Dale Carmichael, had met in college and married a few months after graduating. Nearly a year later their first child, his sister Margaret, who insisted everyone call her Maggie, was born. It would be another four years and two months before their second daughter, Molly was born. David and Molly are what people refer to as Irish-twins, David being around nine months younger than his older sister, a fact that Molly never failed to remind him of.

Due to their close ages David and Molly were in the same grade. He and Molly had grown up extremely close, the two being nearly inseparable, more like best friends then brother and sister. But in the last two years he’d noted a change in her behavior toward him. Gone were the days of shared lunches at school and staying up late at night just to talk. Now she acted more like he annoyed her whenever he was around her or her friends. She avoided him at school and made her greatest attempts to do so at home as well. If it hadn’t been for Nick, he’d probably resemble the clichéd high school loner from every teen movie.

Molly stood around 5′-8″ with maybe 110 lbs. packed onto a toned, athletic frame. Long legs led up to a tight, but round ass, which Nick referred to as “a bubble.” Her stomach was flat, marked by her cute innie-belly button and her breasts were small, but very round and perky. What really captivated David, however, was her angelic face, especially her green eyes, the same eyes as his mother and oldest sister, and her light freckles. She, like their mother, had blond hair, which she kept in a cute pixie cut. She looked like the quintessential California cheerleader. A lot of guys in their school were constantly trying to date her, and she often flirted back, so David naturally assumed that she was dating one of them.

David had dated girls at his school, most of them he now realized, resembled Molly, but things always went south when some embarrassing, untrue rumor about him would be related to his female friend from an unknown source and he’d find himself single again. His latest ex-girlfriend had stuck around for a full month and David was all but sure that she was going to relieve him of his virginity on his eighteenth birthday when someone told her that he had a 4″ penis and that he stuffed a dildo in his shorts to simulate his actual girth.

Molly may have been acting like a bitch to him lately, but their oldest sister Maggie couldn’t be any sweeter. Since he could remember, she’d always fawned over him like a second mother. She was built just like Maggie, only slightly taller and with slightly larger breasts. Maggie and David, taking after their father, were brunettes, Maggie keeping her hair long and curly. Maggie had moved out when she went away to college five years earlier and was now living in an apartment across town. She was a new French teacher at David and Molly’s school and always made an attempt to see him at least once during the day, but that was worse because she was just as hot as Molly, if not hotter. She had dated random guys over the years, but never had any long term or serious relationships. She’d been single since becoming a teacher, even though David suspected several of the male teachers often asked her out. She and Molly had been rather close since Molly had turned eighteen, Molly sleeping over at Maggie’s for the weekend and the two of them taking weekend trips out of town.

Their mother, Margot was another story. Although she had a college degree, Margot and Dale decided that it would be best if Margot became a full-time wife and mother. While Dale and the kids were off at work and school Margot mostly cleaned and kept the house, ran errands and went to gym six nights a week. When the kids got home she would feed them and help them with their homework and always found time to prepare the best meals, but she was bored, that much was obvious to David. She, like her daughters, was built with a tall, very athletic frame, albeit with some extra pounds (all in the right places) but she looked damned good for 46, often being confused for a woman in her mid — late twenties. One big difference between Margot and Molly, however, were her boobs, which were even bigger than Maggie’s, and although she had nursed three kids, they were still just as perky as her two daughters’. To David’s chagrin, Nick constantly reminded him that his mother was a MILF. It pissed David off for his friend to say. David felt especially bad for his mother because it seemed as if his father was taking advantage of her: often going for after work drinks with his boss, co-workers, or clients even after Margot had prepared dinner. Dale traveled frequently, sometimes for weeks at a time, and when he was home, spent nearly every weekend at the country club golfing.

David got up and threw on mecidiyeköy escort an old t-shirt and his gym shorts from the previous night and walked down stairs, following the smell of breakfast to the kitchen. As usual, his mother had a full sized meal prepared for her family: eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. His mom was dressed in her cotton pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and still she looked amazing.

“Good morning handsome,” His mom said brightly when she spotted him. She kissed his forehead and tousled his hair. “My goodness, I still can’t believe you and your sister are eighteen — I hope you’re happy: you two have officially made an old maid out of your mother,” she smiled down at him.

“Come on, mom, old women would kill to look like you,” he said before he could catch himself. “I mean, I’m just saying, you’re not old.” He stuffed a piece of toast in his mouth to keep himself from talking.

His mom just smiled. “Well, you’re sweet for saying it.”

David heard his father run down the stairs. “Morning,” he said absent mindedly as he entered the kitchen. Margot offered him a plate. “Oh, sorry honey running late; gotta get to the airport — I’ll be back in a week.” He called as he ran out the door. He hadn’t kissed his wife or even wished his son good luck in his game before sprinting out of the house.

“Jackass,” David heard Margot whisper, obviously annoyed at her husband. “Sorry about that, Davie; I’m sure he just has a lot going on.”

“He doesn’t deserve her,” David thought to himself.

Just then Molly came bouncing down the stairs already dressed in her cheer uniform. “Hey, mom; smells good,” she said pulling up a chair at the table. She was digging in to her food, quickly stuffing her cheeks with eggs and potatoes. Even eating like a Neanderthal she was still stunning. David wondered to himself if he was falling for Molly.

“Thanks sweet pea,” Margot said giving her daughter a bright smile and kiss on the forehead.

David started to speak to her, but Molly cut him off. “Hey I gotta run — I forgot that the squad was meeting early.” She announced as she jumped up and grabbed her bag. “Thanks for breakfast, mom.” She looked at David quickly and said “See ya,” giving him a small smile, something she hadn’t done in nearly two years. She had been doing that for the last month and a half, ever since their encounter in the shower.

“Hey, sweetie, Aunt Genie’s in the hospital again so I’m gonna go up north and check on her for a few days. I’m sorry, but I’ll miss the game tonight and I’ll be gone for most of the weekend.” She truly did look remorseful.

“No worries, mom, just make sure Aunt Genie’s comfortable,” David said.

“Such a sweet, boy,” Margot said rubbing his back. “I’ll make sure Maggie does something special with you guys.”

“Maggie?” David asked.

“Yeah she’s gonna stay with you two while I’m gone.” David gave his mom a look. Margot saw this and smiled. “Just ’cause you two are of age doesn’t mean I trust you alone for the weekend. I was once eighteen, myself, mister; I know how your kind thinks.” She kissed his forehead. “Now hurry up and get ready for school.” She said patting him on his ass as he headed upstairs.

Before he headed out the door his mom yelled, “And kick their asses tonight!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The school day had flown by quickly. Unusually, Molly hadn’t gone so far out of her way to avoid him, but when they were around each other she acted weird and nervous.

As was their new Friday tradition, Maggie took them both off campus to lunch at a great burger spot. “Excited about the game tonight?” Maggie asked.

“It should be ok,” David answered absent mindedly. He was avoiding looking at his sisters, not wanting to have to explain an embarrassing erection.

“Well I hope you have more enthusiasm tonight and this weekend,” Maggie continued cutely, “It’s not every day that I grace a good looking guy with my presence without at least a little gratitude on his part.”

David’s day turned around that night at the Lacrosse match. The match went as expected: Nick, in typical all-star fashion, scored four times, three times with David’s assistance, and David even scored once himself. They had trounced the other team 7 — 2, and even though he was tired and sore, David was on cloud nine, that is until he saw what appeared to be Molly flirting with one of her good-looking guy friends. Even the two slutty cheerleaders showing of their substantial cleavage in an attempt to get his attention couldn’t stop his heart from falling.

“Did you ladies see my boy, Dave, here?” Nick said right on cue, stepping in to take the two sluts off of his hands. “That’s the way you fuckin’ play, bro.”

“Just following your lead, bro,” Dave said stealing another glance in Molly’s direction.

“No need to be modest, son!” Nick said. The two girls giggled. “You headin’ out with us tonight, bro? You know I think Samantha here would really like it if you would join us.” The cheer leader on Nick’s right, looked at him and smiled while biting her bottom lip. Nick leaned in an whispered, “C’mon, dog, she’s DTF; I told her about you’re big surprise.”

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