An Unexpected Encounter

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An Unexpected Encounter

Fair warning, the main character engages in some deception in this story. If you want your protagonists to be 100% straight shooters, this is not for you. All characters and situations are complete fiction, a product of my fertile imagination. Remember, this is fiction. Any similarity to actual people and situations is purely a coincidence. All constructive criticism is welcome.

_ _ _ _ _

I had been writing erotica for about nine months when this story takes place. I had a total of 14 stories published on Literotica. Readers’ comments and ratings had been generally positive and encouraging.

It was a Tuesday afternoon in early May. Finals were a week away. I was looking forward to summer break. I had an hour or so before I needed to start dinner so I thought I would grade a few papers from my students. Before starting that I decided to pop onto my secret email and see if there was anything interesting. To my surprise I had a private Literotica email from someone called TallBlondeChick and I opened it.

It read:

Hi Quinn.

I’ve really enjoyed reading your stories. I love to make myself cum while I’m reading them. My pussy gets really wet. I’ve reread them a bunch of times, playing with my pussy the entire time. So hot.

Since I am a literature professor, I was interested in your work from an academic perspective. Your writing style seemed familiar, so I did an analysis of your writing and compared your erotica to the fiction written by one of my fellow faculty colleagues. I’m 82% certain that all the pieces were written by the same person. Plus putting two and two and two and two together from all your stories, I think I know you. The idea makes me cum just thinking about it. I would love to find out if I’m right. I will be at the local brew pub down the street from the college on Saturday afternoon at 3.

It is supposed to be warm so I will wear my white tight short shorts and go braless in a yellow blouse. I will go commando because I find it exciting and because it will give me a camel toe. I hope that will be attractive to you. Maybe if I’m lucky, my nipples will get hard and press against the fabric of my blouse for you. Please come and we can discuss how I can help you write additional stories.



Oh shit, I thought. How did this happen? There are hardly enough details to discern who any of my characters are. An analysis? What the hell is that? Is my writing style that distinctive? What the HELL!

I thought about who this may be and my mind immediately leapt to Heidi Anderson, who was indeed tall, blonde, and a literature professor. I couldn’t think of anyone else at my college. Then again, it could be someone from an entirely different college who thought Quinn McMullen was someone else.

In these stories I have never used anyone’s real names. Half of the time the events were a product of my imagination. Other times they were a derivative of actual events. I have tried very hard to conceal the identities of anyone that I have drawn from real life. At a small college, one’s reputation is sacred and easily destroyed.

If I didn’t show up, then Heidi, if it was Heidi, would think she was wrong and no one would be any wiser. If I did show up, maybe Heidi wouldn’t be there. In that case, TallBlondeChick was from a different school.

I should set up an alternative reason for being there. I had it! I’ll have our union president be there for a meeting. If I went and Heidi was there, then I could deny everything and say I was there to meet Bob. He loved the Brew Pub. Actually, he loved beer and they just happened to have a lot.

Maybe if I went and Heidi was there, I could admit everything and have some amazing sex with her. But then she could blackmail me. Or maybe I could show up and plead ignorance and coincidence. This note had my head spinning with all the possible repercussions. No way was I going to get anything graded. I headed to the kitchen to make dinner.

_ _ _ _ _

I decided that I had to go. Don’t ask me why. Part of me trusted that Heidi wouldn’t be out to get me. Part of me hoped for some sex with a beautiful woman. To provide an alibi for Saturday afternoon, I contacted Bob and suggested that we meet at the Brewpub at 3:30. I said that as union officers we should plan the final meeting of the year and go over election protocols. I didn’t have to ask him twice, he was all in.

Saturday dawned clear and bright. I tried to keep my mind off the possible rendezvous by doing chores around the house. I cut the grass, took the recycling to the transfer station, and took down half of the storm windows from the previous winter. At two o’clock I took a shower and shaved extra close. I put on some khakis, a dress shirt, and my penny loafers, deciding that going commando would be too much. I decided that I would arrive at the Brew Pub about isveçbahis yeni giriş ten after three.

The Brew Pub is in an old carriage house behind a mansion that once belonged to a local 19th Century tycoon. The house was now a bed and breakfast. A large tent was on the lawn outside the pub with tables and chairs. There were about a dozen patrons enjoying the pleasantly warm afternoon. I didn’t see Heidi so I took a seat at a table that I was sure would be in the shade for a while. The waitress came up and I ordered a seasonal Summer Ale. As the waitress walked away, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked around and there was Heidi.

“Hi Quinn. I thought that must be you.”

I stood and she gave me a very long, affectionate hug, her breasts pressing into my chest. I returned the pressure, wrapping my arms around her. Her hair smelled freshly washed.

She smiled, “Since the pandemic I treasure human contact.”

She hugged me again. I placed a hand on her back and noticed the absence of a bra.

She finally let go, “Thank you. That was nice.”

“Yes, it was.”

As she promised, Heidi was wearing a yellow blouse. It hid her enchanting breasts a little, but not a lot. I could detect hardening nipples beneath. It was slightly sheer and I thought I could just detect her areolas through the fabric. Her white shorts were very tight, a camel toe clearly visible. Heidi was in her mid-forties and about 5’10’. Her dirty blonde hair came down to her collar. Her face was very Scandinavian with brilliant blue eyes. Her slim waist, slender hips, and seductively long legs made Heidi a very attractive woman.

I said, “Do you want to join me? I’m waiting for Bob.”

“Oh, I’d love to.” She sat in the chair next to me, making sure those luscious legs were in plain sight. The waitress approached and Heidi ordered an IPA.

Then Heidi turned her attention to me. “So how have you been? Are you ready for the semester to be over?”

“The end can’t come soon enough.”

“What are you meeting Bob for?”

“Go over some stuff for the last union meeting of the year. This is his favorite place. We have all our executive union meetings here.”

She nodded.

I asked, “So how about you? How have you been?”

“Oh, I’m now the department chair. What a nightmare job that has been this year.”

“Tell me about it. I was chair for four years. They let me step down when Rosalind got sick.”

Heidi touched my hand, “That was such a touching funeral. Have you started dating yet?”

“No not really.”

“You know when you start dating again, I’d like to spend some time with you.”

“That would be nice.”

“Oh I would love that.”

The waitress returned with our drinks. “Cheers,” I said and we touched pints.

I took a sip and Heidi let some slop over onto her blouse right over her nipple. “Oh clumsy me.” She grabbed a napkin and somehow managed to spread the liquid across more of her blouse. Her wet nipple standing out clearly through the now translucent fabric. She looked up and smiled at me.

“Hey Mac!” Bob was the only one who called me ‘Mac.’ I stood up. He came up and slapped me on the back, shaking my hand. “Oooo, Heidi. Looking fine.” Bob was lewd and lascivious and as one of my female colleagues liked to say, ‘handsy.’ He was generally avoided by female students and faculty alike.

Heidi got up and turned to go into the pub, ignoring Bob. “Quinn, if you would like to talk after you and Bob are done. I’ll be in the bar.”

“Sounds great. I’ll come and get you.”

Bob leered at me, “You lucky dog. I’d love to get my hands on her. Are you fucking her?” He licked his lips. What a puke.

“No, I’m not fucking her! I’m not even seeing her. I just ran into her ten minutes ago.”

“Those are some fine, fine tits she has and her pussy was just there. God I’d love to get some of that!”

“Forget Heidi. You do realize that being a lecherous old man can get you in trouble these days.”

He waved it off. But he really knew how to get under your skin.

I said, “Let’s get to work.”

We spent about a half hour going over the meeting agenda and the election procedure, then it took another half hour to get rid of him. The man was a complete ass. He wanted to tell me all the things he would do with Heidi if given the chance. An absolute pervert.

When he was gone I went and found Heidi sitting at the bar. She looked a little dejected. Her blouse had dried, although the air conditioning had hardened her nipples. When she saw me, she stood and gave me a hug again, this time a bit shorter. I could feel her breasts press into my chest. We sat down and she wouldn’t look at me.

I touched her hand, “Hey why so glum? You were so happy when I first saw you.”

“Bob is such a creep. Everyone on campus thinks so. When I met him on my second day on campus, twelve years old, he grabbed my ass. I tried to avoid him and somehow as I was leaving that same meeting he managed to isveçbahis giriş grab my boob. I hate him.”

“Why didn’t you report him?”

“Those were different times. Who was going to believe me? A brand new assistant professor’s word against someone who had been there for 30 years? Now with the ‘Me Too’ movement people would believe me, but that’s all water under the bridge. So where were we? I think I had just entered a wet t-shirt contest and we had started talking about how you are doing.”

“Well, I need another beer. How about you?” She nodded. I motioned to the young lady behind the bar, one of my former students, “Kayla, could we have another round? I’ll have a Summer Ale and my lovely companion will have an IPA.” I placed a $20 bill on bar.

“Sure Professor.” She waved at Heidi. “Hi Dr. A.”

Heidi smiled, “Hi Kayla.” She turned to me. “Quinn, I have to make a confession to you.”

“A confession? You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Well, I have. Please don’t think I am some kind of slut.”

“Heidi, I don’t know where you’re going with this, but I would never think you were a slut.”

Our beers arrived.

I raised my glass, “Here’s to beautiful, caring friends.”

We gently touched glasses and both took a sip.

“Wow! You consider me a friend?”

“Of course I consider you a friend Heidi. You are a kind and generous person.”

“Okay, thank you. Now I am really feeling bad. Please just let me tell you this.” She took a deep breath, turned to me and took my hand, looking into my eyes. “I have a very guilty pleasure that I like to pursue. I love to read erotica. As a divorced woman, I rarely have a chance to date quality men. So I read stories that are exciting. Sexually exciting.”

“I don’t think that is confession worthy and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

“Oh, that’s not the bad part. About two weeks ago, I found this really good story. It was about this widowed professor and how he found love with a longtime colleague. The widower sounded a lot like you and his lover sounded a lot like Christine.”

“I can see where this is going.”

“Well there are other similarities, like he was a ginger and was in the Navy.”

“You thought that was me?”

“I thought maybe.”

“Widowed, ginger, Navy, professor. That narrows it down to maybe a couple of thousand or more. And what did you think I would do?”

Heidi looked down, then back into my eyes, “I thought that we could talk about how wonderful I thought the stories were.”

“What did you like about the stories?”

Heidi was getting quite red, “Well the descriptions of the sex were very … arousing for me.” Heidi’s nipples were prominent on her blouse. “The way he described these two old friends having sex. Then in chapter two, he went on a hike with another professor and they had sex up in a state forest. They were really hot stories and …” She looked at me, her face bright red. “Quinn, if you were this author, I was going to try to seduce you. That’s why I’m dressed like this.”

“So what if I’m not this author? Is the deal off? You can’t try to seduce me?”

“Well, you said you haven’t started dating again.”

“So there is a lot to unpack here. First, let me say that I am flattered that you would want to seduce me and let me also say that I may want to let you try.” Heidi’s eyes lit up. “Second, I agree with Bob the Lecher, not that I want to be lecherous, but you are really looking fine this afternoon and that is an absolutely hot ensemble you are wearing. Thank you for wearing it so you could seduce me. Third, you just may have convinced me to break my dating drought. Finally, what would this seduction look like?”

Heidi was smiling, “Well, I wasn’t sure. I was hoping to tell you about how much I loved the stories and the author’s descriptions of sex.”

“What about them?”

“Oh, they were quite romantic. I loved the first one where this longtime friend of the male professor jumps in the shower with him. They end up in the bedroom where the description of the man eating this woman’s pussy… Do you mind if I use that term?”

“As long as you’re OK with it.”

“Well, the description was just so hot. He gives her multiple orgasms and then he had sex with her. My sheets were soaking wet after I read it. I got myself off, then read it again.”

“If you don’t mind, can we back up a little? So by getting off you mean?”

Heidi was beet red. Her nipples struggling to be free. “You won’t think I’m a slut?”

“I already said I wouldn’t think that.”

“I fingered myself.”

“By that do you mean that you used your fingers to stimulate your clitoris or did you put them inside yourself?”

“You make it sound so clinical. Yes, that’s what I do. Both. If you want to know everything sometimes I use a vibrator and sometimes I use a dildo.” I didn’t think it was possible for her to get more embarrassed, but she did.

I patted her hand, “I’m sorry Heidi. I’m being isveçbahis güvenilirmi mean. It’s perfectly fine to pleasure yourself. I would love to help you with some of that. Actually all of that.” Her eyes when wide. It was exciting to know that my story was bringing her pleasure. “Since we are sharing embarrassing things, the idea of you pleasuring yourself is making me a little stiff. In fact I think I can feel some pre-cum leaking.”


I touched the front of my trousers, “Actually, you are making me a little more than stiff. Anything else that made you play with yourself?”

“I can’t believe I am having this conversation right now. I don’t know if you can tell, but my shorts are really wet right now.”

I looked at her crotch and smiled.

Heidi continued, “There’s this second story about four colleague kids and the wild sex they have all summer as lifeguards. There’s all kinds of great sex scenes in that story. There’s this really wild collaboration this author did with a woman named Erin Page and again, half the characters seem to be our colleagues. They go to Key West and have some amazing sex before Christmas. I pleasured myself so much reading that one that I wore out the batteries in my vibrator.”

“Wow! That’s some pretty intense responses you had to the writing. It must be good.”

“Oh, the writing is so good. I’m just giving you the Reader’s Digest version.”

“And you thought since I might be this author that we could have some amazing sex, but in the summer rather than at Christmas?” Heidi nodded. “And if you were to seduce me, where would this seduction take place?”

“I was thinking that it would partially take place here and partially at my house.”

“The plot thickens, and what might happen here?”

“Well, if we were at a table over in the corner.” She pointed to a secluded, much darker spot.

“Then, let’s move over to that table.” We got up, took our beers, and went to the corner table. I took a chair facing the room. Heidi sat and turned so she faced me.

I touched her knee, “OK, now what?”

Heidi was starting to get into this. “So I might start playing with the buttons on my blouse and maybe unbutton them a bit.” She unbuttoned them to her waist and separated the two panels so that her cleavage was visible. “Then I would lean forward so you could see my nipples and I would look into your eyes.”

She turned so that her back was to the room, “Better yet, I’ll pull my breasts out for you. I think it’s dark enough. Do you like them?”

I couldn’t believe this was happening, “They’re incredible.”

Heidi was glowing, “We would have a charming conversation on the use of the word penis versus cock or perhaps how to refer to a woman’s parts. We might discuss how so many stupid people think a woman’s vagina includes all our exterior lady parts. Hopefully, the view of my breasts would be very alluring. I would touch your hand and place your hand on my thigh.”

“Your thigh is so silky smooth.”

“One thing I would love to discuss is the difference between how men and women experience orgasm. Then maybe I would get very brazen and bold and place my hand on the front of your trousers to see if you had an erection.”

I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. “Like this?” My erection was straining against my pants and she could feel the bulge.

Her eyes got wide. “Very nice.” She rubbed me and gave a little squeeze. “Quinn, you are making me so wet.”

“Then what happens?”

“I don’t know if you can manage it, but I think you should try and slip your fingers into my shorts.”

I moved my hand up the inside of her thigh and ran a finger up her camel toe, the material was warm and damp. I moved to the edge of the fabric, but it was too tight.

She smiled seductively, “Maybe I should unbutton them for you to provide better access.”

Heidi unbuttoned the fly and lowered her zipper. The angle was a bit difficult, but I managed to slip my hand into the top of her shorts. She closed her eyes. My hand moved southward onto her mons. She was clean shaven. I slipped in a little further and felt her clit. That was as far as I could get with that angle. I remembered her nipples and took one between my thumb and forefinger. Her eyes were closed, savoring the moment. With the loosened shorts, I slipped a finger through the leg hole and felt some moisture.

I said, “My dear Heidi. As much as I am enjoying fondling you, this angle is really difficult on my elbow.” I brought my hand up to my lips and licked my fingers clean.

She watched me do that with her mouth open, “Oh that is so hot.” Then she shook her head slightly and said, “I’m sorry. Perhaps we should think about the second part of the seduction scenario where I take you home with me.” She closed up her shorts and stood up.

I said, “Are you going to button your blouse?”

“I don’t think so. I think I’ll just tuck my shirt in and have my nipples press against the fabric. Show some cleavage. This isn’t the same, but I would like to try being an exhibitionist like one of the characters in the stories. I want to see how it makes me feel.”

“So you probably aren’t worried that your juices have left a damp spot on those very tight shorts with a prominent camel toe?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32