An Open Fire

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The log cabins in the highlands capture some wonderful moments in time and the this evening would be no different.

The gentle glow of the log fire fills the room with a warm ambience and the scent of burning wood, drifts through the cabin, creating a perfect mood for the evening I have prepared.

It is dark early at night as winter draws in and the snow falls outside, settling on all that lies still. Looking out the window, the skies are clear in the distance as the moonlight shines down creating a silver carpet before me. I have prepared a bottle of wine in the chiller and hear you descending from the stairs after you have taken a shower and refreshed yourself from the drive.

The cabin is open plan with the fire adjacent to the main door. The stone chimney breast extends to the roof. To the right is the kitchen, a wooden staircase climbs up to the bed room which is also open plan. The Bathroom is beyond the bedroom and looks out to the forest

I feel very nervous, my heart thumps gently as this is our first night together and we have never been alone before. Always had someone there in the background. We have spoken often about what would happen and how it would be. You seem to confident and self assured that I hope my fears will fade.

These thoughts going through my head distract me from the room, until i feel the warmth of your breath on my hear as you encircle me in your arms from behind, and kiss my neck gently.

Raising my head up and back to give encouragement my fears suddenly melt like the snow in a suns rays. Dropping my hands and resting them on yours as you slowly lower your lips escort ankara down. Down to my shoulder. I feel you grow behind me and my heart beats faster as I also begin to feel aroused. The fear turning to want.

Your hands slowly untie my bath robe and it opens a little allowing your to move your hands up my soft skin to my breasts. I move to face you but you whisper for me to stand and enjoy the feeling of warmth you provide.

My nipples are already erect as your hands glide across them and caress them softly. Tracing the outside of my breasts with your finger tips, and raising goose bumps over me, my arousal is so intense yet I want it to last.

I turn to you. No longer afraid, untying your bathrobe and allowing my hands to run up your torso, and tracing the outline of your face in the shadows of the flame as I lower my lips to you chest.

Suckling and nibbling your nipples as I gently run my fingernails down your torso. As if reading my mind, you lead me to the rug before the fire. There is no hungry passion between us, it’s as if you know I am afraid but want you, yet only need a little encouragement. We lie before one another and you are wondering who shall move first. I move toward you and kiss you on your lips, moving down your chest slowly, nibbling gently as I go and as my breathing deepens, your manhood erect waiting for me. I want you to feel every ounce of pleasure I am feeling. I part your legs and kneeling between them move over you, my tongue touching your manhood flicking your corona as I take my hand and stroke you. Feeding you into my mouth and encasing my mouth around you as I suck and mamak escort manipulate you. my hands are massaging work full and firm sacs. My mouth finds your sacs and begins to suckle them, nibbling and breathing warm air over you.

Wanting to taste you, and share with you what I am about to receive.

Stroking you the way you have told me, my mouth is now tasting the pre cum you are ejaculating, and as my momentum increases you breathing gets harder and faster as you continue to watch me prepare for you. You begin to cum, I take you in my mouth, and take it all. Swallowing some and hoping to share some with you too…

After releasing the pleasures you have experienced you sit up before me, taking me in your arms and kissing me passionately. I am kneeling before you, as your warm mouth finds the erectness of my nipples and creates an electrifying jolt through my body as you nibble and suck them ever so gently. Whilst your hand lowers down my body to find the warm moistness of my womanhood, very well groomed and wet, through the stimulation you are giving me.

I move back and rest against the sofa as you begin to explore me, your hands moving to my clit and teasing me, making me jump as your rhythm makes me climb, my body moving in motion to your touches. Your mouth moving down to suck, nibble and tease my clit whilst your fingers explore my inner self. Whilst you watch me, I move toward you wanting more, hungry for your touches, jumping and feeling myself lose the controls I always wanted to lose. My body is flooding in emotion, grasping the hair of your head as I reach the plateau, crying out yenimahalle escort softly in the pleasures that engulf me. As you go on, helping me roll over into another orgasm again and again, each one making me more hungry for you.

I guide you onto your back. I cannot wait any longer I want you inside me. I want to feel your manhood in my virgin like body. Standing over you I take your hands in mine, resting on your elbows I lower myself down, until you are touching my hot wet swollen lips, I guide you in a little just enough for us remember the first time you enter me. stooping momentarily. Rising a little and slowly, controlling the motion. In and out, in and out, just on the head of your pulsating member as you feel my tightness around you.

You enter me a little further slowly feeling every inch and watching as you disappear inside of me. I stop, momentarily rising slightly and plunge deep and hard…once, crying out as you touch the top and send me spiraling into ecstasy. Still on you I pull you up, you are sitting up I encircle you in my arms as I gain momentum, moving faster, crying at every thrust, my tightness making you feel uncontrollable. I ride you high, wanting you to explode inside me, wanting to feel the pleasure of us both adding to the sparks of the log fire before us. Not yet, we have a long time to go, you want me to climax again.

You me back towards the floor, towering over me, you guide yourself to me once more, my legs closed, you touch the top of my groin with your throbbing member and slide into me. Your legs parted, with every motion your member rubs my clit sending me spiraling to the stars above. I cannot help but tighten my muscles around you, as i cry out fort his is no ordinary orgasm. I feel that all emotion in my body is being torn apart and does not know how to withstand the electrifying jolts running through me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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